A report for the 7th sci-tech conference “Instrument-Making in XXI Century. Integration of Science, Education and Industry” with foreign participation dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Instrumentation Faculty of the Izhevsk State University, Izhevsk, 17-19 November 2011

(an updated version translated into English, 2012)

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Code Name “PANACEA” (the beginning, to be continued in [27,119]).

Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin

 President Elastoneering Inc.,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Geopolitics and Security Department, independent researcher, engineer and inventor

Chicago, USA


A graduate, 40 years ago – 1971, of the Instrumentation Faculty (Special Mathematical Group), Izhevsk State Technical University


1.      The text was written ”at a go” and in a free form, therefore it may contain discrepancies, even essential ones but correctable and followed by appropriate explanations and supplements made by the author of the project, independent sponsors and his consultants. The original language to describe the knowledge is Russian, the backup language is English.

2.      This is a considerably expanded Internet (Web-PaperÒÌ) version of the paper containing multiple links to click and study the information referenced while you are visiting the site.

3.      Editorial boards of conferences, seminars, symposia, etc. are not held liable for multiple addenda, corrections and updates made by the author in the texts of papers and reports.



 “…Imagine there's no countries,
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one.”


John Lennon (Imagine, 1971)

“What I call luck is controllable catching by prepared and seeking Man of the crest of a passing wave of the Universe information and energy structurization in his lifetime. The next wave for him will come a great deal later… No time to catch …”


 “I must provide (Mankind) with something that will protect or rescue life, namely: a power source that produces energy so cheap that the atom fission will be uneconomical, if not funny.  

This is the task I set for myself in this short life I have lived.”

Viktor Schauberger


 “I am now able to construct the organism of this machine in such a way that it ceases to function the very moment it is opened up. In exactly the same way that a living body ceases pulsating when the heart is opened, my machine also stops functioning if an inquisitive person wishes to examine it anatomically”

Viktor Schauberger


 “There are no lines or circumferences in a healthy mechanism”

Viktor Schauberger


"All motion consists of two components. One component serves inwardness (internalisation) and the other outwardness (dispersion). Both preconditions for motion regulate the eternal flow of metamorphosis (panta Rhei)."


Viktor Schauberger


““Mankind must think of itself that Nature does not care at all about it, and human fortunes depend solely on Mankind itself”.


That is what Konstantin Tsiolkovsky probably thought when writing that the rocket would rescue the Human seed.”

Alexander Chizhevsky


“…How soon Mankind succeeds in connecting its machines to the power source of the environment is just a matter of time”

Nikola Tesla

“But I don’t want to remain a miser to my readers.  And I am giving researchers another Patent of Nature which is also related to Movement and Gravitation; physicists declare: creation of an unsupported propulsion unit is impossible. In other words, a vehicle fully isolated from the environment will never fly or go be it a car without outer wheels, or an aircraft with a “shrouded” propeller, or a rocket with “plugged” nozzles. The only exception is Baron Munchausen who managed to pull himself out of a swamp by his own hair…”

Viktor Grebennikov


 “The official science renders an individual incapable of thinking”

Viktor Grebennikov’s father


“An astronaut is a pilot; but to a far greater extent astronauts are natural scientists. Thanks to this, the world outlook tends to change, natural science to reform, Existence to develop to perfection.

The time of an astronaut is calculated by minutes and seconds; a second-long error leads to a program failure. But what mechanism does Nature have to keep in form for billions of years? Such a mechanism inherent in the torus-and-vortex space physics has been discovered in studies of energy conversion, movement and rythmodynamic balance:

-          the first thing is Sun attacking the planet with radiation and ionization flows;

-          the second thing is the weather that becomes more unbearable with every year;

-          the third thing is the planetary energy balance.

This energy exchange mechanism is realized through structural changes, and a change in the structure leads to a change in  the energy volume of energy exchange processes.

Torus-and-vortex technologies are a free niche for energy conversion applications, by example of Shikhirin-VTortex vortex-and- torus energetics.

The structurization energy is becoming a principal object of attention of scientists and experts.

The cosmophysics of torus-and-vortex processes has a big future”.

Vladimir Janibekov (“Jan”)


“All my ancestors (Nordics) lived, loved, gave birth, suffered and died for me to inherit their best genetic properties.

They were unaware of the specifics of this natural process.

I happened to be fortunate to understand natural processes formed on the basis of the structurization matter, energy and information and how they are transmitted to descendants.

Therefore, I must do everything in my power to be able to say about my ancestors: their lives were not in vain!

This is not a primitive genealogical tree but a genetic tree – a system of natural structurers of which everyone ought to determine for himself their dominating feature, their efficiency and correlation factors!”




Vortex; VTortexÒÌ; Elastoneering; Explosion; Implosion; Torus TechnologiesÒÌ; Elastic EngineeringÒÌ; Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin; Torus Knots; Self-Supported Systems; Levitation; Gravitation; Structurization of Matter, Energy, InformationÒÌ; Couette-Shikhirin FlowÒÌ; Plateau-Shikhirin ChannelsÒÌ; Aether; Toroidal Shell; Sphere Shell; Shikhirin CellsÒÌ; Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin TechnologiesÒÌ; TorusMetryÒÌ; SphereMetryÒÌ; MobiusMetryÒÌ; ColorMetryÒÌ; Platonic Solids; Archimedean Solids; Shikhirin SolidsÒÌ; Great Stellated Polyhedron; Polyhedron; Heptahedron; MultiTorus Finepitch GearsÒÌ, Crumpled&FoldedTechTM, UnCrumpled&UnFoldedTechTM  etc.





1.     Valeriy Shikhirin’s Technologies.

2.      Time Structurization.

2.1. Structurization of the Time Category in the Language. The Language.

2.2. Calendar Time Structurization.

3.      Structurization of Matter.

4.      “Invisibility” of Key Functional Features of the Universe, Particularly Life Processes.

4.1. Causes of “Invisibility”.

4.2. Invisible VÒortexTM.

5.      Natural and Artificial/Anthropogenic Destruction of the Space Structure, i.e. Working Fluid Medium.

6.      Life Story of a Typical Research Engineer Covering the Last Years of the USSR, its Collapse and the Beginning of “New” Russia.

6.1. Graduation Thesis.

6.2. Machine-Vision Systems.

6.2. Selecting “Freedom”.

7.      Space Technologies. Their Glorious Beginning and Silent End.

8.   Viktor Schauberger.

8.      Anatoliy Akimov and His Critics.

10. Larisa Borodina.

9.      Reasons to Implement the “PANACEA” Project .

11.1. “Panacea” Project.

11.2. Planet Destruction Factors beyond Man’s Control.

11.3. Vacuum Gravitation Law.

11.4. Mars  ↔  Earth. Is a Back Flight Possible?

11.5. Volcanoes and “Meteorites”.

11.5.1. Technological One-Time Volcanoes.

11.5.2. Sleeping Volcanoes.

11.5.3. “ Meteorites”.

11.5.4. Pseudo-Meteorites.

12. Man Controlled Destruction of Earth, or Killing the Planet and Mankind by the “Elite”.

13. The Atmosphere Formation Principles or the New Functional Specifics of Torus Technologies and Elastic Mechanics

14. Ozone Holes.

14.1. The Kola Superdeep Borehole – The Humankind’s Road to “Hell”.

14.2. What is Awaiting Man in the Near Future.

15. The Non-Accidental Universe.

16. Intolerable Innovations.

17. Novelty of Work.

17.1. A VTortex Energy Source.

17.2. Drops of Liquid or Gas.

17.3. A Cocoon Chamber.

17.4. Self-Supported Vehicle #1.

17.5. Self-Supported Vehicle #2.

17.6. Motion Principles of Flying and Swimming Organisms in Terms of Torus Technologies.

17.6.1. Movement in a Gas Medium.

17.6.2. Movement in a Liquid Medium.

17.6.3. Flocks and Shoals.

17.6.4. Collective Mind.

18. VTortex as a Life Cell.

19. Related Technical Systems.

20. Employment Criteria for Specialists Involved in VTortex System Development Activities.

21. Typical Items of the Proposal (an example of kaleidoscopic requirements specification).

21.1. Executor.

21.2. Sponsor.

21.3. Milestones (Sample Job Schedule).

21.4. Information Safety.

21.5. Documentation and Security.

21.6. Patenting.

21.7. Commercialization Strategy.

2.18. Key Personnel.

21.9. Cost Proposal Option.

21.10. Materials and Equipment.





«… In this situation only a frightful catastrophe may perhaps bring about order. In the achievement of such generalized order at least 90% of humanity will fall victim…"

Viktor Schauberger.


 “But, perhaps, it could be the best way out rather than making revolutions, changing regimes while the power will be gripped by the worst as usual.

Everything  will click into place automatically, as it happens in Nature;  the collective mind will win both in the animal and vegetable worlds, and our parasitic consumerism-sick  civilization controlled by the global government will be transformed into a creative civilization with a proud name of Mankind.”



The information contained in this paper was picked up from various specifications and working documents. The author deliberately chose a free manner of writing with multiple insertions, photos, autobiographic information, etc.

Along with the above, a knowledgeable reader gets to know:

-          the environment the paper was written in;

-          what work-related or personal reasons encouraged the author to take up investigations into this branch of natural science

-          starting points of his research/engineering activities, etc.

Normally, articles, books or R&D reports written by genuine researchers (Fig. 1) are characterized by an “ample and vivid” writing manner easily understood by any reader and do not scare him (her) with concocted “works of genius” with their excessive formalization.

The writing standards were invented by administrators and bureaucrats rather than by scientists, engineers and inventors, in order to:

-          be in control of everything;

-          be able to distort the concept of a paper, delay its issue or “lose” it;

-          confuse the author and even deny him publication;

-          squeeze money (a pretty sum) from the author by offering to write a review of his (her) paper so that it could be included into a “conspicuous” collection book;

-          keep the author waiting for a long time fretting that the paper may be stolen;

-          wipe out the author’s original ideas to replace them with meaningless word sets;

-          coerce the author into citing “valued” people and publications thereby increasing their popularity and “citation index” in “prestigious” scientific magazines, etc. Such magazines are never claimed in libraries (or claimed only to be referred to elsewhere); even old issues are not soiled and smell of printing ink. Sometimes people look through them as they pick them out from a piled heap of free daily “bestsellers” while waiting for their turn at reception offices of lawyers, doctors, hairdressers, etc.


For example, I have several dozens of issues of the popular-scientific National Geographic Magazine starting from as early as 1930 which I bought at Garage/yard sales.  Comparing their contents from early years to the 80-ies of the last century and later I came to the conclusion that the magazine that used to publish brilliant geographic articles covering the whole world has now turned to an expensive disposable collection of advertisements.


I wonder why the so-called biomathematics along with the string, relativity, big burst theories and other “quantum” directions whose authors seem to have sprung from nowhere are now regarded as full-fledged scientific areas and, moreover, have taken the scientific leadership having pushed out “natural” fields from science?

In my opinion, such artificial “mathematical fantasies” should be called “scientific fantasy” or “techno-fantasy” fiction, though the fiction writing community might not agree to view them as such.

Therefore, having gained the world experience and an insight into “discarded” technologies the author is not wasting time on taking pains to be published in “prestigious” magazines but is constantly seeking new ways of popularization of his knowledge of nature, e.g. through the Internet, being conscious that even this “breath of freedom” will soon be suppressed. I do not care at all about the citation index of my papers or/and the prestige image of a magazine. I know that my papers are being read and will be happy if they continue to be read in the future. It means my knowledge is claimed by the reader, which encourages me to write. Thank you.


The knowledge in question is not so much the author’s knowledge as that of a smart biorobot (a human being) who, according to laws of matter, energy, information and time structurization in Nature, was admitted to the next level of the infinite knowledge of the Universe (data base)


Why was he admitted? The author believes that the transfer to a new level of “admission to the Nature’s secret” is a natural event aimed at setting up and finding solutions to problems facing Mankind. An admitted biorobot should possess the following properties:

        this opportunity is given to “selected” biorobot intellectuals;

        accumulation of energy and information starts from the early age of a biorobot;

        the energy of the “thirst for knowledge” is developed by the robot himself quite unconsciously; he is not forced to do it.

An effective contribution to this natural process is made consciously or subconsciously by parents, grandparents and relatives as well as by volunteer mentors and teachers in different life disciplines who are not indifferent to this targeted upbringing/education.

A real born tutor or teacher sees rudiments of an extraordinary personality in his disciple and continues to guide the latter until full realization of his capabilities. This socially-needed labor and its results are highly rewarding to the teacher. There was quite a number of such teaches and mentors in my life including my mother and grandmother, the music teacher, “Father Engineers”, school teachers of mathematics, physics and chemistry (about 5 people), let alone my wife who is my friend and team-mate.

The friendship between Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Alexander Chizhevsky is a vivid example of such a “teaching process”;

        the knowledge should cover key knowledge areas of Nature or be “unknown”;

        the quality of knowledge no matter where it came from should be very high;

        experience and skills come automatically after the knowledge obtained was put to practice.

As a rule, gifted persons are got rid of in life since they violate the familiar order of parasitic existence.

The soft- and hardware system of a human biorobot may be specifically targeted at the above-mentioned, and when certain conditions arise to activate intellectual (matter-energy-information) efforts of the biorobot, the latter shifts (is admitted) to the next information level to solve the following tasks set to him by Nature.

It should be also mentioned that this shift happens in less than no time, actually instantaneously, be it in engineering or in everyday life. There are a lot of words and phrases to express this fact: “Mr. Chance and circumstances”, a skip, a jump, transformation of quantity into quality, a catastrophic failure, the butterfly effect, the water-hammer effect, pennies from heaven, etc.


Actually, all the above expressions reflect the result of invisible and long-time activities of structurization forces that has suddenly come to surface.


A vivid natural example of an instant shift/jump is the formation of self-supported VTortices (tornado torus, galaxy torus, atom torus, etc.) with “sudden” emergence of natural structurers, such as:

-          seven “colors”/measures;

-          torus knots;

-          heptahedra (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) numbering seven

-          a set of spherical, toric and knot Pi’s, etc.


Regarding myself, I remember the following from my life:

-          permanent, subconscious thirst for new knowledge and skills;

-          if desired information was missing I used to seek it from people known to me and strangers who were not always friendly. However, subconsciously, I followed the proverb that “to ask is a one-minute shame, to be ignorant is a life-long shame”

-          trying to get a deep insight into any information I studied.

In my life I was fortunate to meet people who generously shared their knowledge with me. And I am, in turn, happy to share with you the information I acquired from other people supplemented and processed based on my knowledge. This process of mutual information acquisition/exchange is a real example of acting laws of matter, energy and information structurization.

It is quite possible that in your life you also happened to meet some people, faced certain circumstances, came across information sources from various fields of knowledge, and then -Bingo! - random items suddenly linked into a logical chain. You might have even got an impression that somebody guided you in your activities prompting where to take missing information and providing additional energy. Of course, you were open to this support and ready to get it for your future development.


A person is a smart biorobot capable of thinking. But the thinking process is just the reflection of the Universe knowledge in a human brain like in a mirror with an infinite optical/intellectual depth.

Through their brain acting as a relay station biorobot people may “see” and reflect into space a deeper level of knowledge.

Moreover, if we reveal and confirm the functional specifics of the following processes:

  • information transfer from the database of the Universe through a human biorobot’s brain;
  • targeted retrieval and short-term storage of a part of the knowledge in the brain of a human biorobot;
  • reflection of the knowledge obtained into the biorobot socium, properly or improperly intellectually oriented, through communication means, etc.,

then we will be able to find appropriate sections of the human biorobot’s brain responsible for each of these processes.

It is not unlikely that the permanent brain structure of a human biorobot and the functionality distribution among the brain sectors will be quite different.


For example, the brain functions include thinking, speech generation, processing of sensory information coming from sense organs, planning, decision making, coordination, motion control, positive and negative emotions, attention, memory, etc.

In my opinion, the above-mentioned functions of a human brain, including those so far unknown, may be divided at least into two groups, namely:

1. Functions of communications and interaction with the outer space environment, including:

  • reception-transmission of matter, energy and information, including genetic data [27]. The movement is performed via the Plateau-Shikhirin skeleton from the infinite space intelligent knowledge base to a human being and back;
  • long-term memory;
  • dreams;
  • speech generation;
  • planning, decision-making, etc.

2. Autonomously Operating Functions:

  • processing of sensory information coming from sense organs;
  • attention;
  • short-term memory;
  • coordination, motion control;
  • positive and negative emotions, etc.

These two function groups are common for the whole animal and vegetable world, see [27] for details.


A biorobot cannot reach a certain level of knowledge unless he is interested in it passing through multiple levels in succession. Upward transitions (transformation of quantity into quality) are made possible only after a human biorobot has mastered all matter, energy and information capabilities of a previous level. To skip levels is impossible. 

I have shared my life observations with you, and now it is for you to choose whether you read and accept it or not.

In my life it sometimes happened that after a long-lasting period of data accumulation a sudden event would open new horizons. I tried to dig further but found nobody to answer my questions. Was it the information dead end? No, the knowledge existing in Nature is boundless, therefore, there will be another intelligent biorobot who will continue exploration of this multi-level process irrespective of time parameters and so it will go on as long as Man exists as an intelligent biorobot species in the Universe.


In 2000-2001 the first fundamental works of the author on elastic mechanics emerged almost simultaneously [2-5]. The epigraph to them contained words of Bible:

7But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach you; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell you: 8Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach you: and the fishes of the sea shall declare to you12, Job

Since I was born and brought up in an atheist family in socialist society (Thanks to Lenin and Stalin!), was a member of young communist organizations, a communist (twice) and believed quite sincerely in communist ideals, religion doctrines, e.g. of life created by somebody, had, fortunately, absolutely no effect on me in my pioneer engineering activities, especially in development of self-supported (life) systems based on matter, energy and information structurization in Nature.


Every summer of 1989 to 2001 I used to take a short leave to drive from Moscow to a Russian village Iyulskoye (from July) (1250 km) near Izhevsk to visit my grandmother who was my natural teacher, my parents and my aunts Anya and Marusya who were my mother’s younger sisters and my dear nurses. The village founded in 1725 by Russian orthodox Christians and Old Believers is only 4 years younger than the Russian Empire and 50 years older than the USA.

My grandmother and parents died before my emigration to America.

I took to America a gripful of earth from my family estate in my spiritual motherland where I grew up and learned, with “God’s help” (Nature, Grandmother and Mother), to think and work. I keep a small container with the earth on my desk in front of me near the computer and other equipment with which I work daily no less than 6-8 hours.

Through the space intelligent base this earth remembers all my ancestors and relatives, including me, who communicated/are communicating with it.


The background of my computer screens is a view of the Beryozovka creek with its fringing banks and vegetation. The creek joins the Iyule river that gave its name to the village Iyulskoe of Votkinsk district (Beryozovo, from Birch). In this very place about 60 years ago my village friend Leonid Varlamov found mammoth’s tusks that are now reposited at the Izhevsk museum of history.

What is it? Can it be a mere coincidence that this very place is subconsciously the dearest spot with people who know it, including me?

What delights the eye as part of the brain put to the periphery? This part relays information to the space intelligent knowledge base, and the response coming to the brain through a “sensory block” is transformed into a most pleasant satisfaction remaining with a person until the end of his life.


In 1995 I had routine car maintenance at a shop near Izhevsk (28 kilometers from the Iyulskoye village. The maintenance was performed by a non-smoking and non-drinking Russian guy who for some unknown reason charged nothing for his work; moreover he presented me with a pretty blue-cover book titled in Russian “Life – How Did It Originate? Through Evolution or by Creation? [102]. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. International Bible Students Association, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 1992» » (“Jehovah's Witnesses” organization created in 1931,


Is my meeting him, or his meeting me, a mere coincidence?

Never before had I met with such a great amount of compressed and easily perceived information even if I had perused all natural science books and laid out their short contents on 256 pages. That was an Encyclopedia of Natural Science. I took epigraphs for my papers from it and later on, when in America, I found the origin and its authors in New York. They are very smart and active intellectuals, including some guys from Russia.

When analyzing the model “Life Origin by Special Creation” and comparing it with natural reality which “was not created; it was, is and will be forever”, I found a striking similarity between the two of them except minor differences (Table 1) that could be omitted.

Other models of life origin, e.g. the Chemical Evolution model were not considered by the author because they simply do not exist.

There is only one reality: “Life was created by nobody, it has always been in the Universe and will continue infinitely”. The author.

Table 1

Life was created by nobody, it has always been in the Universe and will continue infinitely (the author)

Concrete facts [102]

Creation model [102]

Life originates only from life already existing.

The genetic code (natural structurer) of any vegetable of animal organism cannot be formed by chance. This is a natural eternal structurer

Life originates only from life already existing.

The genetic code cannot be formed by chance.

Life originates only from life already existing.

Initially it was creared by a rational creator.

Fossil evidence:

Spontaneous emergence of a great variety of complicated organisms. Every new species is isolated from preceding species; there are no link forms

Such species were delivered by an interplanetary civilization properly oriented intellectually. Our predatory civilization only makes use of and destroys them.

Fossil evidence:

Spontaneous emergence of a great variety of complicated organisms. Every new species is isolated from preceding species; there are no link forms.


Evidence expected from fossils:

Spontaneous emergence of a great variety of complicated forms.

Gaps between basic groups; absence of link forms.

No new species emerge in an evolutionary manner though a great deal of various types exists; there are no underdeveloped bones or organs.

No new species emerge in an evolutionary manner though a great deal of various types exists; there are no underdeveloped bones or organs.

No new species emerge in an evolutionary gradual manner; there are no underdeveloped bones or organs; all parts are fully developed

Small mutations are harmful, significant ones are lethal; they never give rise to anything new.

Small mutations are harmful, significant ones are lethal; they never give rise to anytrhing new.

Mutations are harmful for complex organisms; they never give rise to anything new.

Any civilization never appears from nothing, rather it migrates from one planet to another starting to live in caves as “first homes”.

A civilization emerges simultaneously with man; cave inhabitants are contemporaries of those civilized people.

A civilization emerges simultaneously with man; it is of complex nature from the start.

The speech appears simultaneously with man. The speech is transferred with man automatically when he emigrates to another planet.

All languages have a similar structure, and when the civilization needs it they develop and supplement each other with more clear words and word combinations.

The speech appears simultaneously with the man; ancient languages are often more complicated as compared with modern lanuages.

The speech appears simultaneously with man; ancient languages are complicated and display completeness.

According to ancient records, the length of the emigration period (man) on Earth (new planet) is the following for:

1. Consumeristic, parasitic current civilization with improper intellectual orientation:

until complete destruction of the planet by man and his next emigration:

~ 200-250 generations;

~ 4,500 years:

-          ~2,500-3,000 years BC

-          ~2,000 AD (2012)

2. Creative civilization:

until the Sun system moving in the hose of the everting Galaxy torus has reached the super-cold zone of the Life Belt

~ 2,000-2,500 generations;

~ 45,000 years

10 times more!

The age of ancient records:

~5,000 years:

~3,000 years BC,

~2,000 years AD (2012)

Emergence of man:

~6,000 years ago:

~4,000 years BC,

~2,000 years AD.(2012)

“Traces” of creative interplanetary civilizations preparing our planet for civilizations needing a new home. The mass-scale migrations might have been caused by man-made or planet-scale catastrophes

In our case the migration of mankind, or rather its “elite”, was caused by the barbaric destruction by them of previously inhabitated planets Phaeton and Mars and later our planet.

 “Unusual” archeological findings (household objects, tools, petroglyphs, etc. found more than 4500 years ago, namely tens, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens and hundreds of millions years ago.

That is, these “creative” events occurred before the immigration to or capture of Earth by the consumerist interplanetary civilization of Mankind.

Data not available


Nikola Tesla believed that:

-          the human brain is not capable of remembering things;

-          the human memory does not exist;

-          the memory is just a human response to a repeatable external stimulus;

-          the man is only a conductor of ideas – matter, energy, information and time structurization technologies (the author) that move from the world of ideas to the world of people and practice

-          there is only one God never described in any religion. He did not believe in God (a comment of the author);

-          God, if viewed as the space intelligent database  (the author) has much in common with Buddhism; the latter appeared in VI century BC in Ancient India The Buddhism does not recognize God as a personality. The man achieves self-awareness through meditation and the result depends on the man himself

In other words, the Buddhism makes use of techniques peculiar to branches of Natural science (telekinesis, telepathy, telegony, etc.), including:

-  Settings and the contact function of the human brain as a receiver-transmitter of a biorobot with an intelligent database residing in space. Its 7-dimensional (7 “colors”) structure composed by an even number of interacting tori is similar in design to atmospheric torus cells (the North and the South cells, two Ferrel cells and two Hadley cells “beaded” onto the Earth globe from the North pole in the direction of the helical movement of the Sun system in the “Milky Way” Galaxy hose.

Perhaps, there is only one closed (a ball segment) or open (ball ring) intelligent VTortex in the north hemisphere above 40o north lat., that “covers” the population in that area thereby increasing the information effect on it. The population “not covered» by the intelligent VTortex is in no way disadvantaged.

-          Matter, energy and information are delivered via the Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton, etc. (comment of the author)

-          The Universe is a living thing;

-          People are “automata”, intelligent biorobots behaving in conformance with the Creator’s plans, namely: they were created an infinite number of years ago by Nature (or they have always existed to ensure targeted tuning of technologies of matter, energy and information structurization in Nature (comment of the author).


The author identifies himself as an intelligent biorobot and will try to prove it in [119].

My guess about my being a biorobot was proved unconsciously not once throughout my life.

Man was created by Nature for mandatory solution of tasks assigned to him in his biological life. I finally realized it at the end of 2012.

If the above tasks are not solved my mechanism (and everybody’s too) will be disassembled by Nature, and its parts (Soft- and Hardware) will be used in the future as Salvage/Utility Waste according to laws of matter, energy and information structurization in Nature.

Only after I have completed all the tasks assigned by Nature throughout my life I will be able to get to the next non-biological level to fulfill tasks corresponding to its higher status, etc.


In our civilization the tasks put by Nature were successfully solved by Genii of Mankind (Fig.1) who:

·         are intelligent biorobots with a correct intellectual orientation;

·         were automatically “selected” and connected by the Natural Computer Software/Hardware to the next level of the Universe database for practical implementation of the future of the human civilization with possible transmission to the next non-biological life.

·         contributed to the fundamental knowledge of Mankind – matter, energy, information and time structurization (Table 2).  


There might have existed other genii but for some unknown reasons their knowledge remained unknown to us.


I would like to focus on the following:

·         All these “organisms” from Europe lived in the area higher than 40o north. lat. The similar area of the Southern Hemisphere (above 40o south. lat.) is practically devoid of population;

·         4 persons of the 11 represent the Russian socium.

The Russian socium is a community of people who inhabit the former USSR area.




Fig. 1. True genii of planet Earth who possessed the basic knowledge of Nature – matter, energy, information and time structurization; the upper level.

Table 2

Short descriptions of contributions made by Earth’s genii (Fig.1) to the basic knowledge of Mankind – matter, energy, information and time structurization (Figs. 3,4,5-8,9...).

Genii of planet Earth

Contribution to Mankind’s knowledge

(Short descriptions in the author’s interpretation)

# in chronological order


(428-347 BC)

Sphere4. Platonic solids4 (shells containing a pressurized fluid medium and their dense packing).




(287-212 BC)

Structurization of 4D space (Fuller space). Real natural polyhedral foam4 (the only octant, 4 axes tilted ~109030). Archimedean solids4 (shells containing a pressurized fluid medium and their dense packing).

Archimedes’s Principle.

Body movement in a fluid medium under gravitation conditions.








Structurization of various types of movement/relocation under gravitation conditions.

The human brain “beholds” any truth completely and in absolute consistency with Nature, because man, as an intelligent biorobot, is only a relay system transmitting knowledge from Nature’s database, provided he is allowed access thereto.




 Johannes Kepler


Structurization of the Sun system planetary orbits. Principles of planetary orbit structurization for any star galaxy.

Platonic solids as the basis of the universe. Structurization principles of 3-dimensional flat (a snowflake) and 4-dimensional crystals.




Joseph Plateau


Space structurization. Intershell space Aether – Plateau-Gibbs Channels and principles of body and fluid medium movement in them. Formation on their basis of materials with pre-defined properties. A Drop4. A Bubble4.







The Aether as the intershell space of the Universe.

Energy and information as functional features of space structurization; technologies of their relocation in needed amounts to an unlimited distance.




Konstantin Tsiolkovsky


Circumplanetary space structurization.

Technologies of body movement under gravitation and levitation conditions.

Forced emigration of Mankind to another planet as a new structural intelligent level of Mankind




Viktor Schauberger


7D (7 “colors”) space structurization; principles of vortex process development in fluid media: VTortex7, Ring7, Torus7, Spiral Thread4, Bundle4 and Schauberger Flow4.

Development on their basis of self-supported energy-information systems and their technical implementation.




Alexander Chizhevsky


Structurization of galactic time, time of solar, stellar and planet systems, calendars. Functional features of Galaxy and Sun System as structurers of vegetable and animal life.



Viktor Grebennikov


Space structurization and making use of its specifics (hollow structure effect) for technical implementation of self-supported energy-information systems to enable movement in space. Invisibility of moving objects




Anatoly Akimov


Torsion/toric feature of space structurization and its use for information and energy reception-transmission from/to an infinite distance. Technical implementation of telegony, teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis processes and self-supported energy-information systems.





I wanted to include into this Table of Genii Vladimir Vernadsky whose 150-year anniversary was celebrated on March 12, 2013.

Unfortunately, his ideas are not destined to be realized since they are oriented at a long-term period of Mankind’s development covering several millennia, whereas Mankind will hardly last for 175-200 years (8-10) generations. He could not know and even fancy that.

The biosphere will exist for a longer time but it makes no sense to know about that period of dying. An area unexplored until now is the search by Mankind of a planet suited for life assuming that the new planet has already been prepared for Mankind by a creative civilization of a proper intellectual orientation. In light of the new knowledge of matter, energy and information structurization technologies it is made possible, for instance, to obtain chemical elements by extraction/sucking out of the outer space [27], rather than digging them from Earth.

A civilization of a proper intellectual orientation is creative by nature; it will start exploration of a new planet garden using just the above-mentioned technologies instead of upturning its soil with a dirty snout of a pig and trampling it down in the fight for natural resources and space.

Such civilizations feel concerned about overpopulation of a planet in advance and prepare other planets for colonization in good time. The process of artificial birth limitation on the planet is a crime against humanity.


Note: After quite a number of information technology branches, e.g. Internet-related products and services, including Internet search, Social networking etc, designed by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Odnoklassniky, Vkontakte, Vkrugudruzey, Rambler, Yandex, Mailru, Skype, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Google Glass Explorer were developed and introduced into people’s everyday life they may eventually fuse into a unified information monitoring system to control human society individuals (intelligent biorobots of proper and improper intellectual orientation) since any innovation may be used both for good and evil purposes. 

In case events take a turn for the worse the next level of IT penetration into human society will be total/selected authorized, e.g. immediately after birth, or unauthorized, i.e. forced “chipization” of human society members for the following purposes:

        identification and localization of individuals;

        monitoring and control of human behavior, possible hygienization of people, for instance individual or group non-lethal blocking with the use of drone aircraft;

        new kind non-letal and letal bloking with use of «cellphone battery explosion» (?!).

A chipization process no matter whether it is performed with a contrived excuse or secretly includes artificial insertion of a nanosystem implemented as a soft/elastic/fluid chip into a human body, e.g. at a maternity hospital or later when a person is forced to carry it permanently or at definite intervals.

Such a nanosystem includes:

        an individual identification data generator providing location data and other parameters;

        a mechanism to exercise a needed functional effect on a person using different time modes, etc.

The nanosystem is energized from the human organism using known techniques.

The primary sensors used for data input into a system for information monitoring and possible Hygienisation/SterilizationTM of Mankind as intelligent biorobots of proper and improper orientation are tactile, electrical, magnetic, acoustic, odor and other sensors that were designed without taking into consideration the three-component structure of space, i.e. a shell, a fluid medium inside the shell and Aether as an intershell medium. 

Therefore, to avoid unauthorized and uncontrollable space and ground monitoring with possible hygienisation of global or local sociums, there is a real possibility to develop Technologies of Torsion/Torus War against Mankind Hygienisation/SterilizationTM, in analogy with Radio-Electronic Combat technologies.

The author of the torsion field in Natural Science both in research and practice areas was my friend and close associate Dr. Anatoly Akimov (1936-2007) [79] (Fig. 1).


The operating principle of such individual or batch portable or stationary systems is based on remotely controlled torsion deformation of space components without destruction of their topology or structure.

Such deformation results, for example, in controllable blinking/swaying space through which the sensor communicates with the receiving device, and leads to partial or full loss of communication.

Examples of such natural deformation include twinkling/flickering/floating planets, stars, comets and other outer space objects in the visible spectrum observable through a telescope as well as such phenomena as various mirages in the nano-and-less to the mega-and-more world (see 3. Matter Structurization. Mirage; and a more detailed description in [27]).


1.     Valeriy Shikhirin’s Technologies.

The project is based on Dr. Shikhirin Technologies gifted to him by Nature which are deciphered and adapted by him to suit Mankind (Fig. 2). The technologies can be split into four groups:

1.      Tore/Torus Technologies and Elastic Mechanics as the engineering base,

Russia: 1994 - 2001 [1-4] and the UDA: 2004 - 2006 [5-9,23,25,30,31,37].

2.      Matter, Energy, Information and Time Structurization in Nature (Fig. 3-16) as a natural scientific and technical base for development of, e.g. self-supported VTortex systems: VTortex energy sources (“generator”) and VTortex propulsors of transportation vehicles (flying saucer/platform);

USA: 2004 - 2011 [6,9-13,15-22,24,26-29,32-36,38-41].

3.      Forecasting and prediction of events, functional properties of matter, energy, information, etc. based on early knowledge of results of their time structurization processes;

USSR: 1983 – 1989 [42-51], Russia: 1993-1996 [52-55] and USA: 2009 [18].

4.      Working models, video and animation as the experimental part of technology tryout;

Russia: 1994 - 2001 [30]; USA: 2004 - 2011 [28,29,31-41].

Without these technologies it is impossible to develop self-supported VTortex systems (self-supported and unsupported movement) based on toroidal motion mechanics.

The author is interested in money only as means to ensure establishment and development of laboratories and production facilities to enable mass production of self-supported systems based on technologies of matter, energy and information structurization in Nature.

Money and authority are subordinated to knowledge.


At the author’s own expense:

  • all investigations were carried out;
  • hundreds of breadboards, acting models, etc. were designed and fabricated;
  • calculations, mathematical simulation and bread boarding were performed;
  • new branches of arithmetic, geometry and topology were developed, including:

TorusMetry, VÒortexMetry, SphereMetry, SpherusMetry, MobiusMetry, Phyllotaxis(Fn-1/Fn+1;Fn/Fn+2) SurfacesMetry, etc. (Fig. 2);

  • the following technologies were developed:

ToreTech7, HoseTech, SphereTech4, GraviLeviTech, ColorTech4, Crumple&Folded4, SoapTech, VTortexLifeTech, etc., as well as forecasting and prediction of events, functional characteristics of matter, energy, information, etc., based on early knowledge of processes of their structurization in time (Fig.2);

  • participation in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, presentations, etc., was provided;
  • multiple materials for patenting and publishing were prepared;
  • new technological processes were developed;
  • translations into foreign languages were made;
  • multiple camera shooting and animation works were done;
  • new relevant soft- and hardware was acquired or developed, etc.


Everything described in this paper, first of all the idea of a mandatory forced emigration of Man to another planet is neither imagination nor fairytale, which is proved by simplest computations, and you can check it yourself.

It is worthless to approach other organizations specializing in climate change issues for advice; other companies dealing with geology, weather, and space exploration issues, etc. will be of no use either.

They will never respond since they do not understand it, and even if they do they will never wish to lose their salaries!


What am I creating? Being an American of the Russian origin, I am trying to use my knowledge and technologies as a weapon to protect and save the vegetable and animal world, including Man and primarily the Russian socium since its majority inhabitating the area above 55o north latitude was under the effect of the North Polar cell torus of the atmosphere now replaced by the North ozone hole/depletion (boundary is Northen Lights).

South Polar cell torus of the atmosphere now replaced by the South ozone hole/depletion (boundary is Aurora Australis/Southen Lights).

The catastrophe will be caused by destruction of the integrity of the planet and its atmosphere under effects of oil-and-gas, nuclear, chemical, bacteriological, infrasonic, radiological, tectonic, climatic, annihilation, genetic, super-radiofrequency and other weapons.

The next to fall victim will be sociums living between 60o and 30o both north and south latitudes.


In terms of magnitude and significance for Mankind, the suggested project excels by far any projects for development of nuclear, space, computer and information technologies of which:

-          only space technologies lay the basis for development of Mankind;

-          nuclear technologies are developed for mass destruction of the population and the planet itself rather than for creative goals;

-          computer and information technologies provide only servicing functions, etc.


The proposed project is to be the main and the only project for the lifetime of this and any civilization.

It is just that until now there was no available information to discuss this formidable but real idea.

Now it has appeared, fortunately, in our time!

There is still time to understand its significance, get prepared and emigrate.

Man’s mission and plans have become quite different – REAL- with scheduled due dates.


Today and in the near future left to Mankind on planet Earth, the project is the only way out to save itself and hence its Seed.

The opportunity for development of self-supported VTortex-energy sources, VTortex-propulsors of transport vehicles and related systems, if let go by, may not come anew earlier than in 50-100 years or not come at all, or it will be too late to do anything.


For better understanding of the main and dramatically fast-developing factor that causes destruction of Earth’s atmosphere, and hence our planet, please refer to [38].

Valeriy Shikhirin,, Part 9: Earth’s Atmosphere and its Destruction. Mars’ and Saturn’s Atmosphere Structure, (March 2012), animation.


The only solution to saving Mankind


Being aware that there are maximum two centuries left for more or less favorable existence of the vegetable and animal life on Earth, the following must be done:


I.                   Creation of new VTortex energy sources and transporting vehicles using this energy to delay the loss of hermeticity by our planet. In parallel with this, it is absolutely necessary to forbid hole drilling for HC extraction, including their open-pit mining. It is no use speaking about the nuclear energy since the process of Earth’s environment destruction (Fukushima-1, Chernobyl, etc.) has entered the uncontrollable phase.

Deadline: 2012-2020

II.                 To advocate at a large scale, primarily among one’s children, grandchildren and friends, the choice of the single correct goal in life.


III.               Seeking new places in our galaxy or the Universe to save Mankind’s “seed” by means of transportation vehicles using VTortex energy  beyond  the Solar system since it has exhausted itself. Earth is the last planet suited for life. Before that we need to study the expected lifetime of this and other prospective galaxies because by the Law of Bloating VTortex galaxies may “explode”, i.e. split into smaller-size vortices [1].

Deadline:  2012-2132


IV.               To arrange flights with the better part of the people of Earth onboard to another planet chosen for life.

Deadline:  2132-2200


Descriptions of technologies and guidelines for achieving these goals are contained in Valeriy Shikhirin’s works (Fig. 2); the next chunk of materials is now underway; design, fabrication, test procedures are being carried out, etc.

The business run by Valeriy Shikhirin is a family business, therefore the family members are receiving a remarkable unique Home Education: design, engineering, technological secrets and know-how are revealed directly by Valeriy Shikhirin only to his family members. Family/Team members at large include not only relatives (not all of them) but also reliable and proven friends and associates from the whole world who did not appear at once but are involved gradually for particular task solution. New team members are also expected to join in when the necessity arises.



Fig. 2.  “Dr. Shikhirin Technologies”

  • Tore technologies and elastic engineering.
  • Matter, energy, information and time structurization in Nature;
  • Forecasting and prediction on this basis of events, functional characteristics of matter, energy and information.


Along with the above,

-          Valeriy Shikhirin’s technologies, primarily those of a geopolitical nature, have been designed and developed by him for planet Earth rather than for a country or continent while the author chooses his place of residence at his discretion depending on where it is comfortable for him to work. The work under the project should be carried on in the USA where so far a favorable environment remains for development of super-technologies and private super-businesses including R&D lines of Microsoft, Apple, Dragon-SpaceÕ, etc. Efforts, however, should be made to eliminate primitive redundant obtrusive services, unfortunately, controlled by beaurocrats such as, for instance, Google and other Internet-related products and services, Social networking site Facebook, Wikipedia, Skype, etc.

-          Small-scale and mass production of licensed VTortex systems in other countries should be prohibited in order to save the knowledge of technologies, create new workplaces, set up small business companies for manufacturing individual blocks (middle class), service maintenance, etc. “MADE IN USA” only.

-          The project should be carried out by physically strong, courageous and honest people who physically understand processes of matter structurization in Nature and who are aware of their mission to save the Mankind’s Seed and put off the time of total destruction of the planet.

-          Author purposefully provided redundant information, expanded some sections of the Proposal (project) for better understanding of the issue in question and reasons for the work to be started immediately by individuals or by teams of experts specializing in different fields of knowledge.

-          Do not take for granted any information read from encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, wickipedias and other “generally accepted” sources “not subject to criticism” before making use of such information. Double-check information by any non-conventional means, one’s intuition being the best judge.

-          If something seems undisputable, question it and double check! It concerns, primarily, zombi information you received at school, university, etc. History, physics, mathematics are to be disputed in the first place. Arithmetic, geometry and topology are quite trustworthy because they are impossible to fake.

-          Change your provider if you suspect that “you are read”. You may choose, e.g. *gmail which is also free but so far uncontrollable from the outside.

-          Before reading, make a copy of this or any other paper written by the author because they may be inaccessible for reading from other Internet resources.

-          The author does not make use of the Facebook, Twitter, Odnoklassniky, Vkontakte, Vkrugudruzey, Rambler, Yandex, Mailru, Skype, iPad, iPod, iPhone as well as credit/leasing systems.
 Adivise the same to your friend, etc.


A small excursion:

 “If you don’t blow your own horn no one will do it for you”.

Fortunately and quite in time, in consistency with laws of matter structurization in Nature, including human society, knowledge, technologies, experience and intuition have reached a respective new level represented, e.g. by Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin: I'm neither God nor Messiah, I just really know my thing and do it.

It is quite likely that the author is not the only person on Earth today who is a carrier and generator of information on engineering methods of saving Mankind and its Seed.

Meanwhile, the number of sponsors wishing and able to finance this project amounts to hundreds of thousands.

      ’Prince, what you are, you are by accident of birth. What I am, I am of myself. There are and will be thousands of princes. There is only one Beethoven!’ (Ludwig van Beethoven)


There is a positive experience accumulated by predecessors namely by Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov and extraterrestrial creative civilizations. Tesla who made several hundreds of scientific discoveries and is the author of more than a thousand of patents always denied his authorship saying that he just acted as a conductor of ideas transferred (via the Plateau-Shikhirin Channels) from the world of ideas (the Storage) to the world of people and practices [27].

The author is of the same opinion. Moreover, in his next installments he will try to prove that a person is a smart robot from the perspective of matter, energy and information structurization in Nature [119].

The end of the excursion.


A well-known Russian mathematician Viktor Gorbatenko writes, in particular: “All the above described by Valeriy Shikhirin seems to be true but the manner of its presentation has not been chosen correctly and does not contribute to full comprehension of the material provided. The author sets forth the information as if it had been proved and known long ago. Mathematicians and physicists should tone down their arrogance and help Valeriy Shikhirin provide accurate grounding for the material undoubtedly interesting for science and practice.”


In reply I would say the following:

1.      Matter structurization laws in Nature are unique and infallible (Fig. 3-14); for instance, the number of heptahedrons (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) that make a torus and hence the number of  their bases, or “honeycomb cell-colors”, is seven. The seven “colors” covering the surface of a torus have been known since ancient times but this fact was proved by the author geometrically in [11] and on models in [34]. The author wrote it plainly omitting the words “possibly”, “I think that…”, etc. There is nothing to prove here, it is an axiom.

2.      I do not mind if there are physicists and mathematicians who will edit my future book series in the Russian and English languages under a common title “Matter, Energy, Information and Time Structurization in Nature” in Amazon Publishers, The books will be written in Russian and English based on my written papers (see 13. REFERENCES).

3.      I welcome lawyers who will defend the activities of organizations and individuals engaged in the development and promotion of systems based on natural structurization technologies in the interests of Mankind and planet Earth.

4.      If my readers trust the information contained in this article concerning the slow but inevitable arrival of the “Doom’s Day”, I suggest that we all, including mathematicians (arithmeticians, geometricians and topologists) unite our efforts to implement the plan of saving Mankind.

5.      At present the author is establishing in the Internet an International virtual center “Matter, Energy, Information and Time Structurization in Nature” to explore, among other things, three continually interchanging functions of Nature:

  1. Natural and/or artificial origination of life;
  2. Natural and/artificial destruction of life;
  3. Development of technical facilities for saving and preservation of life (Man) [26].

These mandatory investigations should be conducted at the headquarters and simultaneously at social, R&D, cultural, educational and economic institutions of the Earth socium because this issue concerns all Mankind rather than an individual country or a group of people.


It should be born in mind that:

-          thoughtless or “out of child’s curiosity” experimenting with Nature leads to origination and development in the latter of artificial branches of matter, energy and information structurization resulting in disastrous and irreversible lethal consequences. I mean such thoughtless behavior like “Let’s rotate the Newton’s bucket!” or “Let’s trigger the reaction and see the result!”

-          such experiments are planned and conducted by an official rather than by a simple person, or else by an official’s instruction an euthanasia operation is performed on a healthy person at the latter’s expense.


2. Time Structurization

2.1. Structurization of the Time Category in the Language. The Language.

The knowledge of Nature relayed by Valeriy Shikhirin as an intelligent biorobot is described in the Russian language. Everything written in Russian may be translated into other world languages, e.g. English which is so far an international language.

There were times when other languages had an international status such as Ancient Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, German, and attempts were made to make use of the artificial Esperanto.

1. I have always wondered why there are only three verb tenses in the Russian language (Present, Past and Future) while in English the category of time is expressed in many ways: each tense has four subtenses (Fig. 3).

Having lived over 12 years in America and having gained new knowledge of matter, energy and information structurization in Nature I found out that once, for an unknown reason, a culpable error had been made in the Russian language grammar by a particular person, and the number of “subtenses” had been reduced to few basic tenses: Simple Past, Present and Future, though in reality the number of tenses and subtenses should be the same as in the English language.

Moreover, the present tense was chosen incorrectly, namely a fuzzy present indefinite tense was established rather than the real present tense that denotes a current moment of time, TRightNow (Present Continuous), equal to an infinitely small value.


Moreover, the reduction of the number of tenses does not prevent us from making sentences with 12 tenses; we do not seem to care whether it is the new or the old grammar since the language has been programmed by Nature rather than by a biorobotic official for an intelligent biorobot of the socium.


Moreover, all human languages of the Universe have an identical structure. And should it be needed for Mankind of our planet I will be able to prove it.

I would like to note that according to the laws of matter, energy and information structurization in the Universe all national languages as well as organs of speech (the mouth cavity, nasal cavity, larynx and pharynx) in any civilization are characterized by the following:

-          they are functionally identical and have the same constraints;

-          writing is only a symbolic image of the voice form of the language;

-          any language does not originate independently to exist as means of people’s communication in the oral or written form but is structured by Nature, and being a natural structurer (a part of the human genetic code) it enters instantly and in strict intervals the organism of an intelligent human biorobot;

-          any human language of the Universe contains a noun, an adjective, an numeral, a pronoun, a verb, an adverb, a proposition, a conjunction, a particle and an interjection …

-          there are no primary or secondary, “technical”, “international”, “poetical”, “swearing”, primitive or other languages invented by “big heads” of science;

-          functional filling or depletion of any language is dependent on the development or decline of a socium/nation. This also refers to versions of the English language used in English-speaking countries of Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia – all these are different languages;

-          A language (not a part of the mouth) is a human (intelligent) organ like, for instance, a hand or an ear that accompanies a person throughout his “conscious” life.

-          The languages of the vegetable and animal world subjects in the Universe are unchangeable too.


2. Russian people subconsciously believe (fortunately, I do not share this view any longer) that the description of new knowledge obtained in whatever language  (Russian including) may be always found in the English language, in other words, it can be always translated from English.

In other words, the English language is sort of the “main” storage of everything new, namely:

-          description of new technologies;

-          new words;

-          definitions, etc.

When translating my new knowledge from Russian into English (Fig.2) I and my translation advisers who after two decades of work have grown into experts in the technologies do not always find English equivalents of certain words, definitions, etc. It is likely the new knowledge in the English translation only partially corresponds to the natural truth.

In a certain situation when new knowledge passes a supernational boundary/threshold of their significance and importance for a socium, it becomes part of the latter’s language. Thus, knowledge expressed by other languages, for instance, classical Greek notions of polygons, polyhedra in geometry entered the English everyday language, etc.

It is too early, of course, to speak about emergence of the Russian language trend in the English language, for instance, concerning torus technologies, since it is still a long way to reach the supernational boundary/threshold, and this process also has a natural structuring nature.

For instance, a specific feature of the Russian language is not borrowing of multiple foreign words but their ready use as supplements which are later converted to notions of the Russian language so as not to spare intellectual efforts of the nation on inventing new Russian words.

It saves information-energy resources of the Russian socium. What’s the point of creating anything when the same can be acquired “at a cheap price or free”?

Moreover, it is a natural structurization process of any language or the common human language incorporating multiple “foreign” words and sentences which will perish together with Mankind and revive simultaneously with the latter, i.e. a natural language structurer will come from the intelligent database of outer space to manifest itself in a language spoken by the “environment”.

It should be born in mind that all languages of the Universe have identical functional features.

With torsion/torus-based communication systems available, voice can be transmitted by way of telepathy without time delays via the Plateau-Shikhirin channels (Aether) to any distance.



Fig. 3. Structurization principles of the Universe time and Language tenses, in particular.


The time in a language (not to mistake for the time of the Universe) is compared by an example of the more frequently used (“more developed”) the English language - 12 verb tenses (grouped into temporal sets of 4 tenses each) – and Natural time formally “incorporated in it and expressed by the Past indefinite Tense, the Future Indefinite Tense and the Present Continuous Tense to express the current moment (Time MomentRightNow).


2.2. Calendar Time Structurization.

The physical meaning of the time of the Universe in Nature is shown in Figs. 3 and 4; for more details please refer to [22].

In the author’s opinion, the current time moment, TRightNow, equal to an infinitely small value is the most important time parameter which determines the whole process of the Universe’s existence in time. In the language it corresponds to the Present Continuous Tense or Time MomentRightNow.

The above parameter is comparable to an infinitely wide cliff of an infinitely small height over which the time from the Past vertically falls into the Future so far unknown but predicted according to the laws of structurization in Nature (Fig. 2).

This infinitely wide, short and thin falling flow/waterfall (Fig. 3) contains an infinite multitude of concurrent processes/events in Nature. 

After the TRightNow event the Past loses its physical meaning, The Time movement (Life) starts anew, etc.

The future has always a physical meaning since Time (Life) is infinite in the Universe.

Time is the principal natural self-sufficient force which being a fluid medium with the density, p=MTime:YTime, and constant velocity, Y, is moving/dragging/carrying the Universe, like a pig in a poke, over the crest of a current moment, TRightNow  into the Future (squeezes out the Universe from the Past into the Future).

In the author’s opinion, the Earth Calendar and its components originate from simple long-term observations of various natural phenomena by people in the following very simple way:

1. A cycling natural terrestial year is equal to (3653+366):4 = 365.25 days (the precise number!) including:

  • one vernal and one autumnal equinoxes as well as one shortest day and one longest night in summer and winter, respectively. That is, there are four explicit “threshold” periods/quarters in a year, each equal to 365.25:4 = 91.3125 days. They were called spring, summer, autumn and winter to reflect sequential changes in biological parameters;
  • for more differentiated use of the calendar the easiest way was to divide 91.3125 days (precise number!) by 3 (precisely!), i.e. 91.3125:3 = 30.4375 (precise number!)

Then the number of days in months were redistributed (not rounded) so as to receive a whole number. Hence, there appeared months containing 30 and 31 days and February with 28/29 days that was chosen randomly (another month might have been chosen).

At the same time, the number of days in the yearly quarter, namely 365•3+366 = 1461 remains unchanged – exactly as it is in Nature!

2. Later on, for more convenience the number of hours or other units in a day was adjusted irrespective of a time unit or time of the year; for Nature it is irrelevant, Nature simply does not care.

All the above-mentioned periods preceding the month are multiples of 3, namely:

- four years, each equal to 365.25 days;

- a quarter equal to 91.3125 days, opposite to

- a month equal to 30.4375 days.

3. The month was further broken into smaller units and the number 7 was chosen as more convenient compared to 8 or 6. Moreover, there was a need to rate the slaves’ labor in order to set the maximum number of working days before a day-off. A free person, though, is programmed by Nature for work without days off but with mandatory breaks for rest. The time between breaks may vary.

4. For further splitting into intervals, multiples of 3 continued to be used, i.e. a day was split into 24 hours, an hour into 60 minutes, a minute into 60 seconds, etc.


1.      There was neither sacrality nor intellect in the choice of time units. To the author’s belief, all investigations regarding the emergence of time intervals in history, along with the primitive Egyptian pyramids and other wonders of the world and secrets of the past that symbolized the slave system [96,97], were concocted.

2.      There is a single algorithm for computation of the astronomic calendar of any planet or a star in the Universe.

3.      There are natural and artificial Earth time intervals (Fig. 4).


3.1. Natural time interval structurers are multiples of 3 according to the number of days:

four years, quarter/season (winter, spring, summer, autumn 3 months each) and a month.

In the author’s opinion, in order to understand large-scale processes of further structurization of our Galaxy hose harboring the Sun System.

The four-year time interval should be further investigated upwards towards multiple-of-four increase to reveal accurate natural arithmetic, geometrical and topological dependencies, which is necessary for deep space exploration and forced emigration to another planet.


Stellar systems and the Sun System reside in the structure of the conical thread of the torus knot (3np; 2)  [6], which thread is located at the VTortex periphery, where:

-          p is the number of turns around the VTortex meridian (latitude) equal to tens/hundreds of thousands. Between the turns of the knot line winding the torus three times there are 7 color zones/honeycombs having common boundaries.

-          2 is the number of turns around the VTortex longitude/axis.

A star functionally uniting a stellar system or the Sun uniting the Sun System moves by rotation along the torus knot thread axis. Planets rotate around stars/suns forming a stellar/solar system inside the torus knot thread by following their orbits. In so doing planets rotate around their axes. The movement of planets and comets around stars and around Sun, respectively, as well as movement of satellites around planets by helical lines is similar to the Phyllotaxis process but follows another numerical dependence – complies with a natural structurer of stellar systems including the Sun System.

3.2. Artificial time intervals: ← Millennium, century, year, week, number of days in a month, number of hours in a day, number of minutes in an hour, number of seconds in a minute →.



Fig.4. Natural structurization of calendar time in Nature (in the Universe)


The Life environment is prepared by a planetary creative civilization of a proper intellectual orientation.

Unfortunately, it is not our consumeristic/parasitic Mankind destroying everything in its way.


3. Structurization of Matter.



Fig. 5  The natural basis for matter structurization in Nature (the Universe)

Matter structurization in Nature


There are two types of shells (existing in Nature in an approximate 50:50 ratio) in the nano-and-less and the mega-and-more world:

-          Explosive or lens shells in which the working fluid medium stays under excess pressure (pressurized). A torus, a sphere, polyhedra, e.g. Platonic and Archimedean solids (Fig. 6), are examples of such shells.

-          Implosive or hedgehog shells (a sucked orange) in which the working fluid medium is in the superhigh vacuum state, or explosive shells from which the fluid medium is fully evacuated. Examples include stellated/spiked sphere, torus, polyhedra, e.g. Platonic and Archimedean solids.

After evacuation of the fluid medium from the shell its domed shape is transformed into a spiked/stellated shape. The number of “spikes” (or “needles”) formed corresponds to the number of axes of space dimensionality, that is to the number of “colors”. For instance, a sphere and a torus will have 4 and 7 “needles”, respectively. For polyhedra with the number of “needles” greater than 4 there is a tendency to clustering towards 4 axes/”colors”.

Even so, the interior part of the shell material will not stick altogether, i.e. the topology will remain unchanged.

The dense packing for the foregoing types is represented by explosive Foam←4→ and Foam←7→, implosive Foam→4← and Foam→7← as well as by their combinations.



Fig. 6.  A. Three-component structure of regular shell forms/lenses- and hedgehog shells. The figure shows the structure of a sphere-like lens shell4.


-          The surface area of a form (component) has a natural significance in that all elements of matter from the nano-and-less world to the mega-and-more world are united through their “surface areas”, and “surface areas” are united through Plateau-Shikhirin Skeletone (Channels) or Aether;

-          These “surfaces” cover the external area of the material of soft/elastic/flexible or hard shells (Shell Material) filled with a fluid medium under excess or negative (vacuum) pressure (Filler);

-           Shells are packed into a dense packing and “float rubbing against one another” in an intershell medium - the Aether, or Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton.



The rainbow is a natural example of a giant “bubble” formation and a visible structure of the “color” component of its shell material (Fig.7)


Fig. 7  A rainbow is a visible cross section of a shell lying on the ground, water, etc. surface; it shows about 1/3 of the bubble/sphere (4D dimensionality, single drop4/bubble4)

The picture of the rainbow is taken from


A tornado dies “immediately”- the wind stops, the weather is clear, the local pressure above the earth surface drops abruptly, the air fills this area going upwards just as abruptly and forming a shell-front. The shell is inflated until its interior pressure is balanced with that of the environment. The shell comes to a standstill.



1. All images of planets, galaxies, etc. presented in various teaching aids and scientific sources are shown with excellent clarity and color.

It should be known, however, that these fantastic images were subjected to polishing (distorted, faked) by cosmetic Photoshop methods.

In reality, all images visualized by a naked eye or a telescope make chaotic oscillating movements (they vibrate, float, flicker) in different directions. The length of motion, according to the author’s coarse estimates, is ~10-15% of the planet disk diameter and the frequency is ~1-2 oscillations per second, which is characteristic, e.g. for Mars,

These oscillations/vibrations/flickers occur because outer space like any space of the nano-and-less world and the mega-and-more world is a gas polyhedral Foam4 (Fig.9) consisting of a wobbling dense packing of polyhedra/ lens spheres /explosive lens shells (Archimedean, Platonic, Shikhirin solids4 and their versions4) filled with low-density gas being under excess pressure).

As a result of Foam4 or the lens shell system wobbling, we observe these “wobbles/shakes/flickers” of outer space objects. Astronoms explain this phenomena as atmospheric flickering caused by non-uniformity and non-tranquility of the atmosphere as a continuous medium, or continuum. This is their principal mistake. There is no continuum in Nature! It is also an illusory reality invented for earning money.


2. The same process (wobbling of space components) explains such an atmospheric phenomenon as mirage:


-          An illusion of a water mirror on the ground, asphalt, and etc. surface is observed, for instance, when one is driving a car.

Explanation: In clear weather flattened faces of near-ground polyhedral of gas foam4 butt against a heated or cooled flat surface under the weight of the atmosphere thereby forming a mirror-like surface.

-          The observer sees objects located far beyond the horizon or complex mirage phenomena with sharply distorted/increased/decreased images of objects as well as of distances to them.

-          A mistake in explanation of the Universe’s infinity: the whole surface of the night starry sky must be illuminated – there should be no dark intervals, etc. 

Explanation: Visual information passes through a system/set of shell lenses differing in physical properties, etc.

For detailed description of the Rainbow and Mirage phenomena, waves of different origin, the so-called “memory of water” and other phenomena in terms of structurization laws, see [27,119].



Fig. 8  The Woman is the supreme manifestation (representative, ideal) of the infinite variety of matter, information and energy structurization technologies as well as an incentive for the man’s self-development and the source for the Humankind (Intelligence) to continue its existence in Nature. The author.


All my close relatives (the Shikhirins and the Bochkarevs/the Varlamovs) as well as the majority of Russians (Nordics) and the neighboring Udmurts, Maris, Tatars, Chuvashes, Bashkirs and other folks, who have been always in good relations with each other, used to live in their own free, according to structurization laws, non-overpopulated space (both in the vegetable and animal worlds) at the North of Europe, i.e. above 55o north latitude (that of Norway, Finland, Sweeden and Russia as far as the Urals).

All of them were freedom-loving people diligent and self-sufficient who later chose to settle down in remote hard-accessible places away from emerging tribute collectors – good-for-nothing representatives of the future consumeristic/parasitic elite. But in the long run they were made “adscripts” of the Russian State to be used as slaves for the needs of the elite, i.e. for unrestrained money making and staying in power by all possible means, namely for:

-          increasing the number of slaves by expansionist policy and aggressive wars. For example, “Women still give birth!” statement has always been the government policy throughout the existence of the Russian state;

-          levying maximum tribute from slaves in the form of taxes;

-          “cannon fodder” production;

-          creation of effective destruction weapons by slaves themselves;

-          minimization of expenses for social needs of slaves – a slave must always have the minimum. In countries of “capital” the issues of maintaining/increase of the leviable population quantity are solved by correct immigration policy, high safety of living,  higher life expectancy period, costs of social needs and their quality. It is especially true for the USA whose social policy has the following advantages:

·         the size of pension does not depend on the date of immigration and beginning of work;

·         aid packages for groups of population with different incomes including ineligible foreigners;

·         medical care, free emergency medicine for the poor;

·         salary rates;

·         non-expensive basic consumer goods;

·         good quality foods, etc.


Unfortunately, there is no place left on Earth where freedom-loving diligent and self-sufficient people using ecologically clean technologies could settle down.

There are no such territories in America, Australia and Siberia.

Moreover, in the future several decades due to shortage of a gas mixture needed by the vegetable and animal world for breathing the population living above 40o north and south latitudes will begin to migrate to lower latitude regions.


In the next deliverable [119] the author will give answers to the following questions from positions of structurization laws in Nature rather than from the point of view of a nationalist:

-          why are people who populate the Northern Hemisphere above 40o north latitude are particularly gifted?

-          what generates an intelligent eversible open or close torus (an intelligent ball ring or a ball segment in projection, respectively)?

-          why is this intelligent ring contracting?

In short, these intelligent processes are related to the Galaxy, Sun System and Earth structural and functional specifics.


Fig. 8 shows:

-          My grandmother Anna Bochkareva (1906-1994), a mother of 4 children and wife of my grandfather Georgiy Bochkarev (1905-1941) killed in the World War II on the Karel front in August 1941.

My grandfather, like millions of Russian slave men because of somebody’s bloodthirsty wishes (to rob rather than create), was forcefully enlisted from Iyulskoye village of Votkinsk Area in Udmurtia ( in June 1941 and after a short-time training (less than a month!) at the Seargent School in the city of Sarapul was sent to the Karel front.

My grandmother, mother and aunts used to tell me that everything happened very quickly and a month later in August they received a “missing in action” certificate. Until 1950 my grandmother was regarded as the wife of a “public enemy” but after the persistent archive search carried out by my father Nikolay Shikhirin (1920-2000) in early 1950ies it was found out how and where he had been killed. My grandmother was exonerated from the “guilt”.

My father was also an involuntary participant of the slaughter organized by Stalin and had severe wounds in 1939 and 1942 years.

From my childhood (1950ies) I remember only one of hundreds of men of our village who survived (his house was across the street from my grandmother’s house). His name was Bogatyrev and he had his fingers severed at the sawmill before the war. His large family (7 people) lived in poverty after the war and I remember my parents helping them for several years by giving them good children’s’ clothes that I, my sister and my younger brother had outgrown.

And just think, how many millions of cleverest Russian men were thrown out of life “for nothing” simply at a whim of the “elite”.

Áàáóøêà ðàññêàçûâàëà, ÷òî òàêèì æå ñïîñîáîì (10-å ãîäû) «çàáðèâàëè» ìóæèêîâ è íà My grandmother used to tell me that in the same way peasant men were conscripted in the World War I.

-          My mother, Dr. Yelizaveta Shikhirina, (1926-1996) (in the picture she is a 1-year student (1944) of the Izhevsk Medical Institute) was a dermatologist specializing in treating professional skin diseases at the Izhevsk weapons production facility. She was also a beauty expert engaged in establishment and promotion of natural medicine technologies.

-          My wife, friend and colleague Tatyana Shikhirina, BS/MS, received a unique Home Education of Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin. She has a non-traditional (natural) thinking; she designs and fabricates working models, breadboards and samples for trying out technologies; furthermore, she also shoots video and makes full-motion films about these technologies, etc.

-          My younger daughter Yekaterina Shikhirina) BS in Commerce at Chicago, also received a unique Home Education of Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin, She is in charge of information and patent search, translations, running negotiations, business, etc.



Fig. 9. Type forms/shells/lenses (1-6) and/or “hedgehogs” (1-3, 5, 6) of matter existing in Nature in gaseous, liquid, amorphous and solid states. The principles of matter structurization in Nature.



Natural Structurers of Shell Type FormsTM.

The Natural Structurers of type forms or Structurers of type forms from Nature of matter are stored in the intelligent database of the Universe. They are not stored in a single cell of the Universe but are integral distributed and have the following functional features:

-          they make an energy-information framework of the Universe space from the nano-and-less to the mega-and-more world

-          they reside in the 1-st component, i.e. in the intershell medium Aether or in the Plateau-Shikhirin channels (Skeleton), thereby uniting all elements (shells) of the Universe;

-          numerical values of natural structurers of type forms/shells make only a numerical quantitative part of every structurer belonging to the surface or/and volume of a form;

-          ÿâëÿþòñÿ ýïèöåíòðîì çàðÿäà òèïîâîé ôîðìû, åå ïîâåðõíîñòè èëè/è îáúåìà; they make the epicenter of type form charge, surface or/and volume;

-          one or several types of Pi, Fibonacci numbers are natural structurers of roundness, rotation, eversibility in type forms with 5D, 6D and 7D “colors”/dimensionality and develop according to the micro-Phyllotaxis Law in the vegetable and animal world and the macro-Phyllotaxis Law in structuring the orbit “tree” of stars, planets and satellites.

-          radical expressions and the “Golden” Ratio” are linear natural structurers in type forms with 4 “colors”/dimensionality. At the same time natural structurers of type forms with 3D, 2D and 1D “colors”/dimensionality are not available as well as the type forms themselves, etc.



Fi.10  An example of “three-step/level” structurization: drops (bubbles) structured into conical threads, flat and bulk spheres in positive and negative images.


Fig. 10 shows an algorithm of structurization in Nature of  a “snaky knot” in the weightless state:

-          a three-dimensional (flat) dense packing, 3 axes tilted at 180o to each other are not shown;

-          A four-dimensional dense packing: a sphere or Fuller space, 4 axes tilted at ~109030I to each other.


Cone-shaped soft flexible elastic threads, shells of different length filled with a fluid medium under excess pressure undergo a process of restructuring. An analog is a flattened or bulk snaky knot (a dense packing) in the weightless state, intestines, etc.


Thread-like shells are formed from a dense packing of gas bubbles or liquid drops. Then spherical foam4 is formed from the threads to be transformed further into polyhedral foam4 – Platonic and/or Archimedean solids.



Fig. 11 C. A phase state of matter in Nature is based on topology principles, a branch of mathematics that studies in the most general sense continuity phenomena, particularly, space properties that remain unchanged during continual deformations.

The structural integrity of gas, liquid, solid and amorphous states is manifested by the movement of a lightning/plasma via Plateau-Shikhirin Channels/Skeleton (Aether).


A few words about the “fourth” state of matter – plasma, dense plasma and the extreme matter state.

In the author’s opinion (see [27,125,127,146] for details):

-          if plasma is a gas it is also a working fluid medium with appropriate functional features, primarily a three-component structure;

-          all plasma phenomena, e.g. lightning in Earth’s atmosphere or Space (Fig. 11), occur in the 1-st component – the intershell fluid medium -  Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton, or Aether (Fig. 6, Table 3 and [27]);

-          for instance, a white-blue light is observed as a lightning charge travels over the aether – along the edges of a dense packing of polyhedral shells that make the atmosphere of Earth;

-          the color of the light is determined by a single gas or a group of single-atom gases without color, taste or odor: argon, neon, krypton or xenon used for special applications;

-          at super-high temperatures shells (the shell material), as the 2-nd component of (hot) plasma, contract and squeeze out the major part of the pressurized fluid medium into a Plateau-Shikhirin channel. As for the shells themselves, they are pressed (drawn) to the channel periphery;

-          at super-low temperatures shells, as the 2-nd component of (hot) plasma, also contract but the major part of the fluid medium is sucked out into a Plateau-Shikhirin channel rather than squeezed from them while the shells themselves are pressed (drawn) to its central/axial part (Fig. 12).

Table 3

Distribution of chemical elements in 3 components of matter type forms in the Universe



1-st component:

Intershell fluid medium

(Aether or Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton)

2-nd component:

Thin soft/elastic material


3-rd component:

Working fluid medium under excess pressure


Chemical element

(~ % of mass)


Inert gases (18th Group of the Periodical Table) which fill the Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton under “superhigh vacuum” (or negative pressure),

The whole Periodical Table except the 18th Group


Nitrogen (N2)

Oxygen (O2)

Hydrogen (H2)

Helium (He)

Hydrogen (H2)

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) etc.

Total: 100%

~ 1.3

~ 0.01

~ 98.6


Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) called the 1-st component (Aether or Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton) “biological vacuum” [80].



Fig. 12  The structure of natural (left) drop/bubble and torus as well as their man-made counterparts (right) – hollow ball and torus in a hard/flexible shell.


Fig. 12 in its left part shows a natural bubble/drop and a torus as well as their structure. To the right are spherical (a hollow metal ball) and torus-shaped (a hollow metal torus) shells made of flexible/hard thin material which are filled under:

-          high pressure. Empty/drained shells (without the fluid medium) and the Aether are pressed to the interior surface of the hollow ball and the interior surface of the periphery and the central part of the hollow torus. The positive pressure epi-center of the fluid medium (levitation) is in the center of the ball or the torus string – the “Coulomb law” for positive pressure charges;

-          negative pressure (vacuum). Empty (drained/sucked out) shells and the Aether are pressed to the center of the hollow ball and the string of the hollow torus. The negative pressure (vacuum) epi-center of the fluid medium (gravitation) is in the center of the hollow ball or the torus string – the “Coulomb law” for negative pressure charges.

These processes are used for separation of the fluid medium into component fractions.


About the “Field”

I am getting increasingly convinced that there are no such matter forms in Nature as “field”, “elementary particles of the field”, “field structure”, “field effect”, “power field”, etc. as well as such field types as magnetic, electrical, light, odor fields, pressure field, torsion, acoustic, tactile and alike fields.

All functional characteristics of the “field phenomenon”, irrespective of the phase state of matter, physically belong not to “the field” but rather to:

-          component No.3 – the working fluid medium contained in a shell under positive or negative (vacuum) pressure (Filler)

-          component No.2 – the shell material (Shell)

-          component No.1 – the intershell medium (Aether) under super-low (super-high vacuum) pressure;

-          fuctional features of type forms/shells of the working fluid medium;

-          functional features of the chemical composition of components Nos. 1-3.


In [27] there is a detailed description of various “field processes” including:

-          light

-          electrical and magnetic;

-          sound, odor;

-          power, tactile;

-          thermal;

-          positive and negative  (vacuum) pressure;

-          torsion, etc.

When reading/studying the author’s information in the future, you may encounter “field-related” words and terms. This is a mistake; please disregard them!


4. “Invisibility” of Key Functional Features of the Universe, Particularly of Life Processes

4.1. Causes of “Invisibility”.

Type forms (of a fluid medium) in Nature give rise to such phenomena (a set of phenomena) as electricity, magnetism, sound, light, color, or dour, torsion, temperature, pressure.

The balance of values of power characteristics in one form type from the nano-and-less world to the mega-and-more world is no longer a constant value. For instance, a VTortex structure generates practically all the above-mentioned phenomena, while a sphere (bubble or drop) forms only sound, color, or dour, temperature and pressure. The more complicated a form (dimensionality; complexity; type of lines, surface shapes and areas, etc.), the more phenomena are generated by it, and the stronger its effect on the environment.

For instance, of all Platonic, Archimedean and Shikhirin solids the torus ranks the first; this is a 7-dimensional figure consisting of at least seven (or being a multiple of seven) toric Shikhirin heptahedrons (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) identical in form but differing in volume, surface area and other parameters; priority of 2005 [6], not assigned by anybody,, in August 2007.


It seems strange that the structure of this natural form that makes the basis of natural self-supported processes of the Universe - be it galaxies, tornadoes, atoms, life elements of the nano-and-less or mega-and-more worlds – was discovered by the author as late as in the 21-st century (2005) [6].

Is it a chance or natural necessity?


I think that objective and subjective causes of failures in discovery of the torus structure and  inexplicable phenomena occurring in Nature are the following:

-          the “invisible” structure of dense packings of four-dimensional (foam4) and seven-dimensional (torus7) spaces in Nature, for instance, the structure of air, water and outer space environments;

-          much was said about the phase states of matter but there was a gross omission in describing its structural specifics disregarding the fact that it consists of type forms/shells (Fig.9) and has a three-component structure (Fig.6);

-          “the invisibility” of the tornado structure or that of any galaxy, especially of its central part, gave rise to multiple fantastic and far-fetched descriptions of these self-supported processes but failed to extend true principles of VTortex operation over the immense multitude of similar phenomena occurring in Nature from the nano-and-less to the mega-and-more worlds.

The mechanics of these processes enables matter to move in the Universe, and misunderstanding of this fact made the majority of people on the planet believe in the “divinity” of creation and existence of life. This misunderstanding favored introduction into science of all sorts of theories up to development of giant projects such as the monstrous Hadron Collider that has nothing to do with the real physical picture of the Universe.

-          multiple descriptions of toroidal and spherical (a sphere and polyhedra) surfaces in different mathematical systems which cannot be unified and even sometimes understood.

The elites of interplanetary civilizations, though, knew the designs of self-supported VTortex propulsors because otherwise they would have not been able to migrate to Earth from Mars or earlier from Phaeton to Mars in Milky Way galaxy, let alone between solar systems of other galaxies.

On the other hand, they could have traveled to Phaeton, Mars and Earth at a slow speed using primitive engines of the Sunsail type with huge fuel consumption and human losses, etc.;

-          making use of only one “positive” octant of the 8-dimensional (8D) space, i.e. its 1/8 part taking it for three-dimensional space, since a 3D form is a surface which does not exist in Nature.   I am not even speaking about the far-fetched fourth axis, i.e. “time”.

Meanwhile, there are 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-dimensional forms in Nature such as 4D (sphere); 5D (spindle); 6D (Moebius band, Klein bottle and projective plane); 7D (torus) and ∞D (the Universe), respectively [6,22].

For instance, deliberate disregard of the 4-dimensional Fuller space with 4 axes tilted at the angle of ~109030′ in the Earth environment has led mankind to huge unreasonable and needless matter-energy-information consumptions in order to solve spatial problems in the artificial 8-dimensional space (using a single positive octant), etc.;

-          ignoring the principal gravitational/tightening/reinforcing functional property in Nature, namely the topological “color” structure of natural type forms, where the number of “colors” coincides with the number of “dimensions”;

-          lack of the  ‘explosive shell’ notion, i.e. a shell filled with a working fluid medium under excess pressure (a sphere, Platonic, Archimedean solids and a torus), and the ‘implosive shell’ notion, i.e. a hedgehog-shaped shell filled with a working fluid medium under negative pressure (vacuum) (spiked/stellated polyhedra).

The two shell types are equally distributed in Nature (50 : 50 ratio);

-          lack of  understanding the surface area of type forms in Nature as a parameter that physically connects through the Aether all elements of the nano-and-less and the mega-and-more worlds interlinked in a dense packing in the Universe;

-          failure to understand the main function of a torus: its eversibility and enveloping ability connecting the explosive (gravitation), implosive (levitation) processes and functional features through its central part and periphery and maintaining the balance between them (50% : 50%), etc;

-          failure to understand the nature of “invisibility” or “vanishing” of bodies in Nature which are immersed or in any other way get into Plateau-Shikhirin channels (Aether) (Grebennikov Platform’s movement)

Some Conclusions:

-          Suppose, all the above is the secret knowledge of the “elite” but even so, why is it stored away?

-          Since the principal goal of our “elite” is parasitizing on the socium in order to remain in power by all possible ways, the “elite” wants for the 1001-st time to deceive the socium and as soon as they have “flying sauces” at their disposal they will escape from Earth with their servants and slaves leaving the rest to die.

In fact, the “elite” has never guessed and knows nothing about this knowledge. The “elite” so far has no “sauces”. In this case “the power belongs to those who possess knowledge”, and the knowledge is available to the socium, namely the Russian socium who will have to be the first to clear up the deplorable consequences of being ruled from 2500 BC to now by the “elite” who once came to our planet from Mars.

-          Anyway, no matter whether the “elite” does or does not possess the knowledge it will be making all possible efforts to take possession of it so as to keep under control in the future; therefore it will have to ensure security of the knowledge carriers.

Forces who are interested in getting rid of information carriers may include individuals and/or organizations whose goals can be identified directly as crimes against humankind such as destruction of the planet or/and its elements by methods shown in Fig. 13, delaying the time of preparation for emigration, etc.

Fortunately, there are just as many people or organizations who have money and wish to save life on Earth. Such groups are headed as a rule by prominent self-made persons, for instance, movie stars who are informed of the knowledge.



Fig. 13  Sources of destruction of the vacuum chamber and the atmosphere of Earth. The provoking factor is the ignorance or misunderstanding of the matter and Universe space structure (Figs. 5, 6, 9).



Speaking about the “elite” I mean the global-level, international and federal-level authorities though the mentality of the lower-level authorities up to municipal administration is the same. Let me give an example. In my native village Iyulskoye (founded in 1725 and populated throughout its history by hard-working and enterprising people engaging in agriculture, cattle-breeding and trade, i.e. by a self-sufficient socium with its collective mind) there is a half-century-old huge quarry (the 1-st “small” crime against mankind) formed after excavation of pebbles and gravel. At present it has been turned to interminicipal open rubbish dump (2-nd “small”crime against mankind).

The quarry is located 1 kilometer north of the village on a hill that was once a lovely place abounding in small creeks, flowers, herbs, mushrooms and berries under which a small spring water pipe was laid to provide water for the village.

By the way, initially, at the beginning of the 90ies, the water pipe was made (purposefully?) from old rusty pipes, and in the mid-2000ies it, naturally, rusted through and a new one was laid at a much higher cost.


If the period of preparation for the emigration is delayed for various reasons, for instance:

        the “elite” lives for the moment  and “after me, the deluce”, or

        having taken control over the preparation for the emigration, the “elite” fails to bring these processes to an end, or

        the socium is too late to take over the control over these processes,

then “In this situation neither rich nor poor, neither boss nor subordinate, neither clever nor dilly will survive … It is not fantasy, rather it is horrid reality looking like fantasy”, the author.

 “Mankind will all perish but the doomed will continue dancing and feasting into agony” Michel Nostradamus

 «… In this situation only a frightful catastrophe may perhaps bring about order. In the achievement of such generalized order at least 90% of humanity will fall victim…" . Viktor Schauberger.


What I want to say is that the socium has an opportunity to change the system, make the civilization creative rather than parasitic and emigrate to another planet with properly selected emigrants and tasks.

For instance, any activities affecting the vacuum chamber of Earth, Earth crust, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere must be banned. Adverse forces include technologies of mineral resources extraction, atom fission, climate and weather changing; use of internal combustion engines, etc.


4. 2. The Invisible VÒortexTM.

VÒortexTM  (pl. VTorticesTM), a derivative from words Vortex, Vortices, Torus, Tori, Toroid, Tornado, Torsion, is a “Life Cell”, or a self-supported toroidal eversible/enveloping (closed) structure which:

-          Is a supreme type form of the 3-phase state of the fluid medium existence in Nature. The three phases are:

1)      intershell medium – Aether;

2)      toroidal shell (shell material)

3)      working fluid medium under excess pressure or negative pressure (vacuum) contained in the toroidal shell;

-          Exists in Nature of the mega-and-more world and the nano-and-less world;

-          Is activated from the external environment, supported and de-activated by structurization matter, energy and information or a natural torus-shaped structurer at the current time moment, TRightNow, with forecast, preparation and implementation in the future, TFuture (Figs. 14-16).

The external environment for a VÒortexTM is the intershell medium (1), or Aether, in which matter, energy and information sources are located, consumed and reproduced;

-          Operates irrespective of the external environment (Aether) containing it, etc.

The working fluid medium is a liquid or gas with certain properties, e.g. water, air, etc.


Let us consider the “invisibility” of a type form of the working fluid medium of a self-supported VÒortexTM tornado (galaxy, etc.) since it is this form that ensures “perpetual” operation of energy sources and transport vehicles without using any fuel as well as infinite movement of matter in the Universe (Fig. 12, 13).

A source of “power” further transformed into energy or motion is a controllable sum modulo (∑=/Ð+/+/Ð-/) between the values of the positive/gravitation (the positive pressure P+cone is dragging/pulling the propulsor behind itself) and negative/levitation (the negative pressure P-cone is pushing the propulsor in front of itself) pressures formed by the explosive/eversible tail and the implosive/enveloping head of the VÒortexTM, respectively (see [27] for details).

In other words, two forces are developing:

  • a force pushing the propulsor in front of it in a Plateau-Shikhirin channel; and
  • a force dragging/pulling the propulsor behind itself in a Plateau-Shikhirin channel.

There are several types of movement used by the propulsor:

·         forward movement, when ∑=/Ð+/+/Ð-/>0, in this case

§  /Ð+/ =0, à /Ð-/≠0,

§  /Ð-/=0, à /Ð+/≠0,

§  /Ð-/≠0 è /Ð+/≠0;

·         no movement, when ∑=/Ð+/+/Ð-/=0;

·         inverse movement takes place only if the propulsor inside the vehicle (flying saucer) or the flying saucer itself is reversed by 180o.


The VÒortexTM is activated in the nano-and-less and the mega-and-more world by external forces ensuring rotation of local parts of the working fluid medium type forms: Foam4, Bundle4 or Schauberger Flow4.

The formation of a VÒortexTM structure is predetermined by a number of parameters, namely:

-          the fluid medium mass and density;

-          the number of threads in Schauberger Bundle4, the number of  Schauberger Bundles4 in Schauberger Flow4;

-          angular velocity of threads in a Schauberger Bundle4 as well as angular velocities of Schauberger Bundle4, Schauberger Bundles4  in the Schauberger Flow4, and the Schauberger Flow4.

The self-supporting mode of a VÒortexTM is accomplished by:

-          natural structurers of a type form of the VÒortexTM working fluid medium, namely torus Pi, sphere Pi, closed helical thread Pi (ring Pi) coming from the external space environment (intelligent data base;

-          periodically repeated sucking operation performed by the implosive end;

-          the intershell medium Aether processed by the central part and squeezed out by the explosive end of the  VÒortexTM in which the latter is moving

It is likely that the main physical reason for invisibility of a VÒortexTM is its disappearance from the field of view when it enters the self-supported mode and then moves to and operates in the Aether intershell medium.


Fig. 14  The torus structure discovered by Valeriy Shikhirin in October 2005 [6], and torus bodies as parts of the Shikhirin heptahedron (6,4,4,4,4,3,3) contact each other through their 3- and 4-corner bases in a dense packing of VTortices; the physical meaning of torus knots



Fig. 15  A lens dodecahedron shell and a hedgehog (stellated) icosahedron shell. A torus heptahedron shell and a torus heptahedron hedgehog shell in the VTortex design.


Fig. 15 shows explosive lens shells and implosive hedgehog shells by examples of the 1/7 part of a torus, i.e. Shikhirin toric heptahedron, a dodecahedron and the 1/12 part of a pyramid with a pentagonal base. The VTortex moves in Foam4 via Plateau-Shikhirin channels.



Fig. 16   Sample: A natural structure of an explosive lens torus (50%) and an implosive hedgehog torus (50%).


Fig. 16, the bottom right view, shows a sea hedgehog from,  looking like an implosive torus or a torus-shaped implosive hedgehog shell with a fluid medium under a negative pressure (vacuum) and a big number of turns along the meridian, p, and the longitude, q (a developed torus knot {p;q} = {3np;1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11…}).  


Foam7 is distributed inside a VTortex structure as follows:

        The VTortex string (Fig. 16) is a virtual circumference, a big VTortex radius, its “geometrical” center, the pressure and gravity center. The string is formed of 21 vertices of seven Shikhirin polyhedra. Each polyhedron has a “linear” vertex consisting of 4 points located every three equal distances on the same line. The number of polyhedra may be from seven to any multiple of seven in compliance with the formula of a {3np;2} torus knot [6], where 3np  is a number of turns by the latitude and 2 by the longitude of the VTortex structure.

        The hexagon base (honeycomb cell) of a polyhedron is located opposite the “linear” vertex of a Shikhirin heptahedron.

        The number of polyhedra in a VTortex may be quite a big value multiple of seven. Of these polyhedra:

·         More than 90% of all Shikhirin polyhedra are located in the invisible central part of the VTortex and have the fluid medium under a negative pressure (vacuum), i.e. they are implosive hedgehog polyhedra. The opposite sides of the shell material are pressed tightly to each other and, depending on how big the VTortex longitude is, triangular-shape thickenings are formed at the external side of the material.

For instance, any active galaxy has two such thickenings, and a mature tornado has 2 ↔ 3 ↔ 4 ↔ 5 of them. These thickenings are rollers of a supercold helical rolling mill, or Elastic/Soft MultiTorus Finepitch GearsÒÌ  (Fig. 17). Therefore, work parts like planets or stars are rolled into dodecahedra, while hailstones/drops/snowflakes are rolled into regular polyhedra or their versions, e.g. Archimedean or Shikhirin solids.

·         The remaining part of the polyhedra containing the fluid medium under excess pressure is located at the VTortex periphery. These are explosive lens polyhedra.



Fig. 17  Working models of the Elastic/Soft MultiTorus Finepitch GearsÒÌ ##1-3.


A VTortex structure consists of the following components (Fig. 18): 

The structure-forming torus includes π Torus, πSphere, πTorus knot;

-          Any torus knot is also an (open) torus, hence it has its “own” π Torus, πSphere and  πTorus knot, or

·         Torus knot includes: πTorus1, πSphere1, πHelical line1, πTorus knot1;

·         Torus knot 1 includes: πTorus2, πSphere2, πHelical line2, πTorus knot2;

·         Torus knot 2 includes: πTorus3, πSphere3, πHelical line3, πTorus knot3 ,  ...;

·         Torus knot ‘n’ includes: πTorus(n+1), πSphere(n+1), πHelical line(n+1),πTorus knot(n+1).


In other words, in the Nature of the mega-and-more world as well as the nano-and-less world every VTortex structure has an infinite multitude of π (Pi)’s nested in one another in a specific way, namely: πTorus, πSphere, πTorus knot (πTorus1, πSphere1, πHelical line1, πTorus knot1 (πTorus2, πSphere2, πHelical line2, πTorus knot2 (πTorus3, πSphere3, πHelical line3, πTorus knot3 ...(πTorus’n’, πSphere ‘n’, πHelical line ‘n’, πTorus knot ‘n’, (πTorus(n+1), πSphere(n+1), πHelical line(n+1), πTorus knot(n+1)...))))),

where n = ∞.

Besides, a VTortex is a generator of Phyllotaxis processes and Fibonacci structures.

In the author’s opinion [11], the πÒîðà is the main natural structurer of matter, namely it is its information-energy (energy-information) basis.



Fig. 18  Sample: A structure of a VTortex-lens


The author believes that each VTortx with its parameters shown in Fig. 17 is an (al)chemical element of the Periodical Table, and they are infinite in quantity.


5. Natural and Artificial/Anthropogenic Destruction of the Space Structure, i.e. Working Fluid Medium.

As seen from Fig.19, the VTortex itself (a self-supported propulsor) is in the intershell medium, Aether, i.e. the Plateau-Shikhirin Channels, or Skeleton, inside which there is a super-rarefied fluid medium moving in a specific way. Plateau-Sgikhirin channels themselves reside in the Foam4 type form of the fluid medium.

In other words, zones of super-high, super-negative pressure/temperature as well as the controllable/uncontrollable positive/negative difference between them are formed in the Aether – the 1-st structural component of the working fluid medium type forms/shells!

The working fluid medium is not destroyed. When an object, a VTortex in our case, goes through a Plateau-Shikhirin channel, the object at first causes energy-information expansion of the channel with its (intershell space) subsequent narrowing but not sticking up.

See [27] for more details.


Other propulsors move in a fluid medium by means of:

1. Pushing from the fluid medium (in the air or in/over water or in/on earth) such as:

-          Roving propeller,

-          Screw propeller,

-          Propeller blade,

-          Flippers,

-          Fluttering wing

2. Ejection of the fluid medium:

-          Water-jet motor,

-          Jet-propulsion motor.

Propulsors may be of two types:

  • Explosive type (movement of a pierced container filled with a pressurized fluid medium, an outward burst). The container moves “forward”, away from the hole, i.e. in the direction reverse from the fluid medium leakage.
  • 2Implosive type (movement of a pierced container filled with a fluid medium under negative pressure, an inward burst). The container moves “backward”, towards the hole, i.e. in the direction of the vacuum leakage.


In either case the fluid medium, i.e. a dense packing of shells is destroyed with its fractions pushed away from or out of it. These fractions consist of:

  • Aether fragments,
  • whole or broken shells, pieces of shell material,
  • retained fluid medium or its fragments in a non-destroyed shell,

In order to keep the matter-energy-information balance and eliminate “voids”, new dense packings of shells are continuously formed by means of shell bloating and/or shrinking, inward pressure and the Aether re-distribution.

Nowadays all man-made propulsors moving in a working fluid medium are built on these primitive “antiquated” principles.

Movement/flight or movement/swimming of animal world creatures occurs based on liquid or gas tori formed by their propulsing organs (an effect of the wheel) as they roll through the central parts of such tori (Fig. 19, left) (for more details see further “Principles of Flying and Swimming Organisms Movement from the Torus Technology Perspective”).



Fig. 19  Natural and artificial deformation as well as curable and incurable destruction of the space structure, i.e. the working fluid medium.


Fig. 19 shows destruction and “instant” recovery of the structure of a dense packing of Foam4 regular polyhedra by an example of propulsors operating in a fluid medium based on the principles of pushing off the working medium or ejecting it

It is shown (Fig. 13) how these methods are used for “discovery” of new particles aided by various accelerators/destructors of matter like a hadron collider. The picture “To fire a cannon at sparrows” is taken from


Why is all this gibberish like discovery with barbarian methods of elementary particles that do not exist in Nature supported by the academic elite, welcomed and awarded with special prizes, etc.?


6. Life Story of a Typical Research Engineer Covering the Last Years of the USSR, its Collapse and the Beginning of “New” Russia.

Everywhere in my social and personal life I had to deal with beaurocrats of all types who opposed everything new and progressive. It all started in the childhood, for instance, with supervision over my activities in communist children’s organizations, the Communist Party, the trade union organization. They drove me crazy with numerous silly questions, a system of provocateurs, personal dislike of a person under supervision, etc.

Practically no one survived this pressing machine but for few exceptions when a person could recognize secret knowledge, detect flaws, bypass and make use of this system to promote good things often with using beaurocrats themselves.

The author developed his own technology of survival and so far has been using it until now, TRightNow.


6.1. Graduation Thesis

The author’s graduation thesis “Evaluating a Possibility of Using Mathematical Methods for Die Distribution in an Investment Casting Shop at the Izhevsk Mechanical Works [57] described a notion of “component complexity” in terms of its volume-to-surface area ratio.

This notion was suggested and made use of by the author in his graduation project (Fig. 19) targeted at minimization of model/component defects manufactured on 10-position (for fabrication of 10 different components) model automata.

Hundreds of components were classified by an integrated index such as material crystallization time, pressure, temperature, etc.

Components were characterized by:

-          weight – from several grams to tens of kilograms;

-          wall thickness – 0.5 mm and more;

-          different surface cleanliness;

-          dimension precision, etc.

Later, when the author developed self-supported systems (energy sources, vehicles, etc.) based on natural laws of matter, energy and information structurization he came to a number of important conclusions:

-          the surface area of a form (component) has a natural significance in that all elements of matter from the nano-and-less world to the mega-and-more world are united through their “surface areas”;

-          these “surfaces” cover the external area of the material of soft/elastic/flexible or hard shells (Shell Material) filled with a fluid medium under excess or negative (vacuum) pressure (Filler);

-          shells are packed into a dense packing and “float rubbing against one another” in an intershell medium - the Aether, or Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton;

-          Number π is one of natural structurers reflecting the first and foremost natural relationship, namely the torus surface area to the equal radius sphere surface area ratio!

-          The difference between the cross-section and the longitudinal section of the “saucer” torus is the following:

∆= SS1 - SS2 12,56R2 - 7,14R2 = 5,42R2,

that is actually greater than 43%.

The difference in the geometrical sizes of the cross section and the longitudinal section of a torus (a toroidal self-supported system) is the most important feature allowing control of the “saucer” movement under the following conditions:

·         weightlessness. In this case the difference has no effect;

·         Gravitation in the atmosphere of any planet or in any fluid medium. A possibility of stepwise or smooth control within 0% to 43%.



Fig. 19  Valeriy Shikhirin at the beginning of his engineer-mathematician career, 1971.


The following sections show the evolution of a simple provincial engineer-mathematician who, after his graduation, was employed to run newly appeared big Minsk-32 computers at the Izhevsk Mechanical Works in 1971-1973, and later Minsk-220 computers in army unit No. 34436 (Yevpatoria, the Crimea) and since then has been consistently and intensively “making   himself” an engineer-inventor-scientist-practical man notwithstanding the fierce opposition of bosses-bureaucrats whose animal and vegetable equivalents do not exist in Nature.


Let us have a look at the everyday life organization of ants; it is strictly hierarchical and functionally distributed so that:

-          there are no superfluous members (supervisors);

-          a stray ant loses orientation and usually dies, etc.


6.2. Machine-Vision Systems.

In 1975, after the author left the sea resort Yevpatoria to return to the Izhevsk Mechanical Works he was entrusted with development of computer-aided production engineering systems that gained a wide popularity in the USSR in those years.

As a result, along with putting into practice standard industrial systems, the author succeeded in promotion of his own inventions, e.g. automation of design and manufacturing of cams on NC machines including:

-          semi-automatic milling machines for manufacture of flat complex-configuration parts (Makarov/Walter pistol);

-          Automatic lathes and Swiss-style sliding headstock machines for fabrication of axisymmetric-type parts.

Two years later, in 1978-1980, the in-house automated systems became intra- (the Defense-Industry Ministry) and interindustry [58] standards, while the author also became a process engineer.

During the introduction of these systems the author met with problems of visual inspection of flat complex parts and their serial number recording. Later challenges included the visual inspection of PC boards, microassemblies, running IC chip soldering equipment, etc. About 30% of the inspection personnel of device-making fabs were engaged in the visual inspection.

At my initiative in 1980 a laboratory of machine-vision systems (MVS) was set up at the plant, and in 1982 an industry-level MVS lab was established with participation of two ministries (the USSR Defense Industry Ministry and the Republican Higher-Education Ministry) (Fig. 20) [42-51].



Fig. 20  An Info sheet describing achievements of the author and his team issued in 1985 (the USSR)


The top view in Fig. 20 (July 1980) shows one of the first domestic (and, probably, international) “picture” images (the photo was taken from an admittance card of the Izhevsk Mechanical Works, the author) scanned by a TV camera, processed by a Minsk-32 computer and printed on an alphanumeric printer).


The bottom view: Izhevsk – Moscow, 1985. Information Sheet, Izhevsk Mechanical Works, the author being the project manager.


June 1985 (see Fig.21, left). The country’s first (probably, the world’s first) test sample of a machine-vision system for flexible automated productions was demonstrated at a closed meeting of the USSR Defense Industry Ministry and later awarded with gold and other medals of the USSR National Economy Achievements Exhibition (VDNKh).




Fig. 21  Machine-vision (sensing) systems inspected by Pavel Finogenov, the USSR Defense Industry Minister (June 1987).


June 1987 (see Fig.21). The author is demonstrating a machine-vision system used for automated IC wire soldering and wirebond inspection and for navigation task solution in flexible automated manufacturing [55, 67, 68] such as transportation robot orientation between processing centers.

 Pavel Finogenov (1919-2004), the USSR Defense Industry Minister is inspecting the electronic production at the Izhevsk Mechanical Works, high-voltage electronics shop No.69 (thick-film production).


The top picture: the author; the Works Director Vasiliy Chuguevskiy (1940-2002); Pavel Grishchenko, secretary of the Udmurt Area Communist Party Committee; unidentified person; Pavel Finogenov (wearing glasses), the USSR Defense Industry Minister;  Vitaliy Plushchikov, Head of 5-th Department of the Defense Industry Ministry (in charge of all weapons, artillery and “missile” R&D institutes, design centers and factories of the USSR); unidentified person.


The middle and bottom pictures: Dr. Alexander Afanasyev (1957-2004), my best graduate student, engineer and practical scientist; the author; Vasiliy Chuguevskiy; Pavel Finogenov.

© The pictures from the Izhevsk Mechanical Works museum were officially given to me as a gift in the late 80-ies last century.


June 1987  - the author becomes a member of the Academic Council on the subject “Robotic Engineering and Automated Production” at the Department of Mechanics and Control Processes of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the machine-vision systems team.

The author was nominated to the Council by Associate Member of the Academy Dmitry Okhotsimsky (1921-2003), an aide to Mstislav Keldysh  (1911-1978), President of the USSR Academy of Sciences. D. Okhotsimsky reported well of the author’s PhD thesis.


February 1988 – An in-house “Computer Engineering” chair as a division of the Izhevsk Mechanical Institute was set up at the plant for training in the “Electronic Computers” discipline. The author was appointed the chairman on the part-ime job conditions, and five leading electronic experts of the plant were involved to deliver lectures, supervise and assess diploma projects, practice, lab works, etc.

December 1988  - Defending a PhD thesis [51] at the Moscow Tsiolkovsky Institute for Aviation Technologies, Specialized Council Ê 063.56.03, specialty: Technology of Radio Engineering and Communications Device Production.


In April 1989 (four months after the PhD thesis defense), the author was  offered to head a new Special Design Center with Pilot Production at the Information and Electronics Center (Zelenograd, Moscow) for “development of top-priority computer equipment” (Resolution of the CPSU Central Committee and the USSR Council of Ministries of May 22, 1986). The Design Center was to ensure high-quality processes of multilayer PCB manufacturing and surface assembly using the future Elbrus-4 supercomputer (designed at the Lebedev Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering) based on the author’s projects.

Main projects of the author (about 25 years ago!!!) were targeted at development of machine-vision systems, including:

-          tactile (elastic piezo-ceramics) sensing systems using different areas of a human body skin, e.g. of astronauts, pilots, divers, equipment testers, etc.;

-          audio, visual, odor sensing systems;

-          their integration into robotic complexes;

-          navigation systems;

-          number recording of parts for, e.g. the Makarov gun or Kalashnikov automatic gun;

-          visual inspection of mass-production devices, e.g. automated mass production lines;

-          transmission of visual data using non-conventional non-electromagnetic methods, e.g. via the Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton, torsion methods, etc.;

-          respective artificial intelligence (AI) areas, I/O devices on this basis, etc.

In 1990, at the author’s initiative and with his direct participation a respective R&D project was drafted and its financing provided.

By a lucky chance (the author’s guess was correct) the majority of the R&D objectives fell in line with the policy of solving professional and everyday-life activity problems of disabled people with physical, sensory (eyesight or hearing) and other disorders. For instance, some design projects for blind people (at a request of the All-Union Society for Blind People) were started, such as:

  • B/W and colored touch screens for output of text data, including Braille alphabet, and graphical information;
  • W/B and colored touch screens for running movies, media products, etc;
  • word and graphical data input devices;
  • an easel, a sketchbook for making B/W and colored pictures, etc.


Current equivalents of such systems are partially iPad, iPîd, iPhone and other personal pocket-size gadgets of various functionality.


In December 1991, 2.5 years later (after the author settled down in Moscow), the USSR collapsed and related national and other real projects ceased to exist. Readers may refer to the Internet to have a look at today’s IT and Electronics Center founded in 1987 in Zelenograd, Moscow (near Moscow).


In 1990 I moved to an apartment in Bibirevo “dormitory suburb” at the North-East of Moscow which suited me perfectly in terms of its being equidistant to key science cities of the Moscow area such as Zelenograd, Istra, Dolgoprudny, Korolev, Mytischi, Sergiev Posad, Lubersty, Zhukovsky, and Moscow itself starting from the Kremlin.

For my trips I used a new all-weather “traffic-jam-proof” Opel-Astra. It was also at that time that the construction of the new Moscow loop highway started.

Along with the above, in those years there emerged in Moscow the best:

-          mobile communications provided by the Moscow Cellular Communications company, Finnish Benefon’s being the best cell phones;

-          internet services provided by Demos-Internet and other firms.


After those events (the USSR disintegration and alike) the author started active work on “capitalization” of his knowledge and came to the conclusion that all such knowledge (machine vision, etc.), even though it had no counterparts in the world, could not be realized due to underdeveloped computer technologies and the absence of components in Russia.

These fields were “successfully” destroyed by the USSR RAS President Mstislav Keldysh (1911-1978) who in 1966 made a decision in favor of reverse engineering of the IBM-360, that is stealing IC layout by shearing off layers and making copies of circuits.

I remember very well that shameful period in the history of the USSR microelectronics “development” in Zelenograd.

His another “heroic deed” - “a gift for the future”  - was creation of the explosive “dirty” weapon - a fusion bomb which led to violation of the Earth Vacuum Chamber integrity and active destruction of its atmosphere.


Under these circumstances the author had to seek an absolutely new direction in science and engineering irrespective of a technological level of whatever country.

To this end I had to develop special criteria, and after painstaking 2-year investigations such a direction was finally found in 1993: natural elastic mechanics and toroidal self-supported movement united together.


In Russia historically all problems used to be solved by valet lieutenants who “pulled chestnuts out of fire” for “generals. Later in the troubled nineties of the last century the former suddenly “saw light” – what are generals for if you have all connections, information and alike? However, they kept in mind that in the long run they themselves would become generals but without deft valets.


The early 90-ies were favorable for setting up private firms, so I made a decision to organize my own private science-engineering enterprise.

When queuing up at the Moscow Registration Chamber to have my firm incorporated I saw a great deal of most active and smartest people differing in age, technical education and experience. Quite a lot were familiar to me and I was known to many of them.

Talking with them, I was surprised to hear that practically all f them – the so called “New Russians” – were aimed at short-turnaround businesses. They were in turn surprised by my decision to establish an R&D private company from scratch (?!) – It’s helluva long time!

I used to tell them: “Guys, everything you are establishing and will be developing will be taken away from you because you are not experts in this; a permission for every activity is granted by office-holders; in the near future they will have the upper hand in competition and they are quite aware of it. Meanwhile they are waiting till you have something to take away from you”.

As things go now, it seems there is nothing to develop at all, and this is one of the reasons for degradation and final death of the civilization. However, some fields are developing fast, for instance, information technologies. Even so, these are auxiliary rather than key areas like, say, energy area without which the future development of Mankind will be limited and eventually come to a standstill.


6.3. Selecting freedom. Torus Technologies (TORTECH) and Elastic Mechanics (Engineering) (ELASTONEERING).

This field was given enthusiastic approval, and Graderika Ltd. (!) (the author being the founder and 100% owner) was instantly granted a perpetual license to conduct R&D along with required financing were provided.


At the author’s, as the company owner’s, request, all work conducted by the private company Graderika Ltd.:

-          was open to public;

-          the results were allowed to be made publicly available without approval by authorities;

-          the list of subcontractors was not to be submitted for approval, etc.


Since that time:

-          my main incentive was “Fall for the queen and earn a million simultaneously!”

-          I became an independent person, scientist, engineer, inventor and businessman;

-          I became free like any plant or animal organism in Nature;

-          depended on nobody;

-          waited for nobody’s approval;

-          what I earned (much or little) was all mine;

-          specialists employed by me were paid in the first place. Of course, they were the cream – multi-profile professionals;

-          I spent the major part of the revenues on development of my business – working samples, models, breadboards; publications, international trips; advertising materials, including video, etc.;

-          nobody knew and later ceased to understand what I was doing; I rose “above the system”;

-          officials and/or bandits and/or security bodies eyed my business hungrily but dared not approach me. At that time taking away objects of business was something to fear.


I always remember with gratitude smartest world-class scientists, engineers and managers with correct intellectual orientation who were my engineering “fathers”, friends, mentors and colleagues in 1971-1997 (Table 4). Being in the majority offsprings of the Izhevsk Mechanical Works and Institutes, they constitute the basis of the Russian/Soviet engineering community.


Table 4

My “Engineering Fathers”



 Dr. Anatoliy Borodin

PhD (Engineering)

-          Deputy Chief Technologist in charge of new products at the Izhevsk Mechanical Works;

-          Deputy Head of Central Engineering (R&D) Department at the USSR Defense Industry Ministry;

-          One of directors for construction of the Zelenograd IT and Electronics Center (Kryukovo village, Moscow Area)

-          Since 1995 he has been living in Hamburg (Germany) promoting his patents Europe-wide in 1) “molecular water disintegration into energy-producing raw materials”, and 2) “super anti-wear metal surface coatings” [69] for control parts of self-supported VTortex systems and vehicles.

Valentin Guryev



-          Chief Technologist Izhevsk Mechanical Works;

-          Chief Engineer Izhevsk Mechanical Works, the best Chief Engineer since the Works foundation in 1942,

Boris Belousov

Director Izhevsk Mechanical Works

Deputy Minister the USSR Defense Industry;

the USSR Machine-Building Minister;

the last USSR Defense Industry Minister

President “MetalChem” Corporation reorganized from the USSR Machine-Building Ministry.

Since 1994 he was directly involved in establishment of torus technologies and elastic mechanics in Russia, and in 2006 he contributed to the investigation of the problem of planets and stars generation by supercold helical rolling by involvement of a number of plants and R&D institutes subordinate to him before the USSR disintegration. For instance, along with ball rolling the rotation body investigations were conducted.

Yuriy Maslukov



-          Chief Engineer the Izhevsk R&D Institute of Technology;

-          Head of Central Engineering (R&D) Dept. the USSR Defense Industry Ministry;

-          Deputy Minister the USSR Defense Industry;

-          Deputy Chairman the USSR Council of Ministers;

-          Chairman the USSR Military-Industry Commission at the USSR Council of Ministers;

-          Chairman of the USSR “GosPlan” (State Planning Council)

-          Member of the CPSU Central Committee Political Bureau

 Dr. Alexander Alferov

PhD (Engineering)

Supervisor of my PhD thesis;

Lecturer at the Izhevsk State Technical University

Originator of the “Innovanica” trend in Russia [70]

Not to mistake for his namesake, a RAS academician

Dr. Anatoliy Korobov,

Grand PhD (Engineering), Professor

My PhD thesis opponent

One of the R&D (Technology) top managers at the Electronics Center organized in Zelenograd in 1962;

He was the first (1965) in the USSR to be awarded a PhD (Engineering) degree despite negative assessments of some opponents. Incidentally, it was the 1-st PhD thesis on the thin-film technology in the USSR.

Key investigator in the elastic mechanics research [1,53, 59-66]

Anatoly Akimov (1936-2007

Grand PhD (Phys., Math.), academician of Russian Natural Sciences Academy


Author of the theory of structurization of the torsion part of smart space with information and energy moving over it. Designing telegony, teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, self-supported energy-information systems;

General Director the Non-Conventional Technologies Center of the USSR State Science and Engineering Committee;

General Director the International R&D Center for Venture Technologies;

The main opponent of the “official science” in Russia


Many projects of the author, an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), Department of Geopolitics and Security, elected April 29, 2000, # GB-213D (A.I. Melua, Encyclopaedia. The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Vol.2 “Humanities”, M.-S.Pb., 2000, p.1062), dedicated to application of torus technologies and elastic mechanics, were conducted in 1993-2001 in close collaboration with my friend and colleague Dr. Vladimir Pirumov,

-          One of the founders of the Russian Academy of Natural Scienceds (RANS), RANS vice-president, Chairman of the Geopolitics and Security Department;

-          Grand PhD (military sciences) – the author of the scientific direction “Radioelectronic Combat”;

-          Professor of the Military Academy of the Armed Forces General Staff;

-          Counter-admiral;

-          Captain of a torpedo-boat destroyer;

-          Chairman of the Academic Council of the Russian Security Council in 1993-1997.


His 5-year work at the Russian Security Council in the capacity of a RANS academician, rather than a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), reflects the leading role of the  young academic organization (founded in 1990), compared to RAS pumped with government money which degraded into a mediocre business structure and lost completely its national and global significance.


Vladimir Pirumov is one of the most reputable active practical experts in the world (the UNO, Russia, the USA, etc.) in the field of civilization safety and survival under conditions of uncertainty and aggravating negative challenges of Nature and human society [71-72].

At present, in cooperation with Vladimir Pirumov the author is drafting a detailed plan of Mankind’s “seed” rescue.


The idea of  “two strong and clever hands, the USA and Russia, carefully holding and guarding the Earth Globe” mouthed by Vladimir Pirumov from the Russian Security Council together with prominent American individuals was most popular in the world in 1991-1997.


It was a romantic time for renewal of Russia [73] and further development of America, hopes for super-intelligent future awaiting the country and the whole world rather than the “dirty-faced” elite with their oil pipe even of the “golden cross-section” (Fig. 22).


The author is a member of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs since 2000; member card No. 1739.




Fig. 22  A collage from [73].


7. Space Technologies. Their Glorious Beginning and Silent End.

In the past there was also fruitful summit-level R&D cooperation between the USSR and the USA in the field of space exploration with quite a number of successful projects, e.g. the Soyuz-Apollo mission completed in July 1975 (Fig. 23).

Hierarchically space technologies rank above all other technologies of natural science and are determined by their development level, namely an extent of mastering by Man of natural structurization technologies in Nature. Unfortunately, today there is absolutely no possibility to get beyond the Solar system boundary on fuel-burning rocket propulsors.

This is a shameful and dangerous indicator of the human civilization development level. Simply put, the level of space technologies development indicating the extent of mastering by Man of natural technologies of Natural Science is culpably low.

This level is a mortal threat to Mankind.


Today, true trends in science and engineering have been fully suppressed by explosive/burst technologies, e.g. combustion and explosion technologies that totally ignore the natural structure of space in which these technologies work.



Fig.23 Left: July, 1975. The Center of Deep Space Communications, Missile Forces, Unit #34436  , Yevpatoria Ground Testpoint 16 (the computing center), village of Vitino,, the Crimea. Pictures from the author’s archives.


For my active position and free and independent views in 1974 I was disliked by my immediate boss who characterized me as having “a bad track record and not deserving to be a member of the Communist Party, as per i.16 of the CPSU Code”. i.e. I was actually denied the Party membership for ever.

The party policy is known to be defined not by a party chief but by a boss administrator. I remember this man (the notorious person in military unit #34436) to have ruined for over 30 years many of his “unsuitable” subordinates: civil specialists simply fled but his subordinate slave officers whose whole life after leaving youths’ military schools was dedicated to space had simply bad luck.

Later, in 1979, I was after all again admitted to the Communist Party at the Izhevsk Mechanical Works, and on my arrival in Moscow in 1989 party bosses did not pay attention to this entry in my membership card.


For reference:

The USSR Communist Party, like other young communist organizations, allowed collective entrance, especially in the province. It was a necessary precondition for further promotion of a specialist, especially an intellectual, or a self-made person. Nobody ever thought of why these structures were needed or how one’s party dues were spent.


The left-hand picture in Fig.23 shows the author (senior lieutenant-engineer, 2-nd grade specialist) on duty servicing the legendary space flight “Soyuz-Apollo”.


The author used to spend his free time doing translations and studying computer architecture  in the “Computer Design”  periodical to prepare for his PhD tests in English (and phylosophy) in 1974-75 at the Frunze Simferopol State University renamed in 1999 into the Vernadsky Tavria National University (Ukraine),,


After the October Revolution Vladimir Vernadsky became one of the founders and the first president of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (27 October, 1918). He was also a university professor and Rector of the Tavria University in Simferopol in 1920-1921.

A noteworthy coincidence: The names of Vladimir Vernadsky and Viktor Grebennikov (who was born in 1927 and lived in Simferopol until 1939 (14, Fabrichny Spusk St.) happened to be united by this beautiful city. The distance between Yevpatoria and Simferopol is 72 kilometers.


On March 12, 2013 there was a 150-year anniversary of Vladimir Vernadsky. Unfortunately, his ideas have never been realized because they are meant for a long-term period of Mankind’s development – several thousand years. Meanwhile, Mankind will hardly last for more than 175-200 years (8-10 generations) [145].


I was amazed at the abundance of science and engineering literature at the library of Military Unit #34436; practically all fresh USA periodicals were available. I can compare that abundance with the information contained, for instance, at the huge library system of the Northwestern University (Evanston, Chicago Area), one of the most prominent universities of the USA and the world,

My first American trips since September 2001 always included this “sightseeing attraction” at the embankment of Michigan Lake.


The right-hand picture of Fig.23: April, 2000, Korolyov Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) “Energia”, International Payloads Science Technology Center (Russia, Mytishchi town, Moscow Area), my friends and colleagues, left to right:

        Dr. Vladimir Nikitskiy, nicknamed “rebellious” for his character  - Deputy Chief Designer at RSC “Energia”, a candidate astronaut (1967-68) for a “secret” Soviet Moon-landing mission N1-L3, a leading world expert in vortex energies [60,65,74-76]; in 1999 he was dismissed from his positions at the “Energua” Corporation  for “gross violation of the procedure of application to higher authorities established at the Corporation” (?!);;

        Dr. Vladimir Dzhanibekov (nickname “Jan”),, ranked third among world astronauts (after Yuri Gagarin and Nail Armstrong),  five space flights, an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, an artist, a leading world expert in the fields of vortex energies [77], space object payload and specifics of space structurization under the weightlessness conditions by an example of the world-known “Dzhanibekov (the nut) effect”:,)

        the author of this article.

The book on the desk is a book written by the author [1].


In 2000 the author was awarded a Vernadsky Commemorative Silver Medal (Fig. 23) “for prominent contribution to science and development of civil society”


Incidentally, not knowing each other, the author as a practical engineer and Vitaly Lopota, a theoretician and university lecturer, who has been President and Chief Designer at RSC “Energia” since 2007,, organized in 1982-1984 the following research centers independently of each other:

-          the author  established  an R&D laboratory of machine vision systems (Izhevsk Mechanical Works à Izhevsk Institute of Mechanics, a decree of the USSR Defense Industry Minister and the Russian Higher Education Minister dd.January 7, 1982, #3/9)

-          Vitaly Lopota started up an industry-based R&D Laboratory of laser and electron-beam technologies (Leningrad Polytechnic Institute).


At that time the USSR Defense Industry Ministry (one huge building) resided in Moscow in the vicinity of Gorky (Tverskaya) St., Gashek St., 2-nd Brestskaya St., Bolshaya Sadovaya St. (on the ground floor of this building there is the “Moscow” movie-and concert hall, Mayakovskaya Metro station).


In my opinion, today’s failures of Russian (and American) space projects are to a great extent attributed to the following:

-          ignorance of laws of matter, energy, information and time structurization, particularly the Universe space structure by the engineering community.

Therefore, it is not surprising that while possessing a powerful technical base, e.g. telescopes, microscopes, computers, etc., specialists of space, weather and related ministries/agencies fail to see in video- and photo materials obvious building blocks of cosmic space, galaxies, tornado, atmosphere of stars, planets, etc. For instance, at the explosive end of acting galaxies it is possible to see with a naked eye honeycomb cells aligned with respect to visible torus knots, etc. [6,9,10,16,19,20,22,27,32,33,35];

-          invisibility of basic vortex/toroidal matter-energy-information-generation processes in Nature;

-          setting the outer space problem as the key problem of Mankind equal to other earth-related tasks thereby derating its significance;

-          appointing people inexperienced in real space projects and/or unknowledgeable “theoreticians” and “primrods” administrative positions in nature-related fields, etc.


In 2000, when university lecturer-theoretician Vitaly Lopota was director and chief designer at TsNII RTK (Central R&D Institute of Robotic Engineering Complexes, 1991-2007, S. Petersburg), we both, i.e. TsNII RTK (SPb) and Graderika Ltd (Moscow), joined a multi-sided project “Robotization  … until 2010. Theoretical and Experimental Investigations for Development of Mini- and Micro-Robotic Device Technologies and Equipment”; the R&D assignment was “Investigation and Development of Robotic Complex Components Based on Application of Smart Materials and Torus Technologies” [1-9, 23, 25, 30, 31, 37, 54], (2001-2003), head contractors: TsNII RTK (SPb) and Graderika Ltd (Moscow), 108 pages.


Moreover, after having produced heaps of mass-destruction weapons, global powers were forced to conduct R&D activities on development of special methodologies, disposal technologies [64] and installations “for military-oriented systems of the future” (?!) in space under a general title “Technologies of the 21 Century”.


Having failed to wait until needed (natural) reforms were performed in the country the author understood his uselessness in Russia for an indefinite/long period of time, the more so that life was short and he had to fulfill his obligations to Nature. So in the age of 53, I was forced to drop everything and immigrate to the USA in August 2001 under the category of a foreigner with extraordinary abilities, namely:

(1) E11 Aliens with Extraordinary Ability - Section 203(b)(1)(A) of the INA (EB-1 classification).

An immigrant petition filed on behalf of an alien with extraordinary ability must demonstrate that the alien beneficiary possesses a level of expertise indicating that he or she has risen to the top of the field of endeavor - «mathematical/computer scientist».


My active independent private research activities in the USA in 2001-2012 confirmed that I had been right in my decision: my technologies [Fig. 2] together with technologies developed by other world experts working on similar problems without involvement of governments have a good potential of rendering timely and significant help to our planet and Mankind. The majority of such specialists have become my friends and colleagues.


The principal findings are shown in the main global recourse “Self-Supported Vortex Systems”, and, designed and owned by my friends and colleagues Dr. Yevgeniy Arsentyiev and Dr. Vladimir Berdinskikh who at the same time are considered key experts in this international area [78,28,29].

I cannot but feel bitter for the current state of space research in Russia (Fig. 24) and in the world, because, in my opinion, the space knowledge base in its current state ought to have never been created so as not to waste the whole century and people’s money on a wrong (erratic or specially planned by somebody) choice in favor of:

-          disposable, non-self-supported, atmosphere-destructive jet and, e.g., solar-powered propulsors considerably limiting space flights in range and time: not farther than Moon and the Sun system, and all this in spite of the fact that unsupported/self-supported propulsors existed in Germany as far back as in the 30ies of the last century (Viktor Schauberger);

-          such space exploration objects as the Sun system planets, or senseless search of water on planets Phaeton and Mars already used and destroyed by man. The gravity force on these planets has already decreased multifold, and kilometer-thick portions of the surface layer with remnants of the animal and vegetable world and water became airborne and “flew” into space, while Phaeton simply broke to pieces.

-          development principles of electronic and information systems, spaceship construction materials, etc., despite the fact that starting from the early 20th century the necessary investigations have already been conducted, etc.


Abandoned outer-space communications systems, space missiles (Shuttles and Burans) put into museums as well as multiple electronic and other devices sent to scrap were the result of a system/planetary error made by “winner” countries after WWII and consisting in the following:

-          disregard of implosive self-supported fuel-free systems of Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and their teams that were acually ready for practical use;

-          unrestrained promotion of explosive and dirty fuelled missiles and nuclear technologies in the military and civil areas under the management of “The Three K’s” considered as “great” organizers in Russia – Keldysh, Kurchatov, Korolyov as well as their bosses;

-          excessive focus on theoretical works not connected with natural processes, etc.



Fig. 24. Deep Space Communication Center, army unit #34436, Missile-(Space) Forces, Yevpatoria Ground Test Point 16, Vitino village, Site 1, the Crimea.


Figure 24 shows the condition of a deep space communications system; all pictures show the same object in:

-          1972-1975 (the USSR): the USSR cosmonauts at the background of the object,;

-          the same object in 2011 (Ukraine).

-          At present this is a metal and concrete junkyard,


The photographs from the site, is a courtesy of the site author and owner Alexander Nyoma (he served as a specialist in army units near Simferopol and Moscow) who has designed and is developing the world’s only information resource related to and including:

-          the status of activities in Space conducted by Russian specialists;

-          arrangement of contacts for former army and civil specialists;

-          comments on various activities including research and engineering;

-          memories of military service, etc.


The Russian acronym "ÊÈÊ ÑÑÑÐ", according to encyclopedic information, is translated as “a command-and-evaluation complex (CEC) of the USSR”, which is a special facility to control launching and landing of spacecraft (a spacecraft, boost vehicles and space objects) equipped with launching and search-and-rescue systems.

A CEC normally includes ground-based command-and-evaluation points, floating (ship-based) and airborne evaluation points.

The facilities were staffed with the best military and civil specialists of the USSR.”


The Deep Space Communication Center was headquartered in Yevpatoria (the Crimea) where the author did his military service as an engineer officer (lieutenant, senior lieutenant) in charge of servicing big M-220 computers and automated telemetry processing systems STI-90 (manufactured by the Ishevsk Motor Plant).

My memories of those years will be published by installments at this website


Visitors and “participants” of this site are the best prepared executors for carrying out future work on development of new space technologies, first of all in terms of science engineering and psychology.

Alexander Nyoma’s website (he gave his consent) will definitely enter the global web system dedicated to creation of self-supported power-generating and transportation systems intended primarily for deep space exploration.


In the author’s view, only the USA and “the former USSR” (Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia), or rather their sociums with different cultures, languages, religions, nationalities, upbringing, etc., can jointly solve global problems related to all Mankind, and only by their joint efforts the “Global Rescue Transfer of Mankind’s “Seed” to Another Planet” project is feasible.  Only in these countries privately sponsored system-scale R&D work is carried out.

For instance, I know very well the genetic level and the level of intellectual (self-) training of the independent Russian and American engineering socium. I myself belong to it.


Of course, we cannot disregard world-known “single-piece” individuals from Germany, Austria, Mexico, Australia, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc., e.g. Today America still has an up-to-date industry and well-qualified working and engineering resources, while the Spirit of Engineering is still strong in Russia, therefore the above two categories should be united.

The time is not lost yet.


The solution of problems related to the deep space development, primarily preparation and emigration to another planet into a zone located closer to the explosive center of this galaxy or to another galaxy should be started from scratch.

Mankind has not yet created a knowledge base in this sphere!

The author knows how and where to find the new Earth. According to the laws of matter, energy and information structurization, the new planet looks pretty much the same: beautiful, with slightly varied contours of continents, the ground surface and the ocean and sea bottom. Its principal life-sustaining (biological) parameters such as the axis tilt, calendar, etc. are similar to those of Earth, that is, they are identical for all planets where life is possible.

Its atmosphere consists of 6 elastic interacting soft torus shells - Couette-Shikhirin Cells – filled with pressurized air and has sufficient oxygen and nitrogen percent contents therein.


It should be remembered that Phaeton, Mars, a new Earth and other new planets were prepared by creative civilizations who replaced the “pharaonic” society with a society controlled by a genuine elite that originated from the socium.

Our Mankind is a parasitic/consumerist civilization still keeping its “pharaonic” social system but this does not mean that it will continue destroying planets prepared for us by someone else.

Superior civilizations with a proper intellectual orientation will never tolerate such crimes and will simply destroy our Mankind because the artificial purposeful destruction of planets may distort the correct natural development of a branch of the Solar system structurization and lead to unpredictable events in adjacent solar/stellar systems, a Galaxy hose and the Galaxy in total, as well as in centers of vortex/galaxy generation, namely in the Plateau-Shikhirin channels (Fig. 25) surrounding the lens shells. Something like a “butterfly effect” may occur.


Fig. 25  A typical fragment of the Foam4 space in which Foam4’s natural structurization processes take place, particularly vortex/torus/galaxy-generation of VTortices by certain types of vortices (classification of galaxies).

The exactly identical classification of VTortex7 – vortices is characteristic of the nano-and-abnormally-less world and the mega-and-abnormally-more world under gravitation and “weightlessness” conditions.


The author has the right to suggest a name for this new Earth – it is ANNA (ANNA, NYURA), the name of my grandmother Anna (Nyura) Fedotovna Bochkareva (1906-1994), a cleverest and hard-working Russian woman and mother with a proper intellectual orientation.

Anna is the most wide-spread name on Earth.



Since 2006 the author has been working on setting-up a public/private international research-and-engineering center titled “The ANNA Non-Profitable Forced Global Space Emigration Fund” and invites all interested persons to take part in its establishment and operations. For this purpose there are enough independent and not appointed by someone:

-          good heads;

-          investors/sponsors with creative minds including writers, composers, movie actors, inventors, engineers, scientists, musicians, singers, architects, film directors;

-          investors/sponsors and businessmen engaged in “non-carbon, non-nuclear, non-renting” businesses who started their business from scratch, etc.


Unfortunately, at present the design and mass production of self-supported VTortex systems is possible only in the USA, the only country so far technologically prepared for this new work.


Moreover, “innovations” like IT technologies are only used for servicing functions and as “toys” for the young generation, or rather for its dumbing-down, or else in tracking systems.

New breakthrough technologies do not exist and are not even expected in the near future with the exception of technologies based on principles of matter, energy, information and time structurization (Fig. 2).

Production samples of such systems cannot be made on the current NC equipment since there is no such equipment for fabrication (processing) of, e.g.:

-          case and control parts made of new smart composite materials;

-          internal and external torus-shaped surfaces,

-          case parts, e.g. ball-shaped parts coaxially nested in one another;

-          external and internal surfaces of cone-shaped pipes of various (circumference, ellipse, etc.) profiles varying along the pipe length.


For instance, pipes must:

  • have a complex spatial (4D-4 Colors) helical structure as well as reproduce the movement direction of lines of toric, spherical or moebius knots and links
  • smoothly change/adapt their parameters, such as the number of turns around parallels and meridians, the cross-section of a knot or link thread, during activation and in the self-support mode, and also gradually change their geometrical parameters
  • must be fabricated with currently non-existing smart construction materials [8] and coatings, etc.

The equipment needed for fabrication of currently unavailable radio-electron and electrical components of non-magnetic nature does not exist either because components made of traditional materials will not operate in the atmospheric and space environment due to external and internal “field” effects impacting them through the Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton.


In case of wrong adjustment the following phenomena will tend to arise:

-          surplus of matter: chemical elements or the quantity of a particular element; or information surplus;

-          shortage of needed chemicals or the quantity of a particular element or information shortage.

For instance, torsion principles of data transmission using unavailable for the time being components are described by my friend and colleague Anatoly Akimov [79] as well as Nikola Tesla.

For these systems there is no such notion as “bad communications” unlike for current communication technologies that do not take into account the structure of space under Earth and Outer Space conditions; they are not reliable and can be suppressed, say, by torsion means.

Given below are some characteristics of relevant information processes:

-          data reception and transmission without time delays, cables, passive and active relay stations, e.g. communication satellites, etc.;

-          unlimited throughput and long operation range;

-          practically absolute noise immunity and transmitted data safety;

-          they cannot be screened by natural means and electro-magnetic fields, etc.


8. Viktor Schauberger.

In terms of Equations are much easier to study than

“To study equations is much easier from the mental and physical point of view than explore real properties of the material world …, … theoreticians study not real world properties but rather mathematical equations and their own wild guesses as to what these equations might mean…”.

Yuri Mukhin

The German culture has a reputation for being open to new ideas the majority of which were introduced in 1934-1945 [80-82].

A German industrialist who had heard about Schauberger’s strange inventions recommended him to Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) who became Reichkanzler of Germany in 1933.

Viktor Schauberger made a strong impression on the Führer who, after the interview lasting about 8 hours, instead of the scheduled 30 minutes, requested him to conduct a research to make fuel produce more energy at lower production costs.

The scientific community (the German Academy of Sciences) who resented the “upstart” Schauberger was represented at that meeting by “the father of quantum physics” Max Planck (1858-1947).

When Hitler asked his opinion of Schauberger’s theories Planck retorted: "Science has nothing to do with Nature” (?!). “


In the author’s opinion, all quantum fields “have nothing to do with Nature” and to science in general. Their place should be in science fiction or techno-fantasy and only if writers permit them to join their ranks.

In his understanding such science “beyond Nature” Max Planck referred to was invented jointly with government officials long before his time to earn money “ out of nothing” for no visible purpose. It means work targeted at a result planned in advance which:

-          can never be obtained;

-          can never be proved;

-          is not needed by anyone

Simply put, nobody is ever expected to be called to account.

In other words, science in its “quantum” embodiment is artificial knowledge Mankind will never need and, according to Planck, it is more important than Nature (has a priority over it); that is why he expressed himself in that way without understanding that thereby he had put himself in a position of a person who had nothing at all to do with science and engineering.


Later, Viktor Schauberger’s team was involved by Hitler in development of technologies based on the implosive, i.e. inward-burst, principle, while adverse dirty explosive, i.e. “outward-burst” technologies, such as, for instance, nuclear or missile burst technologies were taken out of Germany and “the remains” were dramatically picked up by the USA and the USSR.


The “winner” countries who received these technologies as “a gift” retarded in development by at least 80 years. This caused a delay in the human civilization development and led to the beginning of the intensive destruction of Earth’s atmosphere (the 80ies of the last century) [17,26,38], which will eventually lead to the death of Mankind in 175-200 years (8-10 generations).

Moreover, clean technologies did not become the basis for further development of technologies of Mankind’s future, on the contrary, dirty explosive technologies returned to Europe guided by the “Science has nothing to do with Nature” principle exemplified by the hadron collider operation (Fig. 19).

In the meantime, due to “underfinancing” Fermilab in the USA (Ñollider Tevatron, Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, near Chicago) has been practically disbanded.


Schauberger’s technologies were partially destroyed by the Germans. Some of them were taken out of the country but to the author’s best belief they were never put to practice because engineers and researchers of the USSR and the USA did not understand the space structure, particularly, the most complicated and life-sustaining vortex/toroidal self-supported basis.


Viktor Schauberger did not argue with “mentally inferior” experts and did not take offence, he pitied them. Other genii of Mankind (Fig. 1) were just as indulgent towards those who were inferior in knowledge.

He was an opponent of mathematical theories: “We do not need the science of formulas but the science of forms”  („Wir brauchen keine Wissenschaft der Formeln, sondern eine Wissenschaft der Formen“).

He understood the science of forms as natural structurization of matter, energy and information, particularly, automatic formation of fluid medium type forms in Nature by natural structurers existing in outer space - the genetic energy-information resource base.

This natural principle was used in his works dedicated to Flying Saucers (Repulsin) and Domestic Power Stations where he made use of structurization and self-support forces, i.e. tornado-VTortex.

Speaking about the Golden Section he said: “The counter-reactive transverse electrical potentials have to be stationed opposite the strongest longitudinal magnetic potentials. Out of this normal state of opposition the harmonic transitional point is created in the golden middle. This golden middle is the organic angle. It is the only true parthway upon which there is no upwards, no downwards, no sideways and no inwards, but only a movement in and about itself, which corresponds to the infinite will of God, the unity in the universality” (structured by Nature, a comment of the author).

This is the real natural multifunctional Golden Section rather than the primitive 2-dimensional “division of a value (e.g. a fragment length) into two parts so as to obtain …bla-bla-bla…a ratio of about 1,6180339887.

Here we have to seek natural structurers so far unknown to Man remembering that “There are no indivisible things and quantities in Nature, nor there are approximations. Only Arithmetic, Geometry and Topology “work” in it”  (Vyacheslav Kasatkin).

The following information on natural structurers should be sought:

-          how, where and under what conditions they originate?

-          where are their origination centers?

-          where matter, energy and information for them are taken from?

It should be understood that the golden section and other discovered and yet undiscovered natural structurers are available everywhere in Nature – from the nano-and-less world to the mega-and-more world since they make the basis of Nature.

The author believes that:

-          the discovery by Man of the golden section or other natural structurers in Nature made a revolution in Natural Science;

-          their application in human activities is a logical proof of the former;

-          endless attempts to fit these “remarkable numbers” into a theoretical framework is a waste of time.


According to Viktor Schauberger, there two types of technologies existing in Nature:

·         Implosive, or (Crumpled&FoldedTechTM);

·         Explosive, or (UnCrumpled&UnFoldedTechTM).

There ratio in Nature is 50%: 50%, which is kept in permanent balance.


I recommend that you watch and make a copy of a film (75 minutes) describing the last years of Viktor Schauberger’s life – his visit to America and death in 1958,


I think that being an intellectual biorobot with a correct intellectual orientation he died not because of mental stresses (as they say) to which he was accustomed and which were natural to him but because of overloads incompatible with functioning of his energy-information system.

These overloads were hard conditions of his long-time flight (more than 24 hours in 1958) from Europe to America and back several days later, and double adjustment of his 73-year organism to the 10-hour jet lag.


9. Anatoliy Akimov and His Critics.


“An uneasy conscience betrays itself “.

“Eeveryone who commits a criminal act can be betrayed himself”.


 “He who is the loudest to shout “Stop the thief!... has stolen himself”.

Russian Idioms


The fact that I did not catch a thief red-handed does not mean I do not know of being robbed”

Antoni Krauze


Dr. Anatoliy Akimov (1938-2007)  (Fig.1), an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, was General Director of the International Center for Venture and Non-Conventional Technologies (IREC VENT).


One of his papers unknown to public at large [83] was kindly given to me by the co-author of the paper Ludmila Boldyreva,


I remember a small and short-lived but unusual episode of our friendship with Anatoliy Akimov:

In late July – early August 1991 (2 weeks before August 18, 1991, the beginning of the Soviet coup d'etat attempt (GKChP putsch)), a primary communist party cell was organized at the IREC VENT, and I was appointed its secretary as the youngest party member.


Anatoliy Akimov and a number of other “non-conventionalists” were registered at my cell. I am still keeping his and other communists’ anchoring coupons (Fig. 26) as well as his well-known brochure [84] (Fig. 27).


Three months later, on August 22, after the coup (GKChP putsch) fiasco, the USSR Communist Party was dissolved.



Fig. 13. Anchoring coupons of communist party members sent by the Khoroshevsky district communist party committee to the secretary of the primary party cell, i.e. to the author


My friend and colleague, proud, lonely and independent Anatoliy Akimov, died in hospital on February 19, 2007 after a long illness. He had thyroid cancer.


In the author’s opinion, “incurable cancer” has a non-virus and non-microbial nature; it originates as a result of an artificial or natural (forced by Nature) breach of the throughput capability or clogging of an address-oriented (subject-to-subject receipt and transmission) Plateau-Shikhirin channel (1-st component: the intershell medium Aether, Fig. 6) used for reception-transmission (sucking-releasing) of matter, energy and information from/to outer space [26, 27].

The treatment can be performed only by an honest and knowledgeable extrasensory perception expert, conventional medicine is useless.


A natural or forced input or evacuation of matter, energy and information leading to cancer may be caused by an action (e.g. of sexual nature) of a human biorobot himself or an external willful effect directed against Nature in terms of structurization processes which action or effect violated conditions of biorobot operation in Nature.


It should be remembered that the majority of Anatoly Akimov’s projects were carried out on a confidential basis that is the subjects were known only to him and his customer and guessed by an expert from the same field.


Moreover, his office was located in the most prestigious and wealthy district of Moscow; 7/8 Maroseika St. “abutting” Lubyansky Proyezd adjacent to Novaya/Staraya Sq, the seat of the Communist Party Central Committee, now the Russian President Administration’s HQ.

IREC VENT offices were networked all over the former USSR.


Therefore, envy along with fear to lose in a competition and blatant incompetence -  “Science has nothing to do with Nature“ - were the main reasons for Akimov’s persecution by the Russian Academy of Sciences, and it was, in particular, because of him that the stalinist retaliatory “Commission for Fighting False Science and Scientific Research Forgery” was set up under the RAS Presidium,


The Commission was headed by Vitaly Ginzburg (1916-2009), a Nobel/”Dynàmite” Prize winner in 2003.

The role of an “axman” was assigned to a certan RAS academician Eduard Kruglyakov and Co. – experts in fusion, combustion and explosion control fields, i.e. controllable destruction of our planet.

If RAS academicians cannot explain (since they do not understand):

  • how and why electric current flows along power lines;
  • how an atom, crystal, matter is built;
  • what is field, radioemission. X-ray emission;
  • why bodies gravitate to Earth, etc.,

then what can be said about much more sophisticated processes in Nature investigated by Anatoliy Akimov and current real researchers.



Fig. 27 An inscription on the last page [84] with a compliment signature of Anatoliy Akimov for the author (Moscow, 29 June, 1991).


To supplement Anatoliy Akimov’s work on obtaining materials with preset properties when an object was effected by a torsion field generator, the author in collaboration with a laboratory headed by Alexander Chernetsky (the Plekhanov NIO REA) carried out works on cutting and welding metals and dielectrics as well as on obtaining materials with preset properties using a core, barrier and other discharge type plasma [125,127-129].


It was later that the author understood that those were two different processes running in the Aether intershell medium – the 1st component of matter type forms (Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton).

It was plasma used for peaceful creative purposes.


 “The death trader” Alfred Nobel (1933-1996) never guessed about the ominous (accidental or purposeful?) coincidence between the dynamite invented by Nobel, its amazing transformation into a fusion bomb/burst/explosion/destruction and annual distribution of money “as prizes for those who made the best contribution to Mankind’s benefit in a preceding year …”


The Nobel Committee turns out to be an accomplice in criminal destruction of Earth along with mushrooming funds which reward “explosion scientists” in other nominations.

In the last century 50ies Andrey Sakharov (1921-1989), one of the hydrogen bomb creators, after having committed crimes against Live Nature on our planet suddenly felt remorseful and “… deeply concerned about the problem of nuclear tests, started active fight for their banning or limitation, was one of initiators of the Treaty banning nuclear tests in three environments, etc.”, and thanks to this was awarded a political Nobel Peace Prize (?!).


In and, the above name can be replaced with another from the list of Earth’s destructors, however they will be never referred to as outstanding scientists and experts who discovered a natural phenomenon of nuclear energy released in a chain nuclear reaction of heavy nuclei fission and/or light nuclei fusion but as persons/organizations who stole these technologies for development and use of nuclear or other weapons.

In the first place we should remember their bosses who gave orders and provided financing for carrying out this work.

Customers and executors of explosive/burst technologies engaged by them (Fig.13), after having carried out, say, a nuclear tests program promoting the so-called military and peaceful atom or having created Chernobyl systems and having become aware of the enormity of the crimes, suddenly became:

        fighters for peace;

        winners of Nobel and similar prizes, including “peace” prizes (?!);

        authors of not made but expected or “invented” discoveries;

        «ýëèòîé» îôèöèàëüíîé íàóêè; the official science “elite”;

        main fighters against fake science who are actively and openly supported by presidents of countries, e.g. in Russia;

        fighters for banning nuclear tests, etc.

It is clear that this is a good cover for future serious battles with the global intellectual socium who may lose 99% of its number in 150-175 years, and soon their names will disappear from the Internet.

Moreover, these people with all their barefaced impudence, greediness, lies, meanness:

·         alot themselves and for themselves financial resources for combating consequences of crimes performed by themselves;

·         will be the first to escape from the crime site and demand a business-class seat in the first “saucers” with emigrants to the new planet ANNA, etc.


All attempts of the thinking engineering community of the Russian socium, including the author and his fellow specialists from the Izhevsk Mechanical Works, the Izhevsk Mechanical Institute, the Physics-and-Technology Institute of the Urals branch of the Russian Science Academy, to render assistance in the solution of global environmental problems in the period or the Chernobyl tragedy and “Star Wars” (1983-86) ended in a predictable failure since responsible bosses (the USSR Academy of Sciences) in charge of the projects succeeded in torpedoing these important global problems at the state expense.


I wonder at the growing activity of Russian nuclear specialists in using nuclear tests in “peaceful” purposes (!?)  

These “peaceful” purposes include:

  • seismic survey of the Earth crust and mineral exploration;
  • stimulation of oil and gas recovery;
  • creation of sunken oil and gas storages;
  • shut-off of emergency gas blow-outs;
  • ore bed crushing;
  • elimination of methane outbursts in coal mines;
  • petrochemical production waste burial;
  • ground eject for building channels, dams, water reservoirs and alike.

Just fancy criminal fantasies and deeds our elite is capable of!

For instance, two nuclear bursts were performed in implementation of the project for diversion of partial run-off flows from the Northern Dvina and the Pechora into the Volga Basin in 1984 in the Vologda Area.

What other “peaceful” purposes are hidden from the world socium? More than likely, it is acceleration of new hydrocarbon deposits development (bursts). In that case Mankind will not have time to prepare for emigration to another planet.

The force of gravitation to the vacuum center of Earth will be sharply decreasing and, according to Archimedes’ Principle, upper layers of Earth (the ground) will be evacuated/buoyed into outer Space together with the animal and vegetable world as it once happened to Phaeton and Mars.


For reference:

1. The total number of nuclear charges exploded in peaceful and military purposes is 2,000:

2. There are currently about 500,000 oil wells in the world of which 350,000 wells are operated and 150,000 idle (abandoned, canned).


10. Larisa Borodina.

In [5] I wrote about Person No.2 in torus technologies. It is Dr. Larisa Borodina, who:

-          is the 1-st woman expert in torus technologies;

-          also ranks first in application of torus technologies to architecture and construction [14]. We cooperated in R&D projects, e.g. “Development of a Concept and Processes for Transportation, Warehouse Construction and Long-Time Storage of Hazardous and Heavy-Duty Objects Using Methods of Torus Technologies and Cargo Rolling” [64,137,138]. 

-          was the 1-st to develop air bearing-torus aircraft mentioned in [85] of the following types:

·         planar;

·         paraplanes;

·         spatial multi-level;

·         cargo lifts;

·         cargo vehicles;

·         different wing types;

·         airships, heavy-lift airships, hybrids;

·         balls secured to earth, in a group, a bundle

·         runway for airships;

·         mooring facilities for cargo airships, etc.

-          In the early 90ies, when she and her family (the husband, a talented constructor, and remarkable twins, the son and the daughter) were living in Lubertsy, she used to tell me during our meetings in their city apartment and summer cottage very interesting things about work carried out by her in the field of applied hydraulics, particularly cavitation processes, the structure of water and her findings successfully introduced.


At that time I could not even imagine that 10 years later, living in America, I will be dealing with similar processes, namely self-supported systems (eternal engines) using closed-loop self-supported vortices VTorticesTM.


At present, Larisa Borodina is finishing her 2-nd book [86] “The Schauberg Processes in My Practice” addressing the following issues:

·         physical phenomena occurring in high-velocity flows;

·         the nature of torsion fields;

·         meetings with Anatoliy Akimov;

·         hydro-shocks;

·         thermal generators, etc.


11. Reasons to Implement the “PANACEA” Project.

Unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately), this project has not been included into outer space exploration programs of leading “space” powers since space exploration is under control of government organizations (?!) and hence outer space will be inevitably explored based on fuel combustion propulsors that need refueling, which is actually impossible even within the Solar system.


According to the terminology of leading RAS researchers in the field of combustion and burst technologies, “the nozzle exhaust velocity, v, of combustion products” may be within the following limits:

-          electrical engine: v = 1 km/s to 97 km/s;

photon engine, there are two such engines in the world (in the USA and Russia): v = up to 300,000 km/s.

In terms of fuel combustion, this the limit which cannot be overcome by conventional missile/pump-jet methods working on the principle of destruction and ejection of the working fluid medium (Fig. 19).

And what next? The term “combustible fuel” must be totally excluded from the terminology of transportation vehicles and power sources.


“We know very little about the properties and stability of the atmosphere”, - said President of the Russian Academy of Sciences academician Vladimir Fortov, a leading scientist in the physics of powerful shock waves in a dense plasma and extreme conditions of matter, combustion and explosions, i.e. destruction of the planet (a comment of the author).

Today he is drafting a strategy of defending “the Fatherland boarders” (as Mikhail Kalashnikov put it) based on explosive nuclear technologies being absolutely ignorant of the structure of the surrounding environment, i.e. the atmosphere, “dense plasma and (the more so, the author) the extreme condition of matter”.

One can hardly give a shorter description of the RAS as was given by À.À. Luchin in . It is “… a huge collective of academicians (more than 2,000 people) is not busy with scientific search but maintaining a permanent position of solid defense made of archaic scientific views a century or even two centuries old, with some of its members pursuing purely political purposes…”

Due to such scientific backwardness the Russian Academy of Sciences cannot understand until now:

  • how and why the electric current flows along wires
  • how an atom, a crystal, substance is built;
  • what is a field though this term is frequently used in their works;
  • why bodies gravitate to Earth while the “Universal Gravity Law” does not work;
  • what is radio emission, X-ray emission, etc.


The RAS does not and would not understand new ideas, new experimental facts; they do not share a view: “Let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred directions compete”, but obstinately keep to political facts in the physics of Zuerich and London bankers which they introduced into science through the brand of Einstein and creators of “quantum mechanics”, “space strings”, the big bang – all things that do not contribute to industrial development…”


Earlier the author has partially explained some of the above-mentioned unknown processes and is going to explain others in next deliverables.


11.1. “Panacea” Project.

Creation of Self-Supported VTORTEX Energy Sources, VTORTEX Propulsors of Transportation Vehicles and Related Systems for Individual Use, or Continuation of the Grebennikov Platform History.

PHASE 1. Research and Experimental

This project mast be started immediately for a number of reasons:

-          Our planet is now under the critical conditions threatening survival of Mankind;

-          There are about 200 years (8-10 generations) left to live on the planet, after which the “Doomsday” is coming that might be long-lasting (30-50 years) and painful.

-          For survival of Mankind in that period, new VTortex energy sources are needed.


In terms of significance and scale this project is much more important for Mankind than projects of nuclear, space or IT technologies development.

In this timeframe it is necessary to create VTortex propulsors of various lifting-capacity vehicles with the purpose of emigration to another planet to ensure ongoing life of our descendants.

Çàäà÷è ×åëîâå÷åñòâà äëÿ ýòîãî ïåðèîäà æèçíè è ïåðâûõ ëåò æèçíè íà íîâîé ïëàíåòå îïèñàíû â [15] – The Forced Global Emigration Fund, Chicago.

The goals of Mankind for that period and the first years of life on a new planet are described in [15] - “The Forced Global Emigration Fund”, Chicagî.

This project is truly risky but the risk is justified by the existence and continuation of human life itself.


In this project the development of aVTortex energy source and/or a VTortex propulsor of a transportation vehicle for individual use with power consumption of ~ 4.0 KW is proposed.


A VTortex-energy source or a VTortex vehicle propulsor of greater or less than 4.0 KW power is out of the scope of this project!



Energy from the self-supported VTortex power source or VTortex vehicle propulsor may be extracted by a number of methods to be described in international patent applications after the research and experimental work has been completed (see 9. Patenting)


11.2. Planet Destruction Factors beyond Man’s Control.

Any galaxy, including our Galaxy, is an eversible toroid whose periphery together with the “Life Belt” in which our Solar system is located is moving by eversion into a colder zone [6, 9, 35].

According to the “Law of Bloating” [6, 9], any galaxy is a cone-shaped toroid everting from the smaller diameter towards the larger one or enveloping from the larger diameter towards the smaller one, therefore constantly increasing in size.


Besides, planets and stars moving from the dusty eversible end to the clear and clean enveloping end get larger by:

-          picking up all stardust, meteorites and asteroids by means of an electrostatic electricity charge generated as a result of friction of two rolls, planets and stars in the process of their supercold helical rolling;

-          bloating due to straight-freezing in the VTortex galaxy hose which move along the galaxy periphery by eversion from the explosive superhot zone (the everting end, tail of the torus) into the implosive supercold zone (the enveloping end, head of the torus)

Moreover, while dodecahedron stars and planets are produced by the central part of any galaxy acting like a supercold helical rolling mill [6,9,26], an implosive shell – a vacuum chamber shaped as a stellated icosahedron (Great Stellated Icosahedron) [87] – is formed in the center of each; inside the chamber there is superhigh vacuum, with the vacuum epi-center in the center of the chamber.


This natural technology fully explains the formation of the VTortex galaxy, planets and stars, and is an essential design and technology supplement to the theory of the icosahedron-dodecahedron structure of Earth, according to which Earth is a Geocrystal [88]. The theory was suggested in 1971 in the USSR by N.F. Goncharov, V.A. Makarov and V.S. Morozov, researchers from the Moscow State University, and from 1975 it happened to be developed for a short period in the USA [89].


Shikhirin icosahedron-dodecahedron structure of any planet and/or star (Fig. 30) is:

-          Pressure Explosion Dodecahedron/Icosahedron shells-lins as double protected structure;  

-          Vacuum Implosion Great Stellated Icosahedron shell-hedgehog inside Dodecahedron /Icosahedron as Gravitation center (10-5PA).


The image of the Great Stellated Icosahedron (Fig. 28) used in this paper and animation [38] is a courtesy of I.M. Smirnova and V.A. Smirnov, professors of the Moscow State Pedagogical University and the authors of the image and description,



Fig. 28  Three possible structural design versions of planets or stars having different sizes, masses and gravity  g forces. Their integrity is determined by the g value that can be changed artificially by man.


11.3. Vacuum Gravitation Law.

Super-negative pressure or superhigh vacuum is the gravitation center of a planet or a star which keeeps it or its atmosphere from destruction; that is, the gravitational acceleration g, mass m (a planet, star or their fraction) and the force of gravity F (force of gravitational attraction) are indicators and “participants” of this process, or the so-called “irregular universal gravity law”. Assuming this and making use of popular formulas, let us write them with new characteristics and physical meaning:


Vacuum Gravitation/Attraction Law: g=GP¯/R2, where

G =6.6742×10−11 m³/s2Kg - a gravitation constant, which is distributed evenly from the center of a planet or a star to a value R

g = ~9.8 m/s2 – free fall acceleration in a given place

R – the radius of superhigh vacuum action

 P¯ - the maximum value of superhigh vacuum (superhigh vacuum charge) in the center of a planet or a star having a mass m or a radius r which has no impact whatever on gravitation processes.

“A point mass of a planet or a star” is a term that has no sense.


The author found the following definition of superhigh vacuum in the reference literature. It is “a relationship between a free-path length of gas molecules, λ, and a characteristic size of the environment, d… . Depending on the λ/d value, we can distinguish between low (λ/d \ll1), medium (λ/d~1) and high (superhigh) (λ/d \gg1) vacuum.

In the author’s opinion, this definition lacks accuracy and clarity. Moreover, there is no such notion as “negative pressure” although vacuum, in the author’s opinion, is just the negative pressure P¯.


Since superhigh vacuum plays a key role in VTortex formation and self-support as well as in processes of matter structurization at formation of type forms of the fluid medium in Nature, the author defined it (vacuum, high vacuum and superhigh vacuum) as “negative”or “super-negative” pressure, not existing in the standard terminology. The radius of action of superhigh vacuum may be the following (Fig 28):


1)      > mr, - a planet or a star may increase its mass until P- and mr are equal, then:


mR ≥ P¯  > mr, and

 FR = GP¯ mr/R2


2)      < mr, - a planet or a star gives its mass away (evacuates to space) until is equal to mr  then:


mr ≥ P¯ < mR, and

Fr = GP¯ r mr/r2

3)      = mR, - the mass of a planet or a star is balanced with the maximum value of superhigh vacuum , then:


R = m R, and

 FR = GP¯ mr/r2


In the author’s opinion, one of direct (indirect) proofs of gravitational acceleration slowdown may be a 50 microgram decrease of the weight of the platinum-iridium kilogram standard cast in 1889 and stored at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in France in a dark closed space under three sealed glass covers in a vault.

Several years ago, when compared with standards from other countries, the original was found to be losing its weight with a certain speed.


In other words, the kilogram has lost its ~2õ10-7 part for123 years. According to an official version, the loss of the weight has been caused by the “microtransfer of the substance onto the surface of the support during storage as well as onto the surface of grippers by which it is relocated during verification against national standards”?! 

The author believes the gravitational acceleration, g, has slowed down, hence the planet itself with its atmosphere and inhabitants has lost its weight because of evacuation (buoying) into outer space of its “extra” weight in accordance with Archimedes’ Principle.


In the author’s thinking, the following facilities should be established under the “Forced Accelerated Space Emigration” Fund:

-          an independent private Center for Weights and Measures for identification, for instance, of the gravitational acceleration, since the current International Bureau of Weights and Measures in France and similar organizations in other countries will be hiding or distorting this information in order to protect hydrocarbon, nuclear and other power corporations who disturbed and continues the destruction of the integrity of the planet’s vacuum chamber by their explosive technologies from being sued;

-          an independent private observatory to eliminate fraud in carrying out observations of terrestial and astronomical phenomena and fake projects like “shooting down asteroids” which according to outer space structurization laws cannot affect Earth’s safety. On the contrary, shooting down an asteroid may cause a structurization branch to change the direction of the asteroid or its fragments so that they fall down onto Earth and trigger some irreversible process.


11.4. Mars  ↔  Earth. Is a Back Flight Possible?

The author did a small research of Earth and Mars in terms of decapsulation of the vacuum chamber and hence a possibility of destruction/breaking of these planets (Table 1).

Today the gravity force of 0.38 g on Mars is 2.63 times less than on Earth. In the near future Mars and Earth are expected to share the fate of Phaeton planet (now an asteroid belt).

Assuming encyclopedia data, see, for instance,, and Table 2, are correct, Earth and Mars have practically identical biological characteristics enabling life on these planets, namely:

  • the axial rotation period is 0.99726968  and 1.025 957 days, respectively;
  • the axial tilt is 23.44° and 24.94°, respectively.


This makes us think that, given equal masses and densities of the planets, life on Mars might have existed in the past.

The masses and volumes of the planets and their vacuum chambers, respectively, may differ.

What has happened to Mars and, possibly, to Phaeton, and will happen to Earth in the near future?


Reduction of the gravity force:

-          is assumed in the design of a planet or a star during their production by the central part of a galaxy acting as a helical rolling mill and can change at natural smooth decreasing or increasing of the mass by percent fractions.

-          occurs at discrete breaking of the integrity of the vacuum chamber of Earth or another planet by an artificial (foolish man) method which causes a structuring process to switch to destruction.

Breaking the integrity of Mars’s vacuum chamber can lead to changing of its orbit parameters due to the following factor: the implosive process, i.e. an inward burst is the basis for “reactive” backward movement of a planet, i.e. towards the vacuum leakage spot.

The gravitational acceleration, g, (Equatorial surface gravity) (Fig. 29e) on Mars is 3.711 m/s², being 0.38 of Earth’s gravity measured as 9.780327 m/s². This is the value of superhigh vacuum that keeps the planet from breaking apart and, respectively, attracts the planet’s matter and objects located on its surface.  Mars partially lost its hermeticity, which is demonstrated by:

-          the atmosphere consisting of only two Hadley Cells in summer  and one Hadley Cell in winter [38];

-          absence of the major part of Mars’s substance (~ 90% of the planet’s mass) which was evacuated (buoyed) into space (Fig, 29a, b, c, d); perhaps now it is part of the Asteroid Belt or/and of the destroyed Phaeton planet:

mEarth – mMars = 5.9736×1024 kg – 6.4169×1023 kg = 53.3191×1023  kg.


Why does Mars remain ball-shaped after the 90% loss of its mass?

After evacuation (or buoying by Archimedes’ buoyancy Principle) of the greater part of its mass into outer space, part of matter remained on Mars’s surface, probably as heavy-weight blocks.

It may be due to a big mass that huge monuments remained as traces of the “grandeur” the faraonic civilization, for instance, cracked and tilted pyramids or cylinders, giant statues, etc.

These objects (weight) are now under conditions of the new gravitational acceleration that dropped from 9.780327 m/s² to 3.711 m/s².

Therefore, at numerous meteorite bombardments of Mars its matter no longer secured by superhigh vacuum was gradually evacuated into outer space and no traces of human activities, water, animal and vegetable world remained on the surface.


Mean density, ρ, Fig. 29f:

The mean density of Mars is 3.9 g/sm³, or 0.71 of the density of Earth measured as 5.5 g/sm³; it is not uniform and rises from the minimum to the maximum in the direction from the center of the planet to its periphery.

There is no matter in the center of the planet; instead there is superhigh vacuum (super-rarefied gas), therefore, the density of “the matter” is zero.

The mean density of Mars is about that of diamond, while the mean density of Earth is about the density of germanium.

The maximum density of Mars’s surface matter is about 4.4 g/sm³, as compared to 6.0 g/sm³ for Earth.



Fig. 29  Physical characteristics of Earth and Mars changed as a result of damaging their vacuum chambers’ integrity.

Table 5

Compared physical characteristics of Earth and Mars










Equatorial Radius (R)

6 371.0 km


3.3895×103 km

(0.5320 of Earth’s)


Surface area (S)


510 072 000 km²

144 798 465 km²

(0.283 of Earth’s)


Volume (V)


10.832073×1011 km³

1.63116×1011 km³

(0.151 of Earth’s)


Mass (m)

5.9736×1024 kg

6.4169×1023 kg

(0.107 of Earth’s)


Mean density (ρ)



5.5153 g/sm³



~5.5 g/sm³

3.934 g/sm³

(0.714 of Earth’s) Emery. Corundum. Diamond 

~4.0 g/sm³

Mean density of Osmium ρ = 22.5 g/sm3

Sidereal rotation
period (T),

TMars ~TEarth

0.99726968 day

1.025 957 day


Axial tilt°,

°Mars ~ °Earth




Escape velocity (v2)


11.186 km/s

5.027 km/s

(0.45 of Earth’s)


Equatorial surface gravity (g)

9.780327 m/s²

3.711 m/s²

(0.38 of Earth’s)



11.5. Volcanoes and “Meteorites”.

11.5.1. Technological, One-Time Volcanoes.

As a consequence of technological fabrication of planets and stars by a method of supercold helical rolling with two elastic soft and flexible rolls (dies and punches identical by their physical characteristics) working in parallel surplus gas is forced out of the planet’s body through its weak spots; this is the way mountains are formed (Fig. 30). 

For instance, on the surface of Iapetus (Fig.31) we can clearly see the so called “Maginot Line”,,

a mountain chain that encircles the planet strictly along the equator as if splitting it into two equal parts. This can be nothing else but a burr (flash, rim, bay, protrusion), i.e. surplus material forced out through a gap between roll flanges in the helical rolling process [6, 9].

When looking at the physical map of Earth we can observe that:

-          the Maginot line is none other than mountain ridges;

-          seismic activity occurs just in mountain folds;

-          a big crater is formed of the following mountain structures (clockwise): Tibet(!!!), Himalayas → Pamir → Tien Shan → Kunlun Shan, Altun Shan are the crater walls, while Takla-Maklan desert is the crater bottom. Altogether, the crater is a result of “a big gas exhaust” in the process of Earth’s formation [9, Fig. 7].


11.5.2. Sleeping Volcanoes.

The planet’s bloating process or hydrocarbon fuel extraction have an adverse effect on the planet’s integrity so that gas, lava, etc. leak under high pressure and temperature through already “available” channels caused by action of the 1-st type craters or through new channels.

When a planet loses hermeticity (integrity), i.e. cracks appear in the vacuum chamber of the planet, its atmosphere is sucked in with a high speed, which predetermines the following factors:

        high temperature and pressure of an absorbed portion of the atmosphere;

        accumulation of gases in cavities/reservoirs of mountain folds until they reach a critical pre-explosion state , i.e. still higher pressure and temperature;

        a reservoir breaks down, and on its way to the atmosphere the gas heats up to still higher temperatures heating the adjoining rock matter and escaping to the earth’s surface as lava.

Similar processes occurred, for in stance, on Moon where escaping gas portions left behind well-known craters.



Fig. 30  Origination of planets and stars and their structure.

Left: Copyright support: ISSUE=553 PROJ=15, Sent: Wed 11/04/12 15:15.


Fig. 30 shows how two rolls of any galaxy form a dodeca-icosahedron structure of any planet and its vacuum chamber – a stellated icosahedron. A process going in parallel is the formation of the Maginot Line (a closed mountain chain running in the middle of the dodecahedron planet) looking like a burr/flash/protrusion resulting from interaction of the two roll rims.



Fig. 31  The “Maginot Line” coinciding with mountain ridges and seismically active volcanoes located on the surface of Iapetus and Earth, respectively.


Âèäû áðàêà ïðè ïîïåðå÷íî-âèíòîâîé ïðîêàòêå øàðèêîâ ïîêàçàíû â è ïîäðàçäåëÿþòñÿ íà:

Defects that may occur during the helical rolling of balls may be grouped by the following types:

1)      Axial/central looseness;

2)      Exposure of axial/centric cavity;

3)      Exposure of axial/circular cavity”.

The “axial/centric looseness” and the “axial/centric cavity exposure” occur as a consequence of tensile stresses arising in a deformation area [146].


All types of defects are natural structures formed in the process of rolling (Fig. 31. bottom). At certain rolling modes technologists achieve structural integrity over the whole ball volume of the material.

When rolling stars and planets Nature does not need the uniformity of their material structure. Therefore, defects occurring in the ball rolling process are its natural result and they tend to a stellated structure. Speaking in terms of ball rolling defect types it is “axial/centric looseness”.

Some looseness vertices may come very closely (tens of kilometers) to the Earth surface. The thinnest near-surface layer is observed in geometrical centers of dodecahedrons against which vertices of icosahedra and stellated icosahedra – vacuum chambers of planets, including Earth, - inscribed within are abutted (Figs. 30, 31).

From a more detailed explanation it follows that:

-          the helical rolling of planets and stars by rolls/branches leads to formation of their external dodecahedral surface;

-          in response to the formation by external forces of the dodecahedral surface a vacuum chamber shaped as a stellated icosahedron is formed in the direction from the center of the dodecahedron’s body. 12 icosahedron vertices abut upon the geometrical centers of the 12 pentagon faces of the dodecahedron;

-           “axial/centric looseness” and “axial/centric cavity exposure” for planets and stars have the following specifics:

·         at the first defect type the gravitation center is practically missing, and the planet will eventually break apart;

·         at the third defect type a part of the planet is “hanging” concentrically inside its vacuum chamber. The planet is like a two-part nested doll.

-          a helical rolling mill produces ~10 to 50 balls per second and, according to the author’s rough estimations, any active galaxy produces planets and stars from tens to hundreds of thousands per second. The number of rolled planets and stars depends on the parameter 3np of the (3np;2) torus knot, which corresponds to 3np turns around the VTortex latitude. An approximate ratio of planets with satellites and stars is 7/1.

-          Shikhirin icosahedron-dodecahedron structure of any planet and/or star (Fig. 30) is:

·         Pressure Explosion Dodecahedron/Icosahedron shells-lins as double protected structure;  

·         Vacuum Implosion Great Stellated Icosahedron shell-hedgehog inside Dodecahedron /Icosahedron as Gravitation center (10-5PA).

The “colors” of the dodecahedron and the stellated icosahedron inscribed in it act here as a balance between the implosion process of rolling/reduction of the dodecahedron and the explosion process of counteraction/slow burst from the center with formation of a stellated icosahedron.

The location of volcanoes does not match faces of vertices of the stellated icosahedron – the vacuum chamber of Earth. These are absolutely different elements of the planet. The map of volcanoes is taken from   


11.5.3. “ Meteorites”

The author believes that craters generally thought to be left by falling meteorites are an actual evidence of processes affecting the integrity of the vacuum chamber or its autonomous fragments of any planet or a star, including Earth,

The detailed description of this phenomenon as meteorite-related (vacuum bolides) is given, for instance, in [90].

These vacuum bursts (processes) are vividly represented by the natural (man-made?) (1908) and “twin” Sasovo (1991, 1992) “meteorites”. See the implosive burst at


The principal features of these processes are (briefly) the following:

·         formation of a funnel of negative pressure and temperature (the thrown down forest has tree tops directed towards the funnel in the earth) with a short-lived ingestion of part of the atmosphere;

·         visible short-lived travel of vacuum “cold lightning/ball lightning” via the Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton (Aether) towards the funnel as an optical and temperature response of the atmosphere to the fast absorption of its part. At the beginning of the lightning’s body a drop-shaped tip is formed caused by widening of Plateau-Shikhirin channels by the lightning.

·         lack of meteorite substance, naturally;

·         long-term glow of inert gases activated by the vacuum lightning travel. This technology is used in gas-discharge tubes;

·         possible formation of a kimberlitic diamond pipe  - an implosion funnel.

Kimberlitic pipes, hence diamonds, were formed immediately after the planet was fabricated by the central part of the galaxy torus, namely by the helical rolling mill. In this case an instant decapsulation of small cavities/chambers filled with super-large pressure (extra vacuum) occurred.

Kimberlitic pipes are inward bursts in the earth surface that can be located not only in mountain areas.


11.5.4. Pseudo-Meteorites.

In order to divert the attention of the earth socium from upcoming social crises and as a devious official method of taxpayers’ money withdrawal “the learned elite” may resort to forgery:

·         to start work on deployment of a multilevel Earth and near-Earth system of repulsing allegedly space meteorite, asteroid, etc. attacks, though there were practically no attacks of this kind during Mankind’s life on Earth (4500-5000 years). Other tricks may include flights to asteroids with investigation purposes or, which is easier, bringing an asteroid nearer to Earth (!?).

·         to grant the global/international status to this work because the vacuum chamber integrity may have been broken by corporations of several countries like, for instance, granting the international status to the climate warming project, etc. And, similar to cases of repairing damage inflicted to the planet’s integrity, financing will be provided to those who … performed the crime (themselves);

·         to solve their personal financial problems at the expense of the planet’s population, etc.


12. Man Controlled Destruction of Earth, or Killing the Planet and Mankind by the “Elite”


«Drill, Baby, Drill!»  

Rick Perry is the 47th and current Governor of Texas, next 45th possible president of the USA


 “… You can never have 15 kilotons of chemical explosives lifted by any aircraft and dropped onto the enemy’s head. There is simply no such aircraft. But if you have it all in a compact form, and the nuclear (form), I repeat, is million times more compact, then it can be lifted on a carrier (… dropped and exploded, a comment of the author)”

Academician Vladimir Fortov, leading expert in the physics of powerful shock waves in dense plasma and extreme matter states, i.e. in the physics of planet’s destruction.


The destruction of the planet is planned by the so-called “elite”, namely owners of global hydrocarbon, nuclear corporations and government lobbies of respective countries.

Breaking by Foolish Man of the sealing system that provides intactness of the dodeca- icosahedral structure of the planet, namely:

        Weakening its natural valves consisting of oil, gas and water located in vertices of the vacuum chamber of Earth – a stellated icosahedron (Figs. 30, 31) – by means of the so-called “mineral extraction”;

        Breaking the intactness of Earth’s vacuum chamber caused by punctures coming near to vertices of the stellated icosahedron as a result of deep drilling for extraction of hydrocarbons, etc.

Gradual and continual ingress of the atmosphere into the vacuum chamber of Earth (Great Stellated Icosacahedron), which naturally dilutes the superhigh vacuum in it. The epi-center of the superhigh vacuum is in the center of the chamber though the whole closed superhigh vacuum system keeps the planet from breaking apart (the so-called “Universal Gravity Law”).


In the novel “The Air Trader” [81] written by Alexander Belyayev (1884-1942), , a genius maniac businessman Baily invents an air solidification technology. Baily reasons that very soon Earth will be air deficient, and he will become rich by selling solid air and enjoying a monopoly in controlling atmospheric air reserves.    

For this purpose he constructed a secret underground plant in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean at which the Eye-Toy-On Nostril volcano crater is sucking down the atmospheric air; the air down there is converted to solid balls (Fig. 32) with the use of a unique technology.

This has already resulted in the climate change on Earth, the atmosphere is disappearing, a catastrophic air shortage is threatening Earth, etc.


I think that in the near future owners of hydrocarbon and nuclear resources and/or other unscrupulous greedy crooks will:

-          buy up lands to the south of the 60o north latitude and to the north of the 60o south latitude;

-          buy up water and air resources of the planet;

-          invest into technologies of:

  • oxygen extraction from air, water and other resources of the planet;
  • oxygen sublimation, bringing it to the marketable condition, etc.

Mankind ought to work out measures to prevent these processes without the government interference.



Fig. 32. Top: Breaking the integrity of Earth’s vacuum chamber

Bottom: Sucking Earth’s atmosphere as viewed by the Russian fantasy writer Alexander Belyayev in his novel “The Air Trader” [91], and the real view of liquid and solid air contained in the vacuum chamber of Earth under conditions of  superhigh vacuum and superhigh temperature.


The vacuum chamber of any planet, Earth including, has the following specific features:

-          It has a shape of a regular stellated icosahedron or the Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton that keeps Earth from breaking apart.

-          The superhigh vacuum is distributed in the vacuum chamber from the highest vacuum value in the center towards the lowest value in vertices of the stellated icosahedron.

-          The vertices of the stellated icosahedron or the vacuum chamber of Earth are located near the planet’s surface, therefore, systematic drilling of Earth since 1960 or nuclear weapon tests starting from 1945 have already caused damage to the vacuum chamber integrity, which led to formation of ozone holes in its atmosphere discovered in 1985 (Fig. 33).

There were also experiments in partial diversion of some northern rivers downflows to the Volga Basin. In 1984 two nuclear bursts were performed for laying the riverbed in the Vologda Area.

Especially ridiculous are unprecedented attempts to destroy asteroids allegedly falling onto Earth which are bombed out of sheer curiosity (thinking of a child!) to observe their further behavior.

Such shooting may cause destruction of planets populated or visited by Man.


The process of Earth’s atmosphere (Table 6) and hence the planet destruction, was triggered and is still fuelled by particular people supported by certain lobbyist groups in governments of countries who once took and continue taking decisions on the superdeep drilling of the planet, for instance, in Gulf of Mexico.


Table 6

The History of Hydrocarbon Fuel Extraction and Assumptions of Extraction-Induced Destruction of the Planet

Fuel/Info Source, Date

Timber, peat, coal, oil, gas, alternative sources

Nuclear energy

Volcanoes (seismic activity)

VTortex energy






Lack of substantiated thought, idea, hypothesis, etc. of physical destruction of the planet through fossil extraction

Lack of substantiated thought, idea, hypothesis, etc. of physical destruction of the planet through fuel (atom) production

Lack of substantiated thought, idea, hypothesis, etc. of physical destruction of the planet by this effect




Main human carriers of this information on Earth: Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), Viktor Grebennikov (1928-2001), Valeriy Shikhirin and extra-terrestial civilizations

Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin, 2006 [9],






Emergence of substantiated thought, idea, hypothesis, etc. of physical destruction of the planet through nuclear fuel production

Emergence of substantiated thought, idea, hypothesis, etc. of physical destruction of the planet through seismic activity








Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin, 2011







Emergence of theoretical calculations, direct and indirect Nature-deduced proofs of the starting planet destruction

Actually, volcanoes and seismic activity are direct proofs of the planet destruction








It is absolutely necessary to re-measure the gravitational acceleration value. Measurements should be carried out on the competition base using new measurement tools and methodologies by independent experts, teams of scientists and specialists knowledgeable in various fields of science and engineering from different countries.

I think this value has decreased by about 5%.

The author is skeptical about such terms as “gravitational acceleration”, “universal gravity law”, “gravity”, “gravitation” and different explanations and speculations on their effects.


Readers or their friends who have information on:

-          places of air, water, etc. leakage (sucking down) into planet Earth;

-          indisposition of unknown nature;

-          air (oxygen)  shortage making it impossible to breath in air or in water;

-          disturbance of the vegetable and animal life activity, etc.,

are kindly requested to communicate it to the author for further processing of these data using specially designed methods and for arrangement and financing of independent expeditions to such places in order to investigate  various parameters (suction rate, density, pressure, cross section of the suction channel, volume, etc) of the sucked atmosphere.


Possible leakage spots may include former “canned” or “forgotten” (in fear the leakage has gone into the earth like it happened to the Kola superdeep hole) holes, quarries, excavation pits, funnels, natural and artificial craters formed as a result of :

-          crude oil, gas, water, etc. extraction;

-          “investigation” of the earth;

-          extraction of mineral resources;

-          tests of explosive and implosive weapons;

-          construction of superdeep underground structures, e.g. for burial of mass destruction weapons, radioactive wastes [69], etc.


A government of any country will be hindering independent investigations in all possible ways since they “would not want noise” because of their incompetence and inaction and fear to be deprived of accumulated  wealth.

There are a lot of ways for the elite to put obstacles in order to get rid of competitors and inconvenient opponents from digging up compromizing materials to physical neutralization.

The author is aware of it but being an intelligent biorobot of the proper intellectual orientation who is assigned a mission to think and save the life of all living beings in the Universe he feels bound to do it till the end of his earth/protein life.


Having realized the inevitable end of life on Earth caused by destruction of its atmosphere, I, as the project author, see only two roads to be taken by our generations:

·         To live like the majority of the population (ordinary people), including the elite, being unaware or even aware of information, i.e. caring for nothing, enjoying one’s life and wishing the same to one’s children and grandchildren, even if aware of quick and horrible death. “All will perish but the doomed ones will continue dancing and feasting into the agony” (Michel Nostradamus).

·         To start preparing one’s friends, children and friends’ children, and through them grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. for emigration to another planet and provide useful information that can simplify the life of the first generations on the new planet. First and foremost, it is advisable to use works of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and the author.





Fig. 33 Gradual and continuous dilution of superhigh vacuum in the vacuum chamber of Earth. The process of filling the vacuum chamber with Earth’s atmosphere.



The author and his fellow thinkers have proposed a new item to enter into the list of crimes against humanity in the Roman Statute of the International Criminal Court established and active from July 1, 2012:

This is the first standing body of criminal justice that has jurisdiction over core international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. Given below is the item proposed:


Willful or out of ignorance/lack of knowledge/unawareness acts of international, public, private organizations and their official and non-official administrators who through their activities inflicted irreparable harm to the ecology of our planet and the near space, namely:

damaging in any way the integrity/hermeticity of the vacuum chamber of the planet, the structure of its atmosphere, etc. (Fig. 13)


13. The Atmosphere Formation Principles or the New Functional Specifics of Torus Technologies and Elastic Mechanics

For better understanding of formation and operation principles of the atmosphere of any planet or a star please refer to Valeriy Shikhirin,, Part 9: Earth’s Atmosphere and its Destruñtion. Saturn’s and Mars’ Atmosphere Structure (March 2012), animation [38].

Soft elastic torus-shaped shells [5] filled with a fluid medium under excess pressure linked through their peripheries (Fig. 34-36) and seated on a rotating cylinder or a ball (sphere), like on an axis, perform concurrent progressive, rotational movements and relocations, according to certain laws, respective each other by eversion.

This feature makes the basis for formation of the atmosphere of any planet or a star, including Earth, rotating around its axis (Fig. 36).



Fig. 34  The picture shows the structure of known artificial Couette flows [92] formed between two rotating cylinders (left) and natural Couette-Shikhirin flows (right), their movement and rotation directions and an approximate velocity ratio.


This case differs from other experiments with rotation of liquid around a rotation cylinder followed by forced structurization of the liquid in that the liquid is placed between two concentric cylinders [92]. There are other possible options such as rotation of a container with liquid [93-95], etc.

In certain modes (high velocity of internal and/or external cylinder rotation) due to centrifugal forces acting at different distances from the center of the cylinder, the flow of the rotating liquid forms or structures into the Taylor-Couette Flow (Fig. 34).

Moreover, the liquid rings (everting tori) move in the same direction. Their movement velocity is equal to ~1/3 of the internal cylinder rotation velocity [92].



The atmosphere of any planet or a star is an elastic/soft MultiTorus Finepitch Gear mechanism (through sliding friction) (Fig.15).

-          Options of the mechanism’s operation were simulated by the author on two rods:

-          #1 right(left)-hand threaded and left(right)-hand threaded rods are rotating in different directions;

-          #2 right(left)-hand threaded and right(left)-hand threaded rods are rotating in different directions;

-          #3 right(left)- and right(left)-hand threaded rods are rotation in the same direction – a helical rolling mill that can be designed as:

·         2-rolls mill (a galaxy);

·         2 to 5-rolls mill (a tornado);

·         2 to n-rolls mill (an atom, etc.)

-          Combinations of ##1,2,3.

Options #1 and #2 can be combined to simulate the atmosphere and the diagram of ocean currents of any planet or a star.

In our case, the fluid medium (liquid or gas) are attracted (gravitate) to the rotating cylinder axis or the rotating sphere (ball) axis. The cylinder or the sphere is rotating with a relatively slow velocity. The flow of the simultaneously rotating and attracted fluid medium forms a Couette-Shikhirin flow, or is naturally structured into it.

In Nature this flow forms or structures the atmosphere of planets or stars consisting of a system of interacting liquid and/or gaseous tori [16, 17] which, according to a certain mathematical relationship (by weight, volume, toroidal movement specifics, etc.), make a stable dynamic system (Figs. 35-37).




Fig. 35. Top view: A working model of Elastic/Soft MultiTorus Finepitch Gears #1 and #2 (linked through sliding friction) used to simulate the formation of the atmosphere of any planet or a star or ocean currents.

Bottom view: “Colored” flat patterns of torus cells showing directions of torus knots (4, 12) with a positive (right) and negative (left) orientation.



Fig. 36  The picture shows the atmosphere of Earth – Couette-Shikhirin flows (right) consisting of conjugate tori, as well as their motion directions and approximate velocity ratios.


The atmosphere of any planet or a star is made of interacting open and closed VTortices formed on a sphere like on an axis, which collectively make the Couette-Shikhirin Flow. The Couette-Shikhirin Flow differs from the Taylor-Couette Flow (Taylor Vortices) in that the fluid medium (gas or/and liquid) is attracted to the cylinder or sphere due to superhigh vacuum present near the axis of the rotating cylinder or sphere (the equator), respectively, rather than in the space between differentially rotating concentric cylinders or spheres.



Fig. 37  Formation/structurization principles of the atmosphere (top) and ocean currents (bottom) of Earth.

It is, in fact, the Kármán vortex street,, or the Kármán-Shikhirin Vortex Street on a Sphere with separations (continents) rotating around its axis.


The natural structure of the Earth ocean currents system (Fig. 37) consists of the liquid Polar Cell torus and the Ferrel Cell torus as well as at least three secondary cell tori (Gulf Stream, etc.) and is referred to as MultiTorus Finepitch GearÒÌ mechanism #1 (Fig. 15).

The motion directions of gas cell tori of Earth’s atmosphere and liquid cell tori of ocean currents are identical.

The key factor that determines the operation of the ocean currents system is the operation of the Southern Polar Cell torus and the Ferrel Cell torus located in the poorly populated Southern Hemisphere, and their dominant part in the climate formation is practically hidden from Man.

Any alteration of power characteristics of the obscure Southern Polar Cell torus and the Ferrel Cell torus changes the whole pattern of ocean currents and its derivative/secondary components.

For instance, any reduction or increase of power characteristics of the Polar- and/or Ferrel Cell torus currents may lead to:

-          disappearance of the Gulf Stream which will cause real cooling of the climate in the Northern Hemisphere; and

-          appearance of the Southern Hadley Cell torus in which case giant water masses will at first flood South America and Australia from the west and then make a huge canal running east to west in the Central America area, partially destroy Indonesia, etc.


It should be remembered that the Earth ocean currents system represents only two interacting liquid cell tori whose water masses move forward by eversion in the Southern Hemisphere: the Southern Polar Cell torus moving east-to-west and the Ferrel Cell torus moving west-to-east. The latter gives rise to secondary and tertiary eversible vortices-tori-rings that originate to the left of the Ferrel Cell torus and are directed towards west-to-east movement of its masses and interact with the Cell. These are the areas between:

  • Africa, Europe, North and South America;
  • Africa, Asia and Australia;
  • Australia, North and South America 

Waters of liquid cell tori (the Southern Polar Cell torus and the Ferrel Cell torus), secondary and tertiary liquid vortices-tori-rings do not intermix but their interaction as well as interacting cell tori of Earth’s atmosphere give rise to liquid cyclones and anti-cyclones.


Due to the shortage of oxygen, hydrogen and other gases in the atmosphere of Earth, a process of their extraction from the world ocean is going on. Therefore, the world ocean stream pattern may change due to the water flow power shortage. Subsequent loss of the water flow power in the world ocean may cause total cessation of the stream with all that it entails.


Given below are interaction options of tori as VTortices in the structure of the atmosphere of any planet or/and a star or Couette-Shikhirin Flows. The tori:

1)      evert away from each other (transversally), move forward or rotate in the same direction. This option also reflects the interaction of tori (VTortices) in the structure of artificially formed Taylor-Couette flows [92,93];

2)      evert away from each other (transversally), move forward or rotate in the opposite directions. This option also reflects the interaction of tori (VTortices) in the structure of artificially formed Taylor-Couette flows [92,93];

3)      make enveloping actions towards each other (transversally), move forward or rotate in the same direction;

4)      make enveloping actions towards each other, move forward or rotate in the opposite directions;

5)      an everting torus closes a Couette-Shikhirin flow at one of the poles of a planet or a star (Saturn);

6)      an enveloping torus closes a Couette-Shikhirin flow at one of the poles of a planet or a star (Saturn).


When tori (VTortices) interact in the structure of any planet’s atmosphere, Earth including, it should be remembered that:

-          A levitation process takes place above the everting end characterized by high temperature and pressure while a gravitation process takes place at the enveloping end accompanied by low temperature and superhigh vacuum;

-          The effect of forced energy-consuming reversion of the fluid medium flows arises; sudden contact/collision of oppositely directed fluid medium flows, etc., called the “Energy Cannon” by Viktor Schauberger (Figs. 13, 14 from For instance, in the atmosphere of Earth this effect acts as the structurer of cyclones and anti-cyclones (Fig. 38) which will originate at interfaces of “colors” in the direction of torus knots (4,12) with a positive/right-hand and negative/left-hand orientation.

-          “Controlled Chaos” is observed in investigations carried out with unknown purposes but “nice-lookong” experiments [92-95] for “most beautiful” theories. In this case a simple forced violation of laws of the tori interaction mechanics or torus technologies occurs, sort of  “Let us give it a twiddle and see what will happen” [1-5].

-          A certain waviness of bands/tori conjugated in a Couette flow of a Couette-Shikhirin flow occurs due to meandering [10] or a tendency of the fluid medium course to sinuosity when every band in the flow, and the flow itself, seeks the most convenient mode of existence in terms of the least energy consumption, i.e. a tendency to serpent-like wiggling.

-          The whole flow splits into an optimum number of similar (identical) band tori.

-          In this case some difficulty may arise in understanding the processes of:

·         eversion of tori;

·         èõ ïðîäîëüíîãî ïåðåìåùåíèÿ èëè âðàùåíèÿ îòíîñèòåëüíî ñêîðîñòè their forward movement or rotation with respect to the motion (rotation) velocity of cylinders in a Couette flow;

·         their longitudinal movement respective the motion (rotation) velocity of a sphere (a ball) in the Couette-Shikhirin flow;

·         formation of fast rate modes of liquid/gas flows [92], etc.


Fig. 38  The atmosphere as a structurer of cyclones and anti-cyclones (Energy Cannon)

The author knows algorithms for computation of these velocities but suggests that such computations be made by high-school children or first-year university students.

It should be remembered that if there is no vacuum in the vacuum chamber of a planet or a star (defects arising at the stage of the planet or star shaping by the galaxy helical rolling mill or artificial or natural violation of the vacuum chamber integrity) gravitation forces and gravitational acceleration do not work, hence the atmosphere is not formed.

If planets or stars did not rotate around their axes, then liquid or gas masses in their atmospheres would not intermix, therefore heavier fractions of the atmosphere would settle down on their surfaces or be held in a suspended state.

For instance, the atmosphere of Earth (g = ~9.8m/s2) would look like a “layer-cake” (Table 7) consisting of concentrical different-density layers of gases and vapors.

The evaporation process would occur at a low altitude, and condensed gas would instantly fall out on Earth’s surface.

The structure of Moon’s atmosphere (g = ~1.7 m/s2) is similar to the imaginary structure of non-rotating Earth’s atmosphere.

Table 7

Theoretical distribution of chemical elements constituting Earth’s (g = ~9.8m/s2) atmosphere as a function of the altitude above the planet’s surface in an alleged case Earth does not rotate around its axis


14.   Ozone Holes.

 As was mentioned above, the fact of destruction of the sealing system of our planet is evidenced mainly and directly by growing sizes of ozone holes, i.e. transformation of closed Polar Cell tori enveloping the planet into open enveloping tori with their subsequent disappearance.

The next thing will be destruction of Ferrel Cells and Hadley Cells.

One of indicators of the ozone hole impact on the planet is not so much the climate warming as the influence of space radiation on destruction/weakening of the ice structure in Arctic and Antarctic Regions, i.e. increasing ice fluidity and brittleness as well as breaking away extra-large ice chunks further carried to the ocean.

By very rough estimates and according to multiple information sources, the current area of two similar-sized ozone holes on the North and South Poles is about 40 million km2, which is ~7%- 8% of the area of Earth’s atmosphere equal to ~520-530 million km2.

It means that Earth has lost about 7-8% of the area of its atmosphere or much more than half of the Polar Cells volumes, whereas the closed tori of the Polar Cells have been transformed into open tori [38]:, Part 9: Earth Atmosphere and its Destruñtion. Saturn’s and Mars’ Atmosphere Structure.

In 1985, when the first ozone hole was discovered above the South Pole and a smaller one above the North Pole, their total area was about 1 million km2


In other words, for the 26-year period (1985-2011) the area of ozone holes has increased 40 times (Fig. 39)!

Also by rough estimations, the atmosphere of Earth will disappear at all in about 370 years.

It should be known that by the author’s estimations, life ceases to exist when all the Polar Cell tori and partially Ferrel Cell tori constituting about 50% of Earth’s atmosphere are destroyed.

That is, in about 185 years (~ two centuries or 8-10 human generations) the life on Earth is going to wither away and will be lingering to the south and north of the Equator somewhere between 30o north and 30o south latitudes where all the remaining and surviving population of Earth will rush to. All areas outside these limits will look like “red” planet Mars.

An aggravating factor is reduction of the gravitational acceleration value on Earth with respective consequences.


Fig. 39   S1 of Aurora Australis (Southen Lights) ~ S2 of South Ozon Depletion - top. 

Picturies from - left, and - right.

Earth structure and its forced destruction process - bottom.


Paintings by a Russian surrealist artist Victor Bregeda who lives in the city of Taganrog (Fig. 39a),  Success”, 2002, and “The Night Flight”, 2008, (Victor Bregeda,,,  are a good illustration of the Gravity Law violation on Earth, namely:

-          Gravitational acceleration slowed down by several percent;

-          Slow separation from the earth, like from the ocean bottom, and buoyancy (push-off) of objects/bodies and fragments of our planet into Space;

-          their buoyancy in Space, according to Archimedes’ Principle, with a velocity of about several meters per year; Archimedes force FA = pgV, where ‘p’ is the density of air →rarefied gas (“vacuum”), ‘g’ is gravitational acceleration,  ‘VB’  is the volume of an object/body or a part of the planet immersed into the atmosphere.

The permission to use copies of these pictures of Victor Bregeda is available.


Ðèñ. 39a  Victor Bregeda. The Night Flight, 2008 and Success, 2002


The superhigh vacuum is replaced by the sucked planet’s atmosphere, “the first portion” of which are the Polar Cells whose major part is already sucked into Earth. Moreover, no matter where vacuum “leakage” will occur on the planet, the atmosphere will be sucked in beginning with the Polar Cell tori.

When the pressure in the center of the vacuum chamber of Earth – a stellated polyhedron – is balanced with pressures in the polyhedron vertices, its gravitation center will be neutralized followed, accordingly, by multifold reduction of the gravity force. In this case, according to Archimedes’ Principle, natural (forced) evacuation (buoyancy) into Space of all objects and water located on or attached to its surface, along with the planet’s layer outside the gravitational acceleration effect zone, will occur.


Exactly the same once happened to planet Phaeton, which is now an asteroid belt, or to currently “naked” Mars that lost more than 80% of its atmosphere, all water, ground, light-weight natural and man-made objects as well as the upper layer of the planet (nearly 90% of the planet’s mass). All these escaped or buoyed into outer space according to Archimedes’ Principle.


Moreover, today’s unexplicable change of the climate, namely, warming or cooling (?!) is, in the author’s opinion, connected with the changed chemical composition and exhaustion of Earth’s atmosphere once its less heavy portion is sucked into the planet’s vacuum chamber.


Therefore, the quality of the planet’s protection from various types of space radiation is degrading, particularly from the space cold, especially at night, and the sun’s daytime heat.

For instance, the temperature on Mars distanced farther from Sun than Earth, rises to +27°Ñ in the daytime but by dawn it can drop to as low as -50°Ñ and lower.


The Couette-Shikhirin Flow consists of conjugated tori-VTortices structurized or knotted with torus knots.


At present, part of Earth’s atmosphere, namely Polar Cell tori located between 600 and 900 north and south, is disappearing very fast. Other cells  – Ferrel and Hadley Cell tori  - will be considerably diluted and, under fluid medium structurization laws according to which the fluid medium is gravitating to the center of Earth, will be rolling down the ball (drawn) to the equator from the North and South poles [96, 7].


These processes play the dominant role in the climate changing on Earth. Irrespective of Earth’s vacuum chamber depressurization spot according to laws of Couette-Shikhirin flow (on the ball) structurization and de-structuring, air (water) will be in any case disappearing in the direction from the planet’s poles towards its equator, i.e. at first from the North and South Polar Cells.


The idea of cities clustering in the area of the “Spherical Golden Section” [98] was prompted to me by Dr. Vladimir Butkov, a well-known Russian scientist and the author of books on the FRACTAL PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE,, who wrote:

“Taking into account that a geographical latitude changes from 0 degrees at the equator to 90 degrees on the poles, the spherical Golden Section of Earth is a parallel with a latitude of 90*0.618=55.62 degrees. This is the most harmonious geographic latitude from the Golden Section point of view”.


So, when looking at the world map we can see that the area on both sides of the spherical Golden Section latitude of the Northern Hemisphere between ~ 540 and ~600 (Fig. 40) covers more than half of the territory (~ 60%) of Russia populated by ~80% of people residing in the following cities:

Saint-Petersburg (59.6), Moscow (55.5), Kazan (55.5), Vladimir (56.1), Tula (54.1), Nizhny Novgorod (56.2), Izhevsk (56.5), Naberezhnye Chelny (55.5), Perm (58.0), Kirov (58.4), Ufa (54.1), Yekaterinburg (56.6), Chelyabinsk (55.1), Omsk (54.6), Novosibirsk (55.0), Krasnoyarsk (56.1), Kemerovo (55.2), Tomsk (56.3), Tyumen (57.1), Yaroslavl (57.4), etc.

Averagely, it is 56.15 degrees north latitude.


Given that cell tori are sinuous in form due to channeling-meandering activities, and cell tori interaction lines are curves rather than straight lines (Fig. 40, middle of the picture), the arc of a cell tori interaction curve “sags” by 100 - 150 between 300 and 180 of the East longitude.

In other words, practically all the above mentioned Russian cities in this area are situated directly at the line of the Polar and Ferrel cells interaction. 


Also in this area are parts of Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Belarus, Lithuania and … that is all!

In Canada and in the Southern Hemisphere there are practically no cities at these latitudes.



Fig.  40 The “ill fortune” of the Russians who happened to get into the area of disappearing atmosphere and hence a deathly area.


I think the first truly Russian towns were built with account for optimum environmental conditions and sacral knowledge: weather, temperature, “wind rose”, etc., and they naturally fell within the latitude band of interaction of two cell tori  - Polar and Ferrel cells (Fig. 40).

Later towns and settlements were built at the shortest distances to the former to save resources. In this manner “the Golden Belt of Cities” was formed that accumulated the majority of the Russian population.


Unfortunately, according to my estimations, the Russian population living in the “Golden Belt” will start dying out of suffocation in the next 10-50 years.

The reason is further destruction of the vacuum chamber of Earth due to more intensive hydrocarbon extraction by super-greedy primitive-minded “genii” of humankind digging earth in other regions, testing nuclear weapons, running the so called investigations on “hadron colliders” and other dangerous toys, etc.


The biggest “contribution” to the destruction of the planet’s vacuum chamber resulting in a considerable volume of Earth’s atmosphere sucked into it and weakening thereby gravity forces, has been and is being actively made by Russia  (1/6 of Earth’s surface area), to be more precise, by its ruling elite as follows:

·         total earth drilling for oil, gas and diamond extraction;

·         running tests and making use of explosive and implosive (inwardly and outwardly directed bursts) weapons based on various physical principles as well as industrial application of these technologies;

·         foolish experiments on super-deep drilling (Kola Superdeep Borehole) for “investigation” of Earth;

·         matter fission without understanding its structure, e.g. hadron collider experiments or International Experimental Fusion Reactor (Russia);

·         running hydroelectrostations;

·         launching jet-propulsion flying vehicles (the principle of intensive destruction and pushing off of the fluid medium) and their landing ignoring the structure of the atmosphere;

·         carrying out all types of Earth and  its atmosphere investigations without taking into account its icosahedral-dodecahedral structure and torus technologies, respectively, etc.


Therefore, the rescue of the Russian people who were unfortunate to get into such a threatening situation is in the hands of people themselves, namely, private companies and individual sponsors, because neither “the people’s government” nor the “elite” would ever stir a finger to save their people.

For instance, the Internet propagation in the world was made possible thanks mostly to private companies, and “the new era in space exploration”, such as mass-scale space tourism, is currently evolving with the use of the private Dragon spaceship, designed by private SpaceX Corporation.

It should be noted, however, that all these achievements together with Google, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, telecommunication systems, GLONASS-type navigators cannot be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, state corporations NASA and Roskosmos have quietly passed away, and none of them knows what to do – what plan Mankind should have to enable space exploration? Moreover, manned deep space flights are not planned at all except Earth-controlled robots launched for investigation of planets that had been used by our shallow-minded ancestors, e.g. Mars (!?).


It is interesting that

        new natural fields of natural science and engineering, for instance, works of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grfebennikov and others were included into the category of pseudoscience. For example, at his inauguration (2012) the Russian new/old president declared the fight against “pseudoscience” as an essential part of his program;

        inventing “progressive” projects has become general practice for space and related agencies to save their own image and salaries (mainly those of bosses).

For example, in 2011 DARPA and NASA officials announced the the start of the The 100-Year Starship Study project,, targeted at a manned flight to other stellar systems. Curiously, the aim is not the construction of a spaceship but encouraging several generations of researchers to perform investigations into various disciplines and development of breakthrough technologies!!!

Does it mean that the design and technological information for this project will be colledcted at a dirt-cheap price from the population? If yes, then what is the sense in their existence?  Perhaps, it will be cheaper and faster to have space technologies developed by the Earth intellectual socium without involvement of Roskosmos, NASA and alike?


14.1. The Kola Superdeep Borehole – The Humankind’s Road to “Hell”.

(Kola peninsula, Murmansk Area, Russia, about 700 north latitude).

The work at this object continued from 1970 through 1992 and resulted in having the earth crust “pricked” to 12,262 meters.

-          In 1979, 9,583 meters were drilled.

The ambient temperature at the 5-kilometer depth was over 700 C, and over 1200C at 7 kilometers. Starting from the 9th kilometer, the rock mass was extremely porous and abounded in cracks through which water solutions circulated;

-          In 1983 the earth was drilled to 12,066 meters and the work was suspended. The sensors recorded ~ 2200C at the depth of 12 kilometers;

-          1984 to 1990  - 12, 262 meters. At the 12-kilometer depth the temperature was ~2200, the drill frequently broke; the rock masses were “porous with cracks”. This is typical for the structure of the shell material of a stellated icosahedron that looks like hardened foam (a comment of the author).

-          In 1995 at a depth of about 12,000 (?) meters, thermal-proof microphones recorded very strange noise followed by detonation. Later, an audible noise appeared that reminded of human shouts and groans -  “a road to hell, shouts from hell”.

As the author sees it, the following might have happened: the superdeep boring, may have resulted in damaging the integrity of the vacuum chamber of Earth; probably a face, a vertex or an edge of the stellated icosahedron was damaged in this specific place, because in the area of the Baltic Shield the access to the lower layers of the earth crust was made easier by Nature itself, which is demonstrated by a small distance from Earth’s surface to one of the vertices of the stellated icosahedron vacuum chamber.  The lack of knowledge of the structure of the planet has led to such fatal consequences, and what happens next is unknown.


In the process of formation of any planet or star by the central part of a galaxy acting like a helical rolling mill, their icosahedro-dodecahedral structure acquires certain functional specifics. Nature did not protect the planet from superdeep drilling of its surface by man, so it is very likely the drilling tool hit a stellated icosahedron vertex coming close to Earth’s surface. There are some arguments in favor of this fact:

-          the burst was heard but there were no disruptions on the hole surface  -  It was an implosive vacuum burst directed inwards. For an inward directed burst, please visit or

-          sounds continued for a long time after the burst – It was a process of continued super-rarefied gas (vacuum) leakage from Earth’s vacuum chamber through a crack formed; those were sounds of the atmosphere slowly being sucked in.

-          purposefully misleading information –  References to a Finnish newspaper “Ammenusastia” ("Researchers record the screams of the damned”) hint at some events of allegedly natural nature and processes unknown to the authorities, or certain information that is too serious to be made available to public at large. Therefore this information was “locked” and people were fooled by “cries from hell”, the borehole was blocked/concealed.

-          In 1985 the first information on the discovery of an “ozone hole” appeared; since then, for 26 years (1985-2011), the surface area of two current ozone holes above the North and South poles has increased forty times, etc.


D.M. Guberman (1929-2011), an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), was permanent leader of the Kola Geological Exploration Expedition for Superdeep Drilling in 1968-2011 (43 years!).

The man is the “Second Korolev, or King of “the Underworld”, who died quietly and inconspicuously. Both “heroes” are notorious for meticulous and systematic destruction of the atmosphere of Earth:

-          the former made holes in the atmosphere with antiquated huge rocket engines, and

-          the latter did the same, though in a different way, by drilling Earth and destroying its vacuum chamber.


I wonder at the mentality of the Japanese: they are permanently suffering from earthquakes, tsunamis, etc., apparently a clever nation, but what for do they build nuclear stations?

Moreover, “Japanese oenologists succeeded in drilling the deepest submarine hole in the world. The depth is 7,740 meters. The goal of the research was to find out who or what shakes them regularly from below” (?!),

I have a direct answer: This is sophisticated suicide being committed by the whole nation, possibly involving Mankind.


14.2. What Is Awaiting Man in the Near Future.

An extract from the article  “Kettlebell Lifting Competition on the North Pole”. I am citing the text from [99]: 


“At the North Pole (the same situation will soon be repeated in the area located between 800 and 500 of the north latitudes):

-          the animal and vegetable life is practically absent both on the ocean surface and in water depths (?);

-          the oxygen content is 30% less than in other areas;

-          the solar activity is higher, though “it is not hot”;

-          the air humidity is over 90%

-          the ambient temperature is below -250C

Problems an individual encounters at the North Pole:

-          due to a very high humidity, air-borne moisture particles are condensed on various surfaces and immediately transformed to ice. A kettlebell becomes as if made of glass - shining and slippery;

-          the earth gravity is about 10% (?) higher, so kettlebells are heavier;

-          hypoxia: breathing seems easy  at first but literally in a minute it changes to “fish breath”: no matter how much air you inhale, you  are still short of air and start choking. 

-          the high humidity and the shortage of oxygen, when combined, lead to a strange effect – body stiffening, muscle cramps. After 1.5-2 minutes of intensive work muscles lose sensitivity and become “alien”. It takes quite an effort to bend and unbend arms, legs;

-          the icy polar wind beats out tears. They freeze immediately and blur the vision;

-          because of acute hurried breathing, microparticles of ice contained in moisture-saturated air have no time to melt and prick the bronchial tubes, the lungs, the larynx, the throat like needles. This leads to blood coughing, which makes the “fish breathing” still worse;

-          the sun activity increases due to the rarefied air. Unprotected parts of the body get burnt imperceptibly in the frost. A person is dizzy, nauseous, loses self-orientation. And here is an explanation of the climate “warming”: for the recent years, ice on both poles has been melting due to the increased sun activity through the ozone depletion holes that have been rapidly expanding since 1985, a comment of the author;

-          the low temperature combined with wind and high humidity in about 1.5 – 2 minutes cause a tingle in the cheeks, the nose and all that is not protected, followed by sharp pain.
 Under such conditions the face and the hands swell, the blood pressure increases abruptly, there is considerable difficulty in standing, moving, doing any work. It is impossible to lift weights for a long time: the vessels, the heart, the organism may collapse. A person may lose consciousness and even die, etc.”


We can briefly predict the problems challenging a person residing below 600 north latitude in the summer time:

-          shortage of oxygen dissolved in water – now it is the main reason for perishing fish, poor ichthyofauna: only simplest types of fish remain such as roach, perch, pike, ruff, etc.,

-          increase of the solar rays penetration through ozone holes  since the protective oxygen layer is disappearing;

-          adverse effect on live organisms  -  the better sun tan is accompanied by sharp increase of oncological diseases;

-          self-ignition  -  intensive fires,

-          drying out plants, etc.



What I suggest is the following:

-          To disperse all related organizations, including weather, space, ecological and other agencies and ministries, the UNO departments, national executive and law-making authorities who slept away and failed to fulfill their direct duties.

-          To dismiss all employees who took part in these processes and arrange their independent qualification;

-          To subject managers and lobbyists to lustration and sue them involving independent commissions, including international ones, to litigation;

-          To impose an immediate ban on any Earth drilling, global projects of the hadron collider type unexplained to public at large, testing and development of nuclear weapons and systems, any explosive (detonation, combustion, etc.) technologies;

-          Due to power shortage, it is necessary to have for the mean time alternative energy resources;

-          To organize in the shortest possible time independent international teams to run diagnostics of Earth’s surface with the purpose of detecting cracks through which the atmosphere leaks (is sucked) into the superhigh vacuum chamber (the gravitation center). To determine the leakage intensity;

-          Along with the above, to perform (if possible) reliable plugging/sealing of detected cracks, etc.

The so-called elite can hardly be called as such since it does not understand and, probably, does not want to know (“one day living”) processes of matter, energy and information structurization in Nature.

On the other hand, though, the global “elite” may believe they will be able to escape from the danger by spending huge sums of money on individual protection means being quite unaware that they will hardly live a month after all other living beings on the planet have been killed by natural disasters or catastrophes.

The “elite” will never understand that all things in the Universe are interrelated, and by destroying the planet they deprive their children and grandchildren of the slightest possibility to survive.


15. The Non-Accidental Universe.

We live in the “non-accidental Universe”, and goals and objectives of Mankind are not accidental either. They are not aimed at destruction of the planet and living beings but directed towards exploration of matter, energy and information structurization forces and making use of this knowledge to bring Mankind to a new qualitative level, for example:

-          Development of self-supported matter-, energy-, information systems.

-          Construction of self-supported propulsors for lifting and transportation systems of various weight-lifting capacity and speed;

-          Search for planets with “terrestial” biological characteristics (rotation period, axis tilt, gravitational acceleration, year period, “solar” energy amount, etc.), i.e. suitable for life, such as, for instance, really existing twins of Phaeton, Mars or Earth virtually located by the author in the second branch of our Galaxy “opposite” to the first Galaxy branch.

-          Preparation of located planets for life “emergence”, their filling with animal and vegetable life.


The genuine Elite of our planet includes such great and “emblematic” persons as, for instance, Prince Charles, Heir to the British Throne, who has assembled a powerful team of real scientists and researchers, and wrote books on Sacral Geometry addressed mainly to young people  [100]. People must know laws of matter existence in Nature from childhood and not violate them.


The author of the project is keeping business correspondence with Prince Charles.

One of the sections of the book “Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World” written by Prince Charles [101] is called  “The Grammar of Harmony”  in which he as a popularizer of science (rather than a scientist) describes interesting mathematical constants such as the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci sequence that can be found everywhere in Nature.

The omnipresence of these constants proves that “…we do not live in an "accidental universe”.


Prince Charles also views a five-corner star as an example of “the grammar of harmony” naturally related to such phenomena of Nature of the nano-and-abnormally-less world  and the mega-and-abnormally-greater world as the shape of DNA molecules and the orbit of Venus respective Earth (Venus Pentacle), etc.

There are similar designs of other planet orbits respective suns and stars, not only in the Sun system. They are also structured by Nature.


Moreover, it should be known that actually all information sources show in-plane rotation of the Solar System planets around Sun. Kepler’s laws are also derived for flat surface.


In reality, Nature has created a motion mechanism for solar and other stellar systems [9, 21] produced by the central part of any 2-branch galaxy acting as a helical rolling mill:

-         A hose/branch/cylinder rotates respective its longitudinal axis and simultaneously moves together with the periphery of a VTortex galaxy from its explosive end-tail to the implosive end-head.

-        The hose itself and its motion pattern represent a torus knot (3;2) line.

-        Sun or any star moves together with the hose along its longitudinal axis.

-        Solar system planets with satellites rotate helically on different parameter orbits over the hose periphery, respective the hose longitudinal axis.

-        Satellites of planets move along orbits located at the periphery of “cylinders” coaxially placed in the planet’s “cylinder”.

If the hose is a cone-shaped cylinder rotating respective its longitudinal axis, Sun moves along the hose axis and the planets move over surfaces of cone-shaped cylinders placed coaxially in the main hose cylinder.

For better understanding these processes please visit


Any Solar or stellar system residing in any active galaxy is similar to a plant or animal organism or their components developing according to the Phyllotaxis/Fibonacci Law!


Nowadays there seems to be no president or big manager on the planet who would not be a part-time researcher, moreover in the space exploration field.

The term “scientist” does not fit here since it is soiled by science officials, Russian fairy-tale cats singing people asleep:

On seashore far a green oak towers,
And to it with a gold chain bound,
A learned cat whiles away the hours
By walking slowly round and round.
To right he walks, and sings a ditty;
To left he walks, and tells a tale... 

(Alexander Pushkin)


It is worth while to note that Queen Elizabeth of Britain has established a bi-annual International £1 million “The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering” to be awarded  from 2013 (materials are to be submitted in February 2012) in support of innovations in engineering. It has already been supported by the Government of Great Britain and leaders of opposition as well as by leading global machine-building companies as donators including BAE Systems, BG Group, BP, GlaxoSmithKline, Jaguar Land Rover, National Grid, Shell, Siemens, Sony, Tata Consultancy Services and Tata Steel Europe


It is a very good indicator that “invisible” engineering activity is now valued at least not less than science though its place should be definitely much higher. Achievements of engineering are undisputable while those of science … The latter simply does not exist.

For instance, creation of penicillin, telegraph, nylon, personal computer, aircraft, digital effects in movies, special electronic sounds for the guitar, etc., gave a powerful rise to development of these and other industries in Man’s life. However, these engineering innovations were made without knowledge of matter, energy and information structurization in the Universe, though so far they work in the Earth environment.


The author is very much concerned about the following:

-          As a rule financial donors are such companies as BP, Shell and alike who are known to be main destroyers of Earth and its atmosphere

-          Genuine (natural) science does not exist in today’s world, which is evidenced by inability of  the official (beaurocratic) science in the world to develop space-related fields, though space science foundations were laid by the Russian self-taught scientist  Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (Fig. 1) (1857—1935) more than a century ago: With bitterness and indignation Tsiolkovsky spoke about “multi-floor hypotheses” founded on nothing but purely mathematical exercises which, though interesting, make absolutely no sense.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky did not know about self-supported systems, therefore the issues discussed at his meeting with Alexander Chizhevsky concerned not only rescuing Man and his “seed” but the feasibility of creation in the near future of mechanisms capable of covering huge distances at high speed.

-          There are many filters, such as various award committees who, first of all, reveal and then screen out “harmful” trends with subsequent control over the latter and collect the newest information on the global basis at no cost for themselves (rather at the expense of those who want to receive an award).

-          Could such an “engineering” award be used later for monitoring and control of “needed” engineering lines? Already now the socium is seriously concerned about total control of Internet by seemingly kin semi-state companies Apple, Facebook and other IT-technologists..  


16. Intolerable Innovations.

In view of the magnitude of the projects the development of industrial super-powerful vortex energy sources will require a considerable time

Their design flaws and misoperation may result in global technogenic catastrophes like it happens now in the production of hydrocarbon or nuclear energy.

The above primarily concerns creation of artificial tornado for extraction and conversion of energy in the open space, which may lead to local and/or regional change of the weather and even the climate (Fig. 41). These processes require stringent control.




Fig. 41  Development of a cyclone torus in the Moscow sky in 2009. Also shown is a picture of a private installation that generates “cyclones”.  A permission to publish these pictures with possible derivations thereof is granted by the author of the site


Such a torus-like cloud and a notable effect of the artificial anti-cyclone have resulted from the operation of a small tool the size of … a tiny nuclear bomb.


17. Novelty of Work.

Relevant works were once successfully carried out by people of Earth Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), Viktor Grebennikov (1928-2001) with about 50 year periods as well as by more developed mostly creative extra-terrestial civilizations within a period from - ∞ until now.


Our consumeristic/parasitic civilization has today concurrently entered,

1. For Natural reasons:

-          the space cooling phase [15];

-          the period of several space cycles overlapping each other [15]

2. For anthropogenic reasons as a result of using primitive power technologies:

-          the period of Earth’s atmosphere destruction by man;

-          the “intellectual” and power generation dead end.


These global space events did not occur in times of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Viktor Grebennikov.


Therefore, from positions of new knowledge and discoveries made, for instance, by Valeriy Shikhirin and with account for knowledge of genii of Mankind (Fig. 1) and ancient civilizations who once came to Earth from another planet destroyed by them, the following should be described anew:

-          What are self-supported systems; and

-          How they can be created including processes of their design, fabrication and promotion in the world.


This project contains a preliminary (without know-how) description of key system blocks.

A more detailed description of self-supported systems and their key blocks has been given in [21] and will be considerably elaborated during the implementation of this project.


This project is supposed to revive the process of introduction of free-of-charge wireless electricity developed by Nikola Tesla that has never been initiated. The project implies creation of power systems based on natural technologies of structurization energy and information (VTortex energy and information), i.e., structurization energy and information of the VTortex natural type form, whose foundations were laid by Viktor Schauberger.

The VTortex energy and VTortex information enable “operation” of natural self-supported systems like a tornado, atom-and-abnormally-less as well as galaxy-and-abnormally-greater self supported systems; moreover, they ensure the existence of the Universe and Life.

The above-mentioned technologies were developed by Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin and are suggested in this project.


This energy and information can be obtained in any point of the Universe and used everywhere in any environment without an adverse impact on the ecology of Earth and Space.


For the energy-independent society to develop dynamically, it is important that in the following 8-10 years natural vortex energy sources be developed and introduced to replace hydrocarbon and nuclear energy production.

The share of new energy sources should grow from 0% to ~50%.


First and foremost, this energy is intended to be used in transportation vehicles and for public consumption.

Only this type of energy gives Mankind an opportunity to slow down the destruction of Earth’s atmosphere, go beyond the boundaries of the Sun system, find a new planet and emigrate to it to continue life of future generations.


Once it was done by the Mankind consumeristic/parasitic civilization, namely by our not very smart ancestors who used to migrate between planets in the Sun system.


There is no knowledge of vehicles used by Mankind for traveling in space before it left Earth for the Sun system (~15 000 years ago) since Mankind’s “elite” became satisfied with the “Live Planets Klondike” found and forgot all about them for the next three planet generations (Phaeton, Mars and Earth). The three planets had been prepared by more developed creative civilizations.


17.1. A VTortex Energy Source.

There is a central body – a rotor – in Plateau-Shikhirin7 (Aether) channels; it rotates in the direction opposite to rolls/hoses which rotate in one direction respective their longitudinal axes and act as a stator [12, 13, 24]. The effect is a natural electromagnetic motor, or an electromagnetic energy generator (Fig. 42, a tornado,


Moreover, along with electromagnetic energy and information any tornado, like other VTortex systems including galaxies, ball lightning, small comets, etc., produces torsion (vortex) energy and information.

If standard methods can be used to identify electromagnetic energy (fields) (new sensor types can be also designed), the torsion energy (field) can be identified by using unsaturated hydrocarbons, e.g. oleic and other acids.

Such a sensor has to be developed.



Fig. 42  The structure of a centrifugal radial source in a tornado which consist from 5 Torus Knot SurfacesTM.

The process of electricity, magnetism, etc. generation. The operation principle of a tornado is shown on a model at


Unsupported devices of Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov and others worked to generate VTortices from a gas medium, i.e. air and water. Any tornado works in the same way.

However, in such implementation a tornado-based device will never work in the outer space environment, and there is no sense in it because otherwise a stock of the air-water medium is required to be carried along to space.


Therefore, Valeriy Shikhirin develops unsupported devices based on VTortex generation from electrical, magnetic, torsion fields or other fluid media and their possible “mixtures” which are also fluid media with various physical characteristics.


Valeriy Shikhirin has experience in making working samples for unsupported movement generation based on other principles.


17.2. Drops of Liquid or Gas.

The main condition for the VTortex to switch to the self-support mode after its activation is development and support of a vortex by a rotating, e.g. disk (disks), a cylinder, a hollow ball, a “pendulum” system, etc. with a special external and internal geometry, and the use of ball-bearings lubricated by drops of liquid or air bubbles [142-144]. The ball-bearing can be static, with the lubricant being dispensed to them, and dynamic self-lubricating ones.

The use of this technology will eliminate practically all friction, which means that the system “boost” velocity will rise abnormally, and there always comes a moment when the self-supporting mode will develop “all by itself”.


This mode will be tapped by the next energy-information level – the external environment, namely the structurization energy and information (code, natural structurer) of the VTortex type form.

The code/natural structurer from the intelligent database stored in outer space via the Plateau-Shikhirin Skeleton will be used totally for support of this process.

All other functional features, e.g. the system of torus knots or “colors”, will come into play automatically with subsequent monitoring and control capability, namely, structurization (development) and destructuring of the torus knot (3np,5) system into a tornado with the total use of the natural structurization energy and information [17].

Apart from the above, the space intelligent database is keeping such energy-information “constants”/natural structurers as codes of working fluid medium type forms (Fig. 9), Pi, the Golden Ratio, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 … subradical ratios, DNA’s of all types of the animal and vegetable world, etc.

The author, so far, feels skeptical about the DNA structure, at least its openness, i.e., its tails hanging in space. In [119] the author made an attempt to re-discover a natural structurer that ensures “storage, transfer between generations and implementation of a genetic program of development and functioning of plants and live organisms as biological robots, and future non-biological levels of their existence.

A natural and easily understood example of this process: a grain can be stored for indefinite time. As soon as conditions are created for the grain sprouting, energy and information (code/natural structurer) concerning this plant type come immediately from the space intelligent database and the plant begins to grow actively from the grain. All of us happened to witness a plant to be deceived by sudden warming in the winter time so that it dies or fails to crop or degrades genetically.


Similar inexplicable phenomena are observed everywhere in the engineering field, for instance:

-          “running away” of a system, i.e. uncontrollable acceleration of rotation, e.g. of the stator or the rotor. In this case conventional bearings do not withstand loads and break. Such failures often happen to turbines, internal combustion engines, etc., when their power increases in an avalanche-like manner without any visible reason followed by a crash. It is not infrequent that a system is “running away” with the power turned off;

-          remote self-activation of a de-energized system placed near a similar working system connected to a power source. The de-energized but operating system may “run away” just like the energized one. This phenomenon is called “a self-synchronization phenomenon of rotating bodies (rotors)” [103-106].

The above phenomena are explained by processes of arriving natural structurers (Fig. 9) to support natural type forms of a working fluid medium, for instance, VTortex.

17.3. A Cocoon Chamber.

A VTortex energy source should be formed in a cocoon chamber of a definite shape absolutely vacuum proof. The pressure in the chamber may vary from superhigh positive pressure to superhigh vacuum.


Quite informative is a description of jumping cocoons given in [107] by Viktor Grebennikov with a reference to the same processes in [108] (Fig. 43).




…Very peculiar are “jumping” cocoons of some ichneumons (typical for Bathyplectes anurus and Latibulus argiolus). A cocoon jumps as a result of jerking movements of the larva inside the cocoon; for B. anurus these jumps reach a height of 5 cm, i.e. a distance 15 times exceeding the cocoon’s length. The cocoon’s jumps on the ground increase with direct light and higher temperature allowing it to move to a shadowed place; jumping considerably reduces infestation of cocoons by secondary parasites. Moreover, movements of the Latibulus argiolus cocoon help it leave a nest cell of a Polistes wasp whose larvae this ichneumon parasitizes on. Cocoons of the first (summer) generation remain in the nest cells; the jumping cocoon of the L argiolus appears only with the winter generation. It is thicker than the summer cocoon (the pupa is evolving successfully inside even after the cocoon has stayed in water for some time) and is built differently – with two hollow chambers at its front and rear ends...


Fig. 43  (translation of a reference book entry) An “academic” proof of real self-supported movement in Nature by an example of a moving cocoon with a larva of a Latibulus argiolus insect.


The reference book was located by Dr. Galimzyan Islamov, my “mathematical pal” and classmate in the senior 9th to11th mathematical classes of school No.30 (1964-1966), city of Izhevsk. Dr. Islamov is now a Grand PhD (Physics & Mathematics), head of the High-Performance Computing and Parallel Programming chair of the Izhevsk State University,

It is interesting that a cocoon with a larva of e.g. Latibulus argiolus is absolutely leak-tight - it can stay under water for several weeks, and moves by jerks “to a height of 5 cm, i.e. to a distance 15 times exceeding the cocoon’s length”, to a cool place for its further evolution.


In other words, the larva of an insect in the cocoon (and also outside the cocoon) has a thermal sensor sending information to the larva’s brain control system with its subsequent transmission to the execution mechanism responsible for unsupported movement of the larva together with the cocoon in the needed direction explored by the larva.


The cocoon with the larva of an insect, unlike traditional machinery, does not have an external propulsor; it has sort of internal propulsor while the movement of the cocoon is unsupported like the tornado movement.


Pictures of jumping cocoons with larvae (Cocoons of Bathyplectes anurus- parasites of alfalfa weevils) were taken at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS), This short video clip actually shows the Bathyplectes anurus cocoons jumping,   


Let us look at halteres, or balancers (further “the halteres”) – club-shaped, dumb-bell-shaped or flask-shaped organs (Fig. 44) or “paired appendages” of thoracic segments of two-winged (dipterans) and male twisted-winged (strepsipterans) insects; sometimes they are covered with a special platelet. The halteres are located on the metathorax or, in case of twisted-winged insects, on the prothorax. The base and the head of the halteres are provided with multiple receptors, or sensillas; they are especially numerous in insects with good flying abilities.

For more details concerning halteres (Lat. halteres) and unsupported jumping cocoons please visit:,+Balancer&hl=en&biw=1024&bih=577&prmd=ivns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&ei=JR1tTom7KqTosQKKhPWOCQ&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&cd=2&sqi=2&ved=0CCAQ_AUoAQ


During the insect’s flight the halteres vibrate making hundreds of fluttering motions per second in phase opposition to the wings and make rotary movement with the free end (Fig. 45), which ensures horizontal, rather than downward flying of the insect. If the halteres are lost or immovable an insect is not capable of flying, coordinating its movements and keeping balance. The peculiar sound of a flying fly or a mosquito is produced by the vibrating halteres.


Fig. 44  Halteres (latin “halteres”) – “club-shaped, dumb-bell-shaped  or flask-shaped organs”.

A pictures from [109] elaborated.


The above definition was made based on numerous descriptions of halteres; see, for instance, [110-117].


If the wings are lost or fixed an insect can still move unsupported, by jumps, similar to what it does in a cocoon or together with the cocoon.

The unsupported movement of insects and larvae in the cocoon or together with it is created by two micro-tornadoes, generated by rotary movement of the free ends of two halteres (Fig. 45).


The free ends of the halteres are provided with oval loads; a load is a relatively heavy mass of tissue on a thin (flexible) stem, somewhat similar in design to a conical pendulum; the stem with the load makes hundreds of rotations per second.


A combination of a bearing and a fluid medium, instead of balls/rolls, and a flexible stem with a load at the end inserted into it makes it possible to reach hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands … of rotations per second to initiate a micro-tornado, activation of the self-support mode of a VTortex system and the latter’s unsupported (self-supported) movement.



Fig. 45  Top: Vehicle #1 – creation of 2 mictrotornadoes (VTortex propulsors) by rotary movements of an insect’s halteres. Bottom: Vehicle #2: the principle of unsupported movement (jumps) of an insect with immobilized wings in space, or of an insect’s larva together with a cocoon. The picture of the Tolchin inertioid is taken from .


17.4. Self-Supported Vehicle #1.

It is known that a tornado is a VTortex system that moves (levitates and gravitates) in space without support along Plateau-Shikhirin channels because of the difference between the superhigh positive pressure formed at its everting edge and the superhigh negative pressure (superhigh vacuum) formed at its enveloping edge.

The same processes occur in any VTortex system of the nanoworld (and less) and the megaworld (and more), including dipterans (flies).


The larva spends the energy for the cocoon movement sparingly – only for making a length- and height-controlled jump in order to create an environment favorable for its survival in the cocoon.

The halteres take a most active part in the process of the insect’s leaving the cocoon and flight while the wings play so far a secondary part.

Two micro-tornadoes, functioning at the same time as gyroscopes, are needed to ensure the controlled flight of an insect in space, i.e. left, right, forward, etc. movement.

The sum of the positive and the negative pressures (at the everting end and the enveloping end of a microtornado, respectively), ∆ = (‌P+‌  + (‌P-‌), is the propulsion force of the self-supported Vehicle #1.

It should be noted that a fly is permanently in the working state, i.e. the halteres are always at work even during copulation (idle operation), and in case of emergency the automatic transmission instantly switches to a required speed and the fly jumps, i.e. falls  with its head (a high-pressure cone) and simultaneously pushes its tail (a vacuum cone) into a gravity well, ∆ = (P+‌  + (‌P-‌).  

This vacuum well, ∆ = (‌P+‌  + (‌P-‌), is formed by the two microtornadoes produced by vibrations of the hateres, with a vacuum cone created at one end of each microtornado and a pressure cone created at the other end.

In any case their sum (modulo) allows the fly to develop a velocity of over 5 m/s, or 20 km/hr [110-117].

The movement velocity can reach still higher values. In this case the halteres vibration rate varies from 200 to over 1000 vibrations per second with possible transition to the ultrasonic range.

For comparison, the quantity of vibrations/rotations of the central part of an Isabel-type tornado in knot links reaches hundreds of thousands of vibrations per second with a lifting force of hundreds of thousands of tons.

In other words, a similar man-made vehicle (Noah’s Arc) can carry thousands of cattle, thousands of people, thousands of payload tons, etc.


17.5. Self-Supported Vehicle #2.

This type of the propulsor is not to be confused with another type propulsor, i.e. a propulsor based on two micro-tornadoes producing levitation and gravitation processes should not be mistaken for an inertial propulsor, for instance, the Tolchin Inertioid, see, and its output to space,,  when cocoon jumping movements are enabled by the jerking mass of rotating flexible stems with “heavy” balls

Another example of this type propulsor is represented by sharp forceful movements of people on a standing boat. The boat begins to move.

The thrust created by the motor is quite small but it is sufficient to enable movement.

In his picture, see Fig. 45, bottom right [107], Viktor Grebennikov mistakenly showed the principle of jumping movement of a larva cocoon actually similar to the Tolchin Inertioid principle.


The same error was made by the author of a reference book who described movements of a cocoon with the larva in the following way: “A cocoon jumps as a result of the larva jerking movements inside the cocoon” [108]. In this case the end of the flexible stem should be rigidly connected with the cocoon’s body, similar to a "Giant Steps" merry-go-round.


Perhaps, by doing this Viktor Grebennikov misled “government” designers (who have money and time but do not have efficient technologies) who reproduced and tested similar small-power and limited-use propulsor options in space, see, for instance

In the case of a VTortex propulsor the larva of the insect is nowhere rigidly connected to the cocoon’s body, i.e. its movements (jumps) are produced by the levitation force arising between the everting (explosion) and the enveloping (implosion) ends of a VTortex created by the two halteres of the insect’s larva. The thrust force of such a propulsor is greater by orders of magnitude.


An Excursion.

The appearance of Viktor Grebennikov’s book “My World” in 1997 gave rise to its active discussion in the world, particularly of Chapter 5 “The Flight” [107], where Viktor Grebennikov described his discovery of the hollow structure effect (HSE) and development and operation of an anti-gravitation platform.

Having failed to find the proof of the workability of the platform bloggers slowed down the rate of discussions, some of them withdrew.

Bloggers who discussed the innovations came to different conclusions and can be grouped into the following types:

1)      Those who had an instinctive faith continue to believe in them but they lack relevant knowledge of self-supported systems;

2)      Some people saw the platform because Viktor Grebennikov described it in detail and showed the design. However they failed to reproduce it due to the lack of knowledge.

3)      Some were scared to disclose this secret.

4)      Some people concluded that such things could never happen, this is pseudo-science and its author is a pseudo-scientist, adventurer and alcoholic.

5)      Agent provocateurs specially prepared in engineering who cleverly led members of the discussion astray to conceal the truth or cause disappointment. As a rule, these people are government officers and have access to information or working samples of “classified” findings of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Viktor Grebennikov or artifacts of extra-terrestial civilizations left on Earth as a result of tragic events.

When getting acquainted with the information on this project in the public domain, such  “government” people do not have any advantage over others in getting knowledge but they obviously fail to match enthusiasts in intellectual capabilities.

6)      Shit-throwers, “teachers”, phoneys, intellectual impotents, envious tongues;

7)      Jealous “scientists” who have no wish to let alien specialists into their research area to conceal their own faults and the “life lived in vain”, etc.


It is likely that from now on the development of this science trend will be given a fresh impetus and promoted successfully.


17.6. Motion Principles of Flying and Swimming Organisms in Terms of Torus Technologies.

This study, though short and incomplete, is nevertheless conceptual from the perspective of new knowledge so far unknown, namely torus technologies as part of elastic mechanics [1-41].

When analyzing various mechanisms that ensure movement of apparata immersed into a fluid medium such as gas or liquid, e.g. aircraft, missiles, submarines, torpedoes, etc., the author revealed the similarity and the difference of their motion principles in comparison with motion principles of living organisms


À) Repulsion from a fluid medium – screw propulsors (support propulsors):

·         repulsion from air by wings of birds and insects, use of Archimedean force (pressure and temperature);

·         repulsion from water by tail and side fins of fish, dolphins, sharks, penguins, seals, etc., use of Archimedean force (pressure and temperature)

Â) Ejection of a fluid medium – jet/hydraulic propulsors (support propulsors) based on the principle of free or controlled movement of a pierced soft/elastic spherical or toroidal shell/ball, filled with a fluid working medium under excess pressure. Comparable live organisms:

·         do not interact with environment or/and other bodies including rarefied medium (outer space); the jet thrust force ensuring relocation of a living organism is applied directly to its body;

·         interact with a fluid medium like the water-jet propulsor of octopuses, squids, cuttlefish; the jet thrust ensuring relocation of a living organism is applied directly to its body.

Ñ) Using alternatively or in parallel the two principles of organism movement in a fluid medium to perform various functions, for instance, development of sharp acceleration (attack, danger) and smooth relocation (yawing)


The main difference between apparata and living organisms immersed in a fluid medium is that the former do not make use of the main functional features of torus technologies realized as functional blocks or the whole apparatus, namely:

1)      Replacement of sliding friction by rolling friction;

2)      Making use of the fact that the movement of an organism as the central body through the central part of the torus is twice as high as the torus movement speed;

3)      Velocity multiplier effect: if there are n coaxially placed tori (toroidal vortices) already available or formed by the generator the velocity of an organism or an artificial object moving through the central part of the torus is 2n as high as the torus movement velocity;

4)      Use of a VTortex as a gravitation or levitation source (VTortex propulsor).


Due to the lack of knowledge or for any unknown reason:

1. There are practically no self-supported propulsors either available as working systems or being under development, including:

-          UnSupported units (Vehicle #1), such as inertioids;

-          SelfSupported units (Vehicle #2), such as the VTortex propulsor of a flying saucer fabricated by Victor Schauberger

Let me remind that a VTortex performs direct movement with the eversible/explosive  (P+,T+) or the enveloping/implosive (P¯,T¯) end in the front as if popping up/jumping/pulling itself up or, on the contrary, sagging/retracting/getting drawn in, respectively.

The eversible and the enveloping ends of a VTortex structure are linked through its rigidly connected and smoothly alternating periphery and central part of the toroidal shell (Pî, Òî) filled with a fluid medium under excess pressure Pî with the temperature Òî.

2. The motion principles and parameters of artificial and natural objects differ considerably, for instance, in:

  • start-up velocity and time;
  • motion velocity and time;
  • smooth and/or jerking change of direction, velocity and time during movement;
  • braking velocity and time;
  • maneuvering capability, etc.


3. The author has been approached repeatedly with requests to assess the application and design gas and liquid torus/toroid generators integrated into “pipe”-type apparata.  Some proposals were declined by the author for reasons of psychological incompatibility with the customer, unknown financial sources, potential loss of independence and alike.


From scarce information sources available to the author [118] or private conversations with key experts in respective fields (missiles, submarines, etc.)  the author found out that such investigations are in fact carried out, for instance:


17.6.1. Movement in a Gas Medium.

The top view of Fig. 46 shows formation of a torus and a bird carried (rolled) through its central part.

The shooting was made with a moving camera simultaneously with take-off and flight of a large bird in a large shaded hangar. The bird is flying towards a suddenly emerging light source at the end of the hangar, e.g. an opened door.

Besides, the hangar is equipped with a laser illumination system and holographic picture shooting devices as well as with special hard- and software for real-time image processing, perhaps even, designed by the author and his team in 1978-1989, see, e.g. [42-45].

The process of repeated wingbeats, lowering and changing the shape of a wing led to formation of torus-like vortices, and the bird as the central body was carried through their central part by rolling (Fig. 46).

The torus acts as a wheel with its attending rolling friction. The sliding friction is replaced by rolling friction when the bird is moving in the air.

In terms of torus technologies and elastic mechanics, taking into consideration the functional specifics of the soft/elastic torus or toroid [5-41], e.g. its interaction with the central body or the pressure difference/sum between the eversible and enveloping ends (high pressure and vacuum cones), the author revealed obvious similarity with the principles of bird flights and fish swimming (Fig. 46).

The wings serve as toroidal vortex generators rather than fluttering elements used to push away from the fluid medium (air).

In the process of its gliding a bird controllably gets into the interlayer (Schauberger bundles) space of an air flow (Schauberger’s flow) and then slides through it. The Schauberger flow consists of Schauberger bundles (Fig. 9).


17.6.2. Movement in a Liquid Medium.

The tail and fins of swimming organisms (fish, penguins, sharks) serve as propulsing and rotating vehicles while tori produced by toroidal vortex generators are used to alternate between sliding and rolling frictions.

ðàçëè÷íîãî êîíñòðóêòîðñêî-òåõíîëîãè÷åñêîãî  èñïîëíåíèÿ.

The branchial mechanism of fish works as a generator of toroidal vortices, with fish rolling through the central parts of vortices. The branchial mechanism may have a different anatomy for different fish.

The branchial mechanism of fish is in the first place the toroidal vortex generator and only in the second place the breathing organ.

The wave-like motion, say, of a fish’s body in the horizontal plane and a dolphin’s body in the vertical plane is mainly characterized by the following:


-          horizontal left and right maneuvering of a fish into the central part of a liquid torus formed by the toroidal vortex generator through side channels (the gills on two sides);

-          vertical ducking by a dolphin up and down into the central part of a liquid torus formed by the toroidal vortex generator through the only upper channel (the spiracle);

-          the short- or long-time upright posture of a dolphin or a trout as a result of controllable gravitation/levitation force (pressure sum modulus of high-pressure and vacuum cones)  formed by the pressure drop (high pressure and vacuum cones) between the eversible and enveloping ends of air tori which are also formed by the toroidal vortex generator – the spiracle of the dolphin and the branchial mechanism of the trout.

Movements of seals and penguins in water are practically identical to those of dolphins except for the anatomy of the spiracle since the former have two nostrils like the majority of animals.


17.6.3. Flocks and Shoals.

Formation of flocks, shoals, flying hordes, etc. of different patterns to enable movement in a fluid medium in which birds, fish or insects never collide is also a specific feature of torus technologies and elastic mechanics, namely: a flock, etc. is a dense packing of interacting eversible gas or liquid tori/toroids linked by the periphery, with birds or fish as central bodies rolling through the central part of the tori/toroids.

A flock, shoal, etc., may be also called a fluid medium drop differently shaped: it may be wedge-shaped, spherical, torus-shaped for fish, etc. (Fig. 46), and has a higher density than the density of the fluid medium the drop moves in.

The shape of a flock/shoal depends on the size of a bird/fish/animal and their physical parameters.



Fig. 46 Key patterns of living organism movements in air or water as well as energy sparing movements of kids formed by the mother’s fins in water (middle of the right-hand picture)



17.6.4. Collective Mind.

The “collective mind of birds, fish and insects in the movement process”.

A popular extravagant belief of “scientists” in the “collective mind” in flocks of birds, fish shoals and insect swarms moving in a fluid medium cannot be true since any flock, etc. has a leader enclosed in its own airborn or liquid eversible toroidal “cocoon”, with a dense packing of toroidal “cocoons” of its kinsmen following the leader in a less energy-consuming manner. If the leader makes an error, this error, even a tragic one, is automatically repeated by the flock (shoal); let us take, for instance, mass beaching of dolphins, or long-time circling of fish in a torus-like/ring-shaped shoal with the leader muzzled into the tail of the shoal, or a fish shoal moving into the mouth of a bigger species, etc.

Fig. 46 also shows a collage of various designs of gills through which gas or liquid tori/toroids formed by the toroidal vortex generator roll out and move along the body of the apparata.

If an apparatus moves in a gas or liquid (fluid) medium, the friction against the fluid medium decreases multifold.

Collective Mind in “Everyday Life”

On the other hand, the “torus”-specific movement of a birds’ flock or a fish shoal is not to be compared with a real “collective mind” developed in everyday life of the animal and vegetable world, for instance, with:

·         energy information law of self-synchronization in biology – “the herd mentality” or “the  law of 5%”. Acording to the law, if 5% of any community members simultaneously perform a certain action, the remaining majority will follow suit, e.g. inphase or in antiphase luminance of fireflies.

·          “collective mind” developed only in a community/collective, e.g. of bees, termites and other insects where during home construction or creating conditions for breeding the total labor is broken down by occupations and teams without participation of insect “officials”.

As soon as redundant process operations or members appear in a team, the latter are banished from the family or killed. When left alone, an insect begins to perform meaningless actions (loses its mind) and dies unless it finds or is helped to find a place in another family.


The author believes that any hierarchical and operation-based “collective mind” is based on subconscious performance of a required (precise) number of functional operations made by an optimal (precise) number of socium members under definite (precise) conditions.

The algorithm and the program to fulfill this objective are embedded into a natural collective genetic code of:

-          generic type;

-          functional subtypes;

-          every member/individual, etc.

The definite conditions are conditions under which a collective and its members may carry out their work with a maximum efficiency – be in a “perfect form”.

The disintegration of a socium results from “ escape” or mass mortality of subordinate members. The leader incapable of establishing and controlling the population perishes. In [119] intended functions of various species in live Nature will be described in detail including:

-          species of the animal and vegetable world as unconscious biorobots;

-          mankind as a community/families of intelligent biorobots.


18. VTortex as a Life Cell

Another natural example is an object of the vegetable (and/or animal) world, say, a raspberry which, when torn away from a bush, forms a self-supported VTortex-microtornado system that generates a levitation process at its enveloping implosive end and a gravitation process at its eversible explosive end,  (Fig. 47).

These processes run and interact actively during the plant development, and after its death the levitation and gravitation processes fade away.

Given below, is a detailed description of this “phenomenon” taken from life:

 “I picked up 19 raspberries (to place their dense packing conveniently on a scales cup, a comment of the author) and put them on a cup of standard analytical scales… I weighed them in this way (the left picture) and vice versa (the right picture).
As it turned out, the “vice versa” weighs 20 mg less than the “in this way”. I repeated this experiment with everything that happened to be at hand at that time: current, cherries, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. And every time the result was the same: “in this way” weighed tens of milligrams less than “vice versa”.

And all this mess (weight difference) continued for about four hours. After that the weight became normal (stable, a comment of the author) … 9th August, 2912, Aquariana.”


Fig. 47  The principle of levitation and gravitation development in objects of the animal and vegetable life. A permission to use this resource was granted to me by my friend and colleague Dr. Rinat Shaymuratov,

This interesting experiment confirmed the results of my research carried out in 2009 [21] dedicated to development of tornado gravitation and levitation processes or any other vortex processes.

Gravitation and levitation forces also emerge at the microlevel, for instance by self-supported micro-tornadoes in a plant connected to an external power source (see [27] for details, the plant not only grows but develops in accordance with the Phyllotaxis/Fibonacci law [19, 20].

The modulo n sum between levitation and gravitational force potentials is responsible for reduction of the raspberry weight.

As soon as the power of the structurization energy delivered to the plant is “shut off” the VTortex/microtornado fades away/dies. The plant organism (the raspberry), however, continues to grow for some time (“by inertia”) but then its growth stops. The weight of the organism increases due to weakening of levitation forces, which was observed in the raspberry experiment.


According to the author’s estimations, taking into account forces of Earth gravitation and gravitation/levitation formed by a VTortex/microtornado its total power, ∆F, can be more than 10% of the weight of an object lifted by it.


Similar processes happen to occur with any animal or vegetable world object. For instance, when a human being dies the self-supported VTortex/microtornado system “fades away” in known intervals, namely 3, 9, 40 days.

In common practice it is described as follows:

 “A human soul”

-           stays with his (her) relatives up to 3 days;

-           is shown the afterworld from day 3 to 9;

-          from day 9 a particularly hard period for the soul of a deceased person begins; it goes through ordeals where it learns all its sins;

-           on day 40 the ordeals cease and the soul is ascended to heaven by angels for worshipping God”;

-          next periods are either lacking or beyond understanding of a human biorobot (a comment of the author).

Numerical values of cessation of the 4-level VTortex/microtornado system activity (a human death) are structured by Nature and remain unchanged. This fact was noted by people on Earth.


Similar levels of a human biorobot emergence are also structured by Nature in the following periods:

-          his (her) conception;

-          the child’s staying in the mother’s womb;

-          the birth of the child;

-          the child’s life up to a certain period, e.g. appearance of conscious speech, etc.


19. Related Technical Systems.


A consumer will buy the basic version of a vortex energy source as well as suitable attachments, at his option, to be used, for instance, in household applications, for:

-          heat generation (Heaters)

-          cooking food (Ovens) and heating water (Water Heaters),

-          ventilation (Fans),

-          air (gas) jet (stream) formation (Blowers),

-          electric and magnetic energy production,

-          use of vacuum (Vacuum Cleaners),

-          cooling,

-          safe food keeping (Refrigerators),

-          cool-air production (Air Conditioners), etc.


Actually, currently used home appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, blowers, air-conditioners, electric ovens, etc., that are powered from mains will cease to exist. New devices for the above applications will be not mains powered, easier to manufacture and use.

Besides, free service (preventive) maintenance will be provided similar to today’s purchasing a computer with hard- and software follow-up. 

Should active assistance be provided in promotion, this process will take 7-10 years.

Moreover, the introduction of these innovations will automatically turn lots of specialists away from “servicing” the HC/nuclear “pipe” and give an impetus to filling up the intellectual vacuum surrounding development of new energy systems, devices and mechanisms, which, incidentally, lead to new workplaces.

For instance, the large-scale (natural) introduction of personal computers and information technologies into all spheres of human activities did not lead to unemployment in fear of which such introductions were impeded. On the contrary, millions of people were engaged in these processes.


20. Employment Criteria for Specialists Involved in VTortex System Development Activities.

At present:

-          This area of knowledge lacks professionals (job executors and experts) and special branches of knowledge represented by books, papers, lectures, laboratory works and respective equipment at any educational institution of the world except “non-certified” works of John Worrell Keely (1827-1898), Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Thomas Henry Moray (1892-1974), Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), Richard Ñlem, John R.R. Searl, Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), Bruce de Palme (1935-1997), Viktor Grebennikov (1928-2001) and other “Great Minds” as well as works of the author [1-55…]

-          This knowledge area is at the junction of sciences, primarily, natural sciences, that is the compound description of the knowledge is mostly unavailable.


Therefore, specialists involved in these activities are not required to have the following things that might even become unacceptable in certain cases:

        academic degree and title – they are simply not awarded in this field;

        higher and vocational education – it is simply not available;

        publications and patents – they are neither published nor issued;

        knowledge of foreign languages – there is no generally accepted terminology, moreover, only original data sources which are not distorted by translations are valid, etc.


It is absolutely forbidden to involve experts in “quantum”, “string” and other fields that fit within “fantasy and techno-fantasy areas”.

Future professionals are required to (‘and/or’):

-          be fully devoted to his (her) occupation;

-          be superambitious;

-          have a strong will and motivation for any work;

-          have a natural love of any subject of natural science, e.g. biology, arithmetic, geometry, etc.;

-          have good computer skills and be able to work with special software;

-          be capable of self-guided work;

-          be able to operate manual equipment;

-          be the author of any original work;

-          know non-standard methods of work;

-          have devices, breadboards, models made by himself (herself);

-          be capable of individual or team work, etc.


Joint activities of Valeriy Shikhirin and ÊÎ can yield favorable results because:

-          They have the same mentality;

-          They were born and lived practically in the same area in about the same time;

-          They finished approximately similar secondary schools;

-          They entered universities at about the same time and graduated instrument-making departments;

-          Their parents, and hence ancestors, were worldly-wise people well-educated and intelligent from Nature;

-          They were brought up to high moral standards, and these principles of upbringing are now maintained in their families;

-          Exceptional capabilities, leadership drive;

-          They are active altruists;

-          Always living “on the razor’s edge”;

-          Their scope of interests includes science and engineering: development of absolutely new devices, systems incorporating new mechanics and controls;

-          They have courage, strong will, readiness for grounded and high risk, health (at least for the time being);

-          No inclination for smoking, alcohol and other addictions;

-          Business in the first place and the reward (money, etc.) afterwards;

-          Understanding the meaning of life;

-          Understanding one’s duty to Mankind, etc.


21. Typical Items of the Proposal (an example of kaleidoscopic requirements specification)

21.1. Executor.

Elastoneering Inc., Principal Investigator

Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin and Family


21.2. Sponsor.  

VTortex Systems, Inc (Fig. 48):

Version 1:

Executor: Valeriy Shikhirin – 50%,

Sponsor: 50%.


The Sponsor (investor, donator, benefactor, etc.) and the Executor should not argue as to which of the two is the boss. There is no boss in this project but there are two equally responsible persons engaged in one business of vital importance for the planet:

-          the first (second) person invests money needed for this project; it may be a physical and/or legal entity; and

-          the second (first) person who possesses technologies performs the required work

No money – no development; no technologies – money is not needed.

The two persons do not save on money or intellect; they are simply building the world’s first VTortex Systems laboratory to save the “seed” of Mankind.



Fig. 48  A model functional structure of interaction between companies (incl. VTortex Systems) related to intellectual property (patents) development and handling issues.


Version 2:

Executor: V.N. Shikhirin – 100%

Sponsor: ÊÎ - 0%, i.e. the Sponsor gives money without compensation like the composer Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) gave money to the inventor Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972.


Version 3:

V.N. Shikhirin is both the Executor and the Sponsor  -  100%


21.3. Milestones (Sample Job Schedule) (Table 8)


Type of production: single units or small-scale manufacturing

Table 8

Item No., Milestone

Expected results, $, Time

1.   Establishment of “VTortex Systems Inc”, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Acc.# in Bank ÕÕÕÕÕ https://www.bankÕÕÕÕÕ,  for individual VTortex systems, acting as the Customer for Phase 1 (Research & Experiment), Phase 2 (R&D) and Phase 3 (Design & Engineering) for “Elastoneering Inc” Chicago, Illinois, USA, c/a in Bank ÕÕÕÕÕÕ https://www.bankÕÕÕÕÕ.

“VTortex Systems Inc”:

Valeriy Shikhirin – 50%,

KÎ - 50%


Attorney at Law, Business Services;


One month to establish “VTortex Systems Inc”

One-year follow-up of the business

2. * Analysis of unsupported movement processes by examples of “jumping” cocoons (unsupported propulsor of 2nd type) with insect and fly larvae (unsupported propulsor of 1st type), namely:

-  taking pictures of working halteres using a microscope and a camera followed by playback in the slow mode to study a possibility of reverse engineering of the natural mechanism.

-  identification of electromagnetic, torsion and other fields to reproduce generators of thesae fields.

-  making a leak-tight chamber cocoon to place inside a rotating cone-shaped pendulum consisting of halteres, a liquid bearing and a base in which the bearing-halteres pair is formed, etc.

Report and Design Manual for the Self-Supported Propulsor.

Principal Diagram.


3. * Design, optimization and model fabrication of key components of self-supported systems (energy sources and carrier vehicles on their basis)


-          Separation and control of force fields such as electrical, magnetic, torsion, pressure, color, acoustic, intelligent, etc. fields.

-          Control of phase energy and information transfers/skips,

-          Development and control of “color” processes,

-           Control of the VTortex “bloating” process,

-          VTortex activation and de-activation to prevent its “eternal” operation (life processes) or “running away”,

-          Physical models of an energy source, a propulsor, a case, liquid “ball” bearings, etc.


4. Defining efficient system applications.

A list of applications.

5. * Obtaining information that helps understand processes of energy and information extraction “out of nothing”.


Descriptions, diagrams, mathematics (arithmetic, geometry and topology) explaining processes of energy and information extraction from outer space to ensure total support of VTortex systems.

6. * Development of concept designs of system options

Concept designs

7. Description of expected technical characteristics of energy sources and carrier vehicles on their basis, their standard-size series, etc.

Expected technical characteristics, standard-size series of systems.

8. * Obtaining levitation and/or gravitation effects in models.


Camera records of processes, pictures of finished parts and devices with proofs of their real operation

9. Related systems and their description:

9.1 A consumer will buy the basic vortex energy source option as well as special attachments, according to his (her) wish, for

-          heating (Heater),

-          cooking (Oven),

-          water heating (Water Heater),

-          ventilation (Fan),

-          air (gas) jet/stream formation (Blower),

-          electric and magnetic energy generation,

-          vacuum usage (Vacuum Cleaner),

-          cooling,

-          food storage (Refrigerator),

-          cool air generation (Air Conditioner), etc.

9.2. Designing torsion field detectors, e.g. the oleic acid sensors.

9.3. Designing tamper-protection systems, e.g. a field protection system using torsion field generators; physical protection, etc.

Drawings, descriptions

10. * Preparation for Phase 2

10.1. The work of Phase 1 is broken down in three tasks performed by three teams: energy sources, transportation vehicles and related systems.

10.2. Information-and-patent search.

Patenting carried out by VTortex Systems Inc will be done in Phase 2 by Valeriy Shikhirin

The average price of one patent application, the follow-up and issuing the patent is ~ $25,000.00.

10.3. Tax and Financial Services: Elastoneering Inc and VTortex Systems Inc

11. Promotion of Valeriy Shikhirin’s knowledge and technologies.

12. VTortex Systems Inc website development

13. Forecasting political sequences of introduction of VTortex systems.

14. Making a list of HC- and nuclear-fuel-dependent countries and setting priorities for introduction of VTortex systems.

15. Designing the structure of a new social system on planet Earth immediately preceding the time of emigration to another planet  -  New article written by Valeriy Shikhirin “From the Last Social System on Earth  to the Slave System on a New Planet”.

16. Drafting teaching programs for school and university education




Job list








Owner: Elastoneering Inc (Valeriy Shikhirin). grants exclusive sales licenses for VTortex Systems Inc products

Executor: ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕ                

Attorney at Law, Patents Services




Attorney at Law, Tax and Financial Services












Scope of finance:  $498,327.00

-          $250,000.00 – Q1–2,

-          $247,040.00 – Q3-4.



-          Work phases may overlap *

-          Alterations in the Job Schedule are possible

-          Components and assemblies may be outsourced

-          During the VTortex Systems Inc establishment period, equipment, materials, office areas, mail address, etc., belonging to Elastoneering Inc. may be used, if needed.


The payment schedule:

-          $250,000.00 for Q1 and Q2 before the beginning of works

-          $247,040.00 for Q3 and Q4 also before the beginning of works

-          The state cannot finance this work. The government of the country cannot send themselves to another planet because the information thereon will be immediately known to everyone, and they will not be allowed to do it.

-          The mandatory participation of the state is possible only at the phase of finished VTortex systems testing (the unfortunate experience of Viktor Schauberger and other inventors) and their licensing.


The best way is to pay all the money before the beginning of work since unforeseen events may happen after completion of the Phase 1 works which may impede money remittance and cause “suspension” of the project for indefinite time.


The results obtained in Phase 1 will make the basis for completion of three tasks of Phase 2 :

A.     Development of self-supported VTortex energy sources. R&D, Code “Bee”

B.      Development of self-supported VTortex propulsors of carrier vehicles. R&D, Code “Fly”

C.      Development of related systems driven by VTortex energy sources or VTortex propulsors. R&D, Code “Assorty”.


The estimated scope of finance for Phase 2 (if needed) is from ~$1,000,000.00 to ~$2,500,000.00 broken down by separate focus areas.

All the research activities have to be financed; instruments, materials, etc. to be purchased. In other words, a research laboratory has to be established “from scratch” to ensure smooth transition to creation of real VTortex system options.

An example of future equipment of our laboratory is given in

The long-term experience of Valeriy Shikhirin and other businessmen also shows that the number of company owners should be as few as possible; it is possible to make special additional agreements with outside VTortex Systems Inc partners.


21.4.  Information Safety.

1. Manufacturing and assembly of key system blocks, possibly the assembly of the whole system, will be carried out only on the premises of Elastoneering Inc.

2. Tamper protection of VTortex systems with an energy-information key must be provided.

 “I am now able to construct the organism of this machine in such a way that it ceases to function the very moment it is opened up. In exactly the same way that a living body ceases pulsating when the heart is opened, my machine also stops functioning if an inquisitive person wishes to examine it anatomically”. Viktor Schauberger.

3. If the Sponsor is not a USA resident or corporation, the Executor arranges multi-entry visas for the Sponsor for the work performance period with possible arrangement of an employment visa and/or a green card in a year.


21.5. Documentation and Security.

The Executor and the Sponsor are members of the same company and only formally separated.

It should be also remembered that Valeriy Shikhirin is not a bad businessman either.

In the process of VTortex Systems Inc development the Sponsor may take part in work carried out by the company.


        If needed, an R&D report is issued based on the results of every phase of the project. 

        The R&D report based on the results of the work approved by the Executor is made in the PDF format as a single original document.

        The work is to be marked as “Confidential”

        Preliminary and intermediate results may be arranged by the Executor in the form of working materials, technical brief notes, methodologies, test reports.

        The Executor has the right to make use of the project findings in other projects and in a teaching situation.

        The Executor has the right to publish the project findings in mass media, reports, etc.

        This project may be revised and supplemented by mutual agreement of the Sponsor and the Executor in the form of a written addendum to this project.


21.6. Patenting. 

1. The sections of this Proposal may be used as articles in open mass media. It is very unlikely that anyone in the world will be able to grasp Valeriy Shikhirin’s technologies quickly, let alone reproduce them.

Therefore, open information without detailed description of system options and key blocks is sure to have a powerful promotional effect capable of attracting finances and other means for large-scale and intensive development of these focus areas.

2. Commercial use of the technologies may start immediately after the patent application is submitted and prior to its approval or rejection without fear that anyone else may patent the invention in the period between the patent application submission and its approval or rejection.

A product manufactured with a technology subject to approval by the US patent authority should be marked “Patent Pending” on the day of its manufacture as a copyright option.

In case of any threatened intervention, including racketeering, of international government and private structures with the purpose of making use of Valeriy Shikhirin’s technologies the patenting and series production of VTortex systems will be immediately transferred to other territories. All preparation work will be done in advance.


21.7. Commercialization Strategy.

Self-supported VTortex energy sources, VTortex transport vehicles and related systems, their standard-size series and various engineering options will create a new separate niche on the world market and capture a considerable market share thanks to their obvious superiority over hydrocarbon, nuclear and other counterparts.

At subsequent phases of the project self-supported VTortex energy sources, VTortex transport vehicles and related systems, technological processes and special equipment for manufacturing principal and auxiliary components, know-how, experience, knowledge, licenses, patents, various services as well as new materials will become a core for deployment and establishment of strategically located mass production facilities with low product costs and fast turnaround times as well as facilities for maintenance, repair and improvement of engineering options of self-supported systems and special equipment in the global scale.

Moreover, implementation of the project in the full scope will provide a research and engineering platform for establishment of a design-and-engineering basis for new generations of self-supported systems operating in adjacent fields including operation in different environments: under water, on earth, on water, in air, outer space, etc., since the key universal component – a controllable self-supported tornado – will be practiced to perfection.

The results of the work may be used, for instance, for fighting a tornado.


21.8. Key Personnel (See Section 21.9. COST PROPOSAL)


21.9. Cost Proposal Option.

21.9.1. If both Parties agree that the project is not feasible, financing can be stopped at Phase 2

21.9.2. The money for completed or outstanding works is not refundable.

21.9.3. There might be discrepancies or errors in sections, etc. to be corrected at the stage of contract signing by the Executor: ÕÕÕÕÕÕ, Attorney at Law, Tax and Financial Services.


1. Principal Investigator: Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin, Elastoneering, Inc, USA.


2. Title of effort:

VTortex Self-Supported Energy Source and Propulsion. “Panacea”. Phase 1.


3. Dollar Amount of Proposal:                                 

4. Direct Material Costs

(Materials and equipment):                               $55,000.00              


5. Direct Labor Costs, part time less than 40 hrs/week:

                                            Hr/Hrs @ $          


a. Principal Investigator,   

Mechanic:                           1900 hrs @ $30.00      $57,000.00    XXXXXXXXXX


b. Engineer, Set Designer:  1500 hrs @ $25.00      $37,500.00     XXXXXXXXXX                          


c. Engineer:                        1500 hrs @ $20.00      $30,000.00      XXXXXXXXXX

d. Engineer:                        1500 hrs @ $20.00      $30,000.00      XXXXXXXXXX

f. Mechanic:                       1500 hrs @ $20.00      $30,000.00       XXXXXXXXXX

g. Mechanic:                       1500 hrs @ $20.00      $30,000.00      XXXXXXXXXX

h. Worker:                           1000 hrs @ $15.00      $15,000.00


Total                                  10400 hrs                      $229,500.00         


6. Labor Overhead:

79% of Direct Labor Cost                                     $181,226.00       


7. Subcontractors:                            $00

Some parts may be outsourced using money reserves (see “Reserves”)


8. Total Costs:                             $465,726.00                                                                 


9. Profit 7%:                                $32,082.00


10. Total firm-fixed price:           $497,808.00

                                                    (229,500.00 + 181,226.00 + 55,000.00 + 32,082.00)     


11. Type of contract proposed: Firm-fixed-price.


Account No. for many remitted from another country, e.g. from Russia:





Elastoneering, Inc

Account Number: XXXXXXX




21.10. Materials and Equipment (Direct Material Costs) (Table 9).

Materials and equipment will be acquired depending on a particular system option.

Equipment leasing is allowed. Further changes are possible.

Table 9

Distorted example

Item #, Part and Material Description, Qty



An example of our future lab equipment





XPS 8300                      1Õ6

XPS 8300, Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate, 64Bit, English



Operating System







Monitor                          1


Video Card

Hard Drive



Network Card



Optical Drive







Office Productivity Software (Pre-Installed)

Security Software

Hardware Support Services


Data Safe

Entertainment and Editing Software

TV Tuners & Remote Controls

Recovery Tools


Dell V715W Printer - WiFi, Print, Copy, Scan, Fax











































90% - research, design, calculations, video analysis, animations

10% - business

Six Computers, One Computer with two Monitors





Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate, 64Bit, English

Intel® Core™ i7-2600 processor (8MB Cache, 3.4GHz)

12GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz - 4 DIMMs

Dell Consumer Multimedia Keyboard

Dell ST2420L 24"W Full HD Monitor, 24.0 VIS, VGA Cable supplied only

Nvidia® Geforce® GT530

2TB - 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 64MB Cache

Dell Laser Mouse

Add 2 USB 3.0 ports

No Dial Up Modem Option

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader

Blu-ray Combo Drive (8X BD-R, DVD+/-RW) with DVD+R double layer write capability

Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ Titanium

Dell AX210 Stereo Speakers

Dell 1520 WLAN PCIe card with11n mini-Card & internal antenna

Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2010


McAfee SecurityCenter, 15-Months

1 Year In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis

DataSafe 2.0 Online Backup 2GB for 1 year

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 9.0


Hauppauge HVR1250 hybrid TV Tuner with Remote Control

Recovery DVD for Windows® 7 Ultimate, 64bit, English

Dell V715W Printer - WiFi, Print, Copy, Scan, Fax

1 Year Limited Warranty and 1 Year Advanced Exchange Service


2. Dell™ XPS™ laptop


For travels and meetings, research, design, calculations:


3. Video Camcorder:



For depicting visual analysis; (slow and quick) view of the cargo displacement process


4. Microscop: The Nikon E200 Multi Voltage Microscope Set w/ 4x-10x-40x MCA752BB,



5. Konus Microvue CCD Color Digital Camera for Konus Microscopes 5829




a built-to-last, top-quality biological microscope ideal for basic laboratory use or educational purposes,

a computer video set. Konus Digital Microscope Camera-5829 eases the connection between Konus Microscopes and computer,


6. CANON 14.1 Megapixel PowerShot SX210 Digital Camera Widescreen LCD w/ FREE UPS




 Autocad Software, Maya








 3Dmax Studio




10. Tornado Demonstration Model




11. Air blower  




12. Vacuum pump




13. Scales big and small




14. Machines (small):

milling machine,



sharpening tool.

Fitting and mounting benches/tables.

Rack cabinets, goggles, gloves, electrodes, etc.

Tool kit, electric drill, electric mill, etc.


Gas (electric) oven

$2,500.00, or or or






Arc and gas welders, soldering irons, etc.




Medical instruments and equipment for work with insects




Gas distribution units, compressed gas (H, He) bottles, gas generators




Electrical tools




Milwaukee 2460-21 12 Volt M12 Cordless Rotary Tool Kit:




Sanyo PLV-Z700 LCD Projector or





TOTAL (Equipment):




Item #, Material Description




1. Metals




Sheet  s – 1  - 6mm

Circle  d 16 - 20 mm

Pipe  d 10 - 40 mm


Circle d 40 - 100 mm


Circle d 20 - 80 mm


Sheet s – 1  - 5mm

Circle d 10 - 50 mm

Pipe d 10 - 30 mm

2. Timber:

Beechwood, oak, horn-beech, walnut, cedar

3. Glass:

Organic structural

Sheet s – 3  - 40mm

Circle d 20 - 80 mm


Tubes 10 standard sizes

4. Fine powders

Fe, Mg, Cu, Al, Zn, Cd, V, Ni, etc.

5. Oils:

Olive, sea-buckthorn, cedar, nut, hemp-seed, fir-needle, petroleum, castor

6. Crystals:

Ge, Te, Se, Si, quartz, red pheonite malachite

7. Magnets samarium-cobalt (Sm-Co) (10 standard sizes)

8. Ferrites (400ÍÍ, 600ÍÍ, 700ÍÍ, etc.)

9. Piezo-ceramics (20 standard sizes)

10. Unsaturated hydrocarbons











































1. American Science & Surplus,

2. Lordan Industrial Supply Co.


0.1 t

0.1 t

0.1 t


0.15 t


0.2 t


0.15 t

0.15 t

0.15 t


by 0.2 m3



30 kg

20 kg



10 pcs. ea.


5 – 10 kg ea.


1 ltr ea.




10 - 20 pcs. ea.


20 pcs. ea.


50 pcs.


 20 pcs. ea.


10 – 15 types


TOTAL (Materials)




Total Ìàòåðèàëû è îáîðóäîâàíèå:








Xerox MashineXerox M15i Copier 


550 Sheet Tray Standard 






Room leasing per year, taxes,





Consumables (paper, cardboard, cartridges, floppy discs  for camera and computer, CD ROMs, memory sticks, etc.)





Leasing a car Tayota 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD 4dr Minivan – Car for ÕÕÕÕÕ and business travels

$450.00 â ìåñÿö

$5,000.00 â ãîä



T-mobile comminications


The first two lines are $49.99/mo. each line, totaling $99.98 per month.



Security equipment




Software: Autocad, Maya, 3Dmax Studio, etc.




Total Overheads:




Partial outsourcing or purchasing is possible






Valeriy Shikhirin has more than 260 publications (1971 – 2012), around 45 publications made in USA (2004-2012).

Some titles of articles in the text of the Proposal have links. Click to call an article from the Internet


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