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Proceedings of the IX All-Russian Scientific Conference with Foreign Participation. Instrumentation in the XXI Ñentury. Integration of Science, Education and Production. The Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University. November 13-15, 2013 Izhevsk,



The Dense Packing of Helical Torus, Pyramidal and Spherical Knot Surfaces of the Nano-and-Infinitely-Less to Mega-and-Infinitely-More World Washed Inside and Outside by Dmitri Mendeleev’s World (Structural) Ether - the Basis for Existence of the Universe and Life


Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin


Chicago, USA - 41054’N/87039’W, WebSite:,



Elastoneering Inc, Chicago, President;

American Branch of the Russian Phósical and Chemical Society at Chicago, USA, President;

Russian Phósical and Chemical Society, Moscow, Russia, Vice-President;

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician

Independent researcher, engineer, inventor, etc.


Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin Technologies:

*       Tore/Torus Technologies and Elastic Engineering;

*       Matter, Energy, Information and Time Structurization in Nature;

*       Aether Systems;

*      Space Control System of the Humanity and Space/Sun Intellectual Base of the Earth etc.




1.       The Human Elite is the Enemy of Nature

2.       The World Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev as the Basis for Structurization of Matter, Energy, Information and Calendar Time in Universal Time (MEITCalendar / TUniverse)

3.       New Discoveries in Arithmetic, Geometry and Topology Made by the Author. Their Counterparts in Nature Formed with Participation of the World Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev

3.1.     Structurization of a Subject, Object and Their Elements as Individual Sets of MEITCalendar/TUniverse  in Nature

3.2.     Closed Bilateral Surfaces - Sphere and Torus Lenses – and Their  Squeezed Versions – Torus “Hedgehogs”, or Convex and Stellated Polyhedra

3.3.     The “Unknown” Torus and “Well-Known” Sphere

3.4.     Helicoid and Catenoid Surfaces – the Periphery and the Central Part of the Torus/ VTorteõ

3.5.     The Helical Torus Knot Surface as a Self-Supported Natural Mechanism

3.6.     The Functional and Technological Change of the Dimensionality/“Colors” of a 7D Torus/VTortex(3np;q), (p;3nq) in Transition to a 5D Torus/VTorteh(3np; q), (p; 3nq)

3.7.     The Helical Pyramidal Knot Surface

3.8.     The Helical Spherical Knot Surface – “the Poppy Head” – as both the Individual and Group Intelligent (MEITCalendar/TUniverse) Base in Space

3.9.     The Helical Toroidal Knot Surface, Helical Pyramidal Knot Surface and Helical Spherical Knot Surface as a Single Integrated Natural Mechanism

3.10. The Capillary and Other “Laws/Effects” in Terms of Laws of Structurization in Nature

3.11. A Compound Torus/VTortex or “Bretzels with Holes and Spheres with Handles”, “Connectivity” and “Punctures”

3.12. The Spiral Torus Knot Mobius SurfaceÒÌ as Transition from the Sphere to the Torus? Mobius Torus/VTortex

3.13. Hardware and Software Methods for MEITCalendar/TUniverse Structurization





Russian vertion at   or




 “He that has more gold (for creation of knowledge, the author) rules the world "
An ancient proverb


“But there is (!) God’s (Nature’s, the author) justice,
Confidants of vice!

The formidable judge waits;
He is deaf to ringing of gold,

And thoughts and deeds he knows in advance

Mikhail Lermontov


“We can "soar" to the future without having to die, having a strong intuition; natural knowledge; the experience of right and wrong decisions, physical and mathematical modeling, and "wings of interpolation and extrapolation"
The author


1. The text was written "at one go", mostly IMPROMPTU, so that I could have time to render the target matter-, energy, -information package from the virtual state to the Russian text within a definite calendar time. Reading this text later is for me like getting acquainted with it for the first time and studying anew.

Therefore, there may be errors, inaccuracies, including even fundamental ones, easily correctable and described with respective comments and supplements in future deliverables of the author.


2. The language that describes the knowledge is the Russian language backed up by the Engliswh translation since English is so far the international communication language. Until 1917, all communication in the scientific and engineering community was run mostly in German. From the 2nd half of the 21st century, according to the laws of Nature structurization, Russian will be used as the international language throughout the life of mankind, because the natural potential of the language itself and that of the Russian socium cannot be destroyed by unnatural methods. It should be mentioned that from 1917 to the present time we have observed the unprecedented-scale, though futile, attempts to destructure this potential by the global and local elites that have no relation to the Russian socium  - the latter develops "through them" (regardless of them).


3. This considerably expanded version of the report is a web paper (Web-PaperTM) containing multiple Internet links to click and study information directly in the process of reading from a computer.


4. Editorial boards of conferences, seminars, symposia, etc., cannot be accountable for numerous supplements, corrections and improvements the author made in the texts of papers and reports.

Most of all, it concerns revisions made in this paper because when the author was finising it there suddenly appeared by a "happy accident", from the 110 year oblivion, the main work of Humanity – “An Attempt of Chemical Understanding of the Ether” by Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907) [1].

This work has confirmed and significantly strengthened the positions of the author and other independent researchers in respect of natural technologies - laws of matter, energy, information, and calendar time structurization in Universal Time.


5. The work carried on by the author Dr.Valeriy Shikhirin is a family busineuss (Chicago):

·         Computer and animated films, computer generated illustration are made by Nikolay Shikhirin.

·         Acting models and mockups of helical knot pyramidal, toric and spherical surfaces are produced by Tatyana Shikhirina.

·         Yekaterina Shikhirina is in charge of the legal support and corporate development.


6. For better understanding by the reader of the information bestowed on the author by Nature, the author shows the structure of space and its components, e.g. the torus / VTortex and spheres, with certain redundancy and duplications using different versions: from computer drawings, photographs, models and mockups to video and animation films.


7. The author supplements information on any scientist, geographic location, etc., by "linking" it to particular latitude of the globe, while the longitude is immaterial. Thus it is displayed under which atmospheric or intellectual torus cell a man was born ora geographic location exists.

For example: Nikola Tesla – 1856-1943, 440 N., 150 E.


8. Abbreviations from [2]:


Intelligent biorobot or civilization - positive orientation

♥, “+“, Positive, Implosiom

Intelligent biorobot$ or civilization$ - negative orientation

$, ”-“, Negative, Explosion


For example: Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Anatoly Akimov, etc. - biorobots,

Mankind - civilization$($), etc.


9. In the future the author’s knowledge is most likely to be:

ü  Forged;

ü  Made unavailable for search by others;

ü  Usurped by greedy "intelligent" biorobots of the negative orientation - biorobots$ [2].


10. This knowledge cannot be forgotten since it forms the theoretical and practical basis for creating sources of natural etheric VTortex energy and the means for saving the seed of intelligent biorobots of positive orientation - biorobots - as the best part of Mankind and other humanoid civilizations of the Universe.


11. The author is open to all who wish to participate in the creation of ether-based systems and salvation of the "seed" of mankind. Write, do not hesitate, otherwise it will be too late!


12. The paper presents 35 pictures, 9 tables and more than 85 reference items.


The author starts and fills any paper with various kinds of diversions, remarks, including the autobiographical comments, for instance, memories of militaristic childhood and adolescence, 23 years of studies and work in the Russian factory-gulag-city of Izhevsk followed by 12 years of life in Moscow, an artificial parasitic conglomerate suckled by similar factory-gulag-cities that were forced to pay the unjust and enormose tribute.

For making comparisons the author has the experience of Russian provincial (urban and rural) life, Moscow and American life, as well as of the Future already known to him on the basis of powerful intuition, experience, natural knowledge, ability to model and the "wings of interpolation and extrapolation."


The author believes that the reader will be better acquainted with his findings keeping in mind the former’s responsibility to Nature, and hence the need to devote himself to this area of research and its promotion, since for this purpose his life was given to him by Nature.


A note: Some of my "distiguished” nodding acquaintances, empty-headed Russian conventionally thinking celebrities - "academicians, professors and science doctors of the Soviet-sovok-breed" – are in the habit of sneering at me in conversations or writing by using words with artificial "tore" prefix, for example, ‘tore-thinking’, ‘tore-sense’,‘tore-brain’’tore-nado of spirit’ and alike out of the caveman’s lack of understanding or black envy for my infinite and interminable historically first Tore studies in Nature that are still at the initial stage .

I do not pay attention to them because I am lucky to receive this endless and ever deepening knowledge as a gift from Nature as this knowledge gradually brings me to the understanding of structural elements of Life itself, its species, including the "otherworldly."


Every new paper generates new knowledge while the old knowledge created and described by the author in previous papers is clarified and elaborated.

This is a natural process, since knowledge of any object/subject of Nature is infinite, not to be described, like it is today, for "convenience" by:

- 12 artificial discrete  sounds ... C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, H ... in one octave and the finite number of octaves, although there exists in nature a non-dicrete sound - glisando / portamento - from infinitely small parameters of high-frequency sound, ie from <<<... 1 Hz (infrasound), to infinitely large parameters of the low-frequency sound, that is to >>> 1GHz ... (hyper-), and the infinite number of octaves.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the author about a third of sounds and chords were "lost", having been structurally excluded from Russian (folk) music string and reed instruments like the Russian two-row accordion, balalaika, and others in which there are no sharps and flats, compared with a full set of sounds in the chromatic accordion and the Russian seven-string guitar. The latter was replaced by the more primitive "classical" six-string, "Beatles'” guitar but found a second home in Brazil and with Gipsies (Fig. 1), etc:

-          the number of colors within the artificial discrete "Newtonian" basic 7 rainbow color scale - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet - "abutting" at one side onto the black and at the other side onto the white, respectively.

An infinite number of colors is formed between the super-and-higher white color - while they are being eversed/ejected by the central part of the torus/VTortex onto its periphery, like by a supercold helical rolling mill - and the super-and-higher black color (closed lens of a photo/video camera) with simultaneous envelopment/sucking by the torus/VTortex of the supercold low-pressure fluid (vacuum) medium into its central part, etc.

-          an infinite number of subjects, objects and elements of the nano- and-infinitely-less and the mega-and-infinitely-more world consisting of an infinite number of chemical elements by the universe space size criterium  which are washed inside and outside by the World (structural) Dmitri Mendeleev’s ether with supernegative (vacuum)  outside pressure P (T) and the superpositive inside pressure P + (T +).

In the text below the author "takes into account" only the pressure P + / ─ since this parameter dominates, for example, the temperature T+ /─.

-          The Mendeleev’s periodic law is the basis for (al)chemical elements. The law works in the space of the Universe including objects of identical topological structure: from the Milky Way galaxy to atoms of tori/VTortices (Kelvin vortex atoms) – helical toric knot surfaces (see details below).



Fig. 1. Since the age of 7, the author guided by his mother Dr. Yelizaveta Shikhirina, in addition to high school also took musical classes in accordion (at a music school, the Pioneer House, etc.); later he learned to play the piano and other musical instruments. He participated in numerous individual and orchestral performances, wrote compositions becoming at the age of 13 to 19 one of the best accordionists of Izhevsk. Had an "absolute" ear.


The key knowledge is hidden from society or forbidden for learning like, for example, "An Attempt of Chemical Understanding of the World Ether" written by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1902 [1] which is of topmost importance for Humanity, while the Periodic Law written in 1869 is only the second in significance.

Since the result of this second work is the "Periodic Table of Elements in Groups and Rows", the author refers the reader directly to the unforged table of elements contained in Dmitri Mendeleev’s work [1] available only in two editions: as of 1905 and 1910, èëè, as well as in Chapter 2 of this paper “The World Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev as the Basis for Matter, Energy, Information and Calendar Time Structurization in Universal Time (MEITCalendar/TUniverse)” (Fig. 8).


Interestingly, the work of Dmitri Mendeleev was quickly and efficiently translated into English [3] before it was secretly hidden. This fact suggests that the work had been in great demand by English-speaking readers before the plans of the total fraud were realized.

After the sudden death of Dmitri Mendeleev in 1907 the Periodic Law was forged by the infamous deleting of group 0 containing the non-chemical element Ether (Aether, Ae) from the "Periodic Table of Elements in Groups and Rows”.

Incidently, the Periodic Table formed in 1869 did not have the ether (Ae) until Mendeleev recognized it as the main element of the Table in 1902.

Thus, we have a paradoxical and, actually, criminal situation undisclosed in time:

-          There is no ether in the periodic system as of 1869;

-          33 years later, i.e. in 1902, during further development of the periodic system, Dmitri Mendeleev introduced the 0-th group with the ether, which was simply deleted after 1910.

The ether "existed"for only 8 years, and society did not have time to get acquainted with the innovation while the forgers went to even greater lengths – other "related" elements threatening the disclosure, such as the root inert gas coronium (Co), were deleted too.

However, the attempt to clean up the whole crime field failed, incriminating facts remained, and 110 years (!) later the crime was cleared while the author and other independent researchers gradually came to understand all allegedly wrong reasoning and failed experiments on formation of "free energy” run "in the bathroom, on a desk or in a garage" and use them to create ether-based systems but from the standpont of the structural World Ether discovered and described by Dmitry Mendeleev.

From the three-component structure of space discovered by the author, he "accidentally" (as always!) calculated the existence of its 1st component – Ether (Aether, Ae) [20], and uses this key element of the Universe in his research with great confidence and success.

Good luck to you, my friends and fellow thinkers! 


The main conditions for the operation of self-supported systems, especially in the space environment, are:

·         Separation of the ether – non-rarefied and "non-deluted" gas with ultra-low density - from a mixture of inert gases residing in the intershell space or Plateau-Shikhirin channels;

·         Separation of the ether and a few necessary inert gases, such as coronium (Ko) for making the working mixture

·         Concentration and compression of the ether

·         Formation of functional π (see further for details) - natural structurers  (centrifugal, centripetal, longitudinal, transverse movements, etc.) for the simultaneous formation of levitation and gravitational processes resulting in the emergence of translational-rotational movements relative to independent axes in space to solve different tasks, for instance, controlled movement in given directions and modes (Phyllotaxis process), or cost-effective energy extraction.

The main working body in devices built byViktor Schauberger and Viktor Grebennikova was a mixture of air, water and ether in proportions of ~75/20/5, respectively. They intuitively "captured" the right proportions and only the latter fact made it possible to achieve the self-support capability, the formation of functional π’s and ensure the movement of properly designed and manufactured devices or the possibility of energy extraction.

Nikola Tesla did the same in order to move energy to a distance through ether channels (Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton).

Dmitri Mendeleev can be fully trusted in part of all physical and chemical properties of the ether described by him, and we should reject all allegations that the work on the ether was written by “mentally disabled suitcase repairman" Dmitri Mendeleev.

The author believes that performers of the foul order and their numerous followers and accomplices are not able even to fix a suitcase, let alone solve any scientific problem, and they need a suitcase explicitly for other purposes.

He knew very well the mentality of the Russian Academy of Sciences and wrote his recommendations [4] to somehow smooth out its negative reputation to ensure the proper natural development of the Russian socium.

Similar recommendations, apart from Dmitri Mendeleev, were given by the writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910, 54012' N., 37037' E) [5], the great representative of the Russian socium, as well as by individual modern Russian patriotic scientists and historians, e.g. Dr. Vladimir Rodionov [6] who:

·         Found the work of Dmitri Mendeleev [1] after 110 years;

·         Disclosed one of the major crimes of the 20th century - the falsification of the Periodic Table – which put an end to creation of the etheric energy by Nikola Tesla and for years to come encouraged development of the pseudoscience represented by such money gobblers as colliders, etc.;

·         Has continued from 1999 the social work carried out by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869-1905 as the founder and permanent chairman of the Russian Chemical (Physical) Society (RCPS) that issued the world-known Journal of the Russian Chemical (Physical) Society (JRCPS). In 1930, the USSR Academy of Sciences dispersed the Society together with the Journal.


The author read the main unknown work of Dmitry Mendeleev [1] re-reading fragments he could not grasp at once, and after he got a deep insight into the work (that produced a great impression on him) he made the first attempt to comment on it from the standpoint of the matter, energy, information and calendar time structurization.

Therefore, before reading this paper the author also recommends to read works of Dmitri Mendeleev or any information on him or refresh his (her) knowledge thereof at and, including [1], and, if possible, try to understand what the Structural Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev actually is.

This is from where you can start. Go along this path carefully avoiding "suddenly" turning up zombie works on ether written by numerous pseudo-scientists of the new wave to support the official science.

These works and activities began emerged in Moscow in the late 80s, being in no way based on the World (structural) Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev and not explaining what it is, let alone its functional purpose.

Sometimes they themselves "set" functional properties of ether, and make reference to his work only to use the latter and the name of Dmitri Mendeleev as a fashionable brand.

As a rule, these "scientists" are offered the best audience rooms in Moscow, for example, at the Polytechnic Institute "; moreover, funds are allocated for:

-   Shooting films, TV programs with participation of "popular" anchors;

-   Publication of books, lecture courses;
-   use of Internet technologies;
-   R&D, etc.


In the author’s opinion the above-mentioned pseudoscientific works emerged in opposition to works of my friends and fellow thinkers, true (bionic) scientists inspired by nature, such as Anatoly Akimov, Alexander Chernetskiy, Boris Sobachkin, Galina Brandt, Valentina Sokolova, Anatoly Korobov, Dmitry Kozlov, Lev Gumanov, Alla Konkova, Vladimir Berdinskikh, Pavel Sergeev, Yevgeny Arsentev and many others who continue investigations into various aspects of the etheric energy including technical implementation.


I would like to remind you that all past and current electronic manuscripts, animations, and videos are located on sites owned by Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin or US corporation Elastoneering Inc. at,, and, as well as on other  American and European sites, in agreement with their owners, such as,, etc.

An interested reader is recommended to make electronic and hard copies immediately. In case the information is locked, a true researcher will find ways to contact me or pick up information from the Web or other online resources (Soft-HardWare Foam-4/7DÒÌ ) so far uncontrolled by the "elite", via, for instance, e-mail, mail or handcarrying, which information, if tampered, will be converted to  “spray and vacuum” followed, if needed, by authorized recovery.


1.       The Human Elite is the Enemy of Nature


Most inveterate (double-dyed) villains should be looked for in science! "
Niels Bohr


“The self-appointed arrogant elite$ of Mankind appropriated to itself the functions of its natural development, spoiled it by moving it on the path of deconstruction, and, by its own example, turned it into a giant herd of lazy, parasites, murderers and perverts . Being unaware of and/or ignoring the laws of structurization in Nature, including human activity, it is leading the planet with its plant and animal life, including man and itself, to a fatal end”

The author


“I think that today is a critical time for the survival and
salvation of the elite, who does not possess the knowledge of aether,
therefore, protection
and financing the research into the aether is a means of its salvation”

The author


“But since the "freedom" of opinion in the republic of science is ensured to such an extent
that there are no even attempts to ask the majority either secretly or openly,
then not only everyone who studied anything,
any writer, columnist and scribbler, but also a simple dventurer is free to speak in the name of science,
 so to get lost in the "latest science" is extremely or excessively easy"

Dmitri Mendeleev

"Matter has disappeared, only equations remained."
Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin-Blank


"Science has nothing to do with Nature"
Max Planck


 “With bitterness and indignation Tsiolkovsky spoke about "multi-storey hypotheses" that have nothing but a purely mathematical exercise in their basis, although interesting but nevertheless non-sensical "


"H-index? Impact Factor? Citation Index? What nonsense? I will be quite happy if my works would be at least read once by a single person, for example, Plato or Archimedes "
The author


"The industry that will no longer need loans
will stop sending their profits to banks "


"Independent inventors, engineers and scientists who will be in no need of loans,
will stop giving their knowledge for a penny to corporations-money gobblers-smart banks "
The author


Super sci-fi thrillers, such as the special theory of relativity (STR) and general theory of relativity (GTR), which are dozens or more in quantity, were chosen only as a disguise for the global political project "Defamation of etheric energy of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)” and its powerful support which unexpectedly emerged in the same period providing a theoretical (physical and chemical) justification of his work - the world structured ether of Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907), really existing in Nature and being its corner stone!

Interestingly, in 1899-1907 the genius electrical Engineer Nikola Tesla did not know the genius Scientist, chemist and physicist Dmitri Mendeleev, and vice versa.


“It is only now, from the end of the 20th century, that society is beginning to understand (though reluctantly) on practical examples that an outstanding and reputable
  but irresponsible, cynical, immoral "world-famous"  scientist is no less dangerous to people than an outstanding but immoral politician, soldier, lawyer
or - in the best case – an "outstanding" highwayman.

Society has been convinced that the global academic research community is a caste of gods, monks, holy fathers who day and night care about the welfare of peoples.

And mere mortals should just look into the mouths of their benefactors, meekly financing and implementing all their "scientific projects", forecasts
and instructions on reconstruction of their public and private life.

In fact, there are hardly fewer criminals in the global scientific community than among politicians. Moreover, criminal anti-social deeds of politicians are often seen immediately, while the criminal and harmful, but "theoretically grounded" activity of "prominent" and "reputable" scientists is recognized by society not at first sight but years, if not decades, later on their own "social skin"

Vladimir Radionov


“Both Konstantin Eduardovich (Tsiolkovsky) and I were appalled to think that in the near future there will appear people who would devote their minds and  hearts to a monstrous business – creation of the atomic death of the world.

- Cursed be those people! They can hinder the implementation of my idea to enable the departure of worthy sons of mankind to other better worlds.”

And as soon as there is clarity, thousands of careerists and freaks all together will start to hunt for the eternal mystery of matter ... And will succeed ..."

 “So, everything was ready, but no one dared to take the final step, have the last say! This tragic step to enslavement of humanity in the grip of fear was made by a demon of physics Albert Einstein.

He wrote E = mc2, thereby laying foundation for the possible destruction of mankind. What made others stop stone-still was done by him. It was the greatest threat to the Earth, Heaven and all of humanity. They say he did not understand the meaning of those three letters. This cannot be trusted! This is nonsense!

He knew perfectly well what it meant. A force that could crush the globe to pieces happened to get into the hands of man. Incidentally, Einstein chose not to mention Pyotr Lebedev (1866-1912), Paul Langevin (1872-1946), Nikolay Umov (1846-1915), Nikolay Morozov (1854-1946), Hendrik Lorentz (1853-1928), Henri Poincaré (1854-1912)  - he preferred to take the sole responsibility.”

And he did take it. When he was writing his formula, he knew that his power would extend to the minds and souls of all people. "

A.L. Chizhevsky. On the Shore of the Universe. Years of Friendship with Tsiolkovsky. Memoirs. Moscow, Mysl Publishers, 1995, pp. 422, 414, 412.


Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and Alexander Chizhevsky can be trusted.
But what can we call someone who makes no references to renouned authors, lays hands on their discoveries and wants to be master of the world at that? Moreover, in doing so he enjoyed support! (Fig. 2).

This biorobot$ called "Albert Einstein":

Researchers of the Periodic Law should be reminded that all works performed or being performed using unknowingly or intentionally the forged Mendeleev’s table of chemical elements, i.e. the one not containing the World (structured) Ether (Ae) [1] and accompanying chemical elements, such as the root inert gas Koronium (Ko), do not reflect the reality and therefore are monkey business.




Fig  2 Very simple and poor atmosphere destroyed our elite are unavailable higher knowledge of Nature.

Nuclear (Gas) Foam4 “=” Gas Foam4 “=” Liquid Foam4 “=” Amorphous Foam4 (Foam4 Structure “=” Honeycomb), 4D: 4 coners ~109028′ - Fuller Space


Beach boy Albert Einstein taught thousands of scoundrels, murderers of mankind-biorobots$, including the presidents, to form a "children's" 4-th dementional radioactive bubbles4 and foam4, and development of nature to turn on the road to death.


By the way, the same advantage of the situation and felt the Russian-speaking biorobot $ Mikhail Kalalashnikov - "creator Kalashnikov"

By the way, the same advantage of the situation and felt the Russian-speaking biorobot $ Mikhail Kalalashnikov - "created a Kalashnikov," "hero" a genius, but not a predictor and a pointer to the direction of application of the energy E = MC2 frmuly, and actually taken the murder of millions of others are not atomic lidey explosion and millions of Kalashnikov rifles.
Recent "his" achievements for the use of nuclear weapons for "his" machine based on transuranic element "251California" (Transuranic Element "251Californium, atomic number 98, atomic weight 250 g / mol, and the like) show a bottomless depth spiritual fall of the "man", since its agreement (1948) and the use of "his name" as a "label" to cover up the crimes against humanity of the global size.
California known isotopes, most of which are stable 251Cf half-life T1 / 2 = 900 years.

For reference: the half-life 249Cf - T1 / 2 = 351 a year, 250Cf - T1 / 2 = 13.08 years and 252Cf - T1 / 2=2,645years.
251Cf, except for the use of nuclear ammunition for Kalashnikov used as an element of a miniature atomic bomb - the "nuclear suitcase".
- one of the most expensive in the world, the price of 1 gram of the isotope 251Cf is about $ 250,000.000.


“Facts are stubborn”

 Alain-René Lesage

Let us model a military operation aimed at capturing power by a government offocial - pseudoscientist tandem (Table 1).

The author believes that the World (structured) Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev was the cause of the power seizure by the government official - pseudoscientist tandem because:

-          it was a serious alternative to the hydrocarbon fuel that had gained commercial and anti-Nature power;

-          The hydrocarbon energy industry had no serious scientific ground except a primitive "pipe and drum" technology, biology and chemistry with its “new materials” and "bacteria", etc.

It was necessary to find something exceptionally spectacular and at the same time weird which would allow the corruption use of the budget in the long-term perspective.


The operation started in Russia, as the author who discovered and described Ether was Russian - Dmitri Mendeleev. . Having circled the world, the loop closed in Russia in 1964 by a secret resolution of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences that banned dissemination of anti-Einsteinian materials and as such the resolution was against Dmitri Mendeleev’s. Ether. The name of Dmitri Mendeleev was not mentioned in the resolution. Did Einstein suddenly become more significant than Dmitri Mendeleev!? An empty theory bacame more important than the main discovery of mankind in Nature!


So, the first step of the process continued for 10 years (1899-1909) and ran very quickly and quietly with little or no preparation, so a great deal of fundamental errors were made, including fatal ones, namely depressurization of the vacuum gravitational center of Earth, followed by destruction of the atmosphere and reduction of gravity forces (gravity) leading in the long run to the death of civilization.

What happened was a precise repetition of the typical process of destruction by the human elite of previously populated planets with similar biological characteristics of life, e.g. Mars:

-          ~ 3-fold reduction of the gravity force: the gravitational accelaration changed from 9.8 m/s2 to 3.6 m/s2;

-          Severalfold dilution of the remaining atmosphere. Here we may refer to the well-known perishing of dinosaurs  and giant ferns caused by the fact that the gravity on Earth changed from ~ 30 m/s2 to 9.8 m/s2 with future (in 175-200 years) reduction to 3.6 m/s2 (as it is today on Mars);

-          five of the six torus cells sucked into the vacuum center of the planet, namely:

Atmospheric torus cells of the northern and southern hemispheres two of each: Polar cells, Ferrel cells and Hadley cells → one Hadley cell in winter and, so far two in summer [7-9].

Table 1



A bit of fantasy. A scenario of power seizure by a government official-pseudoscientist tandem, literally within 10 years! Customer : hydrocarbon owners and their lobby. Stage 1 (briefly).


Date, country


In the author’s interpretation  (









S.Petersburg –Ðîññèÿ




Reason for Power Seizure

Actually, there were two reasons, not one as someone might think – the findings of Nikola Tesla and Dmitri Mendeleev, moreover, Mendeleev’s investigation into the structural World Ether ranked the top.

1.  Emergence of the main work of Dmitri Mendeleev “An Attempt Towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether (Structural),,

2. The revolution in energy. Active development by Nikola Tesla of etheric energy and its transmission over long distances using the world (structural) ether connecting the whole matter of the Universe from outside and inside.

Initially the project was financed by a member Financial Etheric Energy Group John Morgan, a banker and businessman (USA). As a result of the victory of the Financial Hydrocarbon Energy Group, the project of Nikola Tesla was closed. Tesla was not acquainted with Dmitri Mendeleev and his work, and vice versa.



Great Britain

The global elite developed a plan to destroy the works of Nikola Tesla and Dmitry Mendeleev on the implosive etheric energy. The already established explosive energy, i.e. the hydrocarbon energy and weapons, and later nuclear energy and weapons, remained; the power of the elite was strengthened.




The Will (1895) of the hydrocarbon magnate Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) concerning establishment of a fund to award outstanding works with international Nobel Prizes

After his death, only the Peace Prize (?!) was left to Norway as the holder of the Nobel Foundation, while Sweden (Swedish organization) (?) overtook the authority to award prizes in
physics, chemistry, medicine, literature.

From the 2nd half of the 20th century, the Nobel Prize has become a servant of the power elite:  "Science has nothing to do with nature." Those were the words of Max Planck said in 1934, at a meeting of Adolf Hitler with Viktor Schauberger [34] when Hitler asked Planck’s opinion about the work of Viktor Schauberger; in 2013, this "prestigious" Prize began to be awarded “without blushing" already in advance for non-existing discoveries, e.g. a fictitious "boson" particle.



Great Britain


The formally made choice of a false alternative to the etheric energy. To implement the new paradigm "Science has nothing to do with nature", a group of international theoreticians "Einstein, Planck and Co" was appointed who had no relationship to Nature and energy, including nuclear and hydrocarbon energies, and were pleasantly surprised at the appointment, so their followers now find pleasure in the construction of super-expensive collider toys dangerous for the already irrevocably spoilt Humankind$ civilization.

For example, launchiong and running the Hadron Collider absolutely useless for science is risky and dangerous because the Collider "inadvertently or accidentally" (because its creators are ignorant of the space structure) can enter the zone of the Aether which will instantly “drag” the planet’s atmosphere away into space by the supernegative pressure (vacuum)





The sudden accelerated emergence of the SRT and its consolidation by the GRT of Albert Einstein and Co. that “have nothing to do with him and Nature."


1905, 1906, 1907

Sweden, Stockholm

Denials to award Dmitri Mendeleev with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1905, 1906 and 1907 under a contrived pretext. He was nominated by foreign scientists, somebody interfered in the awarding, while the Russian scientists cowardly “kept silence” about the only worthy Russian candidate.



Great Britain,
Russia – Saint Petersburg

The sudden (?) Death of Dmitri Mendeleev at 73 years, compared with Viktor Schauberger who also died at 73 in 1958. The beginning of active falsification of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table - deletion of group 0 and the 0th line containing ether (Ae), and - in passing - the main root inert gas Koronium (Ko).

Customer: the global hydrocarbon elite. Contractor: some "photographer" Boris Menshutkin (1874-1938), son of Nicholai Menshutkin (1842-1907) who was a friend of Dmitri Mendeleev and did a lot to popularize his Periodic Law. Interestingly, was there any reward for the crime performed by the son?



Belgium - Brussels

The system of the Solvay Congresses was formed that fixed the power of government officials and pseudoscientists.

The 1st Solvay Congress "Radiation and Quanta" – emergence of the 20th century physics and uncontrolled transition from hydrocarbon-energy&weapons to nuclear energy&weapons (Marie Curie - 1867-1934), as the beginning of the destruction of the planet Earth. Her work provided a powerful support to the ether work of Dmitri Mendeleev [1]. The last congresses were attended by the majority of "theoreticians".

For 100 years, from 1911 to 2011, 25 congresses were held in physics and 22 in chemistry with the ether "deleted" (!!!), see




Sweden- Stockholm

Nomination of Nikola Tesla for the Nobel Prize in Physics (together with pseudoscientist Edison (?)). The behavior of the Nobel Committee looks like flirting with the "unbeatable" science, i.e. natural technology. Tesla’s refusal from the award is a natural behavior of the genuine patriotic scientist and engineer because receiving a prize from pseudoscientists meant raising their authority.



Norway – Oslo



2012  Russia – Moscow


Different years and countries

The emergence of alternative “Nobel Prizes”:
philanthropist Fred Kavli.
  Strengthening of the pseudoscience status; political support of the Nobel Prize in areas not covered by Nobel prizes: astrophysics, nanotechnology and neurology

Yuri Milner - "appointed millionaire"; duplication, political support, strengthening of the status of pseudoscience in the covered and non-covered areas: fundamental physics, biology, and medicine.

Hundreds of small and "non-prestigious" awards in various fields of science and technology for the political support of the Nobel Prize, etc.



Russia - Moscow

Aggravation of the crime performed by the USSR Academy of Sciences. A secret resolution of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences to ban printing and dissemination of information against Einsteinism, which meant a ban on the World Ether.

The Russian Academy of Sciences continued inquisitorial traditions of the USSR Academy of Sciences.


1999, 2014

Russia - Moscow, Saint Petersburg, USA - Chicago

An attempt of Russian researchers to restore the World (structural) Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev “from the ashes” after the 110 year oblivion,,, as the sole basis for the creation of etheric energy (Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov, etc.) and a basis for self-supported systems.

The author learned about this Mendeleev’s work only in 2014; he (?) also found a high quality English translation of 1904,, as well as an important confirmation of the "clairvoyance" phenomenon in an article of scientist Alfred Sinnett (1840-1921), the father of theosophy, on the materialization of occult technologies through the structured Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev - A.P.Sinnett. The Concept of Ether of Professor Mendeleyev, 1904,


~ 1985

Russia, USA

The result of the "government official-pseudoscientist" tandem activities

Breaking the integrity of the solid Earth shell by ultra-deep drilling to more than 13 km: the Kola borehole and others for production of hydrocarbons, "exploration of Earth's interior." Over 0.5 million wells drilled including more than 18 thousand horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing for shale gas extraction.

Result: the soil loosening or decompression by atomic "peaceful" explosions or by invented colliders for obtaining invented particles and simulation of the "big bang (!?), etc. Absorption of nearly10-15% of Earth's atmosphere by the vacuum chamber of the planet. Ozone holes appeared whose area has increased by more than 40 times since 1985!


2005, 2014


Development of the plan for salvation of "the seed of Mankind".

Continuing the work started by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, etc. – exploration of the deep space, energy issues and space flights; and by Dmitri Mendeleev - (al) chemical composition of the materials of the “dish-type”, ether-driven self-supported propulsor.

Valeriy Shikhirin, Chicago. Raising a non-profit private fund "Expedited Global Space Emigration to Planet Anna" and setting up other scientific and technological US-Russian organizations.



Table 1 shows the details of the fraud against the World (structural) Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev, fatal for the planet. The project was needed to discredit the etheric energy and squander the global budget by numerous ‘government official- pseudoscientist’ tandems. The global elite was sure that the planet and the above tandem will exist eternally, or at least throughout their lives.

But recent events of the fast escape of the atmosphere into the vacuum center of the planet must put an end to this infamous affair, find culprits and determine their punishment, even for those long deceased (the world’s shame list).



Russia already felt the smell of death in the summer of 2010, when a giant ozoneless hole formed in the atmosphere resulting in the 40% loss of ozone (O3) above the territory of Russia,   and  cosmic radiation freely flooded through the hole  bringing  fires, deaths of  flora and fauna, including humans, from heat and cancer (source: V.L.  Pravdivtsev. "Presentation of the book" Secret Technologies. Book 1 Biospheric and Geospheric Weapons ", Moscow, November 2014,


True, the author of this book - scientist and military officer Dr. Vitaliy Pravdivzhev - explained all these events by operation of the "American geophysical weapon", not knowing that the abnormal long-term (nearly a month) impact of direct space radiation on the surface of the planet was actually caused by the lack of the protective air filter - atmospheric Polar torus cells and Ferrel torus cells in the Northern and Southern hemispheres [7-9, 12-14].

All kinds of the geophysical weapons (Part 4 of the presented book) and the results of their application, make-believe ones or provided to Vitaliy Pravdivzhev by his superiors, are the result of breaking the tightness of the planet’s vacuum center by the elite and the subsequent absorption of the structuresd atmosphere through the crack.

Of course, within the next few years the remaining atmosphere - 70-80% - according to the laws of structurization in nature, is restructured into a less energy-consuming state (like it was on Mars) forming atmosphereless areas and climate change, respectively

It turns out involuntarily that this unverified information, implanted on a mass scale into the heads of Russian socium (which, by the way, includes the author, a rifle maker with greater experience and a lot more "rifle" knowledge than Vitaly Pravdivtsev) and promoted financially as well as by books, films, television shows, etc., can be a provocation, order, show, and may encourage an ignorant decision-making leader of today’s Russia “hemmed by the enemy” to deliver a  "just" preemptive nuclear blow.


In reality, the air torus cells were drawn into (gravity) the vacuum center of Earth through a fault of his superiors and the superiors of the author, and the weapons capable of destroying the plant and animal world and the planet itself can be called anything but "geophysical". The simplest name that could be given to it is a planetary gravitational weaponTM that was already used by the elite of mankind on Phaeton and Mars, possibly by similar provocations. Apart from the destruction of Earth the weapon can violate the balance of the Solar system and lead to the possible destructuring of the Galaxy torus.

Now, it is not the time to look for those guilty of the incompetent management of the Russian territory and shift the blame to “some guy”. Today we must join together to find a solution on how to prolong the life of the planet and save the "seed of mankind."



Journal of Cosmology, 2014, Volume 24, Number 13, pages 12229-12280. Release Date, November 20, 2014. Evidence of a Massive Thermonuclear Explosion on Mars in the Past, The Cydonian Hypothesis, and Fermi’s Paradox. John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D. Morningstar Applied Physics, 1414 Montague Dr., Vienna Va. 22182, .


This academic source discusses a nuclear war launched against the Martians by some aliens about 4,000 years ago. All dates coincide.

Those events were described by the author with natural proof in 2011 [8]; the situation is repeated on Earth today exactly in the same way, namely, Russia starts the nuclear war (under any pretext, including Ukraine), and then 40% -60% of the atmosphere escapes into Earth’s gravitation center within 50 -70 years. There is a very small possibility for emigration of the "seed of mankind" to another planet "Anna", etc.

The same "Martian Russia" started a nuclear war on Mars, which resulted in damaging the integrity of its vacuum center. 99% of the population was killed, while the elite pharaohs with servants and harems emigrated to virginal Earth. Within 4.5-5.0 years they sucked out all resources and are going to do things known to the author and creators of etheric systems in the world. 

It should be known that for better persuasiveness, along with implanting into the heads of ordinary people “argumented” fantasies about the "hostile environment" by advocates of war, the Russian-speaking team of cronies simultaneously finances lots of pseudo-historians, -energy experts, etc. who completely ignore the locomotive of the World Structured Ether – the Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev.


As for others... well, they have to prepare for a painful death, or try to rescue themselves and their seed without the support of government officials and pseudoscientists whose intellectual level makes them uncapable of accepting new knowledge of etheric energy.


Since natural technologies learned by the author, do not fall into his hands right away but are mastered gradually and diligently, we need to clarify the structure of Earth's atmosphere taking into account its motion in one of the 2 hoses of the Milky Way Galaxy in the Solar system in which Sun, being in the vanguard of the Solar system, moves by rotation along the axis of the hose from the center of the Torus/VTortex Galaxy to its periphery.


In every new article the author clarifies the information on the structure of Earth, its atmosphere and hydrosphere, and the picture is becoming more depressing every time. It is known that the structure of the Solar system (generally, any star system) is a tree of planets "catching up" with Sun (the star) on their individual helical paths - Knot process (p; q) - making together a single complex.


For example, each of the 9 planets of the Solar system moves according to its knot law (p; q) along a helical path around the Sun orbit as the axis, the latter being also a helical line with knot parameters (0; 0) (Fig. 3), where p is the number of turns around the meridians of the helical line, and q is the number of turns around the parallels of the helical line.

The law of motion is set by several functional π’s.




Fig. 3 "Planetary vortex" of Viktor Schauberger [10].


Figure 3 shows the "planetary vortex" in the form of a helical pyramidal knot (two-way closed) surface consisting of helical pyramidal knot surfaces of the planets of the Solar system respective one cycle of Saturn equal to 49.46 Earth years.


This movement of the Solar system in one of the two Galaxy hoses distorts the shape of Sun and the planets, including Earth (Fig. 4). Such deformation does not interfere with the operation of the elastic mechanism of the Solar system and cannot break its topology and integrity, including its elements, i.e. planets. The reliability of the mechanism has been programmed by Nature and is unbreakable other than due to a devastating impact on the planet by sources located on the planet itself. These sources are the civilization$, or rather its elite$ with slaves-destroyers brought up by it and armed with corresponding implosive technologies.


Unfortunately, our mankind belongs to the above type of civilization.




Fig. 4  The causes of the destruction of Earth by the "elite" of Mankind, mostly biorobots$ from Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom ... here we may add the latest innovations capable of destroyhing the planet: - hydraulic fracturing (USA) and hydrogen fuel for cars (Japan).

"Weight" formation of Earth (any planet and star) with its atmosphere and hydrosphere under natural and adverse man-made conditions - the emergence of North and South ozone (airless) holes


Fig.4 shows the processes of:

·         Shaping or structurization of Earth into a geoid from a dodecahedron rolled by two rolls (branches, hoses, etc.) of the Galaxy helical rolling mill – by its central part (see [8,11] for details as well as the animation (a courtesy of another author) showing the production of steel beads,;

·         Formation or structurization of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, see [7-9] for details;

·         Disruption by man, or rather by the human elite, of Earth’s "shell" integrity followed by rapid loss of the gravity forces and destructuring of the vacuum chamber of the planet itself, its atmosphere, etc.


 “Wikipedia is not a textbook. It is a collection of excerpts from textbooks
written only Gods knows by whom"


From Wikipedia: “… the geoid is the equipotential surface of the earth’s fileld of gravity (a surface to which the force of gravity is everywhere perpendicular) that would coincide with the mean ocean surface of the Earth if the oceans and atmosphere were in equilibrium, at rest relative to the rotating Eart and extended through the continents. The permanent deviation between the geoid and mean sea level is 1 m”.

Note: From over 25 years of intensive experience with navigators and other systems of electronic "data deposits- libraries”, the author noticed the gradually and imperceptibly increasing total falsification, "one’s own concoctions and hogwashTM" in the main knowledge of Mankind.

Until this point I had wanted to throw away all my multi-volume Russian and American encyclopedias, for example, «The Encyclopedia Americana», International Edition, Complete in Thirty Volumes, Copiright © 1964 by Americana Corporation, Library of Congress Catalog Number: 64-12146, First Published in 1829, explanatory dictionaries, various scientific and technological dictionaries as well as other reference information collected throughout all my life.

But realization of the fact that I will remain and leave my descendants, friends and colleagues without hard-copy memory of at least the slightest truthful facts in the human history made "my whole body and soul startle and tremble as if I were simultaneously calded and doused with ice water". Therefore, I abandoned this idea and advise others do the same.


So, the movement of the massive body of planet Earth is characterized by the following:

·         It moves spirally, with the north pole forward, relative to its axis along which Sun moves;

·         Its movement follows the Phyllotaxis process according to movement codes specific for planets in the solar/stellar systems of the Universe, that is, by a conical spiral towards its increasing radius which increases by the law of "bloating" [11] of the Galaxy as a conical torus, with double rotation: diurnal and 4-year rotation, that is 365, 25 • 4 = 1461, since the annual rotation cycle is approximate and equal to 365.25 days. The diameter of the conical hose of the Galaxy torus increases from the central part of its eversible (explosive) tail end through the periphery of the Galaxy torus to its enveloping (implosive) end. The Galaxy as a conical torus moves in a tight Plateau Shikhirin channel or Aether with its enveloping head end back and the tail forward, respectively, increasing in size and increasing the diameter of the channel;

·         The Earth dodecahedron increases its weight in proportion to the Galaxy weight increase by electrostatic attraction of the stellar matter (dust, debris, meteorites, etc.) from space. Unlike Earth (electrostatics), the Galaxy increases its weight by capturing the stellar matter with the enveloping end of the conical Galaxy torus that creates supernegative pressure and temperature;

·         The effect of the atmosphere and hydrosphere as a fluid medium (wind, ocean waters) and the flow of Earth’s fluid substance itself with a density of 5520 kg/m3 deforms the planet by shaping it to an ellipsoid of rotation, and later to a geoid;

·         In addition, Earth's soil is swept onto the South Pole along the circumference making a deepening/crater in it, which is later, flooded with water. That is, the ground level at the South Pole is below the sea level, and the land ice is nothing else than frozen ocean water rising averagely to over 2 km above the sea level;

·         The ellipsoid of rotation is converted to a geoid due to the following factors:

-          Water flowing under its own weight in the direction of the South Pole has gradually distributed itself averagely (the average depth of the ocean) in the oceans above the Earth's surface as follows: the Arctic Ocean - 1225m → Atlantic - 3600 m → Indian - 3890 m → Pacific Ocean - 4280 m;

-          The average height of the continents above mean sea level is distributed in the Northern Hemisphere in Europe, Asia, North America - 350, 950, 720 m, respectively; in Africa, South America, Australia - 750, 580, 350 m, respectively;

-          the average height of Antarctica, that is, the height of its continental ice is 2000 m, or 3 times, for example, the height of the land of Asia;

·         Atmospheric torus cells (Polar, Ferrel and Hadley) are also reshaped to fit the shape of the Earth geoid, i.e. increase in volume (thickness) and are pulled latitude-wise from the North Pole to the South Pole, etc.

Researchers of these processes may further investigate into this matter assigning this task to students because the work is mostly technical.


Let us consider the crimes committed and being committed by the elite of Mankind – a civilization of the negative intellectual orientation, civilization$, and the challenges facing the group of biorobots in salvaging the "seed" of Mankind.

The characteristics of the deplorable and tragic state of our mortally wounded planet, complete degradation of the "civilization" and its "elite” are given in [2, 12-16].


A brief history of the past: ~ 4500-5000 years ago, the Martian elite damaged the integrity of the vacuum chamber of Mars, which resulted in intense absorption of ~ 80% of the atmosphere; the gravity forces decreased by ~ 3 times; nearly one third of the mass of Mars partly buoyed up/pulled off (according to Archimedes’ law) into space. Later, this mass "joined" the asteroid belt (a swelling of the fragments of the planet Mars is visible) that had been formed from the planet Phaeton fully broken apart in the same way, that is, destroyed by the Phaeton elite  - ancestors of Martians and Earthmen.

The elite of mankind with servants and the harem escaped from Mars to Earth~ 4500-5000 years ago leaving the whole plant and animal life of Mars to die from cosmic radiation which in the absence of the atmospheric filter freely penetrated the surface of Mars (like it was in the summer of 2010 on the territory of Russia).

Besides the vegetation, the radiation on Mars struck the animal world, including humans, infecting it with "unknown" cancer deceases of non-virus or non-bacterial origin, with particle sizes close to the size of ether particles, i.e. 9.6 • 10-7 – 5.3 • 10-11 [1] and the density of 10-34-10-30 g/cm3 (the author).

For example, particles of AIDS carriers resulting from violation by man of natural sexual acts and subsequently destroying him, his partners, family members, friends and co-workers through contacts and "by air", are an order of magnitude larger than the particles of ether, but can still penetrate the material of the condom unhampered and in large groups.

The same crimes have already been committed by today’s elite on Earth because “the leopard has not changed his spots” and it is leading the same idle, parasitic and meaningless life, its functional features, thanks to the powerful and subtle influence of the mass media financed by it, are veiled and shielded from the attention of the world's population indifferent to this.

So, until now, the starting point for making use of natural knowledge has been the knowledge created by mankind beginning with its appearance on virginal Earth nearly 4500-5000 years ago, after its elite - intelligent biorobots$ - the civilization of slaves fled from a filthy planet destroyed by them, similar to what they had done many times before within approximately the same timeframes to an infinite number of virginal planets originally prepared for life by civilizations of free people, including the planets of the Solar system such as Phaethon and Mars.

The destruction of the planet occurs through depressurization of its gravitational center [7-9] followed by intense absorbtion of the atmosphere, which we are now observing on Earth. The atmospheric Polar cells were replaced by ozone holes through which we are basking in the cosmic radiation. The result is cancer diseases and the death of populations, primarily, of highly intelligent species of vegetation - coniferous trees - and wildlife - bees [17].

The author himself observed and recorded the mass death of conifers in Chicago and its suburbs in 2011-2014. (Fig. 5, top). A lot of coniferous trees for an unknown reason had been disconnected until the spring from the main power coming from space, or Plateau-Shikhirin channels might have been closed, or the target set of matter, energy and information for this type of plant was missing; old needles dried up, allegedly because of the frost, and new ones never appeared. A year later, i.e. in 2014, 100% of frost resistent (!) elm trees (reaching 20-50m in height) did not turn green for the same reason. This kind of trees grows throughout the US and Canada.


The process of destruction or destructuring of Nature’s flora and fauna is very fast, because it does not much matter for Nature whether to give birth (explosion) or kill (implosion), provided the initial conditions are available - 1st little impetus for activation of these processes

Look at the frightful pictures (Fig. 5, bottom) and the video made in my homeland, where the whole coniferous forest is thought to have "dried up" in the summer of 2010 because of frost or heat, although these trees are heat- and frost resistant,



Fig. 5.  A cry from the very heart of the author’s homeland: "But Wanga (clairvoyant + "on the wings of extrapolation") foreshadowed the end of the world just like this: trees (conifers) will perish first, then bees [17], animals and people," the woman is almost crying. “It’s terrible! My son is growing, what will fall to his lot"? The mother of this child extrapolated the information to the future correctly, we may only add that future has nothing in store for her child but death.


Moreover, along with the elimination of the shield formed by atmospheric cells and "sunbathing" of all animal and plant life in the cosmic radiation, the main power source that feeds plants and animals from space (read further about the helical toric, pyramidal and spherical knot surfaces) rather than from land and air [18] happened to be damaged.

Today we visually see it on plants, and the situation is getting worse. On humans, including our "elite", this process looks unnoticeable, but for a thoughtful researcher, only not for physicists and chemists, etc. the findings of his studies will be shocking!

A terrible conclusion is as follows: in the next few years, with the atmospheric torus cells vanished, which means unfiltered space radiation, the following may happen as early as in the next spring:

·         Most trees will neither bloom nor come into leaf; in other words, they will die, which already happened to the elms in the Chicago region in the spring of 2014;

·         Grass and crop plants will not burst into blossom and leaf either, that is, they will perish too. This means there will be no crops;

·         There will be nothing to feed animals - they will die from hunger;

·         People will have nothing to eat too - for some time they will use reserves and products of territories still protected by atmospheric torus cells;

·         But space radiation, which destroys flora and fauna, will have an adverse effect on humans! Man will "not bloom in the spring" and "dry up" together with the elite!

What is in the end, besides the hungry period? Apart from hunger people and, of course, their elite will get cancer of the most vulnerable organs and start dying at faster rates.
This is the end of the human civilization!


What is the main reason for the destruction of planets in this primitive way – by piercing the material of the solid shell of the planet in order to produce hydrocarbon fuel? Could elites of countless planets, including Phaeton, Mars and Earth, have failed to find another way to produce energy without burning hydrocarbons and making holes in the planet?

The answer is simple: the reluctance in any way to break the established order of property management and change of ownership. And it means putting off until the last moment the introduction of new knowledge, part of which is the knowledge of Ether, Life and natural etheric energy. This "delay" has already resulted in breaking the integrity [8] of the vacuum chamber of the planet and absorption of nearly 10-15% of the atmosphere.

Áîëåå òîãî, ñêîëüêî ðàäîñòè è ñ÷àñòüÿ èñïûòûâàþò ñåãîäíÿ âëàäåëüöû: Moreover, how happy are todays owners of:

·    Technologies of hydraulic fracturing for getting shale gas and uncontrolled ultradeep drilling of the thin shell of the planet beyond the Arctic Circle to produce hydrocarbons;

·    Hydrogen energy technologies; a giant network of the world's "free" gas stations will contribute to disappearance of the already depleted Earth's atmosphere!

In this case, the human civilization is sure to fail to prepare for emigration to another planet, because instead of 150-200 years there are only 100-150 years and even less left for preparation.


In our civilization of the negative intellectual orientation - civilization$ - where the power was seized by biorobots of the negative intellectual orientation - biorobots$ - the main goal of its "elite" is an intense explicit and secret destruction of nature, society and man using the so-called "market" and "business" technologies.

In fact, these technologies are fast-acting poison to mankind, including its elite!

To cover up the crimes and criminals, the elite came up with a legend in the form of:

·         Imposing artificial viagra, botox, synthetic, etc. knowledge in order to divert the attention of a person, especially an intelligent biorobot, from natural craving for natural knowledge as a smart shield protecting from the destruction of nature, society and man;

·         Inventing money and making money by "doing nothing" in a fraudulent way, using contrived, unnatural businesses like fashion, advertising, journalism, enormously multiplied varieties of lawyers, journalists and pseudo-journalists, experts, "Doctors Without Borders", pseudoscientists, theories, luxury, sexual perversions, games, sports, lotteries, artificial and dangerous medicine, agriculture, etc.

Here is just a short list of criminal organizations (Table 2), including its founders, investors, executives and lobbyists in governments, including ex-governments, who for over 100 years have tormented and mortally wounded our home planet and us as well with the use of hydrocarbon and nuclear energy. These pseudo-organizations and particular people generate a giant bouquet of executors, advocates of only these types of energy represented by whole governments with security agencies as well as discreditors and “talkers away”TM of the etheric energy.


Table 2

A List of Some Criminal Hydrocarbon Organizations


Criminals Name

Volume of "blood" and "air" sucked out of the planetary interior, million barrels / day


Criminals Name

Volume of "blood" and "air" sucked out of the planetary interior, million barrels / day


Saudi Aramco












National Iranian Oil Co



Iraqi Oil Ministry






Qatar Petroleum















Royal Dutch Shell















Petroleos de Venez.



Kuwait Petroleum Corp






Abu Dhabi National Oil



Nigerian National Petr













89,5 ~ 90,0 million barrels of oil per day!


Already 1150 • 109 barrels of oil have been pumped out and burned. This means the whole lakes Baikal and Michigan of the nonrecoverable fluid vital for the existence of our planet.


I and the majority of patriots-power engineers, ardent supporters of the etheric energy, were lucky to get acquainted with the main work of Mankind - "An Attempt of Chemical Conception of the World Ether" by Dmitri Mendeleev [1] that suddenly resurfaced after 110 years of forgery and "reliable" concealment.

Even more lucky is the Biorobot part of Mankind because the work of Dmitri Mendeleev will allow them before the disappearance of the atmosphere, that is, they are given 150-200 years, to create etheric products or products based on the World Structured Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev and discoveries of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov and others, including:

-          Power systems – standard series;

-          Vehicles (flying saucers) to move in deep space;

-          Maps of tracks/tunnels in a dense packing of Foam4 - etheric Plateau Shikhirin channels - to move "saucers" to galaxies containing Earth-like planets, etc.



For example, one of the few American readers’ comments to the author's work coincides completely with my opinion:

«Looking at the number of viewers and the lack of any comments, it is clear than mankind in general does not posses sufficient intellect to understand the concept of 'elastic engineering' - and those that do have very long necks, and stick their heads in the sand. The ostrich reaction to danger!
I know why you do it Dr.Shikhirin - but sadly you cast your pearls before the swine.
Thank you for your most enlightening work».


Let us continue our reasoning.


“When there are no scientists, people take to ignorant leaders (members of government, religious organizations and their leaders, the author), and ask them,
and the latter issue fatwas (tips-truths, the author).

They have gone astray themselves and pulled others behind them.

Can an ignoramus who did nothing good all his life and
studies in Google lying on his side be compared with a scientist, who spent his life looking for knowledge, knowing neither sleep nor rest, leaving his homeland"

Sheikh Abu Usman


"Man: If the animal is not talking to me, it does not mean that it is smarter than me.
Animal: If a person is not talking to me, it does not mean that he is smarter than me"

The author

At present there are no obstacles, at least to the author, to create an etheric energy system (free energy, vortex energy, structurization energy, "super-unity" energy, physical vacuum energy, self-supporting energy, etc.), which is the only form of energy that does not destroy nature, while today it is also a means to save the "seed" of Mankind, etc.

The revulsion in the minds of the remnants of human society and the emergence on the market in the near future (according to the calculations of the author - 2020) of etheric energy systems will lead to the instant destruction or a drastic weakening of hydrocarbon-producing and owning countries and to redistribution of world control levers.

Money and power will be replaced by knowledge.

The main goals of Mankind will be:

-          Termination of drilling the solid shell of Earth and extraction of hydrocarbons;

-          Termination of tests and direct application of blasting explosive technologies underwater, underground, in the atmosphere and on the Earth's surface, although the author is convinced that the nuclear weapons created allegedly to deter, will be applied. Why, then, was it created, if not for use? And it will be applied by Russia in the near future as the "last trump" to hold (by Moscovia) its "conquests" of 300 years of its existence (the Russian Empire from 1721), that is from the beginning of capturing tens of independent older and more cultured sociums - Orthodoxy and Old Believers – priestless in the Austrian manner, etc., who did very well without good-for-nothing priests, with their territories and minerals, including Vyatka province of Sarapul County with the village Iyulskoye, the birthplace of my Nordic ancestors on my mother's line, which appeared much earlier than the "foundation of the Russian Empire”.  For example, the United States exists for ~ 230 years (since 1776).

Now my homeland, without permission of its socium, has been turned by Moscovia into a dusthole of biological, radiological and other weapons (towns of Kizner, Kambarka, Mozhga, etc.), befouled by "results" of barbaric oil extraction and overbuilt with dozens of militaristic city-factories.


Such a shocking and stupid way of using atomic weapons will lead to further loosening and decompression of the ground, which will result in:

-          Sealing, if possible, slits through which air, its lighter fractions are sucked into the vacuum center of the planet;

-          Preparation for emigration to another planet, etc.


The author’s sanctions against hydrocarbon and nuclear corporations, including their assistants - presidents and governments, is to create etheric energy based on natural knowledge read from Nature.


Judging by the level of the author's research specialists involved in similar work have no doubt that he himself is able to organize a team and create samples of self-supported (etheric) systems based on the World structured Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev [1] without outside financial, technical and other assistance.

Dmitry Mendeleev entered the Ether (Ae) into his "Periodic Table of Elements in Groups and Rows” created in 1869 or, rather, the whole "Periodic Table of Elements in Groups and Rows" was organized by him in 1902 around the Ether (Ae) as the main element that forms Nature and fills the entire Universe.

Like Dmitri Mendeleev, the author was guided by Nature that assisted him in his mission by connecting the brain that acts as a relay station to the intelligent space database to select structural and technological options of etheric systems and their elements from natural machinery. "The responsibility" for the processes is imposed on the "Mister Chance and some of the circumstances", i.e. the crest of the structurization wave.

Who does not understand the meaning of the author’s writing should not read the text further not to provoke the catching instinct of biorobots$ pre-programmed by Nature, or the instinct of stealing/capturing knowledge from biorobots in various proven ways - from simple theft or buying cheap, to neutralization of a biorobot, etc.

The author presented some of his PhD thesis and other materials not subject to publication in "prestigious", that is, useless magazines of official "Science".

It is interesting that the author does not need telescopes, microscopes and other supposedly necessary devices for his R&D. The author needs only a pencil, paper, phone or mail pigeons, a computer as a typewriter and tuning his brain relay station to frequencies of the space intelligent database as well as "wings of extrapolation." This is all! There is no "thinking" block in the brain of the animal biorobot, including human biorobot.


So, here is a small R&DRightNow list:

1.       Creating design options of command parts of etheric systems;

2.       Algorithms for selecting (al)chemical elements from the Periodic System of Eelements in Groups and Rows elaborated by the author for use in etheric systems at various stages of their creation;

3.       Production of metals by an "alchemical" method (similar to the method of extraction from "space" and deposition on special surfaces), including precious metals;

4.       Using and referencing to "etheric" works of Dmitry Mendeleev, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov, Anatoly Akimov and other engineeing genii;

5.       Algorithms for locating planets by their functional features;

6.       Algorithms for searching and discovery of civilizations at various stages of development, establishing possible communications and relations with them to rescue the "seed" of mankind (Tsiolkovsky);

7.       Formation of problems so far unsolved by our "Loser"civilization$, attempts to rescue "the seed of mankind" - biorobots unspoiled by filthy environment, intentionally maintained by the world government;

8.       Navigation tasks in near and far space, etc.;

9.       Prediction of events in the nano-and-infinitely-less and mega-and-infinitely-more world, etc.


"Geniuses are born in the province to die in Paris"
 A French proverb

Subject to the structurization laws of human society that exists on Earth for ~ 4500 - 5000 years under total oppression by the elite$, Mankind gave life to as few as 12 true geniuses well-known today who were not forced on people/appointed by the elite and who for nearly 700 years of Mankind’s active life, mostly within IV-III century BC (2 persons) and XV-XXI century AD (10 people), understood and described the main knowledge of Nature - the laws of its structurization [19-21] (Fig. 6, Table 3).

Table 3

Geniuses of planet Earth and brief description of their contribution to the basic knowledge of mankind – Structurization of Matter, Energy, Information and Time in Nature

Geniuses of planet Earth, nationality, continent

Contribution made by a genius - intelligent biorobot  (positive orientation) - to natural of top-level knowledge
(brief description in the author's interpretation)

1) Plato

428-347 ÂÑ

Greek, Europe


Structurization of 4D space. Ideal polyhedral Foam4.
Sphere4. Platonic Solids4 (shells with fluid pressurized medium and their dense packing).

2) Archimedes

287-212 ÂÑ

Greek, Europe


Structurization of 4D space (Fuller's space). Real natural polyhedral Foam4 (single octant, 4 axes at an angle of ~ 109030. Archimedean Solids4 (shells filled with a fluid pressurized medium and their dense packing).

Archimedes' principle.
Movement of bodies in a fluid medium under gravity.

3) Galileo Galilei


Italian, Europe


Structurization of different types of motion/movement under gravity.

The human mind "learns" any truth absolutely and with absolute accuracy because as an intelligent biorobot it only transmits knowledge from Nature’s database, provided it (the mind) is admitted to it.

4) Johannes Kepler


German, Europe


Structurization of orbits of the Solar system planets. Principles of structuring the orbits of planets of any star system.
Platonic solids as the basis of the Universe. Structurization principles of 3D flat crystals (snowflake) and 4D crystals

5) Joseph Plateau


Belgian, Europe


Structurization of space. Intershell space Ether - Plateau-Gibbs channels; principles of body and fluid medium movement through them.
Formation of materials with predetermined properties on their basis. Drop4; bubble4.

6) Nikola Tesla


Serbian, Europe


Energy and information as functional features of space structurization; technologies for relocation of their required volumes to an unlimited distance.
Ether as the intershell space of the Universe.

7) Dmitriy Mendeleev*


Russian, Asia

First genius of Earth



1. Ether (Ae) - "0th" row and "0th" group – is an element uniting all (al)chemical elements. Its mass is 5.3 10-11-9.6 10-7, and the mass of hydrogen is 1.008.

2. Periodic Law

Structurization of matter in the Universe in terms of 4D-basic alchemical elements and their compounds in the dense packing of Foam4D.

4D – Fuller/Natural 4-dimensional space: 4 axes at an angle of ~ 109030'.

8) Konstantin Tsiolkovsky*


Russian, Europe


Structurization of planetary space
Technology of body motion under conditions of gravity and levity.

Forced emigration of Mankind to another planet as a new structural intellectual level of Mankind

9) Viktor Schauberger


Austrian, Europe


Structurization of 7D space (7 "colors"), principles of vortex processes in fluids: VTortex7, Ring7, Torus7, Helical thread4, Bundle4 and Schauberger Flow4.

Designing self-supported energy-information systems on their basis and their technological implementation.

10) Alexander Chizhevsky*


Russian, Europe

520N/220 E

Structurization of galactic time, time of solar, stellar systems and planets, calendars.

Functional features of the Galaxy and the Solar system as structurers of flora and fauna existence.

11) Viktor Grebennikov*


Russian, Europe


Structurization of space and the use of its features (ether) - cavity effect.

Technological implementation of self-supported energy-information systems capable of moving in space (in ether), their invisibility.

12) Anatoliy Akimov*


Russian, Europe


Torsion/Toric characteristic of helical structurization of space and its use for reception and transmission of information and energy to unlimited distance. Technological implementation of telegony, teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis processes as well as self-supported matter-, energy- and information systems.




Fig. 6. Geographical birthplaces of biorobot geniuses over the period of Mankind’s existence on Earth. Until the 1st Earth’s genius Plato there were not more than 15 geniuses on each planet (Mars, Phaeton, etc.) eventually abandoned by "Mankind" (the elite and its servants).


According to Fig. 6, all geniuses were born under the "atmospheric" Ferrel cell, that is, at the area between 300 and 600 of the north latitude and 00 and 700 of the east longitude. The author believes that only this geographical birthplace of "geniuses" is effected by the intelligent Ferrel torus cell through helical torus and pyramidal knot surfaces setting up Phyllotaxis-, VTortex-, Sphere- and Color Processes (see hereafter).

In other words, the area from 300 to 600 north latitude and from 00 to 700 east longitude is the intellectual center of planet Earth from which intellectuals migrate across the planet, mostly to the United States.

Unfortunately, the center got under the influence of space radiation from outer space, since the Polar torus cell that protected the center disappeared. Moreover, the air from the next Ferrel torus cell starts being sucked into the vacuum center of the planet.


The author is sure that natural music composers are neither compilers, nor "cool" pop, one-shot, commercial, etc. "composers". They know how to "take" natural melodies because the latter are given (connected) to them as Nature’s gift to the most worthy. Natural structurization processes sound in their songs.

Their compositions are limited by capabilities of primitive musical instruments - "objects with which various musical and non-musical unorganized sounds are extracted to perform a piece of music" (!?)-  


If we analyze the geographic birthplaces of great composers of genius of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Haydn, Borodin, Glinka, Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, Scriabin, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and others, we see they were all born in the same latitude areas as scientists of genius.

Moreover, the share of composers of the Russian socium is more than 50%.


After Anatoly Akimov (1938-2007), the last Russian genius scientist hunted down to death by the Russian pseudo-scientific elite, including almost the entire RAS administration, see, new geniuses will hardly help save the planet and the "seed of Mankind" as the time remaining until the atmosphere has been fully sucked into the vacuum center of Earth will not allow it; moreover they will not be able to do this because of their narrow-mindedness.


 “…I am ready even to do incensing myself to smoke the devil out, in other words - to transform the very bases of the Academy into something new, Russian, available to everyone in general and, in particular, to the scientific movement in Russia "

Dmitri Mendeleev

So, by geographical birthplace scientists of genius are distributed as follows:

1)       11 people from Europe in the area of 300-600 N to 00-700E ;

2)       One person and the first genius of planet Earth Dmitri Mendeleev comes from Asia – he was born in Tobolsk (580 N), Siberia, although all his relatives on his father’s side originated from the European part of Russia;

3)       5* persons of 12 represent the Russian socium;

None of the geniuses is a member of the elite since according to the laws of structurization in the animal life, including humans, a natural leader and/or genius grows out of the socium and is fostered by the socium. The above-mentioned geniuses were intelligent biorobots of the positive orientation - biorobots.

4)       The Elite/chiefs are an unnatural and artificial phenomenon having no actual relationship to the socium. These are appointees, travel persons, “temporal”members of the socium, biorobots of the negative orientation - biorobots$.


A historical and rhetorical question: why for nearly 250 years the USA, Canada and Australia did not produce a single top-level scientist in the basic knowledge of Nature, namely, the structurization of matter, energy, information and calendar time, although within the same period Europe produced 7 geniuses, 5 of which were Russian?

The author is of the opinion that by the laws of Nature the highest-level intelligence originates only from a well-established and mature socium.

That is why America is "made" and will "be made" by the first "wave" of emigration that included the best representatives of the mature European socium, particularly Russian.

By no means do they include creators of information technologies who can make everything operate, but somehow do not understand:

-          How and why the electric current flows through wires;

-          How electricity, magnetism, etc., is produced "out of nothing".

But other than that, "academics" are absolutely ignorant of the following:

-          How gravitation and levitation are developed "out of nothing";

-          How the atom, crystal, substance, live cell are built;

-          How a tornado works;

-          -what is superfluidity;

-          How objects and subjects of flora and fauna having "unliftable" weight climb to high altitudes, for example, a fluid nutrient medium to a plant and animal body;

-          The movement of fish against flashy flow and falling water;

-          The movement of birds over long distances;

-          Elevation of kilotons of ground objects by means of a tornado;

-          The rise of millions of tons of water allegedly evaporating (there is no process like that in Nature) from the ground/water surface to the atmosphere and space;

-          Why bodies, including the atmosphere, are attracted to Earth, whereas the "law" of gravity does not work;

-          The nature of radio waves, X-rays;

-          The space structure of the nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world, etc.


 “A single genius is enough
to turn the consciousness of the socium upside down in an instant”

A notable exception is provided by applied researches of such geniuses as:

1) Dmitri Mendeleev. The main discovery of this genius is not so much the periodic law of elements in Nature as the discovery of the main element of Nature - the World Structured Ether which compresses from the outside (implosion (50%)) and expands from the inside (explosions (50%)) elements of the nano-and-infinitely-less worls and mega-and-infinitely more world of the Universe. This is the only element in the 0th row and 0th group of the non-faked Table of Elements. This Table was included in all Russian chemistry textbooks [22], until the death of Dmitri Mendeleev in 1907

Having failed to become the legacy of the whole world,
-      The 0th group with the World Ether was simply deleted

-          The 0th key row with inert gases was hidden in the 8th group;

-          The key inert gas with root properties of inert gases discovered before was abandoned because its presence suggested the idea of existence of ether to true researchers;

-          Hydrogen from the 1st group/1st row was dragged to the 7th group, etc..

Dmitri Mendeleev never knew Nikola Tesla and his work, and vice versa, although they worked at the same time.

The author, as always "by chance", found on the Internet the English translation of Dmitri Mendeleev’s work on Ether made in 1904 [3] for the English-speaking reader that had miraculously escaped being locked in closed archives.


2) Nikola Tesla


 “Every night, (and sometimes during the day), when alone, I would start on my journeys, see new places, cities and countries; live there, meet people and make friendships and acquaintances and, however unbelievable, it is a fact that they were just as dear to me as those in actual life, and not a bit less intense in their manifestations”

Nikola Tesla


This is a description of Nikola Tesla’s "travels" into "parallel worlds". A person ignorant and unaware of the three-component structure of space [8, 11] will never believe it.

The author understands it as he "discovered" this space and started to reproduce "experiments" of Nikola Tesla beginning with "travels to parallel worlds."

To do this, one must possess a powerful intuition based on experience, natural knowledge, ability to simulate any new ideas and to have "wings of interpolation and extrapolation."


"Ether (world ether, the luminiferous ether) in physics from the XVII century to the 1930s is an intermediate pervasive material medium filling all vacuum and all gaps between the particles of ordinary substances, vibrations of which being electromagnetic waves"

Nikola Tesla

This theory was proposed by the independent physicist Nikola Tesla. In Wikipedia, this information was available since 2008 [20] and then disappeared, replaced by academic nonsense.

In the author’s opinion, the operation of Tesla’s electro-magnetic circuits in the atmosphere of Earth at the latitudes of New York (NY), ~400N, and Colorado Springs (Colorado), ~380N, where he ran his atmospheric tests, is enabled by uniform air flows moving in this area (approximately the middle of the Ferrel torus cell: ~ 300-600N). The air flows are contained in a dense packing of shells (2nd component) consisting of Platonic, Archimedean solids and their options, which hence move together with the intershell space (3rd component) - Plateau-Shikhirin channels (1st component) mainly filled with superlow pressure inert gases and the World Ether. Using the Ether, Tesla formed and moved controlled electrical, magnetic and torsion helical knot rotating surfaces (the lightning) to an unlimited distance.

Despite the total ignorance of the Ether and the structure of space, computers, communication systems, television and other radio-electronic systems are meanwhile operating successfully but only for the time being.

Any "primitive" action of an ether expert who knows and understands the structure of surrounding space, with the structured Ether as its key component, might be enough to bring the whole sea of the operating iron to a standstill in an instant, in which case biorobots will have a chance to rise above the system$.

3) Viktor Schauberger. The operability of his self-supported levitation systems is ensured by development of pressure drops, through suction or pressure head, that lift or lower heavy loads, or by electricity generation, given appropriate converters available. He called the World Ether a biological vacuum [10]. Like Nikola Tesla, he did not know the work of Dmitri Mendeleev; nor was he acquainted with Nikola Tesla.


The author believes that there are much more geniuses “per capita” in civilizations♥ because they appeared/were born in the standard way for Nature, i.e. "not by accident" and without the elite’s supervision, under favorable conditions specially prepared for them.

Only such natural conditions make the development of human civilization in general possible.

In civilizations$, according to laws of structurization in Nature, geniuses are divided into biorobots and biorobots$ in equal proportions and, regardless of whether they do it willingly or reluctantly, knowingly or unknowingly, they serve to or enrich only their superiors/the elite$.

The intelligent bioresource is “recoved” rather quickly, by the birth of a person at the time the elite$ is replaced with the elite i.e. with the automatic cast-off of all shackles from the socium. The process of growing free biorobots takes the lifetime of a generation - 18-25 years. But they are not fiction-invented helpless and unhappy Indigo Children, whose brandname and they themselves are used by the elite$ to reach their own selfish purposes by deception.


Moreover, the specific feature of the civilizations$ is the selection of future controllable "millionaires" by certain convenient criteria from the "crowd" for a definite purpose.

For example, today's "geniuses"/millionaires in information technologies, the attendant service of Mankind, are "efficient managers" selected from thousands candidates, except the following persons, according to the author:

·         the biorobot American Steve Jobs, creator of the iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc., who died early (1955-2011);

·         Russian Pavel Durov, also a biorobot, the founder of the social network "Vkontakte" who is so far physically safe but entered into a losing competition with American appointees and their superiors. He will be lucky if he succeeds, so long as he has money, in becoming at least the owner of a liquor store, as did Yevgeny Chichvarkin, a Russian businessman, though a biorobot$.

What is left for these good Russian biorobot guys to do for the rest of their lives is to sell anything, no matter what, and live to the principle "Work like a horse” without joy.

Appointed "geniuses"/millionaires can be at any time removed from post and dispossessed.

For carriers of higher, that is, nature-level knowledge, there can be no bosses, since the latter are powerless when it comes to setting and solving problems at the level of "God."


I remember the year of 2007, the death of my friend and colleague Dr. Anatoly Akimov (1938-2007). It was a feast for the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); especially triumphant was the Commission for "Combating Pseudoscience" including almost the entire RAS administration, that was established in 1998 specifically to fight against one person, the biorobot Anatoly Akimov, see

Today, the inquisitorial Commission is hardly ever needed because there is no one to beat, those who remained are:

-          Choicest mediocrity - pseudoscientists-biorobots$ competing for money - from whose ranks winners of various "prestigious" awards are selected;

-          Very weak and surpressed biorobot researchers dealing with natural technologies, e.g. development of self-supported implosive sources of "free" energy to replace explosive hydrocarbon and nuclear sources;

The whole "scientific world", as well as governments of countries are humbly servicing hydrocarbon and nuclear complexes that control them, for example,:

-          Pension "public" funds of England reside in banks of large private oil companies, such as BP;

-          The same company controlled the behavior of the American president and the government in the situation of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

-          Members of almost all prestigious award committees are former and current top managers of hydrocarbon and nuclear companies, or their lobbyists

-          The energy blackmail of Europe agreed with Russia exposed insignificance and cowardice of governments of major European states, their, allegedly, "dependence" on the Russian energy and even direct activities of key players of governments and businesses in these countries in favor of Russia, etc..

Going back to the death of Anatoly Akimov, his enemies selebrated not so much the death of the "pseudoscientist" as the neutralization of the main competitor for grants and awards who could succeed in development of true science, which in the long run might lead to the closure of their "scientific" area.

Their public discredit and death was "at the end of the needle, the needle in an egg, the egg in a duck, the duck in a hare, the hare, etc.," (a Russian fairytale) held by Anatoly Akimov. Now this gentleman set is in other equally reliable, "natural hands" that control their own money and power resources.

Further on, the above-mentioned geniuses (Table 3, Fig. 6) originate only from Europe, where they lived in an area to the north of 300N covered by two atmospheric torus cells: the North Pole Cell (600-900N) and Ferrel Cell (300-600N).

The author believes that only this area, namely from 600 to 900N, is covered from space by the intelligent torus cell/ Shikhirin VTortex Lens, similar to Ferrel torus cell, which contains an intelligent pressurized fluid medium structured by the Ether, with individual MEIT - NGC sets (natural genetic code) specific for all kinds of the vegetable and animal life, including humans.

This cell moves by rotations (functional π’s) “together” with Earth and it is the closest one to face Sun and the "Life Belt" in our Galaxy [11].

The cell is similar to atmospheric torus cells/VTortices-lenses, for example, Ferrel Cell [7-9] that influences the development of the maximum intellectual capabilities (which are formed under it) of a biorobot (a human) in mastering and application of Natural knowledge to compete in Nature.

The area between 400S and 700S actually lacks population, since all continents are shifted to the north pole by the heavier and mobile fluid, i.e. water, which flew (drained) and is still flowing (draining) over Earth's surface as the planet is moving progressively in a complex way along its orbit and around its axis with the north pole forward (like shaping of a pear).

It should be remembered that at the structurization of the atmosphere of any planet, including Earth, the thickness of the atmospheric torus cells decreases nearly twofold from the equator to the north and south poles.

Looking at a map or a globe we can see the natural rather than a personal or desired level of intelligence by nationalities, races.


Note: The author has a method of human identification that has absolutely nothing to do with using the "lie detector" adaptable to the individual at the wish of the boss. The method allows differentiation between:

-          Biorobot of positive orientation - biorobot,

-          Biorobot of negative orientation - biorobot$.


In this regard, one of the following papers [23] contains the author’s analysis of physical, chemical, biological and other laws and their "discoverers" who unraveled them from Nature as viewed in terms of the laws of matter, energy, information, calendar and universal time structurization in Nature; or simply speaking, whether they do or do not work in Nature and, if yes, where (Table 4).

The results are roughly known to me in advance:

Table 4

Physical, chemical, biological and other laws unraveled by man from Nature viewed in terms of the laws of matter, energy, information, calendar and universal time structurization in Nature



Year. Discovery  Íàèìåíîâàíèå çàêîíà/îòêðûòèÿ




Earth. Gravitation

Space weightlessness 



1st Natural level

2nd Natural level etc…


400N - 700N





1st Natural level

2nd Natural level etc...


400N - 700N





1st Natural level

2nd Natural level etc...


400N- 700N




Here, I do not focus on the development of technologies, because initially there goes a process of "discovering" physical laws of different levels and application areas, and only then technical solutions, inventions and patents appear on their basis, the main of which are "legally" appropriated by the elite.


Let us continue our resoning …

Arithmetic, geometry, and topology:

-          are the basis of natural mathematics;

-          are not subject to fraud and pile-up of mathematical theories/fantasies. Therefore, their amount has been practically constant for hundreds of years and increases along with the disclosure of natuaral information in strictly metered doses orders of magnitude less than the endlessly inflated shapeless condom with theories and their internal contents;

-          are a direct proof of the existence and effect of the structurization laws (processes) in Nature.

If we take almost any problem from a textbook of the disciplines in question, we can always find a process in Nature correlated with the problem. This is particularly true for old problems that do not lose their relevance for many centuries.

The author happened to combine all these areas, apparently dissimilar, into a system; moreover, he succeeded in creating completely new branches of mathematics and technology, e.g. [8, this article]:

-          TorusMetryÒÌ, SpherusMetryÒÌ, PilotMetryTM, MobiusMetryÒÌ and ColorMetryÒÌ which are bringing us closer to understanding self-supported and live systems in Nature, as well as to the development of matter-energy-information technologies based thereon;

-           “2D segments”;  “3D, 4D, 5D, 7D surfaces with Phi, 1/Phi; prime numbers-surfaces 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and composite number-surface 10 as well as their radicands are formed by rotation of their flat sections in tandem - a closed torus inscribed in the "round" sphere or/and a "round" sphere inscribed in a closed torus;

-          The scale factor, as well as proportionality, is also formed through the above relationship;

-          All "particles" of the Universe - from the nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world - tend to a closed torus, "round" sphere, regular polyhedra, honeycomb cells, etc. 

Thess fundamental natural laws are identified through natural mathematics - arithmetic, geometry and topology.

Unfortunately, investigations into the Pi as the main natural structurer of typical standard forms in the Universe that constantly change the target set of matter, energy and information (MEIT) through meandering are scarce; moreover, they completely ignore the most important factors such as the causes of:

-          Beginning of rotation;

-          Rotation producing another rotation in other planes;

-          Rotation producing a secondary, tertiary, etc. rotation;

-          System of rotations whose parameters in certain proportions create a resonance, that is a real "golden section", and enable a self-support mode, etc.

However, very much is written about the flat "golden section” Phi, working mainly in primitive man-made projects (construction and architecture starting with ancient Rome and earlier), even some kinds of international organizations and events are established and arranged on their basis. Moreover, these primitive man-made projects bearing absolutely no bionic load and associated with the ideology and politics, rather than with nature, are considered almost a masterpiece of science and technology.

The poverty of thought in utilization of such technologies directly characterizes the civilization$ beginning with such architectural "masterpieces" as pyramids  – crystals/octahedra/diamonds – cut in half, because to put upright a giant diamond octahedron, the favorite stone of “bosses”, was beyond the power of bossy pharaohs. One cannot imagine how much nonsense is concocted about these primitively ordered piles of stones! (Fig. 7).




Fig. 7 The bathos of stupidity, conceit and falsification will remain forever.


Conclusion: The author is convinced that construction, architectural and other technologies in civilizations are based on application of natural bionic surfaces-shells, the "richest" in matter, energy and information.

These shells are systems of multifocal unilateral and bilateral closed surfaces with the "connectivity» parameter (h) of greater than 3 (the system of tori and spheres with elements of dynamics grouped and embedded into each other). The surfaces-shells are taken from the architecture and construction spejcific for the plant and animal life civilizations in the Universe, including humans [24].

Unfortunately, the disparate pieces of natural knowledge were not systematically integrated and elaborated in the earlier time. Through the fault of the elite, Mankind was too late to learn about the natural and the only correct niche of knowledge, which considerably reduces its life on Earth: it is expected to be an order of magnitude less than required by Nature. In other words, instead of ~ 45 000 years the current Mankind has lived so far only ~4500-5000 years and no more than 200 years are left to live in suffering. And next comes the following:

·         Pervasive cancer caused by cosmic radiation unfiltered by the disappearing atmosphere;

·         Anoxia from lack of oxygen in the lowu air pressure environment, etc.

The knowledge available to the author along with the knowledge of geniuses represent mechanisms of real technologies for structurization in Nature, including human activities, that are not subject to faking or fruitless theorizing (Table 5). This knowledge, for example [1, 25-33], thanks to true patriots of Earth - biorobots - are carefully collected in the form of:

-          Numerous puzzles, tricks, paradoxes, sophisms and other mathematical "entertainments";

-          “Entertaining” sciences, arithmetic, geometry, topology, mechanics, drafting, physics, chemistry, biology, logic, etc.


Table 5

List of natural science and technology fields as the basis for structurization technologies in Nature




Brief Description



(Al)Chemistry of Dmitri Mendeleev


World Ether (structured) (Ae)  - (1) structurer of the system of (al)chemical elements - matter, energy, information and calendar time of each (al) chemical element’s life; (2) structurer and (3) filler of inter-element space;

Periodic Law.


Arithmetic, Geometry,

Numbers, their relationships and properties;

 Spatial structures and their properties;

 Space whose properties remain unchanged under continuous deformations, etc.


Problem of map coloring or problem of "colors"

Dimensionality of the space:

 Artificial: point - 1D, line - 2D,

 plane - 3D,

 Natural: Sphere - 4D, Mobius band- 6D, Torus/ VTortex - 5D and 7D


Regular and Irregular Polyhedra, Bubbles, Drops,

Three-component structure of matter:

1- Intershell space Ether,
2- Shell material, and
3- Pressurized fluid medium therein.


Typical forms of space elements, their deformation in motion and in a dense packing.


Dense Packings, Foam,
Liquids, Gases

  Structure of the implosive (lens shells) and explosive (hedgehog shells) dense packing of liquid and gaseous elements of space at rest and in motion.


Torus knots, Links,


Torus knots as edges of torus knot surfaces forming a torus/VTortex-lens, or helicoids such as torus/VTortex-hedgehog. In this case, a torus/VTortex is a print replica of a catenoid in 4D space made of "soap" film.


Number Pi; Golden Section;
Fibonacci numbers and Phyllotaxis process; Primes, their Radicands;
Logarithms of numbers

Interacting natural matter/energy/information laws of the plant and animal life and natural structurers of typical space elements of the macro-and-infinitely-more to nano-and-infinitely-less world.

Structurization in arithmetic, geometric and topological processes with objects (groups of objects) tending to the minimum surface area and mass, and hence energy, information and matter. Examples are

Soap films, bubbles, drops, vortices, their dense packings of the macro-and-more to nano-and-less world.


Magic squares, Labyrinths, Cryptography, Matrices, Theory of probabilities and groups

Structural arithmetic, geometric and topological laws in plant processes:
1- spherical; 2- stem (tree, branch, leaves, solar and stellar systems in the Galaxy hose); 3- drop (cones); 4- disc (inflorescence, sunflowers); 5- constantly everting (Mobius strip, torus, VTortex) as well as in their evolution systems


Curves and surfaces in space

Natural line of torus knots, spherical and other structures e.g. closed helicoid, catenoid and other surfaces.


Spinning Tops and Pendulums;
Vortex Processes

Technical implementation of self-supported systems (energy sources, transport, related machines and mechanisms based on the laws of structurization in Nature.


Forecasting and prediction of "past" and future events in Nature.

 Natural logarithmation of correct numeric law samples taken from natural processes, verification of their authenticity, linguistic and semantic characteristics. "Weibull" natural visibility of these processes both in natural and technical events.





All other knowledge is inferior, and any pseudo-knowledge that under the effect of scientific "Viagra" and "Botox" are forced on Mankind in the form of synthetic theories, hypotheses, fantasies, competitions on writing endless and tremendously multiplying artificial formulas have been blossoming and flourishing for nearly 110 years after the death of Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907). The cumulative strengthening of pseudo-knowledge carved in a law occurred after emergence of the "convincing" Special Relativity Theory (1905) and the General Relativity Theory (1905-1917) specially devised for this purpose.

Naturally, this "knowledge" deserves the most "prestigious" awards established just at that time because the meaning of the obtrusive promotion is trivial – to deceive and officially skim money from taxpayers to share it among the elite, including "academic" officials.

Ill luck befell a good beginning - the organization of Solvay Congresses in Brussels sponsored by the Belgian scientist and industrialist Ernest Solvay (1838-1922) who could hardly suspect the crook business his project would turn to. Or, perhaps, Ernest Solvay and Alfred Nobel wanted to leave their names in history in this way like some modern "patrons", mostly appointed by the elite.

In the course of 100 years, starting from the 1st Solvay Congress in 1911 ("Radiation and Quanta"), synthetic theorists (Max Planck and Co.) "Quietly" merged with scientists-experimentalists, e.g. Irène Joliot-Curie (1897-1956), into an informal association followed by displacement of the latter and total domination of the former.

Immediately after the sudden death of Dmitri Mendeleev in 1907, at the oral instruction of the elite an active process of the power takeover by young pseudoscientists (Planck and Co.) was triggered starting with with information sabotage including:

·         Concealment of the basic work of Dmitri Mendeleev "An Attempt towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether [1];

·         Deep and subtle falsification of the Periodic Table of Elements, starting with deletion of its main item - the World (structured) Ether (Ae) and the root inert gas coronium (Co).

As a result, this information did not reach the world's major designers and technologists of ether-based systems Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov and others, and significantly weakened their positions.

The rest, that is, the majority who got access to the information were too narrow-minded to grasp its meaning or found it "curious". Besides, they did not know the structure of space according to Shikhirin because knowing it one can also figure out the Ether and how to develop ether systems.


Simply put, the first step in development of ether systems should be acquisition of the knowledge of:

1) World structural ether (of Dmitri Mendeleev);

2) Three-component space structure of the Universe:

·         Intershell space - Plateau-Shikhirin channels/Skeleton - Ether;

·         Dense packing of shells - shell material;

·         Fluid medium filling the shells under positive or negative pressure


Today, "thanks to" the intentionally castrated Periodic Table, two goals are pursued:

·         Distraction of attention from the Ether as the source of development of natural etheric energy and transport systems

·         Splitting up to one’s own advantage budget funds specially allocated to solve distracting pseudo-scientific tasks; namely, huge sums of money were spent on the construction of more than 70 "accelerators" for detecting fictitious "elementary particles” that brought nothing to Mankind.


What istantly comes to mind is a fabricated object erected allegedly to praise the bosses of the Egyptian pyramids (please refer to Fig. 4). This object, like similar-purpose objects of today such as the Olympic Games, football championships, etc., are actually "happy" pretexts for the elite (a tandem “government official-scientust/ builder/architect”, etc.) to spend oficially allocated money stolen from the socium for their own benefit demostrating their greed and stupidity.


A carefully planned international operation aimed at the maximum long time utilization of hydrocarbons and later nuclear "raw materials" along with monotonous development on this basis of our civilization, including space exploration, brought unexpectedly opposite results: beginning with the mid-80s, by efforts of hydrocarbon and nuclear guys a "hole" in the vacuum chamber of the planet was drilled and expanded that since then has already sucked 10-15% of the planet's atmosphere. The elite is so far unaware of this tragedy.

An incredible thing happened. As a result of the monotonous training of generations of empty-headed engineers and scientists, actually no time is left now to replace hydrocarbons and atoms, as well as to search for new planets and develop vehicles to take the "seed" of Mankind to these planets. Words of Max Planck (1858-1947), as "President of the Academy of Sciences of Germany" and expert, who said "Science has nothing to do with Nature" (?!) [10, 34] at a long meeting (1.5 hour instead of 30 minutes) in 1934 between “still young" Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) and Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) invited to a business talk on self-supported energy sources, transport and introduction of natural technologies into agriculture, prove today’s continuous unlimited flow of the uncontrollable spending and stealing of money of the socium by the world elite.

Moreover, the Nobel Prize annually awarded since 1900 (which coincides with the time of the power seizure by pseudoscientists supported by hydrocarbon adepts followed by gradual transition of the power to the nuclear sector from the 2nd half of the 20th century), in the middle of the 20th century turned into a synthetic premium and servant to "Science has nothing to Nature "; and since 2013 it has began to be awarded already “in advance” for a next fiction, without any check, minimum guarantees of truth and for some unknown reason, for example, for the prediction of the existence of the “fundamental Higgs particle (?!).

To continue splitting up money between officials and academics followed by further widening of the gap in the shell of the planet, a new project – The Future Circular Collider (FCC) – is being boosted. It involves the construction by 2024 of an accelerator with the ring 80 to 100 km long. What will this and subsequent pseudoprojects result in?


Even today, we a priori, automatically and without thinking (taught in school), believe in Newton's laws, do not question Einstein’s. "Doctrine". From my studies at the math class in school and, especially, the mathematical group of the Institute, I remember how we were stuffed with this artificial "knowledge" that had absolutely no relation to true natural mathematics!

Fortunately for the author, this knowledge (not only the relativity theory) somehow did not "creep into his head" and was rejected by the brain, so the author used lecture hours for mathematical and musical self-development: wrote music, music scores and developed elements of synthesizers (1967-1970) for his bit group set up by him. At the same time, he made active use of cribs at examinations to forget all those uninteresting funny things immediately thereafter.

In fact, primitive "Newton's Laws" with beautiful formulas, or rather likeliness of these phenomena, work only in some places on Earth at certain altitudes and generally when something falls.

In the author’s opinion, only the sections of Table 5, stubby as they are, can explain many Natural processes not subject to theorizing, such as:

·         The structure and dimensionality of 4D ÷ 7D spaces being at the same time "colors";

·         Transformation of the dimensionality/"colors" during transition of intrinsic typical forms of matter from one form to another; for instance, the 7D peripheral space of the torus/vortex/VTortexTM is transformed into the 5D space, i.e. toric heptahedrons-Shikhirin lenses (6,4, 4,4,4,3,3) are transformed into toric heptahedrons-Shikhirin lenses (4,4,4,4,4,3,3), then into toric pentahedra-Shikhirin lenses (4,4,4,4,4) and after that into toric pentahedra-Shikhirin hedgehogs (4,4,4,4,4);

·         Multifunctionality of the typical forms of matter; e.g. the outer edges of toric knot surfaces of the torus/vortex/VTortexTM in its central part function as rolls of the helical rolling/structurization of Platonic, Archimedean solids and their options;

·         Source of the natural structurers Pi, Phi, prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers, etc., reflecting the dynamics and structure of the space of the macro-and-infinitely-more to nano-and-infinitely-less world, which are not physically interconnected, as well as their matter-, energy- and information capacity;

·         Multilevel structure of the eversible/enveloping torus/vortex/VTortexTM;

·         Structure of "rod"-shaped/pyramidal/sphere-like plants, animals, including humans, and their components, e.g. the tooth structure, based on the helical Phyllotaxis symmetry and formed of helical pyramidal knot (Phyllotaxis) surfacesTM of several types [35];

·         Structure of (al)chemical elements distribution in implosive hedgehogs and explosive lenses in their dense packing and transition from one to the other, being washed inside and outside by the World structural Ether, etc.

But somehow it is easier to busy oneself with popularization of some phenomena or their endless rewriting and polishing, instead of looking for the sources of these phenomena.

For example, Phi is discredited by numerous pseudo-scientists, "researchers", compilers, endlessly praising each other, who treat it one-sidedly: "only in plane, even worse - in a fragment, and even at the point."

This issue was a matter of concern for many mathematical gurus, take, for instance, one of the fundamental sources [36]: “…In fact, the golden ratio is just one of the few proportions used by sculptors and architects…  The whole point … is to emphasize the commonness of this proportion and to warn enthusiastic fans of the golden section against possible mystical and magical (scientific, technical, political, and commercial, the author) speculations related to it.”

And Viktor Schauberger, who physically understood where and how the Golden Section works, not on paper or in primitive architecture and construction, said: “Counteracting transverse electric potentials should oppose strong longitudinal magnetic potentials. This counteraction produces the intermediate point of harmony - the (composite, the author’s comment) Golden Ratio.

This is the only true all-embracing law of the Universe, in which there is neither ascending, nor descending, nor transverse, nor internal motion, but there is only the motion into oneself and around oneself, it was so conceived by Creator (structured by Nature, the author)."

This is nothing else than the operation of a set of matter, energy, information, and calendar time (in the universal time) of bionic forms in Nature, rather than the incomprehensible number 1,618 ... . He knew how to convert these components to build an energy generation system, which he did technically creating a natural bionic surface "without lines and circles." Moreover, these surfaces were made of metals and their melts brought to the amorphous state by various processing methods to eliminate the possibility of the adverse impact of the form, i.e. the crystal lattice (by the ether leaking therethrough resulting in the unstable activation), with the purpose of stable operation of the vortex-torus-VTortex based on controlling its "point" of harmony – the resonance of natural structurers that include not only Schauberger’s Golden Section!

Nature makes the Golden Section incompatible with such technical systems as works of art..


Moreover, attempts to "discredit» Phi are made, e.g. by involving:

-          Artificial branches of mathematics as algebra that does not work in Nature. There is no Phi approximation in Nature; like Botox and Viagra algebra disfigures it and make impotent!;

-          Branches of natural science and natural processes such as the phyllotaxis process, Fibonacci numbers and alike, that are not related "directly" to Phi, but indirectly, cosmetically, "participate" in an infinite number of its secondary or derivative processes, such as the relationship between the previous and the following Fibonacci numbers, etc.;

-          These processes are formed only in the pyramidal helical (spindle-like), Mobius, spherical, toroidal implementations. Their natural structurers are functional Pi’s such as the open πCylinder, open πHelical line, closed πMobius, closed πHelical line,  closed πRing, closed πTorus , etc.



1.  Incidently, how can Nature be humiliated by a person if the knowledge of Nature is beyond his reach but he wants attention, fame and money? The solution is simple - to endow oneself with fabricated titles, characteristics and use intellectual Botox or Viagra (see below), invented by similar but higher-scale narcissi and majors:

-          Hirsch index  -  h-index;

-          Impact factor – IF;

-          Citation index SCI, etc.

Without any of these characteristics expressed numerically, you are nobody; no matter how deep was the research you carried out. These sycophantic and benefit-pursuing rules are concocted by a government official for the sake of “perpetuating his name in the history" who was appointed by managers of the giant bureaucratic machine governing the current official global science which is led to the collapse by such management, including space exploration, unwillingness to save even themselves from the impending real catastrophe - the suction of the atmosphere into the vacuum chamber of the planet through a hole made by holders of the highest and superfluous awards, h-indexes, impact factors and citation indices.

All progress has stopped except for service and information business – IT Technologies. But this is not science, it only saves time that would be otherwise spent on going to the library, shopping, calls to ticket offices and other primitive facilities.

Information technologies are not creative by nature; they are used merely for service and support, being something we can do without. The author believes that these technologies were created for morons and fools and are forced on them bringing down their already low intellectual level.

But other than that, IT technologies are spying on the socium. Therefore, the author never uses iPod, iPhone and other primitive children's gadgets equipped with navigators to locate their owner, find out what he is writing, who he is talking to, etc.

There is nothing left for me to do but to buy computers, cell phones and various services "in someone else's name" or for cash - I do not want to be spied on, even when my phone is with me in the "outhouse" - "to be wasted in the outhouse" is the least thing I want!


2. It is no secret that in our "civilization" champions of gambling, including chessplayers, polyglots and similar "geniuses" are ranked as the smartest individuals.

Unfortunately, it is not so, and here's why:
- Games are invented by someone, each has its own structure (matrix) and a finite, even very large, number of solutions;
- All languages of the Universe, though their number is countless, have the same structure (matrix);

Therefore, the following is needed:

Certain age. Usually, it is the children's age, when the memory unit in the brain of a human-biorobot has a soft, elastic and flexible but topologically unchangeable structure;

- Desire to cram (not to learn) or forced learning (cramming) for unconscious memorization of the unique language structure/matrix and filling its cells with words or phrases of different languages identical in meaning - the number depends on time or the capacity of the human biorobot’s brain.

The same applies to gambling, including chess

The interesting thing is that people who think they are smarter than others because their parents convinced them thereof or who are regarded as the smartest people and even geniuses by "error" during the existence of Mankind (4.5 - 5 thousand years), forced out more gifted individuals from the most areas of human activities gradually bringing down the intellect of the civilization to the catastrophic level. These "geniuses" dominate in all competitions, intellectual contests, especially in programming, etc.

The result is obvious - the destruction of the planet, the loss of flora and fauna, shortage of time and intellect to save, according to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the "seed of Mankinf" by emigration to another planet. Since America attracts the most intelligent human species, the author asked his friends of different nationalities one and the same question:  why he (she) is so smart, clever, etc.

The answer was approximately identical: it is competition in life. The winner is the one who is ready to win and has necessary information about fighting methods.

And information like "love" for music, foreign languages,  "intellectual" games like chess, etc., which is hammered in from childhood by parents, who, in turn, were brought up in the same manner by their parents and so on, has only cosmetic value. .

The author was also taught with force methods used by his mother and grandmother though perhaps in a more elaborate way, so he smoothly passes through the crowd of his competitors.


3. There is a stupid fashion (the fashion is an artificial, distracting and hostile to Nature phenomenon invented only in civilizations$ by biorobots$ to distract people from life goals, dupe them and suck money from them), namely: if you are not a physicist (mathematician, chemist, etc.), you have no right to discuss physics matters and your opinion does not count, even if you happen to be right. Conversely, if you say whatever nonsense on the subject of physics, being a physicist, it is considered to be the truth and law.


4. Another typical situation - if you have published your discovery not in a prestigious journal, it is not considered a discovery. But in fact, you were just deprived of an opportunity to publish your work so that it could be stolen while subsequent mitigations are in progress or due to other tricks of official science. And vice versa, if an "expert" has published some scientific stuff in a prestigious journal, this stuff is deemed to be a discovery because this nonsense was accepted for publication in the interests of "bosses."


5. Here are some opinions of mine and Dr. Vyacheslav Kasatkin, my teacher of arithmetic and 4D space geometry (through the third Platonic solid – CUBE - only standing on one of the vertices), see, for instance,  [37,38]

-          There are no indivisible things and quantities and no approximations in Nature. Only Arithmetic, Geometry and Topology work” in it;

-          Who deals with arithmetic nowadays? No one! And this is despite the fact that arithmetic and geometry are the least-studued branches of mathematics that are excluded today from the mathematical support of our material world!;

-          Even the current machinery works on approximations, i.e. algebra. I am not even talking about the operation of such equipment in outer space, especially during its orientation and movement from the Solar System to one of the two (!) hoses of the Galaxy;

-          There can be no errors - relative, absolute and other errors - in Nature;

-          Arithmetic is understood as arithmeticoperations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. The rest is algebra; letters a, b, c is calculus of approximations. The question arises: Are there such approximations in Nature? There is none there...

-          Today algebra is the "universal" mathematics in the world, but it fails modern requirements: accuracy, clarity and unambiguity. These qualities belong (given by Nature) to Its Majesty Arithmetic (Geometry and Topology, the author)!!! This issue is its prerogative;

-          Processes of matter, energy, information, and calendar universal time structurization in Nature are subject only to arithmetic, geometry and topology. Man found a way to depict on a piece of paper natural structurization processes such as the "birth" of the golden section (only not primitive relations of segments); cells; numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and their radicands as a result of inscribing the sphere into a torus; the problem of "colors"; quadrangle as the flat pattern of the cylinder, sphere, torus and the cylindrical pattern of the torus, knot "skeletons" of the pyramid and the torus as helical/spiral bases of torsion;

-          Natural 4D Fuller space [39,40], 4 "colors", 4-axes at the angle of ~ 109030':

·         4D Volume is primary in Nature;

·         3D Plane is secondary; it is an artificial form which does not exist in Nature;

·         2D Segment is tertiary, an artificial form not existing in Nature;

·         1D Point is quaternary, an artificial form not existing in Nature;

·          (+X, +Y, +Z)1 the so-called "3-dimensional" Cartesian space. But this is just the 1st octant of the 8 D space with 6-axes at the angle of 900. And where are the lost seven octants?:


???(+X,+Y,-Z)2; ?(+X,-Y,+Z)3; ?(+X,-Y,-Z)4; ?(-X,+Y,+Z)5;

?(-X,-Y,+Z)6; ?(-X,+Y,-Z)7; ?(-X,-Y,-Z)8???


This is artificial 3-dimensional Cartesian space which a certain Einstein confused with the 4th coordinate - time, that is "had the donkey fertilize a rose";

-          Ðàçî÷àðîâûâàåò òîò ôàêò, ÷òî áîëüøèíñòâî ìàòåìàòèêîâ ìèðîâîãî óðîâíÿ, â îñíîâíîì èç ðóññêîãî ñîöèóìà -  400 -700 ñ.ø., ñòîÿùèõ íà Ïðèðîäíîé ïîçèöèè, òî åñòü ïðîâîäÿùèõ ñâîè èññëåäîâàíèÿ: - It is disappointing that the majority of the world level mathematicians, coming mainly of the Russian socium (400 -700 N) who adhere to the positions of Nature, that is:

·         Conduct their investigations by using arithmetic and/or geometric and/or topological methods; or

·         Study arithmetic and/or geometry and/or topology as branches of Natural mathematics,

limit themselves by 3D plane, 2D segment, and 1D point which do not exist in nature, and then assemble Natural Fuller 4D-space from this artificial agglomeration.

Moreover, as the author wrote above, Natural 4D space is squeezed like a wedge in the 1st octant of the 8D Cartesian space.

The structure of the torus discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, which is the basis of the universe, is not explored and developed, although it is the starting point for dozens of other discoveries, etc.

-          Theory without Practice is a mere waste of time. To wait for some theory to meet with practice some day is an outright deception of the customer; or maybe the contractor and the customer, both representing the state, pursue the same purpose – to steal more and spend money not belonging to them to their own advantage;

-          ℮ is an unNatural artificial number invented for "convenience of calculations" in the unNatural artificial integral and differential calculus; it has no functional Natural connection with Natural multifunctional structurers Pi (π) and Phi (φ), etc.;

-          There are many ways for approximated estimation of Pi (π), as well as Phi (φ), for example, Pi (π) ~ = (√2 + √3); √10; 22/7; 92/29; 355/113; 377/120; (φ2•6):5; 3+10/71 < π < 3+1/7; 3,1408 < π <3,1428, etc.


But these approximations do not exist in Nature, although there are several natural direct ways to determine the Pi (π) proposed by the author [41], for example,

1. If a sphere is inscribed into a torus, or a ball rolls or rests inside a hollow ring – a closed torus - of the same radius, then:

-          The ratio of the torus surface area to the surface area of the sphere inscribed in the torus gives a whole "single» π;

-          The ratio of the torus surface area to the surface area of the circle inscribed in the torus gives 2π;

-          The ratio of the torus surface area to the surface area of a flat circular ring with the inner radius RRin (Ringinternal) equal to "0" and the outer radius RRex (Ringexternal) equal to the radius of the torus inscribed in the torus gives 2π;

-          The ratio of the torus volume to the sphere volume is 3/2π, or the ratio of 3 volumes of the sphere to 2 volumes of the torus gives the whole π, or the torus contains 3/2π of the sphere;

2. If a torus is inscribed in a sphere, then:

-          The ratio of the torus surface area to the the sphere surface area gives ½π or the ratio of one surface area of the torus to 2 surface areas of the sphere;

-     The ratio of torus volume to the sphere volume gives 3/8 π, or the ratio of 8 volumes of the torus to 3 volumes of the sphere, etc.


What is it all for? Given that the Universe consists of only two types of surfaces, i.e. double-sided closed surfaces of a sphere and a torus, which in natural formulas of volume and surface area calculations have their own πTorus and πSphere, clearly designed for calculations and morphogenesis in Nature, then the formation of a "pure", non-approximated π [41], i.e. calculated in many ways, which is not consistent with any process in Nature as it must be the accurate π, is natural.

π is calculated through the ratio of the surface areas of the torus and the sphere, i.e.:

π(Torus) = STorus/SSphere = (4πTorus·πSphere·RTorus·RSphere)/4πSphere R2Sphere,

Given RTorus, RSphere in the torus and RSphere in the sphere are equal.

Moreover, π is not just π, but the “torus π”.

The author called the πTorus formed only from the Life Cell torus the energy and information basis.


images2. The World Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev as the Basis for Structurization of Matter, Energy, Information
and Calendar Time of Their Structurization in Universal Time (MEITCalendar / TUniverse)


“For every "cool" guy there is always someone "cooler"
Folk wisdom


 "New search for the truth - this is the only science"
Dmitri Mendeleev


"In short, the wide applicability of the periodic law in the absence of understanding of its source is one of the signs showing
that it is very new and penetrates deeply into the nature of chemical phenomena;
 and I, as a Russian … am proud
 that I participated in its establishment "
Dmitri Mendeleev


"Anyone who interferes with scientific and technical progress should be removed from its path"
Joseph Stalin (on an application form for invention)


All the geniuses of Planet Earth (Table 3) who contributed to the basic knowledge of Mankind – Structurization of matter, energy, information and time in Nature - were not aware of the 3-component and 4-dimensional structure of natural space of the mega-and-infinitely more and nano-and-infinitely-less world, except:

1.       Plateau and Archimedes at the level of "bare" Platonic and Archimedean solids;

2.       Joseph Plateau who was the first to describe the structure of space based on the study of geometry and energy of polyhedral foam (a dense packing of polyhedra and bubbles) in the excited state (films-faces of the polyhedra are not horizontal) and in equilibrium (all films-faces of the polyhedra are horizontal).


In other words, the structure of the natural liquid, gaseous, solid and amorphous (distorted polyhedra, mostly Platonic, Archimedean solids4D and their options4D) space is a densest polyhedral packing - Foam4D.

Polyhedra of the solid, amorphous, liquid and gaseous Foam4 are united by the intershell space – Ether – and do not have boundaries between them.

As always, the author "accidentally" found a reference to the Ether made by Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev himself (!), moreover, it was referred to as the main non-chemical element with unusual physical and chemical properties which envelops implosively from the outside and explosively from the inside the structures of all objects, subjects and their elements of the mega-and-infinitely- more (+ ∞) and nano-and-infinitely-less (1/+ ∞) world.

His natural studies were described in his work "An Attempt Towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether" [1] written in 1902 and printed in 1903.

The translation of this work into English which at that time was not yet the international language was published in 1904 [2], that is, very soon! This is indicative of the importance and urgent need for the fastest access to this material for the world community. And the people who made a quick decision to translate and publish this information were true scientists and patriots of planet Earth (The work was translated from the Russian by George Kamensky, Imperial Mint, St. Petersburg, Longmans, Green & Co, NY, 1904).

At the same time, this translation needs to be analyzed by experts in the ether and by no means by chemists and physicists. The author is going to make an attempt to translate the entire text of Dmitri Mendeleev [1] into English since the translation [3] covers only the research information, and all the "lyrics" is missing.


Note: There is a question I am concerned about. In my articles I "dilute" my text with various pieces of my autobiography showing “how and under what conditions the text was written." I think it is important for a reader who feels these subtleties; can it be that only because of these pieces the "cold" text appeared? Roughly, the reader needs to know whether it was written “in shorts or pajama pants”, in sneakers or "barefoot", at work or at home.

This is exactly my attitude to the "lyrics" of Dmitri Mendeleev that reveal personal details at the background of which the scientific and technical text was written (abridged in the translation). I just subconsciously compare his manner of writing with mine.
The matter is not in saving the translation time but in the most important psychological component of "bureaucratic" rules of writing invented by officials "without a soul" or "engineers of human souls" like the mandatory rule of wearing super-small shoes by Japanese women leading to disfigurement of the female body that is the most perfect embodiment of the most sophisticated and beautiful multifocal bionic surface in Nature.

But I think the reader will be interested in the personal, social and scientific background of those years on which this world material was written. Dmitri Mendeleev could not know that immediately after his death that blessed and democratic background would change into the "internment camp’s stinky basement" forbidding Nature itself! (?).


Nature’s punishment, by standards of the infinite time of the Universe, came in an instant - violation of the planet’s integrity, destruction of the atmosphere and weakening of the forces protecting the planet from decay! That is, the death of the planet and the civilization.

Who is to blame? The elite and pseudoscientists fulfilling the "social order" diligently and with relish, beginning with drilling the planet, construction of pipelines, designing power systems, etc.

To be more exact, apart from the elite the above group includes academies of sciences, military, space and weather agencies, astronomical observatories, all the scientific and technical wing of hydrocarbon and nuclear scientists and, of course, their bosses directly subordinate to the elite.


At the same time, the discovery of the World Ether and its official propagation provoked the final decision of "elite" within which advocates of hydrocarbons (Rockefeller, Rothschild → Edison) gained a victory over the ether supporters (Morgan → Tesla), and later they "banned" Victor Schauberger, hunted Anatoly Akimov and many other ether experts and, in fact, forced the author to emigrate to the USA.

As a result of this victory – the victory over the Ether – Albert Einstein was appointed the chief "genius" of the planet while his pseudoscientific theories fortunately coincided in time with the final fight of the hudrocarbon and ether supporters. The theories are:

-          Special relativity theory (SRT) - 1905;

-          General relativity theory (GRT) - 1905-1917.

In the situation of the lack of knowledge about technologies of the civilization’s development it turned out that the appointed impressively-looking "genius" (instead of whom another just as impressively-looking "scientist" could be appointed) became the laughing stock of the world, that is, he was set up by the the elite as the fall guy.

Mendeleev’s true periodic table existed in Russian chemistry textbooks until 1906 (Fig. 8), and then it was "forgotten/abandoned" because of the sudden death of its author (1907).

By 1925, Ether was finally banished from communications and forgotten.
There was no translation into German, which was then the international language of science.




Fig. 8 Genuine unfaked Dmitri Mendeleev’s Table taken from the chemistry textbook, 8th edition, St. Petersburg., 1908, edited by the author.


Now, please, see what happened to the Periodic System of Elements (Fig. 8, continued) 20 years later, "thanks" to Boris Menshutkin, the son of Mendeleev’s friend Nicholai Menshutkin. Boris Menshutkin was the first to edit the Periodic Law in 1925, 18 years after the death of Dmitri Mendeleev [46], introducing the faked Table (Gosizdatelstvo Publishing House, Moscow-Leningrad).

Incidentally, his father was the first to present the true Periodic Law 55 years before, i.e. in 1869, as a legal successor of Dmitri Mendeleev. Of course, his son did all that on someone's order, having been chosen purposely for the task to make the things more convincing.


Periodic System of Elements 1925



Fig. 8, continued


It should be noted that in the 19th and early 20th century there were two systems of research:

1)       The Occult system, rooted in the far past, was based on people having a strong intuition and psychic powers, that is, the ability to see "on the wings of extrapolation" (Alfred Sinnett) the structure of space in its dynamics, the 3-component structure of space, moreover, the ability to extrapolate it onto the nano-and-infinitely-less (→1/) and mega-and-infinitely-more  (→∞) world. The results of such investigations were described, for instance, in the, "Theosophic Review" journal published at that time under its earlier name "Lucifer", 1895, No. 1.

In the author’s opinion, people who do not possess psychic abilities but have intuition and, moreover, develop natural knowledge on the basis of their research, experience, and skills in modeling natural processes can be referred to as occultists.

As a rule, the above two groups of people are biorobots.

Furthermore, bringing together researchers with psychic powers and researchers who study the same natural phenomena but do not have the "gift of nature" yields the best result, and only such people are entitled with the right to represent the first groups of people to emigrate to the new planet Anna.


Note: In his thesis (1988) [58] "Research and development of diagnostic tools for automated production of printed circuit boards", the author analyzed the quality and reliability of printed circuit boards that were not subject to analysis after use as they were destroyed during the operation, for example, PCDs installed in electronic modules of guided "ground-ground" ground-to-air "missiles, etc. In that work the author designed and used elements of artificial intelligence, which were based on prediction of the quality and reliability where he used the "wings of interpolation and extrapolation" along with intuition.


2)       The scientific system represented by the subject "Chemistry" is younger than the former and in the past it always used the first system as a benchmark to verify its research results. Later that natural research system was ridiculed and forbidden (along with the Ether) to be eliminated as a competitor. Moreover, there were always people, especially biorobots$ who willingly or by fraud turned into killers and human soul butchers, and those who did not want to be involved, were just eliminated. A great number of such bands, according to the author’s knowledge, emerged in the late 80’s - early 90’s in Moscow as the center of the world crime, who served police and criminal structures. There were lots of medical rehabilitation centers, traditional healers, experts in spiritual healing, bone-setters, etc., who treated, or, if needed, “treated into death” wealthy clients and bosses through energy sucked out of unsuspecting people or otherwise.

The space in which the psychic works is the intershell space Ether (1st component). By entering this space, i.e. Ether, the psychic through his (her) matter, energy and information stimuli can reach the "patient" and "treat" the latter either directly in Ether or through a repulsive (squeezing the shell + pressure) or attractive (increasing the shell by vacuum) pulse impact from the Ether medium on the 2nd and 3rd components of space, that is, the shell (2) and the fluid medium (3) within it, respectively.


In those years, an open war broke out between "white" and "black" magicians, between good and evil, and in the late 90's the "black" won.


So, let us go back to the early 20th century. "... Not only it provides a means for monitoring remote locations or penetration through opaque barriers, it has the properties of a microscope, and a telescope developed almost to infinity in both directions. The best microscope we are provided with by opticists, by far superior to its "wild ancestors," is a very limited instrument in comparison with the microscopic vision of a clairvoyant who is free to apply what occultists call the "astral sight." This type of a microscope has no constraints, and can be adjusted, so to speak, to work with any part of the endless path leading to the infinitely small. Does the reader grasp the concept of the molecule size as it is understood by conventional science? The favorite illustration of this is that molecules are related to a drop of water just as cricket balls or small cannonballs are correlated with Earth by their diameters. And one of these molecules can already be observed by those gifted with the astral vision, and its structure can be studied in detail.... ". These are excerpts from the article of Alfred P. Sinnett (1840-1921), the father of Theosophy; see ( «Professor Mendeleev’s Conception»,, written in 1904 immediately after the translation [3] of Dmitri Mendeleev’s [1] work.


It is noteworthy that Dmitri Mendeleev took part in exposing the fraud committed by one of the well-known international “bone breakers of souls” gangs, “for thorough and impartial investigation of the phenomena. A commission was appointed by the Petersburg University headed by the great physicist Professor Mendeleev. A program consisting of a series of forty sessions was announced to test mediums (psychics), and all belonging to this class were invited should they wish to come to the Russian capital to be subjected to testing. As a rule, they refused - no doubt because they foresaw the trap (revealing their crime) set up for them. After eight sessions, taking advantage of an insignificant occasion just at the time when the meetings were getting more interesting, the commission foreclosed the matter and issued a decision contrary to the assertions of the mediumship. Instead of sticking to the worthy science methods, they planted spies who were to peep through the keyhole. Professor Mendeleev said in a public lecture that the spiritualism or any similar belief in the immortality of the soul is a mixture of superstition, delusion and deception. Thereto he added that every manifestation of that kind - including mind-reading, trance, and other psychological things – should be treated as the phenomena that could be implemented and had been implemented with tricky tools concealed under the clothing of mediums!”

The author believes that Dmitri Mendeleev as the father of the periodic table with his huge experience and intuition must be trusted, and just as trustworthy is the unprejudiced reviewer of his work Alfred Sinnett, the true father of Theosophy. After all, they criticized pseudo-clairvoyants - biorobots$ - or pseudo-scientists, not true honest psychics-biorobots.


It was only in 1999 on the initiative of honest Russian patriotic researchers and historians, particularly, my friend and colleague Dr. Vladimir Rodionov [6], the chairman of the Regional Public Organization "The Russian Physical Society" and editor-in-chief of the all-Russian scientific "Journal of the Russian Physical Thought" (JRFT),, and others [42], that the historical work of Dmitri Mendeleev was activated (found in the archives) from the "sleep mode", moreover, in several versions:

-          Scan copies of the original work dated 1910 (2nd edition) [43];

-          Electronic versions of the USSR Academy of Sciences publications of 1958 [44];

-          Electronic version of Mendeleev’s “Attempt to…” [45].

It is seems strange that Boris Menshutkin (1874-1938), the son of Dmitri Mendeleev’s friend and actually his biographer, in encyclopedic edition of 1926 [46] "The periodic law..." presented, possibly under a certain order, the forged periodic system of elements without mentioning the Ether.

Remember that Dmitri Mendeleev was the organizer and permanent chairman of the Russian Physical (Chemical) Society (RPCS) that existed intermittently in 1869-1930 and 1999 until now, and headed the popular Journal of the Russian Physical Thought in 1869-1905.

In 1930, both the Society and the Journal were dispersed by the management of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and only 70 years later, in 1999, the Society was brought back to life by Vladimir Rodionov and has been developing ever since involving representatives of the Russian socium living abroad.

In the author’s opinion, with the advent of the knowledge about the structure of space, its three-component nature, the structure of the helical toric knot surface and other author’s discoveries, e.g. torus technologies, elastic mechanics, structurization technologies of matter, energy, information, and calendar time in the universal time as well as the findings of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov, Anatoly Akimov, works on theosophy, exotery, telekinesis, telepathy, telegonia, etc. must become subject to discussion at international physical-chemical societies formed of independent scientists-biorobots.


The author believes that it is useful to have all versions of the article [1] at one’s disposal, namely [43-45], because there may be refined distortions noticeable only to experts in Ether (not to chemists and physicists), especially versions of the texts published after 1907 and those that suddenly appeared after 1999 in the still uncensored Internet thanks to the enthusiasm of the Russian experts in the etheric energy.

Given this important fact, the author has updated, actually rewritten, this article published earlier [47] and made outlines of the next deliverables [23,48] having  updated already published articles [49-51] with account for Mendeleev’s Ether.


So, one of the major crimes against Mankind taking place immediately after the death of Dmitri Mendeleev in 1907, is the "deep" forgery of his Periodic Table of Chemical Elements by removal from it of the "0" row and "0" group with the  only non-chemical element - World (structural) Ether (Ae) (wording of Dmitri Mendeleev).

Dmitri Mendeleev suggested the element be named "Newtonium" after Newton.  In the author’s opinion the element should retain its name - the World (structural) Ether, already publicly known, or at least be called Teslium (Nikola Tesla) or Shaubergium (Viktor Schauberger), while the name of Isaac Newton should be left in the names of its laws working only in the attractive force environment where something falls or may fall. This is a negligibly small portion of the processes in the Universe compared to the "falling upwards by rotation", explored in detail by Victor Schauberger. This "upward fall" is the basis of life in the Universe, where none of Newton’s formulas work, therefore, in the author’s opinion, his name is not worthy of the Ether.


Obviously, the signal that triggered the space-scale crime was the emergence of system works of Nikola Tesla related to the etheric energy directly using the ether. His activity presented direct competition threatening to crush the already established and operating explosive power systems, transportation vehicles, industrial machinery and mechanisms operating on the "primeval fire energy" principles, that is, on the combustion of hydrocarbon and nuclear fuel (wood, coal, oil, gas and matter).

Nobody wanted to reverse the established state of things and quiet life with enormous profits, which might lead to a possible change of owners.

Excuses were simple, for example, such nonsense as:

-          Job cuts;

-          The business resource has not been exhausted: there is a demand, so the production should be continued, etc.

Even Dmitri Mendeleev himself was involved in the improvement of hydrocarbon production processes, not fully aware of the mass-scale introduction of explosive technologies into the life of the civilization bringing its death.


The elite found and generously paid for "theoretical" fairy-tale substitute distracting attention from the ether and having no relation to science and technology, to the company of pseudo scientists led by Albert Einstein with his works contradicting Nature: the special theory of relativity (STR) - 1905 and the general theory of relativity (GTR) - 1907.

In the structure of the RAPS (the Russian Academy of PseudoSciences) there are special units – centers of total propaganda – spreading information to enhance or derate the value of any scientific event. These units are composed of:

-          Writers-humorists-dreamers composing fantastic fairy-tales;

-          Illustrators drawing pictures, similar to pictures made at drawing lessons at schools for feeble-minded, using computer graphics at that, etc.

All stories are creatively and primitively obscured with a lie, the fictional "quantum" and "bozon" terminology made by a large international group of Siamese twins - "eminent scientists" -, etc. To get into this group with real criticism and comments is possible only once, later all the criticism will be “banned”; and it is senseless at any rate.


Dmitri Mendeleev is a representative of the Russian socium that he was proud of, he admitted that only a representative of the Russian (European) socium (400- 700N) could make such discoveries in Nature as those in Table 3.

The elite has nothing to do with the Russian (any) socium, though it believes itself to be its "head", chief and leader.

Perhaps, there is no chemical element or group in any combination and amount comparable with the ether that whould excel it by the matter-energy-information potential (scientific and technical potential) in Nature.

Dmitri Mendeleev’s ether is a pervasive non-chemical element, the carrier, keeper and distributor of matter, energy, information, and calendar time in Universal Time (MEITCalendar / TUniverse) of any countless number of objects, subjects and elements of the nano-and-infinitely-less (→ 1 / ∞) to the mega-and-infinitely-more world (→ ∞).

Unfortunately, after the sudden death of Mendeleev in 1907, his genius brainchild, the Periodic Law, as the fundamental law of the MEITCalendar/TUniverse structurization was suddenly and quickly forged as follows (Fig. 9):

-          the ‘0’ row was deleted;

-          to avoid the future temptation to bring back the 0-th row with inert gases, and hence re-emergence of Ether, "periods" were introduced before the "rows" to prevent restoration of the true Natural system of chemical elements and the non-chemical element Ether that compresses (explosion) them from the outside and expands (implosion) from the inside;

-          the ‘0’group (monatomic inert gases) was moved from the left row to the right row. In doing so,

"Presumably, lines of coronium observed in the solar corona spectrum during the eclipse of Sun in 1869 (the year of the discovery by Dmitri Mendeleev of the periodic law, the author), and the discovery of helium (He) on Earth gave the reason to believe in the existence of this (Ko) element", Mendeleev [1].

The author is sure that Ko was not once rediscovered after 1869, but on instructions of the world's bosses this information was classified or/and "forgotten".




Fig. 9 The process of forging the periodic table of Dmitri Mendeleev through the "loss" of Ether (Ae) and coronium (Ko) and the "in-vitro birth" of needless periods confusing the table.

«Nature knows and protects only the truth.
Who deceives it is a loser in life
  and automatically a shameful loser in history "

The Author


"The truth always wins, even if it is killed in battle"

Pussy Riot


 “Science means reading books and lectures,
 and copying these books and these lectures in a notebook”

Leo Tolstoy


"Intelligentsia scum!"
"A hysterical sniveller named the Russian intelligentsia"



“The Russian intelligentsia do not understand what they want,
 whether democracy or sturgeon with horseradish”

Anton Chekhov


"If a highbrow does something out of principle,
then half an hour later, he and all those surrounding him should take sedatives "



"Intelligencia brought the people 100 times more harm than good"

Leo Tolstoy


It is surprising that after the Periodic Table of Dmitri Mendeleev was forged, there appeared numerous (several hundreds, according to some estimations) similar type "flat", "quantum" and "bozon" tables without reference to Dmitri Mendeleev as the original author, and tables built on new principles, such as “bulk-4D”, “helical” tables, etc.

Dmitri Mendeleev did not know but guessed about the laws of structurization in Nature and the three-component structure of matter. At this time, in the offices of the "elite" a subversive project was secretly developed with the purpose to destroy the works of Nikola Tesla on natural implosive production of electricity that could be a substitute for technologies of explosive hydrocarbon and nuclear weapons (combustion, burst, uncontrollable fission of matter, etc.).

The work of Dmitri Mendeleev on the World (structural) Ether theoretically (physically and chemically) confirmed and strengthened the works of Nikola Tesla.

Therefore, the goal of the "elite" was to put an end to funding Tesla's activities and eliminate all evidence of the scientific, technological and Nature-consistent correctness of his work through the sophisticated forgery of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table.

Will be ever a time in the future that such geniuses will be born?

Immediately after Dmitri Mendeleev’s death in 1907, the multi-sided plan of the world sabotage was put into action. Generously funded biorobot$ performers along with specially selected and trained “official-pseudoscientist” tandemss headed by a “genius” began to fulfill the tasks of:

-          Hurried forgery of Dmitri Mendeleev’s Table;

-          Putting a “scientific” veil over the explosive/burst hydrocarbon and nuclear energy and later the nuclear cold fusion technologies;

-          Destruction of knowledge about the implosive etheric energy;

-          Struggle with Nature!;

-          Timely disbursement of the recurrent "inflation-adjusted" budget. This process accompanied by the substantial increase in funding the design of more than 70 colliders has been going on for over 100 years. To maintain the interest of public at large in this ideology and avoid suspicion, the “dream factory” scriptwriters developed scenarios of next products of genius, for example, “A cacophony of frog roar gives “coloring” to the night!”


However, the carefree childhood and youth were over, as the outcome of the project turned out badly not for Dmitri Mendeleev, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Shuberger and other natural ether researchers but for the planet Earth through breaking the integrity of the vacuum chamber of the planet and sucking of nearly 1/10 of Earth's atmosphere into it with consequences described by the author in [7-9].


Being unaware of Dmitri Mendeleev’s paper on the World (structural) Ether the author discovered the structure of space and matter of the Universe and described it in [8].

After the sudden and breathtaking (for the author) discovery of Dmitri Mendeleev’s work on Ether [1] and the author’s earlier recognition of the Ether as the 1st component of space – intershell space, or the skeleton/Plateau-Shikhirin channels, filled with/composed of the Ether in a certain way under negative (vacuum) pressure - the author added some new functional characteristics of the Ether.

The author is planning to devote one of his future deliverables [52] to a detailed study of Dmitry Mendeleev’s article from the perspective of laws of MEITCalendar/TUniverse structurization in Nature.

So, Ether was physically discovered by Dmitri Mendeleev who described it in [1], and other records (in italics), and the author has tried to supplement this discovery to a very small extent.



-           “Ether is million times lighter than other elements”;

-          "Its atomic weight is within 5.3 • 10-11 – 9,6 • 10-, (the density is 10-34- 10-32, the author) if the hydrogen atomic weight is 1 kg (the density is 0.09 kg / m3);

-          “The mass of one m3 of Ae, according to Lord Kelvin (V.Thomson), weighs ~ 10-16 grams, while one m3 of water weighs 106 grams, one m3 of hydrogen weighs 90 grams”;

-          “…and place the element x (Ether-Aether-Ae, the author) in this zero series, regarding it, firstly, as the lightest of all the elements both in density and atomic weight; secondly, as the most mobile gas; thirdly, as the element least prone to enter into combination with other atoms, and, fourthly, as an all-permeating and penetrating substance like the world ether;


-          “…the ether is the lightest (in this respect ultimate) gas, and is endowed with a high penetrating power, which signifies that its particles have, relatively to other gases, small weight and extremely high velocity, and (2), that ether is a simple body (element) incapable of entering into combination or reaction with other elements or compounds, although capable of penetrating their substance, just as helium, argon, and their analogues are soluble in water and other liquids;

-          “A specific state of highly rarefied air gases could turn out to be “the ether”or some other gas with a very low weight”;

-           “At the zero pressure the air has a certain density, this is the ether!"

-          “Simple bodies, the most common in nature, have a small atomic weight, and all elements with low atomic weights are characterized by sharpness of properties. Therefore, they are typical elements”..., and while they are getting closer to the “zero point” (superlow weight, density, the author), there should be fantastically “sharp” qualitative leaps, as follows from its singular essence because "... here there is not only the end of the system but also the typical elements, and therefore one can expect originality and specific features";

-           “... that in the first row hydrogen is preceded by an element of the zero group with an atomic weight of 0.4, a density of 0.2 (maybe it is Young’s coronium (Charles Young, 1834-1908, American astronomer, comment of the author), and in the zero row in the zero group there is an ultimate element with a negligible atomic weight, incapable of chemical interactions and, therefore, capable of extremely fast intrinsic partial (gas) motion”;

-          “It consists of the elements, it is atomic, it is not uniform, and it is discontinuous and discrete. It has a structure;

-          Ether is (monotonous) everywhere;

-          “Ether that fills the interplanetary space is a medium that transmits light, heat and gravity”, etc.


The author:

According to Dmitri Mendeleev, the atomic mass of the World Structural Ether is within 5.3 • 10-11 – 9.6 • 10-7, therefore it should be logical that other physical characteristics such as density must also have constraints.

In the author’s opinion, all matter of the Universe, including chemical elements such as hydrogen (H), and their physical characteristics, such as atomic weight and density, range within + 1/∞ to +∞; therefore the physical characteristics of Ether must be in certain proportional ratios with physical characteristics of chemical elements.

Typical elements are located, distributed and function in intershell space - component #1 - between lense shells and hedgehog shells in their dense packing (the shell material) - component #2 - filled with fluid medium under positive and negative pressure - component #3, respectively (Fig. 10).


Fig. 10 shows the distribution of (al) chemical elements and the element Ether (Ae) in a dense packing of lens shells and hedgehog shells in the structure of 4D foam space. The distribution is shown in accordance with the restored Periodic System of Elements in Groups and Rows of Dmitri Mendeleev forged by the global hydrocarbon elite about 110 years ago [1].

The distribution of (al)chemical elements and Ether (Ae) was made based on their conformance to the 3 components of space and atomic masses.


Ether is the main component of space outside and inside of all objects, subjects and elements of the Universe. Before he knew the Ether information artfully concealed and forged by the “elite”, the author in [8] had referred to Nature to show the 3-component shell structure of space also inherent in Ether.

Its structure consists of:

·         1- Intershell circumfluent environment enveloping (embracing) all the shell space (Plateau Shikhirin skeleton or Ether (Aether)) composed of "nested pierced dolls" of the mega-and-infinitely-more to the nano-and-infinitely-less world (Fig. 11).

·         2 - lens shells and hedgehog shells (material of spherical and toric shells) (the Shell);

·         3 - Fluid medium under positive and negative pressure that fills the shells (the Filler).

Ether is uniform in structure in the nano-and-and-infinitely-less (→ 1 / ∞) to mega-and-infinitely-more (→ ∞) world.

For this purpose we can use the microscope, and a telescope with special fittings made with the author’s technology although these measurements may be done by:

·         A person with psychic abilities (clairvoyant) or,

·         A person much like the author, i.e. with intuition, targeted natural knowledge, experience, modeling skills who has "wings of extrapolation" (artificial intelligence elements) to predict the future.




Fig. 10 Distribution of (al)chemical elements and Ether in a lens shell and a hedgehog shell.



«You do not like chemistry? Do not be afraid to learn it again, but you must start with the true Table of Elements and structural World Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev, with which traditional "chemists and physicists" will have to get accquainted anew, if they would.
You and they are on an equal footing "
The author

Ether, as a fluid gas medium with a very low density, washes subjects, objects and their elements of the nano-and-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world, being not a chemical element.

Subjects, objects and their elements are lens shells (50%) and sea hedgehog shells (50%);

Ether is accompanied in a certain sequence by a group of monoatomic and inert gases and other (al)chemical elements distributed in the lens shells and hedgehog shells as shown in Figure 10.

Irrespective of the packing density, Ether is an ordered mixture with inert gases of group 0 from the 1st to 8th row: Ae + (Ko + He, Ne, Ar, Kr, He) according to the true periodic table of 1906.

Therefore, filling the gap, in accordance with Nature and, of course, Dmitri Mendeleev, the author set Ether as the 0th component of space (of the Table), according to its atomic weight, in component No.1 - intershell space - together with inert gases and (al)chemical elements.

The distribution of Ether (0th component) in the 1st component (Plateau/Shikhirin channels or skeleton) strictly depends on the type of the shell: lens or hedgehog. When in the Foam4 of lens shells, it washes the channel walls, and in the foam of hedgehog shells it is drawn to the channel axis. From the lens shells the "extra" Ether is squeezed out into a Plateau/Shikhirin channel but the necessary part is left for keeping shells in a good state and functional use, for example, relocation of the required amount of electric or magnetic ring charge. From the hedgehog shells the required part of Ether is sucked into the intershell space (Plateau/Shikhirin channels, or skeleton), for example, to move a linear electric or magnetic charge, respectively (Fig. 10).


That is, magnetism and electricity are generated in the 1st component of space - Ether - while gravity and levitation are formed within the shell that is in the "center" of the fluid medium - the 3rd component of space under positive or negative (vacuum) pressure, respectively.


The 0th group of inert (noble, neutral) gases, headed by the root gas coronium (Ko), the atomic weight 0.4 and density 0.2, have the transportation capacity to move heavier elements via Plateau/Shikhirin channels; they do not provoke chemical reactions, are a source of the etheric lighting in the Universe space and manifestation of Phyllotaxis/VTortex/SHphere-processes (Kirlian effect).


The author reiterates the information about the World structural Ether in different ways for an interested reader to gain better understanding of this phenomenon, because after 110 years of oblivion it must be revived to restore the structure of natural knowledge, to restore the true names of scientists and scoundrels.


It should be remembered that the World (structural) Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev or the Biological Vacuum of Viktor Schauberger is a linking feedthrough element between an object, subject or their elements and external space of the mega-and-infinitely-more to nano-and-infinitely-less world - the effect of drilled nested dolls (Fig. 11) [20].

When needed by Nature, Ether serves as a transportation means in the following processes:

-          Absorption/taking in (implosion) of the short amount of MEITCalendar/TUniverse from outer (cosmic) space. The density of Ether of an object, subject or their elements is higher than the density of Ether of outer space;

-          Squeezing out (explosion) the excess amount of MEITCalendar/TUniverse into outer space. The Ether density of the object, subject or their elements is less than the density of Ether in outer space.

Suction and outsqueezing of definite (equal and unequal) portions of MEITCalendar/TUniverse can occur simultaneously.

Perhaps this explains its “light and photo-beam emissions” (Mendeleev) as an ultralight inert gas observed:

-          During its leakage from uranium and thorium compounds (radioactive solution) into phosphoric solutions;

-          During condensation of Ether atoms at very low temperatures, its absorption (solubility) in some phosphorus-containing substances increases, which leads to a strong fluorescence, etc.




Fig. 11 Explanation of the 3-component structure of space - Foam4. The scale factor is shown by the example of a sphere inscribed into a torus/VTortex.


The deleted Ether and the transfer of inert gases from the beginning of the table to its end actually deprived the 3-component space of its most important 1st component – the intershell space, or Ether, but those who did it did not understand the physical processes in Nature in general and the Periodic Law in particular. Perhaps this explains the lack of understanding of laws of Nature discovered by true scientists as well as their definitions, terminology, classification, etc.



-          “The World Ether is an energy transmitter to distances. Let’s say more: the world ether, as the World substance is not only the transmitter but also the "keeper" and "carrier" of all kinds of energy ("action forces") in Nature”;

-          “The problem of gravitaty and the whole energy problem cannot be deemed to be really solved without real understanding of ether as a universal medium transmitting energy to distances”;

-          “Atoms of ether should be understood not otherwise than as able to overcome even the attraction of Sun, filling freely the entire space and capable of penetrating everywhere";

-          “The need for easy and complete penetration of all bodies by ether ... and because of great elasticity.., fineness of the etheric substance whose atoms are always considered by everybody only as very small ones compared with atoms and particles of chemically known substances, i.e.,similar to aerolites (stone meteorite, the author) among the planets”.

The author:

The ability to protect the environment: due to the small particle size of Ether its 100% penetration through any physical barriers, such as the penetration of particles of cancer, AIDS through the material of a contraceptive or its indelibility from caverns of the polished surface of medical instruments, but for particles of Ether and lethal particles, the surface is rough. Particles of cancer, AIDS, etc. are non-viral and non-microbial in their nature, they are the result of anti-Nature activities, e.g. improper sexual orientation.

Moreover, at conducting research, treatment and performing operations on hard-to-reach parts of the human body (surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology, urology, etc.) the use of disposable and reusable instruments entered into channels by ways of friction-sliding leads to a large number of injuries that are open catchpots of non-microbial and non-viral objects/subjects capable of contaminating a sick and a healthy person.

At present, the author cooperates with medical experts from some countries in carrying out joint activities in this field using the torus technologies and elastic mechanics.


Ether stores and transmits individual sets of matter, energy, information, and calendar time of their structurization (activation, development, existence) and destructuring of objects, subjects and their elements, etc.;

Ether is not a chemical element, it stays above the system of (al)chemical elements and functions as:



-          As seen from experiments of Newton and Bessel with anchors of different substances, there is some hope that Universal gravity may in some way or another be explained by means of pressure or impact acting from all sides, but chemical attraction, which only acts at infinitely small distances, will long - after understanding the cause of gravity - remain an incomprehensible problem, the more so that it quite different for different atoms..

-           “If the Newtonian theory of universal gravity really revealed the existence of forces acting even at infinitely great distances”.


The Author:

I think that here Dmitri Mendeleev was wrong, being like anyone else "intoxicated" by the still active propaganda of the "simplicity, geniality and correctness" of Newton's law of universal gravitation.

The author’s arguments:

In his numerous sources, see, e.g. [8.41], the author substantiated the process of formation and the structure of various types of gravitation and levitation centers - sources of gravitation/gravity/suction/drowning and sources of ejection/levitation/ sucking out/ascent/evacuation, respectively:

1)       The center of gravity or the vacuum center (vacuum charge) of stars and planets is formed as a stellated icosahedron/dodecahedron by the central part of the active galaxy, namely by two rolls of the helical rolling mill, in the following way: fast external compression and termination of the process, which results in the formation of ultrahigh vacuum in the center of stars and planets as a reaction of the compressed substance. This process is consistent with the natural formula of interaction of any type charges, q, (pressure, vacuum, electricity, magnetism, temperature charges, etc.) and their poles, and with the pattern of the charge distribution on the surface of a body in which this kind of charge is distributed. The below formula is intuitively proposed by the author and was derived by the natural researcher Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736-1806). It reflects is the interaction of electric charges and magnetic poles as well as the pattern of electrical charge distribution on the surface of the conductor.

F = k· (|q1|·|q2|)/r2,

Where | q1 |, | q2 | are charge modules; r is the distance between charges, k is proportionality factor for each charge type, it requires further studies in respect of its positive "+" and negative "-" functional purpose (pressure, electricity, magnetism, torsionism, temperature, etc.

For example, the center of the negative (vacuum) pressure q1 in the center of the planet by means of the “force” equal to  the gravitational acceleration g = 9.8 m/s2 of a body with a charge q2 keeps the planet's atmosphere and everything on its surface as well as the planet itself from disintegration.

The human elite depressurized Earth’s vacuum center charged with the negative pressure charge q1 by drilling the hard shell of the planet with the purpose of hydrocarbon production. As a result, already 10-15% of the atmospheric air has been sucked in.

2)       VTortex galaxies have the gravity center (vacuum charge q1) formed in its head – the implosive end – and the levitation center (pressure charge q2) in its tail – the enveloping explosive end. The formula of interaction between these charges in the torus/Vortex is currently developed by the author. The author knows that the sum of the charge | q1 | + | q2 | modules means a high-speed process (forward, backward and idle motion ("on the spot" motion)) of the torus/VTortex movement in space.

3)       In single 4D spherical and 7D toroidal (vortices/VTortices) gas bubbles (lenses and hedgehogs), liquid droplets (lenses and hedgehogs) and in their dense packing - Foam4, the center of positive and negative (charge) pressure is located at their center. In a dense packing  Foam4, along with the "central" centers of charges, there are centers of various types of charges in the intershell space - the third component of the space structure - which are:

4)       Planets and stars themselves, during their formation by the central part of the galaxy, are electrified and held respective each other by electrostatic charges q1 and q2 by Coulomb's law, etc.


Explaining the operation of Ether by natural examples:

The eversion and rotation of each element of the central part (stream, bundle and thread) of a Vtortex tornado proceed without friction at high speed with the accumulation of static electricity on the tornado tail and swift passage of an instant lightning charge over the intershell space in a dense packing of polyhedra between their edges. The "lubrication" is provided by the superfluid and superconducting Ether [20, 21].


According to Mendeleev, Newton's law of gravitation works in the megaworld, while in the nanoworld there is some incomprehensible "chemical attraction." In fact, he did not take into account the three-component structure of space which is the same for the mega-and-infinitely-more and the nano-and-infinitely-less world, as well as 1) - 4) – the common types of gravity centers that exclude the so-called Newton's law of gravity not working in the megaworld.



         “This is the first step on our way and as such it should be dwelled upon at least shortly. When we say that ether may be said to be a gas this definition signifies that it belongs to the category of the ordinary physical states of matter: gaseous, liquid or solid … (the amorphous state does not exist, the author). … In calling ether a gas, we understand a ‘fluid’ in its widest sense, since gases are generally elastic fluids devoid of cohesion, i.e. the ability of the real fluid, which manifests itself as an ability to form – due to cohesion - drops, rise in capillary tubes, and so on. In fluids the degree of cohesion is a definite finite value, in gases it is close to zero, or, at any rate, is a very small value. Furthermore, if ether be a gas, it has weight; this is undisputable, unless the whole essence of natural science, from the days of Galileo, Newton, and Lavoisier, be discarded for its sake.

         But since ether possesses so great a penetrative power that it passes through every envelope, it is, of course, impossible to experimentally determine its mass in a given amount of other substances, or the weight of a given volume of ether under given conditions. We ought, therefore, not to speak of the imponderability of ether, but only of the impossibility of weighing it (or it can be done with an intuitive method “on the wings of extrapolation” available to the author or/and clairvoyants but only if they are biorobots, the author).

Of course, there is a hidden hypothesis here but it is quite real, not a mystical one inspiring concern in thoughtful naturalists.” 


The Author:

To weigh Ether in order to prove its existence makes no sense. It would look as if we assimilated ourselves with pseudo-scientists and professional talkers awayTM - professionals of propaganda – according to whom it is only in a spaceflight that one could learn that any active galaxy torus has two ends: enveloping (implosive) and eversible (explosive) [11] which, following the wrong classification of Hubble, are referred to as various types of galaxies - SB and S [8], respectively. For the true classification of galaxies please see [8], Fig. 25.

Ïîýòîìó äîêàçûâàòü íè÷åãî è íèêîìó íå íàäî, êðîìå ñåáÿ è Ïðèðîäû, êîòîðàÿ íàâåëà ÷åðåç êîñìîñ òåáÿ/Âàñ íà ýòî «îòêðûòèå», è íåîáõîäèìî ìîë÷à ïðîäîëæàòü äåëàòü ýôèðíûå ñèñòåìû, íåéòðàëèçóÿ òåì ñàìûì åå ðàçðóøèòåëåé.

Therefore, there is no need to prove anything to anyone except to yourself and Nature that has guided you to the “discovery" through space/yourself and you must continue doing etheric systems silently, thereby neutralizing destroyers of Nature.


It is obvious that the main objectives in using Ether are as follows:

1)       the identification of its position among inert gases because this non-chemical element has no odor and color but in a certain way is distributed and concentrated in the structure of lens shells and hedgehog shells (Fig. 9);

2)       its containment in definite physical and virtual containers, niches, cavities, etc., because it possesses a “stronly developed  permeability that allows it to pass through all sorts of  envelopes”;

3)       creating conditions for the development from it of a controllable self-supported torus/VTortex by sucking an implosive set of matter, energy, information out of the external environment within a certain calendar time in parallel with keeping it from total “permeability” ;

4)       to be able to carry out selection, i.e. sucking out the necessary amount of the explosive set of matter, energy and information in a predetermined calendar time, etc.



“I do not regard my imperfect endeavor to explain the nature of ether from a chemical point of view as more than the expression of a series of thoughts which have arisen in my mind, and which I have given vent to solely from a desire that these thoughts, being suggested by facts, should not be utterly lost. Most probably similar thoughts have come to many, but unless they are enunciated they often pass away without being further developed and do not entail gradual accumulation of the truth, the only thing that remains. If they contain a particle of that natural truth which we all seek, my effort will not have been in vain; it may then be worked out, embodied and corrected, and if my conception be proved false in its basis, it will prevent others from repeating it. I know of no other way for slow and steady progress».

   “Apparently, the future does not threaten the periodic law with the destruction, it promises only build-up and




Nikola Tesla said approximately the same:"My main desire in presenting these data was ... to put forward ideas that would serve as starting points for the next starting points".


The Author:

The author supplemented Dmitri Mendeleev’s Natural Table of Elements or his Periodic Law with at least six key parameters (Table 6). Given below is Shikhirin’s table of (al)chemical elements (Fig. 12).

Table 6

Additional parameters included by the author into the true Table of Elements of Dmitry Mendeleev


Item #













Scale Factor of the Universe - from the nano-and-infinitely-less to the mega-and-infinitely-more world;

Filled Density of an individual structure of an object, subject or their elements relative to the external surrounding space;

Filled Density of the external space structure relative to the object, subject or their elements;

Temperature and/or Pressure, irrespective of the size of the object, subject or their elements;

Calendar Time of structurization/destructuring (activation, development, existence and de-activation). For example, the time of structurization/destructuring of any active VTortex galaxy in the megaworld is hundreds of thousands of years while the structurization/destructuring time of a VTortex atom is no more than seconds.

Physical "Connectivity" (see i. 3.10 below) - All chemical elements and Ether are torus atoms or VTortex atoms, with the connectity of the torus/VTortex equal to the formula h = 2p + 1 = 2 • 1 + 1 = 3, where the number of holes p in the torus is 1.



Let us take, for instance, the Scale Factor of the Universe - from the nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world.

The scale effect, regardless of the size and mass of the object, subject or elements thereof, is the volume ratio of a sphere inscribed into a torus of the same radius, then the volume ratio of a torus with the ½ radius inscribed into another sphere, etc, according to the “nested doll” priciple [41]

For example, the atomic weight of Ether according to Mendeleev’s calculation is between 1/ + ∞ ← 5.3 • 10-11 and 9.6 • 10-7 → + ∞.

Ether is a fluid (gas) and has all of its physical and chemical characteristics, except for components of the mega-and-infinitely-more world increased by orders of magnitude and of the nano-and-infinitely-less-world components reduced by orders of magnitude, i.e. it concerns the 2nd and 3rd components of the Universe, namely, the physical characteristics of the shells (2) filled with a fluid (3) under positive or negative pressure.

This also determines the dimensionality of the 1st component of matter in the 4D Universe, namely: Ether with an atomic weight of not less than 5.3 • 10-11 washes inter-element (intershell) space in the nano-and-infinitely-less world, 1/ + ∞, and ether with an atomic weight of not more than 9.6 • 10-7 shows that it belongs to the inter-element (intershell) space of the mega-and-infinitely-more world, + ∞, or washes it.

The chemical properties of Ether are not changed.


It cannot be possible that ether with the high atomic weight, that is, with the large size of shells (super-thick) washes the atomic space of the nano-and-infinitely-less world while ether with the small atomic weight, i.e. with smaller size shells (super-liquid), could wash the space of the mega-and-infinitely-more world.

All natural phenomena such as tornadoes, galaxies and all torus/VTortex systems with certain physical and chemical characteristics correspond to “their own 4D environment”.

The ether interacting with the galaxy cannot interact with a tornado! As, Ether is structural by nature (according to Mendeleev) with the scale factor applicable (according to the author), it ought, without changing its chemical properties, to adjust to physical characteristics of the megaworld (galaxies), macroworld (tornado) and even more so to the nanoworld (Kelvin’s vortex atom)!


There is no clear boundary for transition from one scale to another; for example, the transition of larger fragments of the Universe space structure to the structure of Earth's atmosphere with smaller fragments is almost imperceptible; structures change/flow into each other: the infinitely big → gigaworld → megaworld → macroworld →… → nanoworld → the infinitely small.

For better understanding, let us consider another real natural example: the soap foam4 in the bathroom changes into the air foam4 of the environment, the elastic/soft foam4 of the bather’s body (surface/skin), the solid foam4 of the bath coating and then into the crystal foam4 of the cast iron tub.

Moreover, the author is guided only by the true unforged Mendeleev’s Table (Fig. 5). Particularly, in the Table, and hence in Nature:

·         Ether (Ae) is in the 0th group with code (0, 0), where the 1st ‘0’ defines the zero group and the 2nd ‘0’ defines the row;

·         Along with Ether, the 0th group includes inert gases beginning with Coronium (Ko) with code (0;1) deleted by executioners of Nature from the Table but not from Nature and further Helium (He) - (0;2 ), Neon (Ne) - (0;3), Argon (Ar) - (0;4), Krypton (Kr) - (0;6), Xenon (Xe) - (0;8) and Radon (Rn) - (0;9).

The murderers of our planet Earth made all sorts of changes, both silly and intentional, to confuse the investigation into their crimes. These unpeople handled chemical elements that have their definite places in Nature as if they rearranged furniture, according to various non-existent schemes that came to mind:

·         The inert gases were dragged to the 8th group where the monatomic inert gases were intermixed with “metals of subgroups”;

·         A new 18 group/subgroup was created where inert gases were put, etc.


Such an arrangement does not exist in Nature since all the chemical elements are arranged into structures of individual molecules, compounds and the like, washed and compressed (explosively) by Ether from the outside and washed and inflated (implosively) from the inside also by the non-chemical element Ether.


It is possible that the six additional parameters proposed by the author that became known to him through his capability to communicate with Nature can help true researchers to locate (al)chemical elements yet unknown but existing in Nature in the 0th row from the 1st to the 8th group, as reflected in the unforged Table of Elements.

Going further:

The author believes that all chemical elements and Ether are torus or VTortex atoms with the connectivity parameter h:    h = 2p + 1 = 2 • 1 + 1 = 3, where the number of holes p = 1.


Then the formula of any chemical element will represent a VTortex Molecule3N – a dense packing of N torus atoms, or N • VTortex Atom3, or VTortex Atom3N, where 3 is the torus connectivity, 3N is the molecule connectivity. For example, the molecule of water H2O and oxygen O2 will be represented as (H2O)2 • 3 + 3 = (H2O)9 , and (O2)2 • 3 = (O2)6.

Depending on the functional, e.g. power characteristics of torus atoms in the molecule, the real structure of the latter will be delineated. But this is the topic for another future article of the author. If the author’s findings are of interest to the reader, the latter should study the work of Dmitri Mendeleev [1] to get used to the genuine “Periodic Table of Elements in Groups and Rows” (Fig. 5) contained in Mendeleev’s article or herein.



Fig. 12 The Table of Chemical Elements of Dmitri Mendeleev as the basis for the Natural Table of (al)chemical elements according to Shikhirin.


Fig. 12 shows the Natural Table of (Al)Chemical elements according to Shikhirin.

The author made this table on the basis of the genuine unforged (basic) Mendeleev’s «Periodic System of Elements in Groups and Rows (Fig. 8) taken from the textbook «Principles of Chemistry», 8th edition, St. Petersburg, 1906 [22] !!!

The meaning of the natural distribution of (al)chemical elements is that in Nature there are definite sets of (al)chemical elements possessing substance (matter), energy, information and calendar time of existence in the Universal Time, MEITCalendar/TUniverse, including the non-chemical structural element - the World Ether (Ae) of Dmitri Mendeleev - having, like all chemical elements, “its own” matter, energy, information and calendar lifetime.


3.    New Discoveries in Arithmetic, Geometry and Topology Made by the Author. Their Counterparts in Nature Formed with Participation of the World Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev


3.1. Structurization of a Subject, Object and Their Elements as Individual Sets of MEITCalendar/TUniverse in Nature


Actually since 2001, the author - an intelligent biorobot [14] - unconsciously or automatically, on the basis the engineering direction "Torus Technologies and Elastic Mechanics" created by him (see, for instance, [53-57]) and being guided by Nature, began to develop a new section of Natural Science -  Structurization of Matter, Energy, Information, TimeCalendar and TimeUniverse in NatureÒÌ  (MEIT/TUniverse ) [11,18-21,48,50,51]. The new section is formally composed of new areas of Natural Science and areas formed at the junction of the existing sciences and the currently neglected basic sciences - arithmetic, geometry and topology.

The "structurization" of any and/or all natural processes means their activation, development, existence and destructuring as individual sets of matter, energy, information and calendar time of their structurization in the Universal time at a current moment, namely through TRightNow, equal to the infinitely small value 1 / ∞. Without the World Ether (of Dmitri Mendeleev) structurization processes as well as life itself.would be impossible.

At the same time World Ether acts the unifier of the boundless and the separator of the indivisible.

Perhaps inadvertantly, the author used to think of the Universe as the main object/subject from the standpoint of the laws of structurization in Nature in comparison with its elements. Continuing his reasoning, the author came to the conclusion that the Universe integrating in itself through the infinitely small current time TRight Now the infinite number of objects, subjects and their elements in Nature of the nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world, the boundaries of which are united by the rarefied gaseous (fluid) medium - World Ether - is moving in the working fluid medium - Time T.



From small fragmentary paragraphs of the author’s papers there emerges an individual functional feature inherent only in the Universe as both the highest embodiment of Nature and Nature as a whole.

This paper is not an exception. Here the author automatically on the subconscious level, being connected to the database of the Universe, develops further natural technologies, rather than hypotheses and fantasies about "the house in which we live", and corrects past errors that could not but appear in such reasoning.


In Nature there is an infinite number of al/chemical elements, sounds, colors, odors, etc., which contain target sets of matter, energy, information and calendar time - time of structurization/destructuring (TStructurization) - within the Universal time at a current time moment (Matter (M), Energy (E), Information (I), Calendar Time inside Universe Time at TRightNow  MEITStructurization/TUniverse), generated by eversion↔envelopment of countless tori/VTortices (life cells) of the nano-and-infinitely-less to the mega-and-infinitely-more world, and distributed in a certain way in the structure of the Universe.

Under certain natural laws the entire contents of the Universe (U): U = Σ (M + ∞, E + ∞, I + ∞, T + ∞), as the sum of all interacting countless types of objects, subjects and their elements, each of which contains its own individual target set of MEITStructurization/TUniverse, .   is constantly structured/destructured through TRightNow.

The composition of the Universe can be formulated in another way, namely:
U =
Σ of all (al)chemical elements, each of which has its own matter, energy, information and structurization/destructuring time, including the non-chemical element World Ether possessing its matter, energy, information and structurization/destructuring time.

Objects, subjects and their elements in the Universe are composed of chemical elements and united from outside and inside by a non-chemical element - World structural Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev.

The Universe is in a permanent state of suction-implosion (50%) and pressure-explosion (50%), and the TUniverse is actually the force of Time, FTime , (the force of passage of the time T as a fluid medium) which moves the Universe in space – the time T fluid medium – through the current time moment, TRightNow , into the future.  The ordered parameter of each type, MEIT / TUniverse , is the Natural Development Code (NDC).


The author believes that:

À. The structurization technologies in Nature of the nano-and-infinitely-less to the mega-and-infinitely-more world is its foundation, including human/ intellectual activity. See [8] for details;


B. The MEIT NDC in definite/resonant exact quantities, that is according to a certain natural mathematical law of formation of natural structurers such as fixed amounts of functional Pi’s, Phi’s, Fibonacci patterns (combinations of pairs, triples, etc. of Fibonacci numbers in different sequences), Golden ratio proportions and other structurers is a unique and continuous state of each infinitely small and/or infinitely large COUNTLESS number of objects, subjects and their components in Nature.


C. In terms of God's existence and His functionû or obligations, His only responsibility, in the author's opinion, is to form natural structurers Pi, Phi, the Fibonacci structures and alike, their timely emergence and disappearance with their individual MEIT and NDC codes during the structurization, existence and destructuring of objects, subjects and their elements of the nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world. The author believes that this problem will soon be solved by Man, maybe by the author, but with the help of Nature. Moreover, the author is not aware of His (God’s) biorobotic intellectual orientation: positive or negative. If He were of the positive orientation the elite$ appointed by Him would not have made the hole in Earth.


D. The universe is a vehicle which by means of the force of time, FTime, as the fluid medium, moves in it into the future, TFuture, at the current time TRight Now,, with the time density, pÒime , which, according to the author’s estimation, equals ~ 1 • 10-6 kg/m3 ..

The calendar time, TCalendar, is set by the time parameters of the galaxy, star systems and planets produced by it.

The force of time, FTime (the force of passage of time Ò as the fluid medium) acts without pauses with a constant velocity, vUniverse = const, and moves (drags/pulls/rolls/floats/tows) the Universe of the permanent and infinitely large mass, MUniverse = + ∞, volume, VUniverse , and density, pUniverse = ~ 0.034 g/cm3 (H –75%, He – 23% and 2% of other (al)chemical elements) with the constant velocity, vUniverse , in the time T fluid medium into the future, TFuture , at/through a current time moment, TRight Now,  equal to a positive infinitely small value [8]:


FTime =

EUniverse = FTime • TRight Now, or


EUniverse = MUniverse • v2Universe = (+ ∞), where


TRight Now = (                 ), and


MUniverse = VUniverse • pUniverse = (+ ∞) • 0.034 g/cm3.


Here  pUniverse > pÒime  ~34/0.000001, i.e. ~34 • 106 times more.


In other words, the energy of the Universe does not depend on its movement velocity in space no matter what direction it takes. In the flow of infinite dimensions and mass of the Universe, like in the flow of the working fluid medium (Schauberger’ flow) [8], channel processes are developed under certain natural mathematical laws of structurization. One of such processes is meandering.

Subject to a definite law, including at least 3 functional Pi’s, the flow is winding as it rotates about its axis, along with bundles rotating about their axes, and threads rotating about their axes of the working fluid – Schauberger’s stream, bundle and thread together..

As a result of interaction of threads, bundles and streams, Foam4 is generated (whipped up) being a dense packing of lens polyhedra ("+" pressure) and hedgehog polyhedra ("-" pressure): Platonic, Archimedean solids and their versions.

In the intershell space – Ether, – in the area where the vertices of lens polyhedra join together, the heavier ether-containing components, i.e. stellar matter with ether, are sucked in. In the area that unites the vertices of hedgehog polyhedra the heavier components are sucked out towards the midpoints of the edges.

The suck-in/suck-out of Ether with stellar matter is also followed by meandering processes, i.e. vortex formation, which gives rise to structurization under certain natural mathematical laws of vortex toruses – VTortices – galaxies (3np; 2) and formation therein of stellar and solar systems by a technological method of super-cold helical rolling [8].

The Universe moves progressively with a constant velocity, VUniverse, and cannot move by rotation, as in this case there should be the axis of rotation and the centrifugal forces throwing the whole structure of the Universe with stellar matter away towards its infinite end (a rotating cylinder with the fluid medium without walls).


The Universe is constantly sinking/floating up in the fluid medium of time T where the bottom and top are missing, but at the same time the Universe is infinite and does not expand. It is possible that the process of its sinking (falling, floating, taking off) in bottomless time is in fact its eternal power of movement. Going back to or reversal of the past - with inertia or immediately - as well as time deceleration or stopping are physically impossible and any attempt to do so involves giant matter-energy-information consumption leading to the "breakdown" of the transmission mechanism of the Universe as a transportation vehicle.

To reverse, stop or suspend time T as the fluid medium (the river) at a current time TRight Now, for example, in 1 second, is the same as to reverse, stop or suspend the whole mass of the fluid medium T together with the Universe (MUniverse = + ∞), change its movement velocity, VUniverså, from the positive +VUniverse to the negative -VUniverse along with its size, which means changing, i.e. stopping and/or reversal of the Universe as a vehicle. In that case the force of time, FTime, would increase by orders of magnitude, which is physically impossible - where would such a force come from? What will turn the Universe around?

This is only possible in fiction, children's movies, or non-working theories such as the relativity theory, quantum exercises, etc.


F. Since all matter, energy and information are concentrated in the structural Ether environment the latter may be regarded as the "whole" Universe. Ether always accompanies time at the current time moment, TRight Now, without contacting it, and only at the current time, TRight Now (TRight Now is equal to an infinitely small value of 1/∞).


In other words, the Universal Time and World structural Ether is an integrated moving structure, and, at the same time, they neither contact nor interact with each other.

How can one imagine the Time fluid medium and World Ether fluid medium with different physical characteristics, and even combine them together?

Time as a fluid medium having a non-discrete structure of a laminar continuous non-rotating flow without bundles and threads, unlike Schauberger’s stream, bundle and thread, moves relative to the longitudinal axis at a constant velocity and carries (drags, floats, tows,) the Universe in/on itself.

The Universe moves (floats) in the flow of time positioned crosswise of its axis (the current time) and without contact and interaction with it (?!) is held in it with a discrete structure of World Ether. To put it in another way, Ether pushes time or time drags it into the future through the current time, TRightNow, that tends to infinity.

Past Time and Ether in the past do not exist.


On a habitable planet including Earth any object, subject and their elements in the whole Nature must be a fluid medium, regardless of their density and hence the flow velocity. Solids also flow with meandering but very slowly.

The flow process is caused by the gravity or levitation and the fluid medium tends to drain/fall or rise, respectively..

Further, if the rotation is clockwise, then a body moving from the center of rotation will tend to diverge from the radius on the left. If the rotation is counter clockwise - on the right.

Rotation occurs in channel processes such as:

·         Meandering – deformation pattern in the form of successive stages of sinuosity of the riverbed;

·         Multiple arms of the riverbed - branched track.

Or better to say - meandering with multiple arms of the riverbed.

Channel processes in Nature are represented by:

·         Movement of hydrospheric Schauberger’s water bundles and streams (restricted in movement) in a deformable soft/elastic riverbed, for example, the water of the river in the riverbed and ocean currents in their beds;

·         Movement of Schauberger’s airflows and bundles (restricted in movement) in the atmosphere;

·         Free growth of plants, animals and their elements and combinations, including humans, as Schauberger’s flows and bundles, etc.

The laws of Schauberger’s flow and bundle motion are consistent with formation and development of double-sided closed helical pyramidal knot surfaces under the “biological" law of phyllotaxis; of helical toric and spherical knot surfaces - under Shikhirin’s laws of torus/VTortex, sphere and "colors".

The reason for meandering is rotation of Earth around its axis and helical rotation around Sun while the latter moves progressively by rotation in a hose of our Galaxy. Without these rotations which enable the operation of the laws of matter, energy, information and calendar time of Earth, the Solar system and the Galaxy structurization the life on Earth impossible.


·         Life on Earth exists only in the biosphere - the sphere of flora and fauna. . The most part of the life on the planet is within 3 meters below the ground surface level and 30 meters above this level as well as at a depth of 200 meters in seas and oceans;

·         The lithosphere - the stone shell of Earth, - excluding the height of mountains, has a thickness of only 13-15 km! This being the distance from the surface of Earth to the vacuum chamber of the planet, namely, to the closest vertex of the stellated icosahedron [8];

·         The hydrosphere – the water shell of Earth that occupies more than 70% of the planet - has a maximum depth of up to 11 km in the Mariana Trench, the bottom of which is only 2-4 km (!) away from the vertex of the stellated icosahedron;

·         The troposphere - part of the atmosphere of Earth containing over 80% of the air mass and about 90% of the water vapor present in the atmosphere. Distanced nearly 10 km from Earth’s surface, the troposphere before 1985, that is, prior to the sudden "discovery" of the ozone holes, consisted of 6 elastic torus cells. According to the findings of the research carried out by the author [7-9], since the 80s of the last century, the troposphere of the planet has already lost 10-15% of its volume. Now only 4 torus cells are left while the troposphere descended to the altitude of 5 km.

Given the known law of the diminishing volume of the atmosphere, redistribution of the remaining volume in the atmospheric Polar torus cells, Ferrel and Hadley torus cells, the author interpolated this process in calendar time intervals [58] and then extrapolated it into the future on the "wings of extrapolation."

The net effect is that the life of Mankind on Earth will cease in 175-200 years or 8-10 generations, unless the hydrocarbon production from new ultra-deep fields is accelerated and old wells for the extraction of "thick" hydrocarbons using new explosive technologies are uncanned!


It should be remembered that the mechanism of the MEIT structurization and natural development processes can be artificially by misunderstanding or intentionally applied to the processes of destructuring or degeneration, which is now manifested by the complete degradation of human civilization under the ill-conidered impact on it by its elite who brought it to the period of "death."

Most likely, the elite no longer enjoys the results of their impact because the process of the civilization’s death has already been triggered with the hydrocarbon weapons that pricked Earth’s shell, followed by suction of its atmosphere into the vacuum chamber, or the gravity center of the planet through the hole. And this is the elite’s "laughter through tears" or "laughter in the death process" (the author) while Mankind is perishing from the air shortage and space radiation unfiltered by the vanishing atmosphere. Having been unaware of the danger throughout the whole period of its slavish existence, Mankind received such a death, as “a gift”, and having no other Earth, except lifeless Venus nearby, will be dying painfully for a long time rightfully deserving this horrible end.


3.2. Closed Bilateral Surfaces - Sphere and Torus Lenses – and Their Squeezed Versions – “Hedgehogs”, or Convex and Stellated Polyhedra

Table 7

The terms and definitions of the same phenomenon in Nature





Òåëî (Ïëàòîíîâû, Àðõèìåäîâû òåëà)

Body (Platonic, Archimedean solids)

Geometry, topology





Bilateral (unilateral) closed surface (two or one boundary curves) with different “connectivity” values



Thin soft elastic sphere-like or toroidal shells

The Author.Torus technologies and elastic mechanics [54-58]


Thin soft flexible lens shell, hedgehog shell

The Author.Torus technologies and elastic mechanics. Structurization of matter, energy, information and time in Nature [8,11,18,21,48,50,51]


Helical spherical, pyramidal, toroidal knot surface

The Author.Torus technologies and elastic mechanics. Structurization of matter, energy, information and time in Nature


External explosive “wrapping” surfaces, "molds/matrices" of surfaces, bodies, figures, shells, etc. This is external Ether environment, Plateau-Shikhirin channels or skeleton, 1st space component

Structurization of matter, energy, information and time in Nature.

Elements of Ether systems


In Table 7 the author has collected the terms and definitions of the same phenomenon in Nature, namely, closed bilateral surfaces – sphere and torus lenses - and their squeezed versions - hedgehogs, or convex and stellated polyhedra, taken from the numerous references that appeared in different times,

According to the simple topological natural classification of surfaces made by the author himself rather than taken from the countless number of "identical" courses in linear algebra, analytical and descriptive geometry, including curves, where there is absolutely no reference to any natural processes, dimensionality (4D ÷ 7D) and changes of their parameters in space with the changing temperature, pressure, density, etc. and practical application, the above-mentioned surfaces include:

1.       Bilateral closed convex lens shells: 7D and 5D torus/VTortex; 4D sphere; 4D polyhedra, 4D pyramid polyhedron; i.e. shells filled with a fluid medium under excess pressure:

2.       Bilateral closed "squeezed", stellated hedgehog shells, i.e. shells filled with a fluid medium under negative pressure (vacuum):

The torus volume, VTorus= (2PiRk2PiR + k7Pir) = kPi(4PiR+7r), where k is the volume of the shell material → 0. The torus surface area, STorus = k′4Pi2Rr, where k′ is the surface area of the shell material → 0;

The torus volume, VTorus= (2PiRk2PiR + k7Pir) = kPi(4PiR+7r),

where k is the volume of the shell material → 0. The torus surface area, STorus = k′4Pi2Rr, where k′ is the shell material surface area → 0;

The sphere volume, VSphere = k4R, where k is the shell material volume → 0. The sphere surface area, SSphere = k′4R, where k′ is the shell material surface area → 0;

The volume of a pyramid (cylinder) VPyramid = kH, where k is the shell material volume → 0. The pyramid (cylinder) surface area, SPyramid = k′H, where k′ is the shell material surface area → 0.

Unilateral, volumeless closed surfacesnon-shellsTM: Moebius strip, Klein bottle, projective plane.
The volume is zero.

3.       Open shell (space) with infinite dimensions/“radius” surrounding and connecting all and any closed surfaces, filled with a fluid medium under negative pressure (vacuum). This is the intershell space – Plato/Shikhirin channels, or Ether. In other words, this is the whole Universe without closed bilateral surfaces/shells, and vice versa, a dense packing of closed bilateral surfaces/shells. This is all the Universe without Ether. The volume and surface area tend to infinity (→ ∞).

4.       Theoretically, all surfaces/shells and surfaces/non-shells are intergrated in a 4D dense packing.

5.       Physically there are only closed bilateral shells in Nature:

  • Sphere with the connectivity, h, equal to 1, and its polyhedra versions, including the pyramid;
  • Torus/VTortex with the connectivity h = 3, and its developed versions with the connectivity h = (2n + 3), where n is a natural number.

6.       All curves are generated from these surfaces;

7.       The surfaces/shells in Nature are spiral/helical and formed according to definite structurization laws.

8.       The smart torus/VTortex, consisting of at least seven "colored" Shikhirin polyhedra (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) is a toric knot surface with the torus knot formula (3np;q) or its inversion - (p; 3nq), i.e. double-twist: by the meridian 3np and q and the longitude p and 3nq.

9.       The technical torus/VTortex, which is the knot torus surface with the torus knot formula (p;q) or its inversion - (p; q), i.e. the double-twist: by the meridian p and q and the longitude q and p.

10.    The pyramid is formed from a helical pyramidal knot surface according to the formula of the Phyllotaxis process (Fn;Fn+2), where Fn;Fn+2  are Fibonacci numbers and n is a serial number of the Fibonacci numbers.

11.    The pyramid is the central body of the torus/VTortex, interacting with it through the rolling friction action, etc.


The traditional literature describes convex and stellated [59] polyhedra (tori) with different connectivity, for example, Platonic, Archimedean solids and their versions (irregular or semiregular) as well as "round" and angular tori. Other than that, any topological, and the more so, physical - ….. is not observed. Moreover, the information on stellated polyhedra is insufficient compared with that on convex ones and the application covers only practical cutting-and-gluing and "unusual" architecture problems.


In [8] the author suggested that the number of stellated polyhedra with different connectivity existing in Nature must be at least 50%, and so must be the amount of convex polyhedra, that is, their ratio in Nature must be 50% - 50%, the topological parameters being identical.

Functional characteristics of convex and stellated polyhedra are important for man in terms of structurization laws acting in Nature for the construction of Ether-based systems of material science, energy, IT and time categories, such as calendar and universal structuring. At present, such studies are carried out only from the mathematical (senseless) viewpoint to cause "aesthetic" pleasure [59].


For better understanding, the author has shown functional features of convex and stellated polyhedra in terms of the laws of structurization in Nature (Table 8) along with the natural transformation of a lens polyhedron into a hedgehog polyhedron (Fig. 13).

Table 8 (Fig. 13)

Functional features of convex and stellated polyhedra in terms of the laws of structurization in Nature


Convex lens polyhedron

Stellated hedgehog polyhedron

Name according to Shikhirin

Lens shell (○)
Hedgehog shell (*)

The pressure in the shell relative to the external environment


Negative (vacuum)

Surface area, S


Tends to the minimum:

S →min

Tends to the maximum – by orders of magnitude more, compared to the lens shell

S* >>...> S

Volume, V

Tends to the maximum – by orders of magnitude more, compared to the hedgehog shell:

V >>...> V*

Tends to the minimum:

V* →min

Mass, M
Tends to the maximum:

M →max

Tends to the minimum:

M* →min

Conversion of one type to another - "lens" to "hedgehog" and the reverse process

From a lens polyhedron to a hedgehog polyhedron – conversion to a more developed polyhedron: the number of vertices (V), edges (E) and faces (F) increases multifold.

For example, a convex dodecahedron, or lens dodecahedron, transforms into a stellated icosahedron, or hedgehog icosahedron, in which the number of

V =32, E=90, F=60.

Euler's theorem
V - E + F = 2 "works"
i.e. 32 - 90 + 60 = 2!

From a hedgehog polyhedron to a lens polyhedron – conversion to a less developed polyhedron: the number of vertices (V), edges (E) and faces (F) decreases multifold.

For example, a stellated icosahedron, or hedgehog icosahedron, transforms into a convex dodecahedron, or lens dodecahedron

Euler's theorem
V - E + F = 2 "works" always, i.e. 20-30+12=2!

Dimensionality – “Colors”

Not changed, i.e.,

1) 4D sphere - four axes (six axes, Fig.  ) at the angle of ~ 109028′ ;

2) 7D torus- seven axes extending from the torus string at the angle of 900 to the distance PiD/7 at the angle of ~51043′ respective the string of the torus viewed in another plane.

Not changed, i.e.,

1) 4D sphere - four axes (six axes, Fig.  ) at the angle of ~ 109028′ ;

2) 7D torus- seven axes extending from the torus string at the angle of 900 to the distance PiD/7 at the angle of ~51043′ respective the strings of the torus viewed in another plane.

Complexity of the Part, V/S


~ 4•10-5




Fig. 13 Natural conversion (transformation) of a lens polyhedron ○ to a hedgehog polyhedron*.


Fig. 13 shows how a lens dodecahedron is converted or transformed to a hedgehog nicosahedron. In other words, a dodecahedron - a convex polyhedron or explosive lens shell - is converted to a stellated polyhedron, or an implosive hedgehog shell, by pumping-out (sucking-off or compression from outside by the external environment) of the positive-pressure fluid medium to create negative pressure (vacuum).


The reverse process consists of pumping the fluid medium into the hedgehog shell or rarefaction of the external environment until the excess "+" pressure is created in the shell. The stellated icosahedron is converted to a convex dodecahedron.

The distribution of chemical elements and Ether in the Plateau/Shikhirin channels (the Skeleton) in a dense packaging of lens shells and hedgehog shells in the space of 4D Foam is shown in Fig. 10.


A few points:

-          When using "crumpling/folding" and "smoothing" technologies (Crumple & Folded TechnologiesTM) the convex lens dodecahedron is transformed into the stellated hedgehog icosahedron, and vice versa. Euler’s law works;


-          Every convex polyhedron (lens shell) has its counterpart in the form of a stellated polyhedron (hedgehog shell), and vice versa;


-          For example, lenses as Platonic, Archimedean solids and their modified versions as well as torus lenses have their own squeezed out counterparts – hedgehogs. Or, any closed bilateral lenses-surfaces with a different connectivity parameter have their drained (squeezed-out, sucked-off) counterparts - bilateral surfaces-hedgehogs with the same connectivity parameter;

-          The "part complexity" parameter, i.e. the complexity of

-           a lens polyhedron drastically, that is, 10-(4-6) times differs from the "part complexity" of a stellatesd hedgehog polyhedron;

-          Euler's theorem No.1, in which V - E + F = 2, is true for closed bilateral lenses-surfaces with the connectivity equal to 1: h = 2p + 1, where p is the number of holes in the surface of the Platonic, Archimedean solids and modifed versions thereof "tending to" to a sphere, the connection h = 2p + 1 = 2 • 0 + 1 = 1;


-          Euler's theorem No.2, in which V - E + F = 0 holds true for closed two-sided lenses-surfaces with the connectivity equal to any odd number 1,3,5,7, ... 2n-1, that is, a torus with one or more holes (Table 3).

For example, in a toric Shikhirin heptahedron (6, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3), which is a simple torus with one hole, V-E+F = 21-14 + 7 = 0.

It is possible the author made a mistake in [59] saying that "regular stellated polyhedra cannot be obtained from a tetrahedron, cube and octahedron." As a matter of fact (Fig. 13), when the fluid medium is discharged from Platonic solids by squeezing or sucking-off the latter can be converted to regular hedgehog bodies, perhaps, with a different name.

The author is not interested in the "aesthetic pleasure", what really interests him is:

ü  Adequate response to Nature required of a person - intelligent biorobot - not necessarily in the scientific and technical field;

ü  Ether systems whose toric/VTortex structure consists of a torus convex (lenses) and stellated (hedgehogs) Shikhirin polyhedra: heptahedron (6, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3) lenses and pentahedron (4; 4 4; 3, 3) lenses convertible to heptahedron (6; 4; 4; 4; 4; 3, 3) hedgehogs and pentahedron (4; 4; 4; 3, 3) hedgehogs, respectively.


Physically, a mulifold increase in the surface area of a 4D figure, actually the sum of surface areas of figures in a dense packing - Foam4 –, which is compressed from the outside by Ether with subsequent outsqueezing of the fluid medium means:

-          Accumulation (concentration) of total implosive energy within each figure (shell, body);

-          Accumulation (concentration) of explosive energy in Ether, increase in its density value;

-          Increase in the pressure potential difference between "-" and "+" pressures enabling its conversion to electrical energy, etc.


3.3. The “Unknown” Torus and “Well-Known” Sphere


Taking the historical period of ~ 2500 years until nowadays, we see only few references to the closed bilateral toroidal surface or torus. A torus in the form of a ring-shaped roll known to everyone was mentioned by the following ancient Greek mathematicians, philosophers and engineers (born in Europe ~ 400N, ~ 170E):

-          Archytas (428 BC-347 BC) when solving the cube duplication problem;

-          Persei (150 BC-?) in his book about spiric curves. A spiric curve is the line of intersection between the surface of a torus and a plane parallel to its axis.


Nowadays, this information, though very brief, inaccurate, distorted, with a wrong dimensionality of the space, and therefore incomprehensible to the reader is included into all mathematical sources such as the information about the torus in various "mathematical sciences" with different dimensions used, etc., confuses the reader because there is absolutely no unification or typification there. See, for instance:

-          Descriptive geometry - the 4th order surface [60];

-          Analytical geometry – algebraic surface of the 4th order: (x2 + y2 + z2 + R2 – r2)2=4R2(x2 + y2), where z is the axis of rotation, eversion and/or progressive movement of the torus? [61];

-          The theory of surfaces - canal surface [62];

-          Visual geometry of David Hilbert (1862-1943) and Stefan Cohn-Vossen (1902-1936) [26]:

-          Martin Gardner’s (1914-2010) topology [25]:

-          Differential geometry, linear algebra... a surface with bipolar coordinates, etc.

Even Archimedes (428-327 BC) and Plato (287-212 BC) never mentioned the figure although they discovered Platonic and Archimedean solids, also bilateral closed surfaces, like the sphere, with the connectivity parameter h = 1.


And only ~ 2500 years later, in November 2005 [11], and this paper, i.e. in November 2013, the author opened the 1st and the 2nd structures of the static torus and the dynamic self-supported eversible-enveloping torus/VTortex as well as their functional characteristics, respectively.


Moreover, the author made other torus-related discoveries [50] also referred to in this article:

-          A system of toric polyhedra, parachute bodies, etc.;

-          Helicoid and catenoid surfaces generated and combined by a torus;

-          The catenoid surface that previously, even in theory, was not in any way combined with the helicoid surface. Both surfaces change into each other in a torus/VTortex, etc.

As it turns out, these two surfaces change into each other, to be more exacy, they are a single helical toric knot surface, shaping a torus/VTortex.

Perhaps, these surfaces were discovered in different years: the catenoid as the minimum surface with the mean curvature H being zero in all points, was "noticed" in 1744 by Leonhard Euler (1707-1783), and the helicoid – by an anonymous researcher, though it is possible the author failed to locate needed information. If you succeed, please tell me!

It turns out that some theoretical surfaces are not fictitious or accidental but parts of or whole Natural surfaces, such as a torus, or those physically linked to each other through it.



A Torus/VTortex and its cylindrical and flat options are a natural generator of all natural curves and surfaces.


The lack of this information and/or falsification of the torus parameters, etc., may have been done intentionally, which led to a mass-scale stagnation in all areas of science and technology, while Mankind due to its ignorance and the method of selection of intellectuals (selection is a science about methods of creating new and improving existing breeds of animals, plant varieties, strains of microorganisms, human species with properties useful for bosses) came to the end of its existence because the torus, or torus/VTortex, as a self-supported phenomenon in Nature, is the basis of life, organization and existence of the Universe, as well as the mechanism for creating self-supported energy sources and propulsion vehicles in any environment, including space vacuum.


The knowledge of the 7-dimensional torus/VTortex, in the author’ opinion:

-          Constitutes ~ 99,999...% of all knowledge in Nature;

-          Only ~ 0.0001% ... of the knowledge we have today is based on the 4-dimensional sphere - 4 axes at ~ 109028 '- Fuller's natural space that was also replaced with the 3-dimensional Descartes space and only in one of the 8 octants;

-          The knowledge of the dimensionality of space was completely confused by the 4th artificial coordinate (Einstein) - (Universal) time, etc.

Moreover, the information available today concerns only convex shells – lense polyhedra – constituting 50% of all polyhedra. As for the other 50% of shells – hedgehog polyhedra – "sucked out", released from the positive pressure fluid and replaced with shells/polyhedra with the negative (vacuum) pressure, they are known only as a "toy" stellated polyhedra [59].

In other words, for nearly 4500 years Mankind has dealt only with convex lense polyhedra, which, if inflated, produce a sphere.

Future investigations will show who “is to blame” for concealing information about the torus/VTortex without which the following is impossible:

-          Mass-scale and numerous relocations in space, even from Mars to Earth;

-          Supplying Mankind with energy and minerals without destruction of the structure and ecology of the planet;

-          Emergency emigration of several dozens of biorobot people of Earth to another planet to save "the seed of Mankind". Such people will be chosen from the mature developed socium rather than from the pharaonic elite with their attendants, harem and superfluous diamonds, etc.


The author is going to develop a new Natural terminology as well as concepts and real natural technologies while breaking the existing ones because they all were established ignoring the laws of natural structurization of matter, energy, information and calendar time of their existence in the universal time

This primarily applies to "sudden" and "accidental" awareness of the author of the role played by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd components of space (the priority is immaterial) and their importance in the Universe/Nature, and the simultaneous lack of understanding and/or neglection by the current scientific community of the importancee of the following closed helical bilateral knot surfaces:

1)       Closed bilateral or helical toroidal (toric) knot surface with the (h = 2p + 1) connectivity, where h is the connectivity, and p is the number of holes, i.e. a torus/VTortex as a 7D lens and a torus/Vtortex as a 7D hedgehog with at least four tetrahedra forming their closed structure.

Besides, a torus/VTortex7D can be a convex (lens) or stellated (hedgehog) angular or another body, and its central part and/or periphery may be a transitional form tending to a sphere or a torus with another connectivity, h;

2)       Closed bilateral or helical sphere-like (spherical) knot surface, with the h=1 connectivity, that is a 4D lens sphere and a 4D hedgehog sphere whose closed structure is formed with at least seven torus heptahedra or five torus pentahedra. Besides, the sphere itself can be a convex (lens) or stellated (hedgehog) Platonic, Archimedean body or its version.


Spheres along with tori/VTortices constitute the unique indivisible Universe.

Äðóãèõ ïðèðîäíûõ çàìêíóòûõ «íàäóâàåìûõ» èëè «îòñîñàííûõ» ïîâåðõíîñòåé-ëèíç èëè – åæåé, èëè ïðîñòî, ãðàíè÷íûõ êðèâûõ, íå ñóùåñòâóåò, êðîìå òåîðåòè÷åñêèõ èëè íåîáîëî÷åê:

There are no other natural closed "inflated" or "sucked-out" lens- or hedgehog surfaces, or simply boundary curves, unless they are theoretically existing structures or non-shells, such as:

- Bilateral “flat circular ring”, h = 2;
- unilateral “Mobius strip”, h = 2;
- unilateral, “Klein bottle”, h = 3;
- unilateral “projective plane”, h = 2.

It is not unlikely that there may be transitions to a sphere and/or torus through the above non-shells in an instant period of time.


Note: I would like to say a few words about other global "tricks" of compilers - Soviet experts in the Russian language which is the 5th international language after Chinese, Spanish, English and Arabic. The author believes that, given a single structure of languages of the Universe, the Russian language ranks the first in terms of the intellectual filling of a meaningful text and application. I already wrote in [8] about the adjustments made in the Russian grammar by SOVIET "linguists": from the 12 verb tenses (4 subtenses denoting the present, past and future time) 3 subtenses in each verb tense were forgotten/destroyed, moreover, the subtense in the present tense was chosen incorrectly.


There is an opinion that the Russian language consists of only foreign words, although in introductions to multiple dictionaries and manuals Soviet/Russian linguists declare that "seldom used Russian words" (?!) have been removed from a number of publications. Of course, when valid, though seldom used ("seldom but to the point"), Russian words are thrown out under such a pretext, then foreign words remain eventually to become Russian. On the other hand, the Russian language thereby has saved the energy and information costs to the entire Russian socium.

The total "reform" of the Russian language started from 1917-1918, the peak occurred in 1957-1973.  7 versions of the Orphographic Dictionary were issued [63]! In 1988 came the 26th edition!

From the history of the 20th century: Before 1945, the German language was the international communication language, then came the English, and from the late 20th century the Russian language has been overtaking it to become the international language for ever, but it will be the language of the province. The elite has no relationship to this language.


Note: It should be noted that in mathematics there is a perverse mode or fashion to represent surfaces by rotating beautiful or beautifully named curves around a virtual axis, for example:

·         A definition from a reference book: "… a helical surface described by a flat curve which rotates uniformly around its axis while performing uniform forward motion along this axis";

·         From the source [56] co-authored by the author:  "A bulk surface, such as a sphere, ovaloid, toroid, cylinder, etc., is artificially formed by rotation of ovals/ Cassini curves, etc.” Poor Cassini... he could not even think that his curves will be twisted and on this bases non-working theories will be built later passing to non-working practices;

·         If a circle rotates around the axis i, located in the plane of this circle and not passing through its center O, then this circle describes a torus [60], etc.

·         And then, an artificially produced body is subjected to mathematical and physical modelling at the functional level!


This "pure water" falsification what the author candidly admits.

In the works of the author, except the one done in co-authorship [56], such "manipulations" are impossible. The author understands such artificial techniques of research as interpolation, extrapolation, speculation, intuition, foresight, prediction, etc., because other methods of "peeping" into the future do not exist.

But all these techniques are based on information from life experience, occult knowledge of psychics/ clairvoyants, natural connection of intelligent biorobots and biorobots$  to the intellectual base in space who solve their functional tasks - creative♥ and destructive$, - respectively.


In the history of mankind$, including the geniuses, there are two types of frauds:

1.        A student biorobot$, perhaps the successor, cheats his teacher biorobot during his life or after his death by a sophisticated and deliberate falsification of his knowledge under his or external order. This happens often in the history of mankind. For example, student biorobot$ Boris Menshutkin and teacher biorobo Dmitri Mendeleev;

2.        A teacher biorobot$ greedy for fame and possible dividends in the future cheats his student biorobot during the life of both, by secretly laying hands on his findings. This happens rather seldom.

These deceptions are the greatest infamy and disgrace for all sponsors of these deceptions, Shame on the deceiver, his family and his descendants!

The fate of these people after their death on Earth is unenviable ... and even more so in the following life - hell ...  Deceit and infamy is a specific feature of our civilization$ , especially of  its elite of the negative intellectual orientation,

The asuthor.


3.4. Helicoid and Catenoid Surfaces – the Periphery and the Central Part of the Torus


The torus knot surface as the Helicoid Surface suddenly emerged when the author was modelling a technology of generation chambers for VÒortåõ(3np;q), (p;3nq) systems.

In addition, the 2nd Catenoid surface "jumped out", which previously was in no way integrated with the Helicoid surface, even in theory, the more so with the torus.

Perhaps, both surfaces were obtained in different years: the catenoid, as a minimal surface, was "noticed" in 1744 by Leonhard Euler (1707-1783), and the helicoid – by an anonymous researcher, though the author may have failed to locate a proper source. Those who know, please, prompt!


As it turns out, part of theoretical surfaces are not fictional ones but fractions of or full natural surfaces, moreover, interconnected physically - through the torus.



Torus/VTortex and its cylindrical and flat patterns are generators of practically all natural curves and surfaces.


It was found that the two surfaces merge into each other, to be more precise, they make a single toric surface forming the shape of the torus.

Of their combinations, by analogy with the functional electronics and/or pneumonics, the author makes working surfaces of key components to create a functional device/product for implementation of self-supported natural processes, namely:

In these cases the extraction of energy will be implemented using the shape keeping energy, i.e. a set of natural structurers coming from outer space (the external intellectual base).

I would like to emphasize that traditional elements of a "simple" and functional electronics will never work in space because a targeted MEIT set generated and sent by a transmitting device will be seeking a way to a targeted destination in the intershell space, namely in the infinite Space Ether Web/Net/SkeletonTM or Plateau-Shikhirin channels (Ether), getting around (via the intershell space) giant lens shells and hedgehog shells in their Foam4 dense packing:

·         in the shell itself: ÐSpace ~1∙10-10 – 1∙10-4Ðà;

·         in the intershell space (Plateau-Shikhirin channels  or Ether): ÐÀåther ~ 1∙10-16 – 1∙10-10Ðà;

·         ÐSpace  will be always excessive in respect of ÐÀåther.


The pressure distribution in Foam4 with hedgehog shells will be as follows:

·         In the shell itself:  ÐSpace ~1∙10-4 – 1∙10-10Ðà;

·         in the intershell space (Plateau-Shikhirin channels  or Ether): ÐÀåther ~ 1∙10-10 – 1∙10-16Ðà.

·         ÐÀåther respective ÐSpace will be always excessive, i.e.  ÐSpace < ÐÀåther.

·         The average size of the cross section of a gaseous polyhedral lens shell or hedgehog shell in space is ~ 15.0-250.0 thousand km, and in the atmosphere ~ 10 m - 25.0 km.

·         No MEIT set will not be able to get to the addressee through the shell, it can only deform it without damaging the topology or break into several shells instantly filling emerged pores with sucked in Ether.

·         Functionally, it is more correct to say “Space Aether MEIÒ-SkeletonÒÌ because “Web” or “Network” are just a part of the common interconnecting Space Aether MEIÒ-SkeletonTM environment.


One of the frightful but real dependencies in Nature is that the pressure in the gravity chamber of any planet or star and the ambient pressure of outer space are correlated as follows:

(110-6 - 1∙10-10)Ðà / (1∙10-10 – 1∙10-16)Ðà,

or (1 - 1∙10-3)Ðà / (1∙10-3 – 1∙10-9)Ðà.

It turns out that at any violation of the integrity of a planet or star, e.g. the planet Earth, the latter will simply explode.

At present, there are two events leading to the destruction of our planet

A.      Slow destruction of the atmosphere and Earth itself, because 10-15% of the atmosphere have been sucked into Earth’s gravity center. The process of destruction is similar to the destruction process of Mars. Perhaps, we are going to witness the breaking of the planet.

B.      Rapid breaking of the shell of planet Earth, like any explosive charge, such as grenades, mines, etc., similar to what happened to planet Phaeton.

For reference: explosion – is a fast physical process running with considerable release of energy in a small volume over a short period of time.

The author tends to believe in the second event, although earlier he thought the first option probable. The reasons for the shift in the opinon are the latest deadly abuses of our planet:

1)       Extensive hydraulic fracturing for shale gas extraction and conventional ultradeep drilling;

2)       Nuclear war started by Russia, etc.



The following is the natural evidence of the fluid medium (Filler) confined in a dense packing of spheres or convex polyhedra as well as of boundaries therebetween (Shell) and intershell space (Aether), i.e. of unmixed fluid:

-          One of unexplicable discoveries made by the famous traveler Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910 - 1997), an intelligent biorobot, on his research vessel “Calypso”: He was surprised to find that waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with their own levels of salinity, density and forms of life, do not mix when meeting in the Strait of Gibraltar for thousands of years, though there is no visible material obstacle between them. Similar phenomena of non-intermixable water masses were discovered in 1962 by German scientists in the Bab el Mandeb, where waters of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea converge, waters of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean do not mix [64].

-          One of the 1982 projects [65-68] of my friend and colleague "bimodal" Dr. Sergey Makarov (1931 - 2006) (Fig. 14), an intellectual biorobot, naval officer, scientist who lived in the famous "House on the Embankment" on the top floor overlooking the Kremlin with a giant balcony large enough to play volleyball. The apartment was the studio of his step-grandfather, the prominent Soviet architect Boris Iofan (1891-1976).

Project name: “Determination of horizontal temperature jumps - bimodal ocean toroidal structures and their vertical profiles - enroute in the Norwegian Sea and by data of aerial photography in 1982, and the use of these profiles (Plateau Shikhirin channels) for secret transmission of low-frequency audio information and communication with surface ships and submarines in different hemispheres and latitudes of the world ocean regardless of the distance”

A low-frequency signal was generated and received by transmitting and receiving antennas whose sensors were made of magnetostrictive material. The signal traveled via the intershell space, Ether, i.e. between the shell of the toroidal flow - Schauberger flow/bundle - and the bulk of the ocean/sea represented by two/three toroidal streams - helical toroidal knot (closed) surfaces. The respective generators and sensors were installed on submarines which themselves “were hiding” in those intershell spaces while they were covering, unseen, long distances in different hemispheres, approaching the shores of continents close enough to deliver a nuclear blow from a very close range – tens-hundreds of miles where underwater helical toroidal knot surfaces-"rings" derived from the Gulf Stream were flowing towards the mainland. Examples of such boundary areas can be seen on

One of the pictures is shown in Fig. 14;

-          In 1986-89 the author participated in such studies as leader and key inventor, where they used Hall - Wiedemann receiving and transmitting devices, while the device components were made of magnetostrictive material. Reception and transmission of a low-frequency acoustic signal were performed via Plato-Shikhirin channels, that is, over Ether. Specifically for this purpose a yacht of the “Calypso” type was designed.

Moreover, this effect was used by the author and his team for:



Fig. 14.  My friends and colleagues from left to right: Dr. Dmitriy Kozlov, the author, Dr. Sergey Makarov (1931 - 2006).
© A picture from the the author’s collection, August 2001.


Fig. 14 shows: Moscow, summer 2001, a month before the author’s emigration to the US. The picture made in the Moscow apartment of the author shows (in the middle, at the top and in front of the author):

-          Working models of torus machines and mechanisms, in particular a conical torus-based elevator. With the power of his lungs acting as an air blower, the author raises a 10-liter bottle of water weighing nearly 11 kg by means of the conical torus;

-          Phyllotaxis - a pyramidal-torus structure for reception and transmission of an individual matter-energy-information-time set to/from a subject or object of Nature from/to the intellectual space base.

The top left view shows an invention made by intellogent biorobot Dmitry Kozlov [70]: the support frame type structure with the properties of the kinematic unfolding wave mechanism based on regular nodes and links.




Fig. 15. A sketch of © “Hyper Borean Vortex in the White Sea - Birthplace of Mankind" presented to the author by Sergey Makarov


A sketch of a giant natural research object named “The Hyper Borean Vortex in the White Sea - the Birthplace of Mankind” (Fig. 15) was made by naval officer and scientist Sergei Makarov who explored such natural phenomena for purposes of the transfer of matter, energy and information within a particular calendar time in the natural fluid medium.

The sketch shows the structure of currents in the White Sea, in particular, the structure of a self-supported liquid VTortex – “Hyper Borean whirlwind”.


Since the time of his graduation project the author has been using his extensive experience in the modeling of natural helicoid, catenoid, spherical, toroidal, Mobius and other surfaces with a minimum or smallest area made with the Soap TechnologyTM using appropriate surfaces made of soap and other films of a special chemical composition and a system of special frames for subsequent curing.

The cured films are used as model composites (smelted, dissolved or burnt out) to manufacture various components made, for example, of amorphous copper or melts of some amorphous metals by casting. [The name of the author’s graduation paper was “The application of mathematical methods to the distribution of molds in a workshop of investment casting", Izhevsk - 1971]

Earlier the author wrote that the materials for master parts of etheric systems should be, for example, amorphous melts obtained with various old and modern individual technological processes [71,72].

They include, for example, the processing of metals (melts) by:

·         Pressure (rolling, drawing, forging, pressing, stamping, etc.) to manufacture bells, musical cymbals, vessels, etc., having "extraordinary" properties;

·         Applying "torsion" generators to the metal processing, etc.

These technologies destroy the crystal structure of materials, which prevents or prohibits the movement (absorption and evacuation) of Ether according to a preset program, which leads to the loss of operability in a properly assembled sample of an ether-based system, e.g. a propulsion vehicle. The author understands why the systems designed by Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov, and other great inventors and engineers do not work when assembled in public and private corporations with comprehensive design documentation and once working specimens available. This is because they were received at a chep price, often using informal ways. Meanwhile, the Russian proverb says, “Cheap fish, bad fish soup”.


Using the terminology of the philosophy of the past and the technologies used in human activities, the cylindrical presentations of knot toric helicoid hedgehog surfaces represent:

·         Archimedes screw;

·         Various screw conveyers, such as the one used in a meat grinder;

·         The helicoid surface in mathematics (Fig. 16), etc.




Fig. 16 The structures of the explosive and implosive helicoid toric knot surface of a VTortex(3;1) and the explosive and implosive helicoid torus knot surface of a VTortex(3np;2)  . The “Knot Line” can be read as «Knot Contact Medium Aether».


So, the natural helicoid and helicoidal catenoid curves are integral parts of the torus/VTortex hedgehog, and the cylinder and catenoid (traditional) are integral parts of the torus/VTortex lens, respectively.

The torus lens or the torus hedgehog as figures with the smallest surface are sort of “plunged” into the surrounding fluid medium that contacts them through the catenoid surface.

For the best visualization of the process, a torus hedgehog or a torus lens are immersed in a soapy solution. The author is the first in the history of such studies to carry out this work.

On the face of it, and especially in photographs, it seems that it is a single layer film. In fact, the film is a double layer film everywhere whereas the surface is a hedgehog torus, i.e. a bilateral closed surface with the sucked off/squeezed out fluid medium or the fluid medium under negative pressure.

If the interlayer space, between the layers of films, is filled with gas or pressurized liquid, a lens torus-surface will be obtained/inflated like a ball, i.e. a closed bilateral surface with a fluid medium under excess pressure, with connectivity h = 3, which is a natural topological characteristic of the torus.

The film sort of moves away from the string of the torus, and the “line” of the torus knot will be formed at the periphery of the lens torus.

These characteristics also correspond to a hedgehog torus, that is, squeezed/sucked off lens torus.


Fig. 16 shows examples of ideal natural surfaces with a minimum surface area, made of soap films and formed in the shape of a helical surface and a catenoid surface as the central part of the toroidal surface, etc.

The toroidal:

-          Central Catenoid SurfaceTM is a surface surrounding the central part of the torus, being a traditional catenoid;

-          Peripheral Catenoid SurfaceTM is a surface surrounding the periphery of the torus;

-          The “sum of their forms” equals the form of the External Torus SurfaceTM;

-           “The difference between the forms” of the External Torus SurfaceTM and the Central Catenoid SurfaceTM is equal to the form of the Internal Torus SurfaceTM or torus (Torus).

Given below are examples of helicoid surfaces:

-          Complex pyramidal toric knot (3;2) helicoid surface showing the orbits of the Solar system planets moving along the helical line around the Sun located on an axis/string of the Vtortex Galaxy;

-          Toric knot (10;1) helicoid surface on a torus or toroidal spiral with a torus string;


3.5.  The Helical Torus Knot Surface as a Self-Supported Natural Mechanism


VÒortexTM, derived from Vortex, Vortices, Torus, Tore, Tori, Toroid, Tornado, Torsion, VTortices, etc. is a self-supported system.


The 1st torus/VTortex structure, including a “simple” doughnut-shaped torus, was discovered by the author in November 2005 [73] and is shown in working models in [74]. This structure is called “ShihirinTM surface # 2” (Shikhirin Surface (3np;q)/(p;3nq) ) with a triangular cross-section and characterized as follows:


The 2nd torus/VTortex structure was discovered 8 years [74] after the discovery of the 1st torus/VTortex structure, and is described in this article written in November 2013. When studying the behavior of the simplest torus knot (3: 1), with 7 colors or seven Shikhirin heptahedra (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) formed along its line, the author came to a conclusion that the “line”/”thread” of the torus knot is a face of a new figure not yet discovered by anyone. It was called “Helical Torus Knot (knotted) Helicoid Surface(3np;q)/(p;3nq)”, or Shikhirin Surface(3np;q)/(p;3nq)#2 (Fig.17). It consists of a single closed helical toric knotted helicoid surface the periphery of which has a triangular cross-section - a lens torus, while the central part has a star-shaped cross-section - a hedgehog torus ("Mercedes" logo).

The surface is designated through conventional torus knots, namely: Torus Knot/Knotting Surface(3np;q)/(p;3nq), where 3np and p are an integer number of turns of the surface along the meridian, and q and 3nq – along the VTortex longitude, respectively.

The toric/torus knot surface can be represented as a torus knot enlarged proportionally along its length, for example, by pumping pressurized fluid into the "rubber" torus knot, until it reaches the volume of the torus/VTortex; in other words, it is a “torus knot with muscles”.

If the number of turns (3np; q)/(p; 3nq) increases


One face is the VTortex periphery while the other two faces are radii closing on its string. The word "helicoid" can be omitted, and the words "VTortex", "torus/VTortex" or "torus" have the same meaning. In connection with this discovery, we will describe some of its features in the static and dynamic (eversible/enveloping) states:

a)       The helical toric knot surface, like the torus or VTortex, is a soft/elastic toroidal shell;

b)       The helical toric knot surface is a continuous surface closed in on itself of two types: explosive lens shell in which the fluid medium is under excess pressure, and/or implosive hedgehog shell with the fluid medium under negative pressure (vacuum);

c)       An open and/or closed ring VTortex/torus consists entirely of the toric knot surface - lens shell;

d)       A degenerate or self-intersecting VTortex/torus consists of a toric knot surface – lens shell – gradually changing into the hedgehog shell on the VTortex bend line or at the border where its periphery changes into the central part in process;

7: 3 = 2 • 1/3 – 2 full "colors" and 1/3 "color" fall on one turn of the toric knot surface; 

e)       The knot(3np;q)/(p;3nq) contact mediumTM is the border/boundary medium between the turns of the torus knot surface (Torus Knot(3np;q)/(p;3nq) Surface) that forms the torus/VTortex (Fig. 13), and is nothing else than Plateau-Shikhirin channels, or Ether, or the 1st component of the 3-component structure of space – the intershell medium;

f)        The links between tori/VTortices and/or within each of them are physically impossible, because otherwise the resulting surfaces would physically wedge into each other;

g)       The bracing/gluing vacuum of the contact knot medium between the parts of the toric knot surface keeps them safe from breaking up or peeling;

h)       In case there is only one (1) turn around the torus/VTortex longitude, the single-roller rolling process is impossible.


Fig. 18 shows a torus knot surface (3;2) (Galaxy) in its natural working condition, moving within itself with 3 closed layers residing in Plateau-Shikhirin channels, or Ether, respective  the torus/VTortex string.


To simplify the initial understanding, the author, so far, has not colored these layers in red. All natural toric knot surfaces(3np;q)/(p;3nq) of the nano-and-abnormally-less to macro-and-abnormally-more world tending to preserve the structure of the torus/VTortex operate as follows:

·         Move/slide with "colors" without violating their number longitudinally relative to the torus string by friction-sliding;

·         Simultaneously with the longitudinal motion, they slide traversely with "colors" by friction-sliding, without violating their number, relative to their borders in the direction from the torus string to the periphery and vice versa;

·         Plateau-Shikhirin channels, or Ether, under negative pressure or vacuum, the thickness of which varies depending on the load on the torus/VTortex, act as the “grease”/medium for friction-sliding


The positive or negative (vacuum) pressure in the toroidal shell can be created:

·         Positive: by injecting the fluid medium into the shell or pumping it from the external space;

·         Negative (vacuum): by evacuation of the fluid medium from the shell or increasing the pressure of the fluid medium in the surrounding space.


Helicoid (helical) surfaces-rolls are torus knot surfaces(3np;2) of a hedgehog torus with the smallest (minimum) surface areas that have the cross-section shaped as an elongated cutting tooth and slide one after another (Figs. 19, 20).




Fig. 17  Conversion of the torus knot lens surface (3;1) through the transition, e.g., in the triangular cross-section of the torus (torus knot surface), to the  torus knot hedgehog surface (3;1) - "Mercedes" logo.  Right: Torus knot hedgehog surface (3;2) - Galaxy.


Fig. 18 (continued Figure 17) Torus knot surfaces as a closed closed pie,  a closed "separable", a children's spring toy (stmilar to Slinky),  Torik/VTorikTM (3;2), but here the spring ends are closed onto each other.




Fig. 19 The transformation or transition of the explosive helicoid toric knot lens surface (the 2nd stepless version is shown) into the implosive helicoid toric knot hedgehog surface. «Knot Line» can be read as «Knot Contact Medium or Aether».

In the explosive 1st version the angles ABC and DEF are less than 1800, and in the explosive 2nd version and the implosive version the angles are equal to 1800.




Fig. 20 The toric knot structure of a hedgehog VTortex (the central part of the hedgehog VTortex or the torus) required for the formation of planets by the method of super-cold helical rolling. Rolls to shape dodecahedron planets may be also 5-faced cylinder rods, derivatives from its knot characteristic (2;5) (Fig. 20).


The explosive toric knot surface consists of at least seven torus lens  heptahedraTM (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) of the 1st type transforming into lens heptahedraTM (6,4,4,4,4,3, 3) of the 2nd type where the vertices of two opposite angles “abutting” the torus knot line descend on/are attracted to it and become equal to 1800 – the hexagon becomes sort of a tetragon (Fig. 19, bottom); that is,  two opposite angles, ABC and DEF, each less than 1800, are converted to the angles ABC and DEF, each equal to 1800.

Then, in the central part the explosive toric knot surface transforms into the implosive toric knot surface while the lens heptahedraTM (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) of the 2nd type are converted to the hedgehog heptahedraTM (6,4,4 , 4,4,3,3), and "become" the rolls of the super-cold helical rolling of planets and stars in the Galaxy.

Fig. 20, top and bottom, shows computer drawings of a lens torus and a hedgehog torus, made without the invisible torus string which is really present in Nature and shown in the figure in its middle part.

At the top, there are two options of “linking” the toric knot surfaces into a single one by the number of meridian turns (three turns) (1) - stepped and (2) - stepless.

So, the three layers of the helicoid/helical surface forming the lens torus, are converted/transfer/transform into three layers of the helicoid/helical surface of the hedgehog torus in the form of the Mercedes logo (top right).


For instance, any active galaxy of the Universe as an example of operation of tori/VTortices consists of the Torus Knot (3np;2) Surface. In the “structure of the torus knot” or the Knot (3np; q)/(p; 3nq) Contact MediumTM which is the border/boundary medium between the turns of the Torus Knot(3np;q)/(p;3nq)  Surface the whole stellar matter, which can be seen in the pictures (Figs. 19, 20), is concentrated/gathered:


The atmosphere of the dodecahedron Earth is known to be attracted by its gravitational center which is a vacuum chamber with ultrahigh vacuum inside, ~ 10-5PA, shaped as a stellated icosahedron (Great Stellated Icosahedron – Implosion Shell-HedgehogTM) [8].


These natural forms are structured during the formation of stars and planets by the helical rolling mill [8] consisting of two rolls arranged at a self-adjusting capturing angle of ~ 80 to 130 towards each other that rotate in one direction and capture, roll and shape the dodecahedral surface of the planet, in particular Earth, in the following order (Fig. 13):


The vacuum chamber has a form of a stellated icosahedron as a result of an internal force response to the rolling of the dodecahedron planet under superhigh pressure and temperature, and is made of soft/elastic material, see [8] for details.

In the steel balls production technology this type of defects - vacuum cavity - is called “axial/centric looseness”.

According to the author’s expert estimation:

-          The pEarth density of Earth is no more than 2 g/cm3 (concrete, clay), taking into account that its central part, the stellated icosahedron that makes 20-50% of the volume, is “empty”. According to the official guide, the pEarth established by appointed "learned" officials is 5.5 g/cm3;

-           In one full 3600 eversion, relative to the longitudinal axis, the VTortex Galaxy produces 3np  (exact number), i.e. dozens - hundreds of thousands of dodecahedron planets and dodecahedron stars, per second, given that the number ratio of planets and stars/suns is about 10/1 ;

-          The mass of a typical active VTortex galaxy is ~ 2 • 1028 tons;

-          The maximum diameter of a galaxy - a conical torus/VTortex - is ~ 30 kpc;

-          The cone angle is a constant value equal to ~ 3-50;

-          The excess pressure in the toroidal lens shell, all the time the conical torus/VTortex is eversing, is constant and equal to ~ 1031 atmospheres (the limit). This condition is necessary for the conical Galaxy torus not to sag from the lack of pressure or burst because of its excess. The process of constant pumping of the Galaxy torus runs automatically from the external environment to maintain the natural typical form of the torus/VTortex (like in a torus /VTortex tornado), that is, from cosmic space (atmosphere) by suction out of Plateau Shikhirin channels or Ether, etc.


Preforms for planets and stars consist of old dodecahedron stellar matter drawn into the enveloping end of the galaxy - the beginning of the rolling mill.

The rolls are torus knot surfaces(3np;2) with the smallest areas – helicoids  -  having a cross-section of an elongated cutter tooth, sliding one after the other, where 3np  is equal to tens of thousands of surface turns along the meridian, and 2 – along the longitude of the torus.

Fig. 20 (bottom left) shows the eversible (explosive – the tail) and the enveloping (implosive – the head) ends of active galaxies like our Milky Way Galaxy and/or the Andromeda Galaxy. Two points in the center of the galaxies show their 2- hose/branch structure by the type of the Torus Knot(3np;q)/(p;3nq) Surface. Additionally shown (Fig. 21) is the transition from structure No. 1 of the torus to structure No. 2 of the torus, with 7 Shikhirin lens heptahedra (6; 4; 4; 4; 4; 3, 3) transformed into 5 Shikhirin lens pentahedra (4,4,4,4,4).

Further movement of the toric knot surface towards its central part leads to conversion of Shikhirin lens pentahedra (4,4,4,4,4) to Shikhirin hedgehog pentahedra (4,4,4,4,4) that “become” the rolls of the supercold helical rolling mill to roll stars and planets of the dodecahedral form.




Fig. 21 Some of the toric knot surfaces in different positions and technological transformation of a toroidal lens shell from the seven-“color”/dimensional structure into the five-“color”/dimensional structure. The ~(900 + 900) = ~180eversion  brings forward the reverse transformation.


Fig. 21 shows the transformation of a closed torus (the “small” r radius of the torus is equal to the “big” R torus radius) with pressurized fluid medium ("+") contained in it.

There may be a situation where lens polyhedra transform into Shikhirin hedgehog heptahedra(6,4,4,4,4,3,3) or Shikhirin hedgehog tetrahedra(4,4,4,4,4).

This is possible when the pressure directed from its central part presses and compresses Shikhirin lens heptahedra(6,4,4,4,4,3,3)  or Shikhirin lens tetrahedra(4,4,4, 4.4) adjacent thereto thereby squeezing the fluid out of them without violating the topology of the torus and its components, which results in:

·         The degenerate torus, that is, its “small” r radius is greater than the “big” R radius;

·         The fluid medium in the closed torus is under excess pressure;

·         The VTortex whose turns of the knot toric surface are always pulled together and concentrated in its central part in front of the helical rolling mill.


3.6. The Functional and Technological Change of the Dimensionality/“Colors” of a 7D Torus/VTortex(3np;q), (p;3nq) in Transition to a 5D Torus/VTorteh(3np; q), (p; 3nq)

In [8, 41], the study of the “color” structurization of different bodies shows by an example of the (3; 1) knot structure that the torus has two versions of the “color”/ dimensional struture (Fig. 19), namely:

The 7D to 5D conversion process consists of the following steps:

·         The heptahedra(6,4,4,4,4,3,3) with a honeycomb cell base are transformed into heptahedra(6,4,4,4,4,3,3) with a quadrangular base where two vertices lie on one edge; and then

As it turns out, the 7D toric knot surface(3np; q), (p; 3nq) is converted to the 5D toric knot surface(3np; q), (p; 3nq).

Moreover, during the 7D VTortex(3np; q), (p; 3nq) operation  the 7D lens heptahedra are transformed into 7D hedgehog heptahedra and then the latter are transformed into 5D hedgehog pentahedra.

 For example, in any active 7D VTortex(3np; 2) galaxy:

·         The 7D toric knot surface(3np; 2)  consisting of 7D lens heptahedra is converted to the 7D toric knot surface(3np; 2) consisting of 7D hedgehog heptahedra; and then

·         The 7D toric knot surface (3np; 2) consisting of 7D hedgehog heptahedra is converted to the toric knot surface consisting of 5D hedgehog pentahedra

Based on the above-mentioned, the author expresses the idea that one dodecahedral surface of the planet is formed or rolled or structured with two rolls, i.e. two 5D toric knot surfaces(3np; 2), each of which consists of five 5D hedgehog pentahedra.

A dodecahedron-planet is rolled/formed by two identical rolls rotating in the same direction respective their axes. The rolls are positioned at an angle of 80-130 to each other. The planet is formed within a single rotation of the rolls, rotating at the same time in the opposite direction.




Fig. 22 Transformation of the 7D toric knot surface(3; 1)  consisting of heptahedra into the 5D knot surface(3; 1) consisting of pentahedra.


Fig. 22 shows the formation of 2 rolls from the torus knot surface (3np;2), i.e any active galaxy, for making planets.


Besides, "accidentally" (but in fact according to the laws of structurization), after I performed scanning and pre-processing of a fragment of a black-and-white copy of the article containing pictures of toroids (Fig. 23) [75,50], I saw a clear (“self-developed”) 7-color/dimensional toroidal structure in the form of 7D toric knot surfaces(24, 10), where p is ~ 24 turns along the meridian of the toroid and q is ~ 10 turns along its longitude. Their faces are clearly seen. The orange elastic/soft material (manufactured in South Korea) of the toroidal shell only keeps the shape of the toroid. The toroid structure is manifested through the fluid medium (air) contained in the toroidal shell under excess pressure.


It should be remembered that between 3 turns along the meridian of the torus/toroid there are "the seven colors of the rainbow," or seven honeycomb structures of helical toric knot surfaces, i.e. in total there are 24: 3 = 8 structures seven colors each.

In other words, any live or dead form in Nature has its “color”/dimensional structure which is its integral part. If we have structure passports of natural objects or subjects and a structure of interest to researchers manifested visually or by any identifier we can determine their type.




Fig. 23 A fragments of the author’s article (six months before his emigration to the United States, February 2001, Zelenograd, Moscow) [75].


Before the scanning operation Fig. 23 was a black-and-white image of the article. In its middle there is a real photograph of these toroids created by the author in 1999 in Moscow taken from an international fair in Hanover (Germany),.

To the right is a flat pattern of the orange material and the resulting flat pattern with the “developed” chrominance, i.e. the periphery of the helical toric knot surface (24; 10).


3.7. The Helical Pyramidal Knot Surface

Apart from the creation by the author of natural helical pyramidal knot and helical toric knot surfaces representing the surfaces of command parts of self-supported power systems and vehicle propulsion systems, these surfaces are used in art to make mathematical sculptures of torus knots of wood, metal, etc., whose cross sections are concave hedgehog polyhedra [8,50,76].

But the first person to do this work more than 35 years ago was my friend and colleague intellectual biorobot Dr. Galina Brandt (1926-2002) with whom I cooperated from 1990 to the end of her life. She was one of the key world experts in form-making in the architectural bionics of shell-based structures similar to forms of live Nature [24]. She was the first to obtain: :

·         Multifocal surfaces, in particular,   formed by a two-focus curve. To clarify the concept of “helical surface” the author specified it as a helical pyramidal knot surface formed by means of a “single or multi-focus curve”. Such surfaces are observed in the majority of the processes of living Nature;

·         The surface of the Climatron (artificial climate chamber) for the Main Botanical Garden of the USSR Academy of Sciences that used the principles of the multifocus structure of “cavicorn” animal horns as helical pyramidal knot surfaces formed with the Phyllotaxis process;

·         Surface formulas of the eggs of various birds, the bodies of penguins, polar bears, sea urchins, etc. to create soft spherical shells for the northern regions, etc., realizing that the forms that seem elliptical and symmetrical are not such in reality; instead they are integrated and interact with each other by multifocus knot and helical toric knot surfaces formed according to the Phyllotaxis and VTortex laws and generating e.g. levitation (raise themselves to an altitude) and gravitation processes (only not the primitive Newton's apple fall).

Along with that, the pyramidal surfaces are used in architecture, construction, some fields of mechanical engineering, etc. (Fig. 24).



Fig. 24 Technological and natural elements and products, where the bottom middle is a mockup of the helical surface of the climate chamber made by Galina Brandt (Moscow, 1960). The mockup design is similar to an implosive and explosive funnel or a helical pyramidal knot surface (bottom right)


Note: The structure of helical surfaces may be created by technological methods of metal processing. The whole structure of a product on which a helical surface is formed is a simple piece of material not susceptible to torsion, similar to, for example, the stem of a plant or an animal’s tooth. To obtain a helical surface of a metal, e.g. copper, first the solid (slow-flowing) metal should be brought to the amorphous, i.e. the crystal-by-crystal stretched  metal which is then twisted.


A natural (topology, arithmetic, geometry, biology) definition of the helical surface by an example of the stem of a plant: In case of the alternate leaf arrangement, it is a closed bilateral pyramidal knot p/n surface, where p is the number of turns of the surface around the pyramid axis, and n is the the number of leaves/twigs lying on the surface, with the p/n ratio corresponding to the following relationship of the Fibonacci numbers: 1/2, 1/3, 2/5, 3/8, 5/13, 8/21, 13/34, 21/55... n/(n + 2). With the verticillate leaf arrangement, i.e. K leaves in one level, this will be K•(n/(n + 2)).



”I think it would have been much better if Newton had contemplated how the apple got up there in the first place”,

Viktor Schauberger, Implosion Magazine, No. 35, p. 16. Ed.


The humorous statement about the famous "fallen apple" was probably made by Newton himself, or it is not unlikely that he, like Einstein and many other selected "appointees", was "accidentally" or specially set up and dishonored for ever by the elite bureaucrats of the civilization$. Let historians investigate it. The author's intention is to try to show the natural historical truth to untangle a web of lies and mobilize the remaining species of Mankind - only intelligent biorobots - within a very short time to rescue its "seed."


And how did actually the apple tree grow up with apples whose NDC or “leaf separation” indicator is (2; 5), where 2 and 5 are alternate Fibonacci numbers? It is quite easy!:

-          According to the phyllotaxis law (Phyllotaxy is the arrangement of leaves on the stem of a plant that can be alternate, opposite and verticillate), along with functional Pi’s and Fibonacci numbers, the “golden ratio” is involved due to the fact that the cross-section of the pyramid is a pentagon in which the ratio of any of its diagonal to its side is equal to the golden ratio. That is, 5 leaves are positioned on the “five-faced” pyramid trunk within 2 turns of the spiral/helix around its axis - the string of the pyramid -, on its faces or after the leaf separation angle α equal to 1440 (3600 • 2: 5). However what really matters is that the parameters of the formed pyramidal helical knot surface (2; 5) or, generally, (Fn;Fn+2), with Fn  being Fibonacci numbers,

·         Are the central part of the toric knot surface (n;q), where n is the integer number of turns of the “line of development” which corresponds to the number of meridian turns, p, and q is the number of longitudinal turns (Fig. 31). That is, at the interaction of the pyramid as the central body of the torus the functional parameters of the helical pyramidal knot surface coincide with the functional parameters of the helical toroidal knot surface: (Fn;Fn+2) = (ð;q) = (n;q), where Fn = ð = n, and Fn+2 = q;

·         The ripening of an apple is accompanied by the formation therein of a pentagonal structure - five vacuum chambers with pips. The chambers are formed along the helical line respective the axis of the apple according to the parameters (2;5) as well as respective the apple tree itself.

-          On a plot of barren land without fertilizers and additional watering an apple tree grows whose chemical composition comprises: C, PP vitamins, B vitamin complex, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, zinc, sugars (fructose, glucose and sucrose), malic, citric, salicylic, chlorgenic, boric, ascorbic and tartaric acids, carotene, tannins, dyes, pectins, ether and fatty oils, flavonoids, phytoncids, rutin, catechins, polyphenolic compounds, phytoglycogen, amygdalin, nitrogen-free substances, proteins and carbohydrates, etc. !!!;

In all external and internal impacts on Nature, except its “deceit” like wacky artificial ingraftings or breeding infertile hybrid forms such as a mule (donkey jack+horse mare) or hinny (donkey jennet+horse stallion), the genetic code is not broken.

In the most complex processes the apple stem, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits, and these are hundreds of kilograms in time, rise against Newton’s law of attraction! I'm not even talking about redwoods and eucalypti as the heaviest, dozens of tons, and the highest, over 100 meters, trees.

These natural processes are common to all members of the vegetable and walking, swimming and flying world and have a common physical nature. The paradox of essential and qualitative mismatch between the chemical composition of a human and the chemical composition of food for humans, including the air, was described by the author in [18]. The author sees the reason for this mismatch in the fact that the basic food automatically, irrespective of the person’s wish, comes from space – the intellectual base of matter, energy, information and calendar time structurization - via Plateau-Shikhirin channels, or Ether.


According to the current understanding, the continuous filling of a plant or animal organism with food occurs through the formation of a pressure difference, for example:

-          With a method of rarefaction - suction;

-          With a method of pressurization - pressure

A question arises why such a primitive tale about the falling apple is forced upon Mankind as if upon a 3-year-old child, and not just this tale!


A special individual set subject to not only mathematical but also physical, chemical and other laws exists for each kind of living and non-living nature and their components.

This set consists of a definite non-breaking quantity and proportions of matter, energy, information and calendar time (time of existence or structurization) and is a Natural Development Code (NDC) of each species, which, for the sake of convenience, can be expressed by a simple and precise visual arithmetic formula with geometric representation and continuous topological conversions, including deformations.

Such techniques as theorems, lemmas, postulates, assumptions, hypotheses, algebraic and other artificial and mathematical exercises with unconscious adjustment to the correct answer are absent in Nature; to dedicate one’s life to them is to waste it.

Meanwhile, known and unknown natural laws as an integral part of the universal law of the development of all types of animate and inanimate nature and their components determine the formation of a helical pyramidal and toric knot surface, including:

·         The Phyllotaxis law - helical arrangement of leaves on the stems of plants, branches of trees, inflorescence petals, seeds in cones, heads of vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc.;

·         The law of flowing (e.g. dense for better visual observation) fluid represented e.g. by stalactites, the water in a funnel, etc.;

·         The law of snail shell formation;

·         The law of torus/VTortex – “invisible” eversible tapered toroidal shells for the development of plant and animal life and its components, etc.


Note: in order not to confuse the reader, in this article I will be speaking about the apple with the development code (2; 5), where 2 and 5 are Fibonacci numbers in which 2 is the number of spiral turns around the stem, i.e. 3600 • 2 = 7200, and 5 is the number of leaves/twigs lying on the spiral at (3600 • 2: 5) = 1440 - the divergence angle of the leaves/twigs.


The structure of the flora, fauna and their elements is subject to the helical symmetry in the formation of leaves on the stem-rod of a plant, branches of trees-rods, inflorescence petals-flattened rods, cone seeds-swelled rods, sunflower seeds -flattened rods, as wll as the teeth of animals, including humans [35], horns, fangs, tusks, hair, etc., - all of them grow under the laws of Phyllotaxis, VTotex, etc.


"A fool is like a whorl: at every turn there is a twig in front"
a Russian proverb

It is known from Nature (see Fig. 25 showing the phenomenon of the helical symmetry with the “apple” leaf cycle formula (2;5)) that there exists:

1)       the spiral (alternate) leaf arrangement when leaves sit on the stem of a plant one by one along a spiral (helical line). Let us take, for example, a plum tree (2; 5) or cabbage (3; 8) in which 5 leaves are placed on a tapered pentagonal cylinder making 2 turns (3600x2 = 7200) around it, or else 8 leaves are poisitioned on a tapered octagonal cylinder making 3 turns (3600x3 = 10200) around. The apple tree has the alternate leaf arrangement - 5 leaves are positioned on a helical line after 1440 (3600•2:5=1440).

2)       The opposite leaf arrangement when two opposite leaves advance from the "node". In fact, there are no nodes, but there are two paired helical pyramidal knot surfaces positioned 1800  respective one another, with 5 leaves located at each surface after 1440 (3600 • 2: 5 = 1440). This is how the node effect is obtained;

3)       The whorled leaf atrrangement when three (or more) of leaves advance from “the node” after a definite equal number of degrees. Leaves of the next node are shifted 1800 relative to the leaves of the previous node. Here again there are no nodes, just three helical conjugated pyramidal knot surfaces located 1200 relative to one another are formed on the trunk, each of which having 5 leaves after 1440 (3600 • 2: 3 = 2400); the knot effect is obtained;

4)       The basket arrangement - it seems that the leaves rise from the same level. But for this type of leaf arrangement the stem/rod is very short. This structure is characteristic of the formation of five seeds in the apple, each located on a short invisible stem in a spiral of two 3600 turns, that is accordong to code (2; 5)!

The basket with seeds is contained in the vacuum chamber of the apple. The vacuum chamber is characteristic of actually all fruits of the plant world, such as cherry, plum, melon, pumpkin, etc





Fig. 25 The Phyllotaxix process


The phenomenon of a helical (alternate, normal, spiral) symmetry (birch, apple, rose, oak, linden) - leaf cycle - is one of the laws of MEIT structurization in Nature where the leaf formation points m on the plant stem coincide after a definite number of turns n with respect to the helical axis symmetry. This phenomenon is called the Phyllotaxis process, where the (m/n) row is represented by 1/2, 1/3, 2/5, 3/8, 5/13, 8/21, 13/34, or as (m; n) = (1;2), (1;3), (2;5), (3;8), (5;13), (8;21), (13;34)...  and includes indicators of “the most frequently occurring”, i.e. tending to the natural ideal, divergencies of leaves on the stem of a plant, namely the ratios of the Fibonacci numbers, Fn = (Fn-1 + Fn-2), i.e. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc., taken alternatingly, while the divergence angle of the leaves in the maximum is equal to 3600m/n, i.e. ~130030'28".

The algorithm of this process as well as of functional Pi, golden ratio, VTortex processes is contained in the intellectual space base package of genetic information.


The principles of structurization (activation, development, existence and deactivation) of a plant organism, see, for example, Fig. 25 are as follows:

·         êîëè÷åñòâî ëèñòüåâ, âåòâåé êðîíû è êîðíåâîé ñèñòåìû çàêëþ÷àåòñÿ â ñîâïàäåíèè òî÷åê íà âèíòîâîé ëèíèè (ñïèðàëè) ÷åðåç Ê•3600; • the number of leaves, branches of the crown and the root system is determined by coinciding points on a helical line (spiral) over K•3600 ;

·         Apart from natural parameters (Fn;Fn+2) there is such a natural parameter as the number of cycles, or, possibly, cycle systems – the trunk, the first branches, derivatives of the first branches and the like – usually terminating with the flower and then the fruit. Unnatural parameters, in the author’s opinion, are those that are used by the graph theory methodology including artificial classification of trees as “binary” and “N-nary” or “non-oriented” and “oriented”, etc. For inventing these names public money was receoved by the inventor and the customer;

·         The trunk is a helical pyramidal knot surface;

·         The trunk (the string of the pyramid), the first branches of the crown and root branches (strings derived from the trunk string), subsequent branches as derivatives of the first ones, the same also refers to root branches (the strings derived from the first branches), and leaves (strings derived from the branch strings). The branches are the parents of leaves;

·         The plant's crown is the explosive eversible part of the plant torus; it rises/levitates under the levitation force out of its  “zero” point; 

·         The root system of a plant is the implosive enveloping part of the plant torus; it is drawn/gravitates under the gravitational force to its “zero” point;

·         The flowers-fruits are the last cycle of the phyllotaxis process, the accumulation of genetic parameters for further reproduction of matter, energy, information and calendar time of the fruit ripening.

It is noteworthy that five seeds (I'm talking about the apple) are arranged in a spiral of two 3600 turns, i.e. according to the code (2;5) typical for the “basket” leaf arrangement!

·         The structure of the apple seed also represents a microcopy of the genetic mechanism (2;5);

·         The bark is the waste (“feces” and "urine") of the plant activity, which is accumulated on the “naked” plant rod and at the same time acts as a protective coating of the trunk and branches, etc.


For example, grasses, birch, grapes correspond to Phyllotaxis(1;2) ; sedge, tulip, alder to Phyllotaxis(1;3); pear, currant, plum to Phyllotaxis(2;5) Surfaces; cabbage, radish, flax to Phyllotaxis(3;8) Surfaces; firtree, jasmine to Phyllotaxis(5;13) Surfaces, etc. For example, 2/5 is a quintuple axis of symmetry with leaf cycle. Two.

Fn/Fn+2 is the Fn+1 th axis of symmetry with a leaf cycle Fn, where Fn are Fibonacci numbers with Fn = (Fn-1 + Fn-2) 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc. In other words, the core of the plant is an Fn+2-hedral figure with the leaf cycle Fn , or with Fn leaves on the same face.

The faces are not visible to a naked eye unless a person has appropriate knowledge.

In addition to the above, there are other options for the distribution of the Fibonacci numbers relationships, such as the opposite (maple, elderberry, snowball tree, nettle), whorled (waterweed, crow eye, oleander) or rosette-like (cedar) symmetries. Their structure is represented by Phyllotaxis(Fn-1/Fn;Fn+1/Fn+2) Surfaces, Phyllotaxis(F(n-1)+Fn);(F(n+1)+F(n+2)) Surfaces, etc.


The same process of formation of the the helical pyramidal knot surface is common to liquid and gas vortices – Phyllotaxis(Fn-1 / Fn + 1; Fn / Fn + 2) 5D Surfaces, –where (Fn-1/Fn+1;Fn/Fn+2) are Fibonacci numbers.

The only difference is in that the liquid and/or gas knot surfaces forming a vortex, with the downward directed funnel and the tornado periphery converuting to its central part, fall or gravitate to Earth's gravity center, while liquid and/or gas knot surfaces forming a plant, with the upward directed funnel and the tornado central part converting to its periphery, regardless of the fastening method, levitate, are absorbed, grow, repel, float to the levitation center located in cosmic space (Fig. 26).





Fig. 26 The development of all kinds of the plant and animal world or their components exemplified by a tree based on the pyramidal helical knot (the law of Phyllotaxis) and toric knot (the Torus/VTortex Law) surfaces. The fruit, e.g. the apple, is a helical spherical knot (closed) surface.


 “When on the deathbed, the carpenter said:
I forgive everybody, but I will not forgive a twig.”” (a pun: in the Dative case the Russian words “twig” and “bitch” have the same spelling but differ in the stress)

I was repeatedly told this Russian proverb by "Sasha the carpenter" (Alexander Sazanov), my teacher in carpentry, with whom we used to build log cabins in the long summer months of 1976-83 in the woods near the village of Iyulskoe, the birthplace of my mother and grandmother, 60 km from both the city of Izhevsk and Votkinsk (the birthplace of the great composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky. That part time job was a significant contribution to the family budget because it was good money for that time. For the money received after the sale of 5 - 6 log cabins 5x5 m2 each the author could buy a new car VAZ 2103 ("Treshka"). The price of log cabins included the tree felling license, the felling itself, skidding to a free area, peeling and branch removal, drying, cutting a log cabin "in a cup", "to the roof", "travel" expenses, etc.


The above saying suddenly gave me a new lighting  and today it has a completely different global sense: “ the twig” symbolizes one of natural structurers of the phyllotaxis law/process, i.e. the development of a plant on the basis of Fibonacci numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 55, ..., Fn, ..., which in a particular combination represent the plant’s natural development code: (1/2, 1/3, 2/5, 3/8, 5/13, 8/21, 13/34, 21/55, ..., Fn;Fn+2, Fn+1;Fn+3,.... That is, (Fn;Fn+2) are Fibonacci numbers, where Fn is a number of spiral turns around the stem: 3600 • Fn, and Fn+2 is a number of leaves/twigs lying on the spiral after (3600• Fn:Fn+2) - the divergence angle tending, or better, adjusted to the ideal angle of divergence of leaves by dividing the circumference with the golden section, i.e. 3600/1.618...2 =137030΄28΄΄.

A plant includes:


Unpleasant Delusions

The leaf arrangement, or Phyllotaxy, in numerous literature, see, e.g. [77], is interpreted in the following way: “the biggest amount of vertically incident light evenly distributed along the branches of trees” and “the indirect golden ratio Phi, and Phi2, which is again an artificial trick alien to Nature.

Moreover, this factor tied to the Sun is secondary to the basic natural law, namely: the formed structure of the pyramid/core/trunk/stem of any plant and animal organism and its elements in Nature is the central body of a self-supported torus/VTortex as a Life Cell.

For the spiral development of tooth cusps (very short and thick branches) or, e.g. sprouted potatoes in the basement, the Sun is not required. The “cusp arrangement” (in analogy with “leaf arrangement” or “Phyllotaxy”) stands higher at the hierarchical level of development, and can develop without the Sun.


“Horns and hooves”.

The gas fluid medium flows through the interior of the horns of hollow-horned animals at a high speed, which is necessary for an animal to defend itself and its family. Therefore, the internal structure of the horn is a cavity with a special cross-section of the horn along its entire length, namely: the cross section is a one-, two-, and three-focus closed curve similar to the sector of a circumference with 900, 1200 and 1800 angles between the radii.

Fig. 27 shows horn structures as pyramidal knot surfaces with horn arrangement (phyllotaxy) and NDC:

Exactly in the same way, according to the Phyllotaxis law, perhaps at other combinations of Fibonacci numbers, “hard” plants develop, such as tusks, fangs, teeth, nails, hooves, etc. in the wildlife.

And, naturally, the same manner of development is typical of soft flexible shells – spiral, pyramidal knot surfaces, i.e. the components of the plant and animal nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world.




Fig. 27 Natural examples of animal (bovids) horns development according to the Phyllotaxis law by an example of the Kudu antelope horns. The picture of a horn is taken from the research work of Victor Schauberger [34].


The Log

From the many years of my forced contacts with the forest (logging for my grandmother) I remember that the cut logs were never uniform (Fig. 28), they had the helical structure, i.e. logs with the bark were twisted respective the axis of the tree.

Today, I am quite sure that the logs are a part of the helical pyramidal knot surface, for instance, firtrees with a portion of the development code (5;13), where 5 and 13 are the Fibonacci numbers taken with an interval of 8.

That is, the twist angle of the 13-hedral tapered pyramidal firtree trunk corresponds to 3600·5:13=~1380 and if a wood lump is cut very carefully, with due attention to its structure, all logs will be twisted by about 1380; one lump will be cut into 13 pieces, with 13 • 5 = 65 logs obtained from 5 lumps (Fig. 28).

And if the firtree trunk if left to dry, the cracks in the trunk in the amount of 13 pieces will be also twisted at ~ 1380. We never used to notice it, and if we did, we did not think it significant.

As for branches, they are developed from the string of the helical pyramidal knot surface, have the same parameters as the trunk itself, e.g. (5;13), and are “a body/wedge within a body.” With good drying, the twig/knot goes out of the trunk like a patron out of the cage, without much effort.



Fig. 28  An ideal natural log as part of the pyramidal knot surface (Fn;Fn+2), where Fn;Fn+2 are Fibonacci numbers.


Fig. 28 shows an ideal natural log as part of the pyramidal knot surface (2;5) - an apple tree. The author has changed the parameters of a log/surface (2; 5) to better understand the structure and principles of the form-building:

-          A wood lump 30 cm long with the maximum radius of 10 cm and conicity of 20 is a truncated 5-faced pyramid;

-          For the convenience of splitting a log with the phyllotaxy angle of 1440 (3600:5٠2) is divided into two logs, each with 720, i.e. we have 5 logs per lump;

-          Then the length of a round wood with a full phyllotaxy cycle having 5 branches or leaves is 30 sm x 3 = 90 cm; and

-          The number of logs is 5x3 = 15 logs.


The bottom right view shows the opposite and the alternate (spiral) phyllotaxy. The opposite and whorled phyllotaxy, i.e. all kinds of leaf arrangement, are referred to the spiral phyllotaxy.


3.8.  The Helical Spherical Knot Surface – “Poppy Head” – as both the Individual and Group Intelligent (MEITCalendar/TUniverse) Base in Space

When studying the processes of activation, development of an object, a subject of Nature and their elements in the nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world, the author came to the conclusion that the MEITCalendar/TUniverse with the use of the spiral toroidal knot surface – coded as VTortex (p;q) – moves via a pyramidal channel – coded as Phyllotaxis (m;n) - a spiral spherical knot surface  coded as SHphere (p;q) (SHikhirin Sphere) in both directions:

1)       On demand, an individual set, e.g. MEITCalendar/TUniverse of an intelligent biorobot, or a batch set, e.g. MEITCalendar/TUniverse of the Russian socium (a group of intelligent bio-robots), moves to the intelligent space base,

2)       On demand, an individual set, e.g. MEITCalendar/TUniverse of an intelligent biorobot, or a batch set, e.g. MEITCalendar/TUniverse, of the Russian socium (a group of intelligent bio-robots), moves from the intelligent space base,


The structure of the intelligent base located in space is a spiral spherical knot surface resembling an individual or clustered (bush) “poppy head” (Fig. 29).

Traditionally the sphere is understood as a sphere-like shell filled with fluid medium under positive pressure. Such spheres are represented by a soap gas bubble or a water droplet being essentially a closed 4-dimensional (four “colors”) space with 4 axes located at the angle of ~109030' to one another. In total, there are 6 angles. But the author has not yet found how to match mathematically the dimensionality D with the structure of spherical and toroidal shells. That is, the dimensionality cannot be the structure or part of the structure of these shells filling the entire space of the Universe (!?).  The dimensionality is an attribute of space where this structure works.




Fig. 29 A sample structure of an individual spiral spherical knot intellectual space base containing an MEITCalendar/TUniverse set exemplified by a “Poppy Head”.

An excellent image of the cross-section of a "green" poppy head is taken from

For better viewing click


Fig. 29 shows the principle structure of an individual intelligent space base containing a strictly individual MEITCalendar/TUniverse set. The base is a spiral spherical knot surface identified by a SHphere (p;q) code, where p is the number of turns respective the parallels and q is the number of turns respective the meridians (0;8). If q = 1, then, according to the Phyllotaxis process terminology, this is the spiral or alternate arrangement of one branch of a single knot; if q = 2, it is a case of the opposite arrangement (at 1800) of two branches of the same knot, and if q = n and n> 2, then it is whorled arrangement of n branches (at 3600: n) of the same knot.

The Maginot Line is a mountain chain (sometimes) surrounding a planet or a star [11] strictly by the meridian as if dividing it into two equal parts. This is nothing more than a burr (hem, bay, projection) - excess material extruded during the helical rolling through the gap between the roll flanges.


Important! The twist in the process of spiral twisting can be developed or activated in the left or right direction:
1) from the center – the surface/fixing edge to the periphery;
2) from the periphery – the surface/fixing edge to the center.


In the summer time during the summer practice high school students can be involved to do the following, Fig. 29:

ü  in June or July, at the time of active formation of the "green" (soft elastic) structure of a poppy head, make some cross and, if needed, longitudinal incisions on the "green" poppy head and count the number of twisting branches, sub-branches and seeds;

ü  in August, as poppy seeds ripen, that is, poppy heads dry up and their internal liquid structure evaporates, count the number of the seeds storage areas and the number of poppy seeds, etc.


These natural spherical knot (p;q) lines do not have any relationship to artificial curves like the loxodromic and orthodromkic lines, parallels and meridians. These lines are the faces of a closed spiral spherical knot surface with the code “SHphere (p;q)” that make the structure of a sphere. One of the knot lines resembles a tennis balls with the SHphere code (2;2) (Fig. 29).




Fig. 30 "Sinuous orange slices" - spiral spherical knot surfaces with a spherical knot coded SHphere: (2;2) – “Tennis ball”, (3;2) – “Galaxy” and (2;3) – “Trefoil”.

The middle view shows two “orange slices” making a tennis ball (2, 2), and their structure.


Fig. 30 shows the author’s – Shikhirin’s – spiral spherical knot surfaces with a spherical knot (code SHphere (p;q)):

·          “Galaxy” (3;2);

·         “traditional” texture (flat pattern) of a tennis ball (2;2);

·         “Trefoil” (2;3);

·         their assembly and disassembly. It should be noted that the elements of surfaces-slices are linked in Nature through the intershell medium Ether (Ae). During technological connection/disconnection, matter, energy, information and certain calendar time are released.

Fruit-balls like lemon, orange, tangerine, poppy heads have the code (p;q), where p = 0, q = 8,13,9,8, respectively. Other parameters are possible.


The torus, sphere and pyramid have the same flat pattern.

Rough models of the autor’s (natural) spiral spherical (closed) knot surfaces (p;q) are theoretical, i.e. imaginary surfaces of the 2nd order – a saddle-like surface which has a negative curvature and does not close on itself (!?), or a hyperbolic paraboloid, etc. [60-62].


Modelling (Fig. 30)

1.       A spherical knot (p;q) line is applied to a ball formed from foam (Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, USA) by means of a narrow (3 mm) white single-sided Scotch;

2.       On the surface of a standard tennis ball, for example, Penn (… “still America's #1 Selling Tennis Ball”) a spherical knot (p;q) line is drawn with a felt-tip pen along which an incision is made by a knife or a razor;

3.       The resulting slices are filled with clay (Modeling Dough, Greenbrier International, Inc., USA), with thin plastic film put on the clay, and then the slices are pressed together under pressure. The film is removed, and the resulting surfaces are aligned/adjusted to each other, etc.


Conclusion: The torus and spherical knots are the faces of spiral torus knot surfaces and spiral spherical knot surfaces, respectively.

The surfaces differ mainly in the following:
1) the spiral torus knot surface consists of:

·         Closed and continuous surfaces in the amount of q changing into each other at p equal to or a multiple of 3;

·         One closed and continuous surface at p not equal to 3.

2) the spiral spherical knot surface consists of closed continuous surfaces in the amount of q changing into each other.


3.9. The Helical Toroidal Knot Surface, Helical Pyramidal Knot Surface and Helical Spherical Knot Surface as a Single Integrated Natural Mechanism


In the definitions of these chains - 3 closed surfaces changing into each other and transmitting a certain required amount of matter, energy, information within a certain and required calendar time (an individual MEITCalendar/TUniverse package) - there are identical function names - spiral, closed and knot - bearing structural codes “torus/VTortex (p;q) ↔Phyllotaxis (m;n) ↔Sphere (p;q). The system consisting of a number of chains is a particular organism, e.g. a maple tree.


The torus/pyramidal/spherical structure is the basis also for the animal world representatives “standing on their hind legs”.

By analogy with the formation of torus knot-, Phyllotaxis- and spherical surfaces as integral parts of tori, pyramidal stems and spheres, it can be stated that the structure of the pyramidal Galaxy hose filled with ultra-low vacuum and housing  the moving Solar system in which the Sun moves forward by rotation along the axis of the hose and “drags by means of the vacuum cord” the tree of planets rotating about their axes and the axis of the Sun forms thereby galactic spiral pyramidal knot surfaces (Galaxy Phyllotaxis(Fx1/Fx2;Fx3/Fx4) Surfaces).


The Natural terminology regards all natural objects to be single-branch tori/VTortices or n-branch tori/VTortices; for example, a “galaxy” is a 2-branch torus/VTortex (3;2), while a “tornado” is a 5-branch torus / VTortex (3;5), etc.

Single-branch objects like plants do not have helical supercold rolling mills for shaping “planets, stars, hail, water droplets, snowflakes, etc.” It is clear that a leaf, twig, flower or fruit is the end of the helical pyramidal knot surface completing a rotation around its axis - the pyramid string (similar to the torus string).

Perhaps, it would be more correct to speak not of the “Phyllotaxy” (or leaf arrangement) and its image as a fraction of the Fibonacci numbers Fn/Fn+2, where the numerator Fn is the number of turns of the spiral, and the denominator Fn+2  is the number of leaves in the “full cycle”, but of the structure of the natural n-faced (faces are equal) pyramidal knot surface as the central part of the torus/VTortex of the stem/trunk of the plant, where the main development of the trunk occurs, its implosive/gravitational part enters/turns inside and its explosive/levitation part exits/turns outside. These processes occur in accordance with the law/ Phyllotaxis fraction in the form of helical pyramidal knot surfaces Fn/Fn+2, where the numerator Fn denotes the number of their turns around the strings of the pyramid, and the denominator Fn+2 is the number of their faces in the "full cycle".

The divergence angle is α = (3600•Fn/Fn+2) tending to 137030′28″ after the division of 3600 by Phi2.

Unfortunately, in Nature there are no approximate values and tendencies to anything, therefore "the tendency to 137030'28" after the 3600 is divided by Phi2” is a purely algebraic, i.e. artificial trick unauthorized by Nature.

No matter how fantastic and unreal it would seem that the plant and animal life are all biorobots, i.e. soft/elastic machines of various intellectual complexity [14], they are indeed real in Nature. There are no other representatives of the flora and fauna.

The key components of these biorobot machines are individual toroidal structures – trees - or genetic codes; the central part is a truncated pyramid (tapered faceted rod/trunk/body) which with its smaller base is closed "by air" through the crown onto the root system, and again onto the larger base of the pramid (Fig. 31). The genetic codes, in turn, consist of a specific number and sequence of the bilateral pyramidal closed knot surfaces-shells (Phyllotaxis technology) changing into the torus knot surfaces/lens- and hedgehog shells with a control system located in:

-          First level – the intelligent base in space

-          Second level - the structure of their shell material [58].



Fig. 31 The principle of the formation and operation of an individual (batch) set of matter, energy, information, calendar time of their existence in the universal time, or the “Natural Development Code” of each type of an object, subject and its elements, including human beings and their elements (an individual MEITCalendar/TUniverse package) .

For the picture of the cross-section of a "green" poppy head (top right) please refer to Fig. 29.


The toroidal shell can be made (depending on a technological purpose) from a vacuum-tight or not vacuum-tight (for a pressure pulse) thin elastic/soft composite material with an empirical factor [11] - Shikhirin constant  - of eversibility/envelopment expressing basic, polyonymous, integral property of everting/enveloping soft elastic tori/toroids with a minimum energy consumption.

This is a certain ratio between:

·         Elasticity - available 150 -200% stretching resilience;

·         Flexibility - available deformation of bending reaching the radius close to the thickness of the material;

·         Softness - the ability of the material to fold within the elastic limit; the minimum radius in a fold should not exceed the material’s thickness times 10;

·         Rheological properties of the working fluid medium and the amount of the excess/“normal” pressure;

·         Geometric parameters of an elastic toroid and certain proportions between them;

·         The amount of force to trigger the process of eversion/envelopment, etc.

The empirical factor used by the author for construction of elastic machines and mechanisms [53-57], can be applied to helical pyramidal knot surfaces-shells, whose natural development code, as seen from a theoretical apple example, is associated with a “leaf arrangement”: spiral (alternate) (2;5), opposite 2 • (2;5), whorled n • (2;5) and "basket" - flattened along the longitudinal axis of the stem with leaves of the above types.

However, with all the diversity of plants, animals and their elements, all of them, should we regard them as stems of plants, are subject to the same laws of development.

In 1878, German botanist Hermann Vöchting (1847-1917), Professor of Botany and Director of the Botanical Institute and Garden at the University of Tübingen, performed a series of experiments [78] with cuttings of a willow and other trees and shrubs. The purpose of those experiments was to determine the conditions responsible for locations of roots and leaves growing on the cuttings. Vöchting found that roots always appeared at the bottom end of a cutting and leaves at the top end. This occurred even if the cutting was planted with the root end upward (Fig. 32). Thus, Vöchting concluded, there were “internal reasons” responsible for the appearance of leaves and roots at the end of a cutting located in any position in space.




Fig. 32 Toroidal-pyramidal structure of any plant or animal species in the "positive and negative" views.



Pleasant memories: In his youth the author used to help his grandmother Anna Bochkaryova (1906-1994) with housekeeping. Besides procurements of wood, vegetables, berries and mushrooms for winter storage, fishing, etc. The author helped to make hay forthe livestock including a cow, a calf, a dozen sheep, etc. At the end of one of summer seasons, we put the handles of the wooden rakes and pitchforks into the ground not to lose sight of the tools. For some reason the tools were left in that state in the ground and forgotten. Imagine our surprise a year later when, passing the familiar places, we saw strange trees with roots growing on their tops instead of branches, and branches on their bottom parts. On closer inspection, we recognized our rakes and pitchforks forgotten the year before. The handle represented the trunk of a willow on whose thick end, i.e. closer to the root, the wooden structure with teeth was put while the thin end of the handle was sharp and free. In other words, we had stuck the top of the tree into the earth and unconsciously repeated the famous experiment of Vöchting!


I would like to complete Vöchting’s conclusions with my own comments related to any plant and animal species and their elements, including humans, positioned anywhere in space:

-          Helical toric and pyramidal knot surfaces shaping the above species develop their own “gravity and levitation” in accordance with the direction of the Phyllotaxis law, i.e. from Fn to Fn+2, rather than from Fn+2 to Fn;

-          The gravity of Earth does not affect their genetic development. “Newton's Law” is needed only to prevent their ascent into space. It only keeps them in place/attracts/sucks to Earth;

-          Earth, air, or a special nutrient solution such as mist as a source of nutrients are a condition (temperature, pressure, etc.) for their existence and the secondary power source. Given a certain internal arrangement to ensure operation of their suction components, e.g. of a person, they can do without earth and air. In the general case, i.e. without self-control, earth and air provide only ~ 5-10% of the food;

-          In space (a space platform-greenhouse) the aerial and terrestrial power is not available because all matter, energy and information coming from space via/through the supertight wall of the spaceship (?!) is attracted/sucked in, regardless of “their will”: only respective conditions need to be created.


3.9.  The Capillary and Other “Laws/Effects” in Terms of Laws of Structurization in Nature


Let us consider the famous experiments with the “capillary effect” and “excess Laplace pressure” from the standpoint of the “violation” by these experiments of the natural, not Newton's, law of gravity (Fig. 33), namely, self-rising or self-lowering of liquid (fluid medium) in capillaries that make unnecessary, redundant, or “far-fetched” the following processes similar in mechanics::

-          Effects of the capillary walls wetting and non-wetting;

-          The surface tension and curvature of the liquid surface in a capillary tube responsible for the extra pressure – “Laplace pressure” – under the curved surface;

-          The shape of a concave or convex meniscus corresponding to Jurin's formula;

-          The ignored effect of capillary action in case of the fluid gas, amorphous and solid (also flows, but slowly) states of matter;

-          Considered elsewhere identical processes of evaporation, diffusion, dew and fog formation, osmosis in capillaries, communicating vessels, formation of odors and their intensity, drying, rotting, temperature and pressure changes, etc.




Fig. 33 The figure shows a single operating principle of the true “capillary effect” in Nature for the processes of evaporation: sucking out or directed (on demand) diffusion from objects, subjects and their elements of any chemical elements into the cosmic intelligent (smart) base, and deposition: sucking or directed (on demand) diffusion into objects, subjects and elements from the intelligent (smart) base, respectively.


Note: Ordinary dust emerging "from nowhere" and depositing on household items, even with the sealed windows and doors, is always nano-sized and penetrates through the walls of the house and any dust shield. The same deposition process with subsequent electrostatic association occurs also on the surface of Earth. It is easy to calculate the volume of the dust deposition from outer space, namely from the space intelligent (smart) base. These volumes amount to thousands of tons per second.
There is also an invisible reverse process – the “capillary effect”, or purposeful suction of elements of the planet into space.


Fig. 33 shows only the process of the MEIT sucked out of objects, subjects or their elements on demand or at forced evacuation, or the directed (on demand) diffusion of any chemical elements from objects, subjects and their elements into the space intelligent base, namely:

1 – the process of the directed diffusion of the MEIT into the space intelligent base shown via examples of the liquid menisci in Nature;

2 – the principle of changing the shape of the gravitational, neutral and levitation liquid menisci under conditions of gravity on Earth or during operation of the planet’s gravitational center - the vacuum chamber shaped as a stellated icosahedron/hedgehog dodecahedron;

3 – the principle of the transition from the “lab capillary”, through the critical diameter of the natural capillary, to an etheric Plateau-Shikhirin channel that ensures relocation of a target unlimited MEIT amount to an unlimited distance with an unlimited velocity.

In the latter case the ether as a lubricant, is located:

- near the walls of the capillary when the MEIT package moves to/is sucked into the intelligent space base;

- in the middle of the capillary when the MEIT package moves from/is sucked out of the intelligent space base to an object, subject or its element. The process of the MEIT package relocation is similar to the one shown in Fig. 10.


Any violation of the algorithm of these processes caused, for example, by the destructuring of the atmosphere, the ozone layer depletion and the starting destruction of the planet leads to the “metabolism disorder” in an object, subject or their elements with respective consequences such as drying and mass mortality of coniferous trees in the world (2010- 2014.), particularly in Chicago area (USA) and Udmurtia (Russia) (Fig. 5), the death of bees [17], cancer, AIDS, etc.

The capillary process occurs as a result of movement of an individual MEITCalendar/TUniverse package into the intelligent space base by exchange between the spiral toroidal VTortex (p;q), pyramidal Fyllotaxis (m;n) and spherical SHphere (p;q) structures having knot surfaces with the same knot parameters (p;q) in the course of development of objects, subjects and their elements.


Explanation of wettability and forms of a meniscus.

 “Gases are generally elastic fluids, devoid of cohesion, that is the ability of real fluids to form – due to cohesion – drops, rise in “hair (capillary) tubes and the like”, Dmitri Mendeleev [1].

If we assume that irrespective of temperature and ambient pressure all chemical elements and their compounds in capillaries of the same diameter, e.g., 2-3 mm, would suddenly become a fluid medium, then:

1)       All chemical elements, having a density lower than the density of water/sea, will be “self-rising”/levitate (Fl=ml2/2) excluding the gravitational forces (Fg=mg2/2). That is, the resultant levitation force Rl is equal to:

Rl= Fl-Fg-m.


1.1.     The fluid will move progressively upwards in the direction of the intelligent (matter, energy and information) space base – the “poppy head”.

1.2.     The fluid moves “through" the atmosphere of the planet by rotation respective the axis of the capillary, taking into account the Phyllotaxis law.

1.3.     Ïî ïîäñêàçêå Äìèòðèÿ Ìåíäåëååâà, è ïî ìíåíèþ àâòîðà, ýòà áàçà íàõîäèòñÿ âîêðóã Ñîëíöà, ãäå ñîçäàíû áëàãîïðèÿòíûå óñëîâèÿ äëÿ ñòðóêòóðèçàöèè åå àòìîñôåðû è «ãèäðîñôåðû», òî åñòü ïîòîêîâ Êóýòòå-Øèõèðèíà, ñîñòîÿùèõ èç æèäêîñòíûõ (íå âèäíû èç-çà àòìîñôåðû)  è àòìîñôåðû - ãàçîâûõ ÿ÷ååê-òîðîâ, íàíèçàííûõ íà Ñîëíöå-øàð/ãåîèä.  Prompted by Dmitri Mendeleev, and according to the author, this base is located around the Sun, where favorable conditions are created for the structuring of its atmosphere and the “hydrosphere”, i.e. Couette-Shikhirin flows consisting of liquid cells (not visible because of the atmosphere), and the atmosphere - gas cells-tori, put on the Sun ball/geoid. The structure of this base consisting of Ether (atomic weight of 9.6 ∙ 10-7 to 5.3 ∙ 10-11 ), due to strongest attraction, is formed  by the gravitational center of Sun - a vacuum chamber shaped as a stellate icosahedron or hedgehog dodecahedron, the center of which is, according the author’s estimation, under the negative pressure of nearly 10-16 - 10-20Pa.

1.4.     As a result, the following dependence is built: the lower the density, the higher the bar height and more concave is the meniscus. Therefore, all liquids, when gravitating, will flow up the walls of capillaries, being ahead of the central part, and not necessarily wetting them.

2)       All chemical elements, having a density higher than the density of water/sea, will be “self-decsending”/gravitate (Fg) in the capillary excluding the power of “self-rising”/levitation (Fl). That is, the resulting gravitational force Rg is:

Rg= Fg- Fl+m.


1.1.  The fluid will move progressively upwards in the direction of the intelligejnt (matter, energy and information) space base.

1.2.  The fluid will move progressively downward in the direction of the gravitational center of Earth - the vacuum chamber formed as a stellated icosahedron;

1.3.  The fluid will move by rotation respective the axis of the capillary with account for the Phyllotaxis law in the direction of the gravitational center of the planet;

1.4.  As a result, the following dependence is built – the higher the density, the lower the height of the bar and the more convex is the meniscus. Therefore, all these fluids will flow down the walls of capillaries, ahead of their central part, and not necessarily wetting them.

3)       There is a "neutral" chemical element or compound that has no meniscus in the capillary, i.e. the force of the “self-descent”/gravitation to the vacuum center of Earth will be equal to the force of the “self-rising/levitation, i.e.

Fl=Fg, then Rl=Rg or Fl-Fg-m=Fg-Fl+m or Fl=Fg+m.

Then the condition for the levitational meniscus bulged down (̆ ) will be (Fl>Fg+m), and the condition for the gravitational meniscus (̑ ) will be (Fl< Fg+m).  Assuming that:

- Water (H2O), with a density of ~ 1 g/cm3, has a levitational meniscus with concavity (̆ ) almost equal to the radius of the capillary channel; and

- Mercury (Hg), with a density of 13.55g/cm3, has a gravitational meniscus with convexity (̑ ) almost equal to the radius of the capillary channel,

Then, in the author’s opinion and given the Fl=Fg+m dependency, one of such “neutral” chemical elements (compounds) can be Lutetium (Lu) with a density of ~ 9.84 g/cm3.

4)        The lower the density of the element, the more concave is the meniscus versus the meniscus of a “neutral” element, and vice versa, the greater the density of the element, the more convex is the meniscus versus a “neutral” element.

5)       The formation processes of menisci are identical at any position of the capillary with fluid relative to Earth, for example, horizontal.

6)       Ether (Ae) will rise the highest, actually almost to infinity at the infinitely small radius of the capillary channel, while the shape of the meniscus is the infinitely elongated vertical letter |U|.

In the author’s opinion, the wettability of the inner surface of the capillary has absolutely nothing to do with that!


·         Annoying mistakes;

·         Errors introduced specially to confuse the reader for the purpose of delaying the time to understand the real picture of the world;

·         Derogating the significance of real laws of Nature;

·         Exceeding the importance of some far-fetched “laws”, etc.

were considered by the author in [23], and the reader will make his own judgment thereof in the near future, perhaps with advice from the author.


In the scientific and educational literature it is written that there are wetting –water (H2O) – and non-wetting – mercury (Hg) liquids. It is also possible to say that there are wetted – wet with water and non-wetted by mercury – dry surfaces, in this case, the inner surface of the capillary.

Then, for example, what will be the behavior of water on the inner surface of the capillary coated with paraffin or mercury on a surface coated with a wetting agent?

The author believes that the meniscus formation pattern is always the same.

An “honest” experiment is needed, for example, to choose physical parameters for shaping menisci or droplets of wetting and non-wetting fluids formed on wettable and non-wettable surfaces.

In the author's judgment, all the above-mentioned options are identical. The difference in the shapes of menisci or fluid droplets will depend only on the ratio of the levitation and gravitation forces effecting a particular fluid according to the following formula: Fl=Fg+m (Fig. 33).



If we remove capillary tubes immersed into a fluid medium, for example, liquid in experiments with paper, yarn, leather, soil, towel, wick in the lamp, the nutrition of flora and fauna, etc. or in daily human activities, the processes of:

1)       self-rising or self-sucking-out of weight/fluid/liquid (a strictly measured quantity of matter, energy and information for a certain calendar time) in the direction of the atmosphere and space against the Newton’s, or gravity, laws will always occur such as, e.g., evaporation  from gases, liquids and solids. Moreover, there will be also reverse processes, i.e. absorption of a strictly measured quantity of matter, energy, information for a certain calendar period from space by objects and subjects of Nature;  

2)       self-lowering or self-sucking-in of weight/fluid/liquid (a strictly measured quantity of matter, energy and information for a certain calendar time) in the direction of the gravity center - the vacuum chamber of the planet - against the Newton’s law of gravity and will always take place, for example, evaporation from any gases, liquids and solids.

Moreover, there will be also reverse processes, i.e. emission to space of a strictly measured quantity of matter, energy, information for a certain calendar period by objects and subjects of Nature.


The self-rising or self-sucking-out and self-lowering or self-sucking-in of a fluid medium on the surface of Earth depend on its density. Thus, water, H2O, p=1g/sm3, is a self-rising fluid, while mercury, Hg, p=13.55g/sm3, is a self-lowering one.


The above phenomena are in no way related to the conventional capillary effect, or the capillary effect manifests itself everywhere in Nature and the Universe, and has a more fundamental purpose.

This topic requires a separate study [23], but the principle of the phenomenon is the same, namely:

·         If we make a special capillary for gas because, according to Dmitri Mendeleev [1], “gases generally are elastic fluids devoid of cohesion between parts, that is the ability of real fluids to form – due to cohesion - droplets, rise in hair (capillary) tubes, and so on”, then the capillary effect will manifest itself, like in “real” fluids, for wetted and non-wetted capillary walls, and light or heavy fluids;

·         the smaller the capillary diameter, the higher and faster will liquid/gas/air rise. The role of capillaries is played by Plateau-Shikhirin channels through which Ether “runs”.  For dimensions of the nano-and-infinitely-less world the fluid medium can rise by itself in an infinitely thin capillary to any distance, and possibly with a very high speed; and Ether with its specific characteristics will rise or be sucked in with a speed tending to infinity, i.e. instantly.

One of attempts to calculate the elevation of nutrients to a height in the framework of the “enslaved” official (pseudo) science was made in [79,80].

In the general case, Plateau-Shikhirin channels are filled with elements of Mendelleev’s Periodic Table according to their functional characteristics in the intershell space (lens shells and hedgehog shells) in a definite manner (Fig. 7), wherein:

-          Inert gases - create light in the Universe;

-          World inert structural Ether fills the whole intershell space – a dense packing of lens shells and hedgehog shells ÷ outside and inside the shells with almost all (al)chemical elements.

3.11. A Complex Torus/VTortex or “Bretzels with Holes” and “Spheres with Handles”, “Connectivity” and “Punctures”


"Let the reader walk in the huge garden of geometry (arithmetic and topology, the author)
in which everyone can make himself a bouquet he likes "
David Hilbert, 1932


"If anybody did not understand, I am not to blame"



This type of a torus was discovered by the author and described in this article, i.e. in November 2013.

From the history:

1) William Thomson, or Lord Kelvin (1824-1907), studied different types of atoms as the smallest part of a chemical element bearing its properties in terms of a different number of turns [81] of the closed line of a torus knot (p;q) along the meridian (p) and longitude (q) of the torus (VÒortex(p;q)) though not from the standpoint of the torus knot surface suggested by the author.


2) The author believes that Mendeleev’s Table (chemistry) is only a small, perhaps, the basic part of (al)chemistry - an infinite table of periodic (al)chemical elements of SelfSupported VTorticesTM, as a Family of Torus Knot Surfaces (3np;q), (p;3nq), where np and nq  are any positive integer, and in 3np and 3nq, q = 2,4,5,7,8,10,11 ..., i.e. not a multiple of three.


Note: Why not a multiple of three?  By a Natural necessity, e.g. qualitative regrouping of the torus/ Torus Knot Surfaces(3np;q), (p;3nq) for a higher or lower level, at 3np 3nq = 3, 6, 9, ..., the closed continuous helical torus knot surface is divided into 3, 6, 9, etc. independent helical torus knot surfaces. In these cases, due to a natural or technological necessity, we can simply take out one or more sections from the complex of these surfaces, for example, the torus knot surface (3;12) is divided into four surfaces (3;4). We can divide this surface or, on the contrary, insert, for example, two surfaces (3;4) therein, etc. Then we get a new diivisible torus knot surface (3;20) consisting already of five surfaces (3;4), etc. This surface can be converted to (3;19), (3;21) = 3 (3;7), etc. surfaces which will have different physical characteristics; thereby it is possible to control purposefully an ether-based system such as an ether propulsor of a spacecraft and so on, which the author has been successfully implementing.


These 7-dimensional surfaces consist of seven “colors”. The basic or simplest torus knot surfaces are (1.3) (2.3) - Trefoil Knot - and (3.1) of the right and left orientation, while the most well-known are the two-branch VTortex(3np; 2) - any active galaxy - and five-branch VTortex(3np;5)  - a category F5 tornado in which the wind velocity reaches 500 km/h.

Matter, energy, information and calendar time of structurization and existence [8] form a torus galaxy from “honeycomb cells” - Shikhirin heptahedra (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) or torus knot surface weighing billions of tons!


3) It must be remembered that the Periodic Table of the Russian chemist and inventor Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907), in his own words, is only part of al(chemistry), perhaps, the basic one.
The author believes that:

-      The Natural principle of formation of (al)chemical elements consists of their constant generation in space according to a natural necessity;

-          “Mineral resources” as they are called by lazy and stupid Man, usually a representative of the negative orientation$ elite of the civilization, an intellectual biorobot$, are in fact a temporary storage room filled not for him and not "for free" but for the needs of the planet maintenance by Nature. This “emergency reserve” was collected during the structural formation of the dodecahedron planet in the process of its formation through helical rolling by the central part of the galaxy. The restoration of natural resources in the same way as a plant or animal “grows” gaining much of the “weight” by sucking nutrients out of the external cosmic base is impossible. Partially, these processes can be explained by the “capillary action” and other phenomena that are discussed below which, unfortunately, were incorrectly explained by the official science because of the lack of knowledge about the technology of structurization in Nature [79,80].

-          The quantity and quality of basic chemical resources as part of matter, energy, information and calendar time (Matter, Energy, Information, Time - MEIT), according to a natural necessity/on demand, is sucked out via the Plato-Shikhirin (Ether) Skeleton from the space base, dustributed over the intershell space, particularly from places for “connection” of vertices of four Archimedean and Platonic solids;

-          The principle/technology of formation of the sufficiently large Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, an infinite number of (al)chemical elements is a multi-purpose typical toroidal self-sustaining process of production/formation by the central part of (VTortexAl/Chem)TM, like by a helical rolling mill, of Archimedean and Platonic solids in the nano-and-less world. Planets and stars of the macroworld, hail, water droplets, etc. are produced/formed in the same manner;

-          In the process of the next level matter structurization (al)chemical elements are united into a variety of functional dense packings: molecules, molecule systems, solar systems...

It turns out that the official science has become obsolete and should dissolve itself; and the sooner the better will it be for its members, particularly for academic bosses. The people aware of the reasons for the destruction of the planet created by them will crave for the officials and their assistants a severe (non-traditional) punishment under the laws of this terrible time.

For a detailed description of Dmitry Medeleev’s Table and the World Ether please refer to Section 2: The World Ether of Dmitri Mendeleev as the Basis for the Structurization of Matter, Energy, Information and Calendar Time, and Their Structurization in Universal Time - MEITCalendar/TUniverse.


In the "theoretical" topology there are also such artificial attention arrestors as humorous terms, for example, “bretzel” (knot-shaped buscuit), “bretzel with holes”, “sphere with a handle”, “punctures”, “turning inside out” [26], etc. described by the “connectivity” parameter.

These nice terms invented simply for giving names to imaginary surfaces actually described the topology of bilateral closed surfaces of a sphere and a torus, and play, as it turned out later and as the author believes, the enormous natural and practical role.

These attention arrestors show and predict the development and existence in Nature of destructuring processes for the above-mentioned surfaces and their dense packings, which means redistribution (restructurization, reformation, shifts, etc.) of individual sets/packages of matter, energy, information and calendar time values - the time of (re)structurization within the current time (Matter, Energy, Information and TimeStructurization inside TimeRightTime – MEITStrucnurization/TRightTime):

-          To meet own development needs – sucking-in on demand or automatically from outer space as the MEITStructurization/TRightTime base;

-          To evacuate the disintegration surplus - sucking off on demand or automatically to the MEITStructurization/TRightTime base;

These processes are the basis for man-made self-supported systems, namely:

-          Control of disintegraion or development processes;

-          Formation of a transmission mechanism to extract the power from the system, etc è ò.ï.

These processes use the principle of “a puncture” which physically means changing such parameters as “the shell number n”, “connectivity h” and the number of “holes p”, observed, for example, at the transformation/disintegration of a torus or a spherical drop of water/air into toroidal and/or spherical splashes and etc.

Over 80 years ago such an important parameter as “connectivity” [26] appeared in the topology. For example, a natural torus/doughnut has one hole, and according to the formula (h = 2p + 1) has a connectivity h =2•1+1 = 3, where p is the number of holes. This doughnut/torus can be angular, that is a polyhedron. A sphere/ball has the h=2ð+1=0+1=1, since it has no holes, and can also be angular, i.e. a polyhedron – a Platonic, Arhimedean solid or its option.

The formula (h=2ð+1), where h is the connectivity, and p is the number of holes, prompted the author a new, unknown type of a torus/VTortex – a Complex Grouping VTortexTM which is extremely similar to the molecule of VTortices-MoleculeTM consisting of one, two or more atoms - VTortex-AtomTM.

That is, these structures resemble (al)chemical elements in the Periodic Law of Dmitri Mendeleev, only expressed by an arithmetic-geometric-topological general “formula” which, when used with certain parameters, can “give a cue” to a new unknown (al) chemical element.

A VTortices-MoleculeTM is formed (structured) and exists for a certain calendar time in the fluid medium in the Universe. In the topology such structures are called “pretzels with p holes” or their twin-brothers “spheres with p handles” and the connectivity h=2ð+1, respectively [26] (Fig. 34).

The same applies to a closed bilateral spherical surface, i.e. a sphere with the “connectivity” parameter of h = 2p + 1 = 1 since there are no holes in the sphere, i.e. p = 0.

The equation (h =2ð+1) is actually the famous formula transformed by Leonhard Euler (1707-1783):

ÅÊ + F = 2,

where E is the number of vertices, K is the number of edges, F is the number of faces of a polyhedron.

The common functional characteristics of “faced” and “faceless” figures, such as a polyhedron torus and a rounded doughnut torus or a polyhedron sphere and a ball sphere, include the following parameters (Table 8):

1.       The “shell number in Nature”, n, is the most important parameter of structural elements of the Universe in which there are “lone” and dense packings of:

1.1.     Spheres/balls and polyhedra tending thereto;

1.2.     Tori/bretzels and polyhedra with holes tending thereto;

1.3.     Combinations of dense packing in ii. 1.1 and 1.2;

2.       “The number of holes ð in them”;

3.       Connectivity h = 2ð+1.

These parameters are interrelated by simple formulas:

  {h = 2ð+1; h = 2n – 1; ð = n – 1 è h = n + ð}.

Table 9

The item number of and the principle of giving a physical name to a closed bilateral surface (spherical and toroidal) with the amount of “doughnut holes” (not punctures!) in it



hedgehog shell

Sphere (ball)







Shell #















p = n - 1








n+p or 2n-1







4D /(7·3)


4D /(7·4)




7(n-1)/4= 1.75(n-1)


Table 9 and Fig. 34 show:

-          Theoretical concepts of figures with various “connectivity” h parameters since 1932 [22]. To the right are figures “transformed” by the author as theVortex-Atom or Vortices-Molecule with their purposes in Nature from the nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world;

-          All 4D closed bilateral surfaces possible in Nature, such as 4D sphere, and a 7D torus, that is, surfaces having a volume

-          Dimensionality or “colors” showing the dimensionality of the Vortex-Atom or the Vortices-Molecule, for example:



Fig. 34 VTortex-AtomTM and VTortices-ÌoleculeTM.


The functional features of the Vortex-AtomTM and Vortices-MoleculeTM include the following:

-          This is an integrated  long- or short-lived self-supported dense packing of 5D  and 7D helical torus knot surfaces(3np;q), (p;3nq)  or 5D, 7D tori/VTortices(3np;q), (p;3nq). When moving and during interaction it behaves as a single VTortex-Atom. A forced removal of at least one torus/Vortex from the package leads to the formation of a new structure with other functional features, such as formation of a new (al)chemical element;

-          This is “a particle” consisting of monatomic molecules e.g. of inert gases, or two or more covalently bonded atoms. Incidently, inert (noble) gases as monatomic molecules are the 1-th structural component of matter – the intershell space or Ether (Aether or Plateau/Shikhirin Skeleton) and the “working substance” for self-supported systems, such as “saucers”. Specific features of the molecule structure determine the physical properties of matter consisting of these molecules;

-          In the formula (h = 2 p + 1) the number of holes, p, reflects the number of VTortex-Atoms united into a group by the gravitational attraction developed by the enveloping end of the VTortex. Therefore, the group structure summing all the “bouquet” of phenomena formed by each VTortex, e.g. positive and negative pressure, temperature, electricity and magnetism, torsionism, etc., tends to the optimum while some of VTortex-Atoms are squeezed out of the "core" packing to the periphery forming the 2nd, 3rd, etc. levels/layers on a VTortices-ÌoleculeTM;

-          The main functional characteristic of each (al)chemical element of a Vortices-Molecule in the Universe is its 4- dimensional nature whatever complexity of the structure it might have. That is, it has a 4-axes location with an angle of ~109028 ' (in total, 6 angles of ~109028' (Fig. 34).

Putting it in another way, the dimensionality is due to the number of “colors”. One dimension or “color” physically means an equal utilization factor of an amount of matter, energy, information and lifetime, which in total produces an individual MEIT set.

For example, the dimensionality of a Vortices-Molecule or Vortex-Atom torus is 7D → 5D → 7D, or 7 and 5 “colors”; Mobius Strip, Klein bottle and projective plane are 6D and have 6 “colors”. All polyhedra are four-dimensional (4D) and have 4 “colors”. These studies were conducted by the author in [40];

-          A molecule cannot be a VTortex unless it is monatomic;

-          The interaction of two or more tori/VTortices (Fig. 33) observable in the macroworld of Nature are classified and documented in [21].

These interaction patterns are similar to those occurring in the nano-and-infinitely-less world between 1) VTortex-Atom and VTortex-Atom, 2) VTortex-Atom and VTortices-Molecule and 3) VTortices-Molecule and VTortices-Molecule.

Their interaction results in:


The system of helical torus knot surfaces (The Torus Knot Surfaces SystemTM) may be described as a generalized torus/VTortex structure with the (p; q) formula, where p is the number of turns (of the torus knot surface) on the torus/VTortex meridian, and q is the number of turns on the torus/VTortexTM longitude.

The torus knot surface is the minimum part of any chemical element (atom) in Nature while a dense packing of similar or dissimilar knot surfaces of different amounts is an enlargement such a molecule of a nonliving substance or a self-supported process e.g. a VTortex in the animal or plant world..



Fig. 35 Examples of movement and interaction between a Vortex-Atom and a Vortex-Molecule4


Fig. 35, partially taken from [21] and updated for this paper, shows examples of movement and interaction of VTortices-Atoms as well as functioning of a monoatomic molecule VTortex-Molecule1 and a 4-atom molecule VTortex-Molecule4 (closed self-supported interacting vortices/tornadoes of the nano-and- infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world), for example, interacting galaxies, tornadoes in the atmosphere and hydrosphere, etc. characterized by the following:

1)       They rotate in the same direction;

2)       They rotate in opposite directions;

3)       Similar-sized ones rotate in the opposite directions;

4)       Destructuring of two VTortices-Atoms by a discharge (lightning) between the head of the smaller VTortex-Atom and the tail of the larger VTortex-Atom;

5)       Passage of the small ring of the Vortex-Atom through a hole in the large VTortex-Atom ring with minimum matter-energy-information consumption;

6)       Capturing by the more powerful Vortex-Atom of the less powerful Vortex-Atom. The rarefaction zone (Ð-1) created by the larger VTortex-Atom in front of its head, draws (sucks in) the head of the smaller VTortex-Atom (Ð-2), with |Ð-1 > > |Ð-2|.

Examples 5) and 6) are similar to each other differing in that the 5th example shows the interaction of ring tori - rings produced by a smoker, and the 6th example shows the actual interaction of two tornadoes personally observed by the authors in the United States;

7)       Destructuring or division: a VTortex- Atom splits into three VTortex-Atoms according to the number of branches in the torus knot surface of a tornado (3np, 5);

8)       Structurization of a large VTortex-Atom or integration of three small VTortices-Atoms into a large one;

9)       Operation of the VTortex-Atom1 monoatomic molecule;

10)   Operation of a monoatomic molecule of a VTortex-Atom4;


The integration of VTortices-Atoms does not lead to the formation of a VTortices-Molecule and, on the contrary, the division of a group of interacting VTortices-Atoms into individual VTortices-Atoms does not lead to the formation of a new VTortex-Atom!


3.12. The Spiral Torus Knot Mobius SurfaceÒÌ as Transition from the Sphere to the Torus? "Mebiusny" torus / VTortex


There are a few high-quality works of a high engineering level, e.g. [82,83], which describe theoretical capabilities of the Mobius Strip combined with a torus (fit into a torus). There are design options of these surfaces with an attempt to create electronic devices such as transformers, chokes, etc. on their basis. The authors of the site came close to spiral Mobius Knot SurfacesTM.


There are unfinished processes in Nature involved in the structurization of some typical forms, i.e. phenomena that have not fully completed their structurization process, for example, a torus or VTortex not developed from a vortex where dimensionality or “colors” have not been formed, etc.

At the beginning of the process an etheric phantom is formed from the zero 8th group of the non-faked Mendeleev’s Periodic Table. This process breaks down but in any case structurization processes do not stop and a Mobius Strip, a Shauberger flow or a bundle is formed of the unfinished torus/VTortex, etc.


To add to the above, “color zones/“colors” with common boundaries have equal surface areas as the bases of figures-“colors” and equal volumes of these figures. The well-known Mobius Strip figure is a one-sided closed surface, or a non-shell, that has the dimensionality or the number of “colors” equal to six.

The difference between the Mobius Strip and the toroidal surface is that the former is unilateral, i.e. lacks two-sidedness and volume, respectively..

This paper describes the 2nd torus structure discovered by the author, namely, the torus is a helical knot surface (p; q), where p is the number of meridian turns and q is the number of longitudinal turns.

By drawing an analogy with the knottedness of the torus we can assume that there is the knottedness of the Mobius Strip if we try to create (inflate, make volume) a double-sided closed surface from it.

Such an attempt was made in [48]. There the Spiral Mobius Knot SurfaceTM is described as {(p+1800);q}, where (p+1800) is the number of meridian turns and q is the number of longitudinal turns.

A figure like that will have its own structure consisting of six figures with a quadrangular base.

But, of course, it will not be the Mobius Strip but a new kind of a torus/VTortexa spiral torus knot Mobius SurfaceTM with a fractional value of the number of turns on the meridian.


3.13.  Hardware and Software Methods for MEITCalendar/TUniverse Structurization


Attempts to use active and passive hard- and software methods to control (speed up, slow down, stabilize, improve, etc.) structurization processes in Nature, e.g. to make plants go faster through the germination stage, were made on areas to the north of 500 N, which is actually the whole Russia. The reason for using this method was that there are only few plants (mostly tropical) whose ripened seeds can get into an environment suitable for their germination immediately because all biochemical processes run at a very low speed.

The above technologies were pioneered by:

·         My friend and colleague Dr. Valentina Sokolova who worked at the Patrice Lumumba University of Peoples' Friendship and in 1984-1987 used active methods of affecting objects and subjects of Nature with “torsion” generators of various designs [72]. In those years there was a fashion to give this name to all devices providing any non-traditional radioelectronic signals with the hit-and-miss method and affecting with the hit-and-miss method subjects and objects of Nature, which considerably discredited the field developed by the Russian scientific genius Anotoliy Akimov (1938-2007);

·         Following the assignment of Anotoliy Akimov, the author and Valentina Sokolova beginning with 1991 worked at the VENT R&D Center. Using active and passive methods of affecting (structurization) objects and subjects of Nature [84], for example, with the Z and Z1 agents to improve the germination of corn we succeeded in obtaining crops as high as those normally obtained on territries closer to the planet’s equator. The agents were made with a special technology from the vitamin industry wastes without toxic components in Pushchino, Moscow region - the main biology center of Russia;

·         This field has been intensively explored by numerous international research groups, e.g. by my friend and colleague Dr. Daniel Winter, American scientist working and living in the South of France , etc.

It should be remembered that plant seeds can be shelved (stored) an infinite amount of time until they get into the environment suitable for their germination and development of Schauberger flows and bundles, etc.

The laws of Shauberger flow and bundle movement are consistent with formation and development of bilateral closed helical pyramidal knot surfaces – according to the “biological” Phyllotaxis law, and helical torus knot surfaces - according to the torus/VTortex (Shikhirin) law and the “color” (Shikhirin) law, etc.




So, the “Energy” is the cause that generated all the destructive processes in the hard shell of the planet, its atmosphere and the like:

À. For civilizations of the positive intellectual orientation - civilization [9], excluding Mankind as a civilization of the negative intellectual orientation$ - a “free” vortex VTortex energy is formed [45]:

·         For the Earth conditions – magnetic, electric, gas and liquid VTortices. That is, the energy (fuel) is taken (sucked in) right outside the house, on the street or “overboard” a saucer (Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, John Keely, the author and Co., and other biorobots);

·         For the Earth and space conditions - VTortices (the author and Co., and others) of the super-rarefied gas Ether that constitutes space plus monatomic molecules - VTortex-Atom, 0-group inert gases of Mendeleev’s Table or mixtures thereof in certain proportions. That is, the energy (fuel) is “taken” right outside the house window or “overboard” a saucer.

One should clearly understand that energy is "taken" rather than extracted in a barbaric way like minerals, including hydrocarbons and the “atom”. This implies using technologies of absorption (implosive technologies) from the intershell space or Plateau Shikhirin channels /Skeleton - 1st component of the Universe space structure. According to the automatic or manual “request”, an (al)chemical element is deposited on special electrodes by analogy, for example, with the chemical deposition of copper on a titanium matrix. Preset conditions in chemical, physical, biological and other known and unknown deposition processes make it possible to obtain a product with predetermined properties, e.g. amorphous copper, tin, lead and their melts [71] needed for manufacturing, for example, units and parts of a “saucer”.

The principle of energy sucking out from the environment is similar to the chemical deposition – it is a matter-energy-information deposition.


Â. For the negative intellectual orientation civilizations$, including Mankind, energy is produced in other ways:

·         For the Earth conditions the algorithm of energy production is always the same and primitive, irrespective of a time period; it is historically built on extraction and simple burning of wood (forest), coal, oil and gas, “atom” until the complete destruction of life on the planet;

·         For the space conditions - the use, within the Sun system, of hydrocarbons by primitive combustion in flying giant barrels, or splitting the atom or using secondary “pushing” or “pulling” energy sources such as “solar sails”.


After years of practical work supplemented by the author's respective theoretical descriptions, the author came to the conclusion that the torus/VTortex in the Nature of nano-and-less to macro-and-more world is the apex of the pyramid, the generator and the basis of all geometric figures (surfaces, forms, bodies) and their elements, including human activity, as well as all (al)chemical elements, self-supported processes, natural phenomena, including Life, natural structurers, etc.

Moreover, every plant and animal organism, including humans, has its own code, an individual package of matter, energy, information and time for its (his) organization, not a primitive, artificial and hence unnatural but a concrete one –  a toridal knot structure (p; q ), with the central part developing according to the Phyllotaxis/Fibonacci structure (Fn-1/Fn+1;Fn/Fn+2), ãäå p = Fn-1/Fn+1, à q = Fn/Fn+2.


The Natural knowledge presented to the author by Nature in the course of his intensive research into the structure, structurization, development, existence and destructuring of closed bilateral torus/ bretzel and sphere/ball surfaces described in this paper is the basis for the creation by the author and Co. of self-supported etheric systems, first of all, a series of etheric energy sources and vehicle propulsors for unlimited movement in any media, primarily, outer space. The devlopment of these systems will take place on a neutral natural area.


The author uses the same basic elements to create a new system of “electronics” - VTortexTronicsTM - impervious to any influence except a forced one - the shock - because this system is formed on “etheric carriers” which generate electricity, magnetism, torsionizm, etc. arising as a consequence of operation of these elements, and not vice versa, as in modern “electronics” and “microelectronics” represented by  “great genius appointees and billionaires” in information technologies who still cannot understand, for example, “how the current flows through the wires”,


This paper (dated 13-15 November 2013) is the first in the human history to disclose the elastic torus mechanism [14-18] discovered and described by the author as the basis of Life in Nature consisting of:

-          Elastic/soft natural helical torus knot surface(p; q) as the structure of a figure ‘torus /VTortex’, where p and q are the number of the knot line turns on the meridian and longitude of the torus/VTortex;

-          Elastic / soft natural helical pyramidal knot surface Fn; F(n+2) (a spiraling regular pyramid, stem, trunk, thread, bundle – further collectively a pyramid), where the base of the pyramid, or its cross-section, is one (alternate leaf arrangement/development) or several (K) regular polyhedra shifted relative to each other by 3600/K (whorl leaf arrangement) with the number of sides and side faces (right isosceles triangles) equal to F(n+2) – the 2nd Fibonacci number from the expression (Fn; F(n+2)), e.g. (2;5);

-          The elastic/soft natural helical pyramidal knot surface Fn; F (n + 2) is the central body of the elastic/soft natural torus knot surface(p; q) of the torus/VTortex. This surface is a law of development/existence of an object, subject or their elements under the Phyllotaxis law:

The author brings this law in consistency with correct understanding of the natural “leaf arrangement” law, namely:

-          Its propagation inside the body of a truncated pyramid to its strings/axis without contacting it. Physically, the string / axis is missing, it is virtual;

-          The cross-section of a twisted pyramid is a polygon (visually noticeable or not) with the number of sides equal to the 2nd Finachchi number F(n+2); for example, for an apple tree with the code (2;5), the cross-section of its stem is a pentagon;

-          The cross-section of a twisted pyramid is not a full polygon, for example, the cross-section of an antelope’s horn, etc.;

-          These surfaces represent a closed target/individual set of Matter (M), Energy (E), Information (I), TimeCalendar, in the Universal Time (MEITCalendar/ TUniverse) ÒÌ for each object, subject of Nature and their components, e.g.:

-          These concepts can be called otherwise such as the Natural Development Code (NDC) which has no relation to the genetic code, “recorded on the DNA molecule” - a soft ladder dangling in space (?!) – an incomprehensible structure since there is no such mechanism or its elements in Nature;

-          The helical pyramidal knot surface is the central part of the figure of a torus/VTortex, or it is a tapered (conical) central body, which due the mechanics of torus technologies and elastic mechanics moves twice as fast as the torus/VTortex during the VTortex eversion. In the case the torus/VTortex “surrounds” a plant or an animal organism the central body – the pyramidal knot surface - moving with the double speed relative to the torus/VTortex, constantly corrects/updates an individual MEIT set or the natural development code (NDC) in the intelligent base located in the surrounding outer space with its tapered end via Plateau/Shikhirin channels

-          The helical pyramidal knot surface and spiral knot surface are soft/elastic shells with a pressurized fluid medium therein.


Here are some of this knowledge currently implemented in a special VTortexTronicsTM Soft- and HardWare:

-          The torus/VTortex, as a helical closed torus knot surface with simultaneous serial conversion of the dimensionality/”colors” from 7D to 5D, and back from 5D to 7D;

-          Conversion of a torus/VTortex lens to a torus/Vortex hedgehog with account for dimensionality/“colors” and back;

-          Conversion of a torus/VTortex as the structure of any one-part (al)chemical element, i.e. monatomic molecule - VTortices-Atoms/Molecule, or a dense packing of VTortex-Atoms/Molecules to a polyatomic molecule - VTortex-Molecule; VTortices-Atoms/Molecule is a 4D Lens or 4D hedgehog polyhedron;

-          Conversion of one VTortex-Molecule chemical element to another Vortex-Molecule;

-          The helical pyramidal knot surface as the Phyllotaxis processes structure;

-          The “Life Knot” – the torus/VTortex with a helical pyramidal knot surface (Fyllotaxis-Process) as the central body of the torus/VTortex - is the structure of ant object, subject and their elements, etc.


With the emergence of new natural knowledge, a new period - the period of transition to a new level of natural science, like the understanding of the geocentric view of the world once changed to the understanding of the heliocentric view of the world and so on, after which all the old reactionary academic “brotherhood” disappeared and was forgotten, including:.

-          Religious institutions that control a particular form of the world perception due to belief in the supernatural;

-          Scientific institutions that control the human activity aimed at development and theoretical systematization of objective knowledge of reality, etc.:

For the knowledge of “subordinates” not to outpace that of “superiors” and to avoid unmanageable embarrassment, the latte (bosses) must immediately review and coordinate dogmas as well as their activities in view of the new sign-of-the-time/key natural knowledge of:

-          Natural laws of matter, energy, information and time in the Universe, which followed

-          Their total distorsion by Man under the direct control of religious and scientific institutions, which led to irreversible catastrophic and tragic space-scale events;

-          System measures to get out of, bypass this trap state - saving “the seed of Mankind” (Konstantin Tsiolkovsky).

So, the principles of forming or distorting the target set (MEIT) are in the natural course of the explosive and/or implosive change of:

-          For the torus/VTortex(3np;q)/(p;3nq)    - the number of helical torus knot surfaces (3np or p) around the meridian; or in its inversion - torus/VTortex(3np; q)/(p; 3nq) - the number of helical torus knot surfaces (q or 3nq) around the longitude;

-          For the Phyllotaxis PyramidF(n-1);F(n+1) - the number of helical pyramidal torus knot surfaces PhyllotaxisF(n-1);F(n+1), where (Fn-1;Fn+1) are Fibonacci numbers and n is a cardinal number;

-          The torus/VTortex(3np;q)/(p;3nq) – the number of “colors”/dimensionality from 7D → 5D (implosive process) and vice versa 5D → 7D (explosive process)

The pressure difference leads to sharp accumulation, overpressure and release/explosion outwards (explosive process) or suction, compression and implosion inwards (implosive process) of the target set (MEIT).


On this basis, the author develops self-supported energy sources and unsupported/self-supported transportation systems that do not use the air and water because these systems do not work in space - rarefied gas and liquid - and under the earth or other conditions of attraction/repulsion.

Working inventions of Viktor Schauberger, e.g. “Domestic Station”, «Repulsine Engine”, operate on the basis of the air and water.
Working transport technologies based on the terrestrial magnetism and electricity were developed by Nikola Tesla, etc.

In the space environment the majority of natural laws of physics, chemistry, etc. do not work while ‘invented’ quantum mechanics laws, the special relativity theory, the quantum field theory, etc. work nowhere, including Earth.


Note: Closed bilateral soft/flexible elements/figures/ surfaces such as the torus (round and angular) and sphere (a “round” sphere, Platonic and Archimedean solids, Shikhirin bodies) with equal surface areas but different volumes; or with equal volumes but different surface areas, etc. are Natural mechanisms to significantly increase efforts, multipliers, accelerators, memory, etc.


Note (for the author himself not to forget). In the author's wording:

-          A theory is a physical and mathematical description of a natural or developed or introduced technological process, machinery or mechanism. There can be only one theory describing the process mathematically and physically.

-          A false theory is a physical and mathematical description of a virtual or real process. A great number of false theories can be invented to describe a virtual or real process can be invented countless.

-          Harmony in any Natural phenomenon is a pre-planned result of the natural structurization process in the nano-and-infinitely-less to mega-and-infinitely-more world.

-          Disharmony is the result of violation of the structurization process in Nature at any stage.

-          Interpolation is a method (mathematical and physical modeling) of finding intermediate values of the process/phenomenon parameters based on representative perfectly reliable information.

-          Extrapolation is a method (mathematical and physical modeling) of prediction /extension of a process/phenomenon of the past and/or the present to the future based on representative, perfectly reliable information.

-          The author developed his methods of interpolation and extrapolation successfully used in studies and in life for over 30 years.




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