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A paper from the XVIII International Scientific Symposium REORGANIZATION OF NATURAL SCIENCES AND ENERGETICS-2009 (V.N. Shikhirin, Chairman of Organizing Committee), specially reworked for the 6-the International Scientific-Practical Conference Tore Technologies, Irkutsk State University, 29 October, 2009.




Valeriy Shikhirin


Independent Scientist and Inventor


This paper was written at one go, therefore it may contain minor non-critical errors, easily correctable and described with respective comments in future deliverables of the author.


Luck is a controlled hop on a passing wave (coincident cycle peaks) of the structurization information and energy in the Universe by prepared and seeking Mankind during its lifetime.

The next wave for it is coming much later Might be too late to hop


There are quite a number of investigations dedicated to reasons for crises in natural sciences and ways of recovery, see for instance [1-4].

Unfortunately, all such investigations only register facts that occurred in the past without exposing their real sources.

Usual answers to such questions are indeed trivial, e.g.:

-          was born at the wrong time;

-          was born ahead of time;

-          was undeservingly put into oblivion;

-          an idea was put on the shelf

-          was deceived by competitors;

-          the high and mighty stood in the way;

-          was murdered;

-          was born in a wrong place

-          all are winners and I am a loser;

-          lived a wrong life;

-          chose a wrong way;

-          if he were alive, etc.

In short, if ifs and ans were pots and pans.


Vivid examples of failures in promotion of supertechnologies of the future are energy/power-dedicated works by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), Viktor Grebennikov (1928-2001), Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), etc. However, their knowledge is likely to be sought after by future winners and losers.


At the same time there are just as striking examples of success in many fields, rather than in science and engineering only, when the promotion process is avalanche-like and takes a very short time (a revolution). These are achievements of Bill Gates, The Beatles with their melancholy music of Space, designers of Google and Silicon Valley, television (Vladimir Zvorikin, 1889-1982), helicopters (Igor Sikorskiy, 1889-1972), American economics (Vasiliy Leontyev, 1906-1999), Buckminster R. Fuller (1895 1983) and others, where young and/or old succeeded in engaging in good business in good time.

Of course, one might think they were simply fortunate. To a certain extent, yes; Maestro Occasion and some circumstances helped them.

They were capable of hard work, learned to gain their way and were persevering, though, frankly speaking, losers may have the same qualities.

It is worth keeping in mind that for hundreds of people cooperation with Bill Gates was sort of taking chances but they did take them and became millionaires, while many wealthy individuals and companies once requested by Bill to invest into his business finally went bankrupt and are possibly whipping the cat now.

How does it happen?

One could get an impression that:

-          all these casual events are controlled from somewhere outside Earth;

-          some giant intellectual tsunamis (cycles) regularly rush over Space, and over Earth in particular, according to certain laws and whoever has saddled the crest of the wave and got into the epi-center of events is a winner, and those who have missed the crest are losers.

-          the above cycles are a set of nested subcycles running according to their own laws, and no cycle will begin before a lower level cycle is completed;

-          to become a winner, one must be fortunate to hop on the crests (peaks) of cycles regularly;

-          this process is beyond Mans control but as long as you know it does exist, you may be lucky to hop the peak of the cycle and get into the whirlpool of events, provided you have prepared thoroughly for it.

In other words, all that actually means a stepwise transition of quantity to quality, but as a matter of fact every step is preceded by a long accumulation period during which nothing seems to occur.

In terms of physics, this process is an effect of structurization energy and information.

In the authors opinion, crises in Nature including crises in the history of Mankind, rather than in natural sciences only, occur in compliance with movement and positions of our Solar System and Earth in the Galaxy and the Galaxy in Space.

The author has described these processes in detail in [5] and proposed his own system of factors (cycles) prioritized by a force effect - Shikhirin Factors/Cycles System consisting of at least 17 factors having an impact on the global climate change and hence provoking crisis events in the vegetable and animal world. The above-mentioned processes are repeatedly restored by the structurization energy and information in time that is structured by them.

The whole global process is confirmed by known periodic cycles (see Table 1).

It should be mentioned that the majority of cycles have not been discovered yet. Moreover, observation results were processed by many scientists but the principles of the whole system of cycles were not revealed, except, perhaps, a system known as the Mayan Calendar.

The author proposes his own system for identification of all space cycles that can act as structurers, for instance, of our Galaxy, allowing accurate calculation of dates of space catastrophes (the climate cooling, changing of Earths axis slope angle, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fires, global floods, etc.) to get prepared for them in advance including a possible emigration to another planet as once was done by our ancestors (Fig. 1) [6]. For the purpose of this preparation the author has established The Forced Global Space Emigration Fund (Chicago, Post Office Box 597351, IL 60659-7351, United States) [5; Objectives of the Fund].

It might have been the Mayan civilization whose pioneers came to Earth over 4000 years ago, i.e. ~ 2000 years BC.

That civilization/tribe had technologies not possessed by our civilization, e.g. transport vehicles and energy sources based on self-supported, or unsupported toroidal vortex movement, i.e. VTortex movement.

In fact, such technologies were developed by Victor Schauberger in 1930-1956 but according to laws of Mankinds existence structurization they were not in demand.

It does not seem unlikely that these technologies will be called for in our troubled years ((2009-2012.....), which is in full compliance with structurization laws irrespective of wishes of the high and mighties. The latter will simply be swept away by these laws, perhaps, together with the whole Mankind.


Fig. 1. The explosive centrifugal radial source of any active galaxy, including our VTortex Galaxy. The picture was taken from the animation in, part 7 made by Nikolay Shikhirin.


All solar and stellar systems move with respect to a relatively flat logarithmic spiral [7, 8] from the super-hot zone of the Bulge the central part of the VTortex Galaxy to its supercold periphery.


Based on this timing system it is possible not only to calculate future catastrophes but confirm past events information.

It goes without saying, wide-scope investigations (data collection) are needed to prove the efficiency of this identification system.

It may be the calendar of the Maya, our ancestors, who came to their new motherland Earth from Mars and naturally possessed that knowledge. 


And the dreadful year 2012 announced as the Doomsday may be a real date of a programmed giant catastrophe to take place in space and, consequently, on Earth when over 90% of the population will perish and a new population of Mankind will come into being starting with primeval society.


It is clear that if more cycle peaks coincide, the new population will perish failing to create transportation carriers based on unsupported or self-supported VTortex movement, without finding a new Earth that does exist somewhere.

Mankind must think about itself, Nature would never want to know it, and human fortunes depend on nobody but Mankind itself. Such were, probably, Konstantin Tsiolkovskys thoughts when he wrote that a space rocket will rescue the semen of Mankind. [A. Chizhevsky. On Shore of the Universe. Years of Friendship with Tsiolkovsky. Memoirs. Moscow, Mysl Publishers, 1995].


On Sun-Spots

Why are scientists so sure that it is the new 2008-2019 year cycle that will be a period of unprecedented solar activity with its peak falling on the year 2013? The author showed it graphically in Fig. 2.


In [9, 10] the author demonstrated the principles of any planets or stars atmosphere development, particularly Suns atmosphere  - these are Coutte-Shikhirin Flows.


Interaction of toroidal flows leads to formation between them (e.g. on Sun) of VTortexes (cyclones bright areas, torches) and AntiVtortexes (anticyclones dark areas, sun-spots) with respective functionality, namely:

-          explosive radial centrifugal VTortex torch sources generate positive white/clear energy. For Earth it means development of favorable conditions for the vegetable and animal world.

-          implosive radial centripetal sinks of AntiVTortex sun-spots generate negative dark energy. For Earth it means development of unfavorable conditions for the vegetable and animal world. Man is particularly affected. That is, the more sun-spots, the more negative energy sources affecting Man.

Obviously, superposition of positive and/or positive-negative peaks leads to a significantly increased number of sun-spots with all the ensuing consequences (Fig. 2).


What are cycles?

Without going into details (there are lots of information elsewhere) let us show superposition of various cycle peaks as a principle of force (Φcycle peak potential) compound multifield impact on Earth, and hence on Mankind (Fig. 2). Here we will be guided by the authors investigations, namely, by the Shikhirin Factors/Cycles System (the Mayan Calendar) consisting minimum of 17 factors which affect global climate changes and inevitably spawn a system of global catastrophes on Earth [5].


Table 1

A few known cycles recorded by researchers

Name and author of a cycle



Number of Chizhevsky cycles

Physical meaning of a cycle;

 factor level by Shikhirin

To be discovered





A. Chizhevsky

~ 11



To be discovered




Anderson/G. Hale

~ 22

~ 2


To be discovered





~ 80-90

~ 4


To be discovered





~ 10.000

~ 910

Cycle10000, rotation of Earths orbit around Sun

To be discovered




M. Milankovich

~ 26.000

~ 2360

Cycle26000, Earths axis precession

To be discovered




M. Milankovich

~ 41.000

~ 3730

Cycle41000, change of Earths rotation axis slope

To be discovered




M. Milankovich

~ 100.000

~ 9090

Cycle100000, fluctuations of Earths orbit eccentricity

To be discovered




 Fig. 2 shows graphically three time segments:

1)      past time: 1815 April 2009,

2)      current time: April 2009,

3)      future time: May 2009 which is characterized by the following irreversible processes:

o   total cooling and frost-killing of the whole biosphere (Fig. 3);

o   a very short period of destruction (disruption) of the toroidal shell of our VTortex Galaxy that will have exceeded its normal characteristics, e.g. mass, size by that time;

o   fast ejection of the working fluid medium out of the shell;

o   transformation of the active galaxy into a dead galaxy;

o   capturing the dead stellar matter of our ex-Galaxy by another active galaxy enveloping it by its implosive end acting as the radial sink, the predictor funnel, etc.


Fig. 2 also shows positive (florishment) and positive-negative (fading) peaks of regular natural cycles coinciding in time.

 : Earths axis rotation by 180o  : 22-year Andersen/Hale cycleFig. 2.  Regular cycles and coincident positive and positive-negative peaks


Functional features of positive Φ+ values and negative Φ- values for peaks of cycles taking place in Nature. Let us consider coincident cycles11, cycles22 and cycles88.  There are two types of cycle peak ΦΣ coincidence:

-           positive Φ+ with positive Φ+, e.g.,

Φ+Σ = Φ+11 + Φ+22,

Φ+Σ = Φ+11 + Φ+22 + Φ+88

-          negative Φ-  with positive Φ+, e.g.,

Φ-Σ = Φ-22 - Φ+11,

Φ-Σ  =  Φ-88 - Φ+11 - Φ+22

Φ+Σ > Φ-Σ, e.g.:

Φ+Σ - Φ-Σ = Φ+11 + Φ+22 + Φ+88 - Φ-88 + Φ+11 + Φ+22 = 2(Φ+11  + Φ+22) - 1-st type

Φ+Σ - Φ-Σ = Φ+11 + Φ+22 - Φ-22 + Φ+11 = 2Φ+11 2-nd type.


Fig. 2 shows only the principle that may and should be checked by having any cycles (positions 1, 2, 3) shift to the left or to the right against each other along the timebase to the past and/or the present.

Moreover, we will have to learn the physical meaning of superposition of the positive peak Φ+ on the positive peak Φ+, and the negative peak Φ- on the positive peak Φ+ as well as how these superpositions affect the vegetable and animal world of planet Earth.


Conclusion: A sum of positive cycle peak potentials has a considerably greater impact on Earth.

All the cycles are nested and their ends or startups may coincide, i.e. enter the resonance state.

In the authors opinion, a global cycle is a period of time beginning with the explosive centrifugal radial source giving birth to any star or planet, such as Earth, by the helical rolling milling method, which star or planet then moves along the torus periphery (VTortex Galaxy) to its implosive radial centripetal sink finally getting to the helical rolling mill before exit from it.


Moreover, according to the Law of Bloating, the radius of this closed curve of the next planet/star will be always greater than the radius of the previous planet/star.

Fig. 2 shows a linearly positioned cycle system (the Solar System), i.e. from the beginning of a global cycle to its end.


This system can be represented by concentric circles, i.e. by connecting the beginning of a global cycle (point A recovery of planets after the helical rolling mill) with its end (point B movement of frozen planets increased in size due to the Law of Bloating to the helical rolling mill).

In much the same way we can represent the calendar of Mankinds existence on Earth, starting from the moment our ancestors landed on Earth (more than 4000 years ago) point a, - till our time and further point b (Fig. 3).


This short time period is located on the Life Belt that gives life to the vegetable and animal world and falls at a period during which the Sun system crosses the Life Belt.

Moreover, from this representation explains similar location on a disc, for instance, of the Solar System planets, their parades positioning of all planets on the same radial line, - and subparades when several planets are positioned on the same line in different combinations.

And similar Mayan Calendar exists for the Twin Solar System and for all solar and stellar systems of the Universe.


Fig. 3. Transformation of the linear representation of regular cycles into a circular one and, maybe, into the Mayan Calendar.


A few words about the so called hadron colliders and other charged particle accelerators

A working fluid medium, for instance, liquid or/and gas is, according to energy and information laws, a three-phase (three-component) state [5], namely:

1)      1-st phase (Plato-Shikhirin Skeleton) is rarefied liquid or gas working fluid medium with dislocations and surfactants;

2)      2-nd phase (Shell) is a thin soft/elastic material of spherical, polyhedral or toroidal shells or their tight pack;

3)      3-rd phase (Filler) is liquid or gas a working fluid medium contained in the shell (phase 2) under overpressure.


Destruction of this three-phase medium by hundreds of best scientists of Earth using most exotic crushers such as a crowbar or accelerators shooting out shapeless fragments of the same working fluid medium yields shapeless pieces of the 1-st, 2-nd or 3-rd phase taken by hadroners for new elementary particles.

They have even gone so far as to make a classification thereof.

At present their quantity is 400, and in the future, with similar methods of matter destruction, there will be hundreds thousands of them  - there wont be enough Nobel prizes for all.

In [7, 8] of this paper the author put forward his own idea of natural production of yet undiscovered elementary particles, an atom, a molecule, an electron, etc.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory - Fermilab - located in Batavia, an hour drive from Chicago, employs nonsensical matter crashes such as Main Injector Ring and Tevatron.


The author happened to meet quite a number of the labs employees, not only hadroners, and even asked for permission to hold some of his seminars on matter structurization in Nature there. He soon understood that nobody of todays hadroners physically understands what they are doing, despite the fact that the engineering staff who fulfill design and experiment assignments of chief designers of colliders are highly skilled professionals, especially Russians; they simply do not bother to think of the purpose of all that.


The authors recommendations

For efficient and objective examination of work related, for instance, to manifestation of unknown vortex-based VTortex energy and information, examiners must be independent experts in the following knowledge fields:

-          practical astronomy and cosmology;

-          torus technologies and elastic mechanics;

-          circular, vortex, toroidal, centripetal, centrifugal, etc. movements;

-          biology  -  movement of heavy (bugs) and light (flies) insects in the air and fish in mountain rivers; food of the vegetable world; movement of bio-liquids inside a human organism;

-          construction of hydro-structures;

-          practical air- and hydro-dynamics;

-          channel processes in atmosphere, rivers, seas and oceans;

-          colloid chemistry  -  foam generation, phase transfers;

-          topology  -  torus knots and links;

-          tornado development and functioning;

-          any field of applied knowledge;

-          gyroscopy,

-          alchemy,

-          cacral geometry etc.


Only the above-mentioned specialists are able to provide adequate assessment of the Earths and Space environment and give recommendations on how to save life conditions at our planet, primarily by using VTortex structurization energy and information.


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