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Sergei Astakhov,

Lead designer,

Zhukovsky, Russian Federation



        Hi! I must say something before your exploring what this is all about. When presentation was completed, i was so excited and exhausted! Time is passing and making me back to reality. And my reality is better than it looks like. So if you are here just for fun, watch the video and run. If you are here for a knowledge, go to comments or send a message. If you are here for sponsoring, look at the first word under my name and try to understand that my conscience don't let me reveal all of my material resources, that is required to make the object. I am competent to make this object and use intuition in designing and engineering it, because different calculations of sigmas, etc. just make me mad and diabolic evil. I try to limit this as possible and focus on my duties. Thank God for surrounding me by people of great ability in this and many working skills. They correct me if needed and have all trust in my project. So if still having doubts, you may speak to me on this matter or meet me here in Russia. It is very beautiful country.





Pepelats is a name of fictional aircraft from old Soviet movie. The idea came to me three years ago when i started to work in the small design bureau of my father. Im not an engineer, im a teacher of philosophy. So i started as a janitor, but eventually learned 3d-modeling and drawings. We make rigging and different test eguipment for airplanes.  From time to time i add ideas to the construction of Pepelats.


        I have increased my efforts in the engineering of Pepelats recently, hoping for the first craftable version. Here are some reasons why we need to make it now, before this idea will pass through scientific stage:


1) Science needs experimental models

2) Political reason: prices of foreign-made details continue to rise, and in Russia we are not the best motormakers

3) We will get access to the vacuum pump soon, but not for a long time, the best that i expect is till the end of this year.

4) I just want it so badly

      What We Need & What You Get

Prototypes demand more materials than usual, so we just double their number and this is our needs:

2 motors = 3000 $

30 lipo batteries = 1000 $

6 microschemes = 1500 $

12 relays = 700 $

Pumps, tubes and flanges = 100 $

6 iris clapans with acsessoirs = 150 $

50 kg of polyamide = 250 $

2 Gearboxes = 100 $

2 Spheres = 300 $

6 toroid tubes = 500 $

Printing = 1000 $

Fee = 3000 $


Summary = 11 600 $


We dont expect it will work right away and concentrate on not letting it explode cause potentially it may be a Holy grenade. But we will do our best to make sure it will work not just only as a vibrator, so we need to find the golden mean between weight and durability. Weight of the last projected configuration is about 30 kg (66 pounds) Plettenberg motor is calculated on 27 kg (59,5 pounds), but for standard models. Inspite of that we are still looking for the way to low the weight. The main material is polyamide. Sphere and toroid will be make from a lightweight composite material that is hard to damage by sniper longshot rifle. Max diametr of that version of Pepelats is 1268 mm (50 in). Max height in assembly is 821 mm (32 in). You may ask: why it is such a big, why we cannot make many miniature saucers. Because the efficiency depends on capacity of vacuum elements and grade of vacuumization.

For our supporters we cannot offer more than almost useless, but fun priveledge to put something on the corpus. It may be logotype, a little poem, a sentence, your name or nickname, every draw that you can imagine in terms of not to be jerk. I not such a bad drawer and may translate your ideas authentically. Also we share our expirience with you, that i can name scientific, but many good and experienced scientists can argue with that in their turn. This indetermined experience may includes video and photo of the assembling and testing processes also from internal camera. 

I mean to complete it in December. It will take two month to acomplish projecting, drawings, calculating and hopefully waiting for your help. It also will take two month or three to programming, printing the corpus, buying devices, making vacuum elements. We need a half month for assembling. And another half of month for experiments. Our further actions depends on results of experiments. Maybe we wiil get a greater deal, maybe it just will remain as weird monument to my idiotic dream, maybe it will be something else.

      The Impact

Experiments of singly rotation of sphere and toroid really took place, but ive never heard about their combined rotation as a circulatory system. With backing of such projects, space travels will become more affordable for many people.

      Risks & Challenges

It is a very very little possibility that this prototype will show a good result, and if it really will be, we dont know. In Russia we say this on such a matter: its better not to share the skin of not killed bear. The chance to get your money back is maximum low.

The peak of interest to the development of flying saucer was reached maybe in 50-60th. It was negative expirience that mostly guided to different ideas  of aircraft. The interest to the flying saucer in Russia was restored in 90th by many lonely enthusiast. Most of them just had been killed by mafia for debts like it nearly happened in the Back to future. There are still many of them alive but their research never won grants. Polititians still didnt trust in profit from this. Mafia also became distrusfull to this matter. Nevertheless, enthusiats continue to work and, what is good, can freely exchange ideas with each other. Because they are all freelance. We have a great number of freelancers in Russia maybe more than China in percent. Because internal Chinese manufacturing is mostly official. Our sector of freelance that we call haltura is bigger than official industry. USSR was amongst leaders in many industries, and it is not gone or change, it is just turn into haltura, that often is the only cause of people not dying from hunger, especially in small towns. But haltura is also the cause of our official industry or crafting is more expensive, take more time and has lower quality than yours. Therefore the main challenge in creating Pepelats is time.

      Other Ways You Can Help

Share your ideas with us and other enthusiasts, not affraid of conjoining your efforts!


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